Sisters Explore New Things

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The pillow was warm and comfortable under Jessica’s head. As she lay, drifting into idle sleep, she heard a noise. Nothing disconcerting, just a repetitious shuffling. Strange, she thought, wondering if it was anything to do with her sister. They had shared a bunk bed for many years, Jessica being the elder, took the top bunk. The more she listened, the more she became sure it was coming from below – from Elle, her sister.

Her curiosity was piqued. What was she doing? And then a frightening thought crossed her mind – one which she simply couldn’t shake. What if she was masturbating? This had never happened before. Neither of the sisters were particularly precocious, in sexual terms. But then Elle had just broken up with her boyfriend. Though her mind raced through possibilities, Jessica could think of no alternative, Elle must be masturbating.

Jessica’s first thought, of course, was to switch off, to get to sleep and pretend this wasn’t happening. But as it continued, longer and longer, Elle seemed to grow in confidence, becoming louder and louder – even emitting slight satisfied sounds from her young lips. Jessica could not but be curious – and could hardly ignore such curiosity. Before long she’d given up entirely on trying to sleep. She found herself even becoming aroused by the experience – the image of her writhing sister beneath became one of deep eroticism and suddenly appealed to her greatly. She found her hands roaming downwards, into her panties, imagining her sister doing the same thing. They always went to bed at the same time, and both had always slept in a bra and panties. She recalled the image of her sister removing her clothes and climbing into bed not 20 minutes ago. This image had meant nothing at the time, but it washed through her now, feeding her lust. The pert breasts below her white frilly bra, the delicate contents of her tight, slender panties. Her toned figure and shapely legs. She was a beauty (and Jess knew that Elle was made very much in her image – people often said they looked similar. The striking red hair helped with that, of course).

She imagined her sisters hand buried deep in these beautiful garments, writhing and probing, as Jessica continued to do precisely the same. But curiosity mommys girl porno cannot be so easily abated – particularly not curiosity of a sexual nature. She had to see. She wanted to see the bliss etched upon her sisters face, glimpse the carnal secrets she was engaging in. She had to see.

Moving slowly to the edge of the bunk, she was careful to make no noise. Her hand grasped the metal bar which signalled the edge of the bed. Her head approached the precipice with caution, and her head slowly moved over.

There she was! And oh how Jessica wasn’t disappointed. Elle lay below, her red hair bright in the darkness, bedsheets strewn haphazardly across her, with her eyes locked shut and her mouth pinned closed. She had a look of almost pain. She was biting her lip to keep from crying out. Both legs were wrapped around the quilt which hugged her midriff, under which her hands probed with a rapturous vigour. Her bra remained on, but her free hand caressed the surface of her breasts tenderly. Jessica noticed her panties discarded on the floor.

And then the worst happened. In her desperation to see more, Jessica toppled unceremoniously from the top bunk and smashed against the floor followed eventually by her quilt. As she opened her eyes, she saw Elle jump in shock and try to hide her activities. Elle though, did not fail to notice that Jessica had yet to remove her hands from her panties. As they surveyed each other hesitantly, she eventually clicked on and snatched her hand away belatedly.

‘Erm…’ Elle began.

‘I er…’ Jessica countered.

They were silent for a moment.

‘You were….’ Elle said.

‘I was….’ Jessica replied. ‘And you were….’

They were silent for a moment longer.

‘Do you want to….’ Elle said. ‘Together?’

‘You mean?…’

‘You know….you lie here,’ Elle patted the bed beside her. ‘And we….’

‘…Okay,’ Jessica replied, perhaps too enthusiastically. She raised herself to her feet and sat on the bed next to Elle. Elle swivelled and regained her lying position, only now she was unobscured by a quilt. Jessica found herself unable to take her eyes away from Elle, and she inserted two fingers quickly into her pussy. She simply momsbangteens porno sat and watched for a few seconds, before Elle turned.

‘Aren’t you going to join me?’ she said. ‘You get to see me, I want to see you’

Jessica blushed. Whilst sat on the bed, she managed to nervously wriggle her panties off and take a position lying next to her sister. The calmness Elle was displaying was a stark contrast to the nervousness of Jessica – who was two years older than her 18 year old sister. She felt as though she should step up to the plate.

She rolled over, and positioned herself so she was straddling her surprised sister. Her breasts were on eye level to her sister. She leaned close as though she were engaging in a lap dace. She felt her sister brush her face against her breasts eagerly. And then she reached behind her back and dropped the bra. Without thinking, Elle reached for the breasts and begun to fondle them, as though a kid in a candy store. Her eyes widened in a sort of surprised desire. And then Jessica removed her hands, and leaned downwards to kiss her. It was long, and their tongues intertwined readily, though Elle seemed at first dubious.

When they released, Jessica reached behind her sisters back, and unhooked her bra. Her sister immediately grabbed it, cupping her breasts as she attempted to stop it’s removal. Jessica smiled, and leaned in once more for a kiss. As she did so, she moved her hands slowly towards her sisters hands, which loosed their grip. The bra was cast onto the floor. They disengaged once more, and Jessica found herself looking directly at the pert and firm breasts which belonged to her sister. She immediately leaned forwards and took an erect nipple into her mouth, caressing and moving her tongue delicately over it, eliciting a series of groans from her sister.

She switched nipples with equally successful results – and then she knew it was time. She raised her head once more, and looked into the eyes of her sister. And then she began to slide down her body, Her head dropped to below breast level, and then to her naval. Her sister looked on with a knowing look of combined worry and desire. Behind her eyes lay the seeds of lust.

Jessica looked monsters of cock porno directly at her sisters cute, petit pussy. So innocent, but dripping with excitement. She took one last look at her sisters cute eyes, and then released her vivacious tongue on the eager clitoris of her young sister. The cries of delight were immediate and loud, seeming to pierce the air with a beauty which only drove Jessica further, making her hungrier and hungrier. As her sister groaned and writhed, her hand found it’s way to her own pussy, and began to stroke the surface of her dampened panties.

Her sister soon began to hit the edge. Soon the uncontrollable urge to orgasm overcame her. The only action her could muster, was to reach forward and clutch the back of her sisters head, pushing it inwards as thought to suggest she wanted more. Words did not escape her lips and a silent joy perpetuated the room. Unsung cries echoed as she writhed with the pleasure of her sisters tongue. Her hips began to always spasm in a humping motion onto the face which she held to her pussy. Eventually, the dying scream emanated from her exhausted lips as the orgasm came to a close. She released her sisters head and slumped backwards, panting heavily.

Jessica watched her breasts rise and fall, she looked at her pussy as it throbbed. She continued to massage her own pussy as she watched. Desire drenched her body. She couldn’t wait any longer. WIthout a word, she swivelled her sister into a better position, and mounted her face, tearing off her panties as she did. Her sister lay vulnerable, eager but confused as her sisters pussy descended onto her lips. Her tongue found it’s way into her as her sister began to rock forcefully back and forth. Gradually, as her libido increased the rocking became almost violent, she ground herself forcefully against Elle’s face, rocking the bed noisily against the wall. Her passions could not be tamed as orgasm approached and she let out a scream of delight and continued to pound herself forcefully against her sister. She began to grasp her breasts harshly, fondling and tugging her nipples as orgasm exploded over her and washed against Elle. She came loudly onto her exhausted sister, who became drenched in her glorious juices.

After what seemed like an eternity, she slumped against her sister and the lay naked and sticky, in post coital contentment. They slept through the night in each others arms and awoke happy – even happier when they discovered they had yet 20 minutes before they needed to get dressed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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