Sister Love Ch. 02

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Creampie Cleanup

Chapter 02: Rainy Day

It’s a quiet, rainy afternoon, and I am curled up on the couch reading a good book. I can’t wait for my big brother Dave to come home, and I get so horny thinking about him and the hot sex we shared in the woods yesterday after he picked me up from college. It’s so cool that we both wanted it, and it feels really good having done it with each other. I’ve never had such hot sex with any man, and doing it with my brother was so much more intense. I get wet every time I replay the scene in my mind. The heart racing, the wetness, him plunging his tongue into me, his cum, him licking my ass.

I reach down and slip my hand down my bluejeans shorts. I’m getting horny again thinking about it, and am looking for some release. I pull back my waist band and continue toward my pussy, slipping my hand into my panties. I reach my throbbing clit protruding out in it’s swolleness. It feels so good to feel that swelling, and even hotter that it’s thoughts about my big brother Dave that is making me this hot.

After twirling my fingers around my clit, I move my hand further down and start to part my pussy lips. I am so wet that I slide effortlessly in and begin finger fucking myself. Slow and steady, drawing my fingers in and out. I love hearing the wet noises that my pussy juice is making. I pull my fingers out, raise them to my mouth, and start to suck on them. Umm, this is what Dave was tasting just yesterday.

Neither Dave nor I feel guilty about what we’ve started up with each other. It’s sex with someone we each love, and the taboo nature of it all gets us both so much hornier. I loved having Dave cum in my mouth yesterday. He tasted so good, and I loved swallowing him down, slurping his thick seed and feeling it ooze down my throat. It tasted so earthy, and I love thinking about his cum still inside of me right now, thinking about how it’s all coating my insides.

I hope he loved swallowing my pussy juice as much as I loved having him do it. I squirt pretty messy when I cum, and I did it right when he had his tongue deep within me. I still think about how he pushed his tongue even further into my cunt at that moment, seeing his throat move as he swallowed my love juice down. It’s so hot thinking about my cum still inside of him right now too.

It really feels like we are one. I always felt that way with Dave since he is my brother, but I really love that we consumated that desire. I think if either of us ever start up in another relationship, we’d take a break from our incestuous love making, but it’s so hot that we can pleasure each other in-between whenever we want. And we can do this the rest of our lives!

We had awesome oral sex in the woods yesterday, but my pussy is still aching to have his fat cock spread me open and penetrate me. I slip my hand down my shorts again and start to rub again.

Just then, the door bursts open, and Dave waltzes in. I quickly pull my hand out of my pants, but not quick enough. He sees me and smiles.

“Hey, sis. How’s it going?” he asks.

“Great. Kinda rainy, but thinking about what happened yesterday,” I reply.

“Yeah, bangbross porno I can see that, Peg” he smiles, “can’t get it out of my head either,” he confesses.

Dave comes over and plops down on the couch next to me. My heart starts to beat quickly again, and my pussy is still aching. I slide over next to him and put my head on his shoulder.

“Dave, are you ok with what’s happening here?” I ask.

He puts his arm around me and pulls me close. I melt into his arms.

“Peg, I never would have done it with you if I hadn’t wanted to so bad. Are you having any regrets?” Dave’s voice is soft and comforting.

“Fuck no, big bro. Only regret is that we didn’t finish things off, but we have lots of time for that.” I pine.

I look up into Dave’s eyes, and he looks into mine.

“You are so hot, Peg. I’d love to fuck you every day of our lives.” I can feel his heart beat quickening.

I reach down and move my hand toward Dave’s crotch. It is tight and meaty. I wonder if he as hot thinking about yesterday as I am. I slowly start to massage him, and can feel the lump of his cock head nice and hard already. I slowly squeeze his cock and he closes his eyes. I feel his other hand move over to my body and start unbuttoning my blouse. I reach down with my other hand and help him. I made sure not to wear a bra again today since I know it gets him so fucking hot.

Dave starts massaging by boobs, gently squeezing them and moving toward my nipples, which are already rock hard. He begins to pinch them with his fingers and I feel the rush of sensation right own to my pussy.

“Oh, fuck, I love you Dave,” I moan.

“And I love you, Peg. I want your body. I have been thinking about that hot, wet sex we had all day, and had to go jerk off twice just for relief,” he says.

“Oh, you should have saved it for me, bro. I would have taken care of that for you,” I smile.

“Couldn’t wait, little sis, and no worry. There’s plenty more where that came from,” he says.

“Good. I’m hungry for it. I was fingering myself just thinking about you,” I confess.

With that, Dave plants his lips on my mouth. We begin passionately kissing, our tongues intertwining, giving way to our passion. I reach for the button on his pants, and begin to undress him. I unzip him and pull down his briefs to release his manhood from it’s confines. His cock and balls are gorgeous, even bigger than I remember them from yesterday.

At the same time, Dave reaches down and unbuttons my jeans. I lift up my ass to help him slide them off me, and he quickly peels off my panties, sliding his fingers into my wet cunt. We remove the last of our clothing and wrap ourselves in each other’s arms.

“It is so hot knowing that my big brother is making love to me, Dave. It gets so wet and on the verge of cumming just thinking about it,” I cry.

“Oh, Peg, I feel the same way. Taking my little sister, fingering her, sucking her, and you responded to amazingly when my tongue flicked your ass,” Dave replies.

“Hey bro, you did more than flick it, and it absolutely drove me wild. bangbus porno I loved feeling you sink your tongue into my asshole! There’s a huge amount of nerve ending down there, you know,” I giggle. “But today, I want something different.”

Dave is rock hard now, and I slowly tease his cock shaft with my fingers. I get up from where I am sitting, and straddle him. I press my tummy up against his cock and look down. His length is incredible, and I’m thinking his cock will be pushing my insides up into my stomach if his full length were ever within me. I slowly raise up my ass, getting onto my knees, and pressing by breasts into his face.

He begins to suck on me ravenously, biting my nipples and causing my pussy to start to drip. I raise up and position the opening of my pussy right over his cock head. Then we both pause and look into each others’ eyes.

“Are you sure, Peg? Are you sure you want your big brother to fuck you? You’re on the pill, right?” He pants.

“Not only do I want you to fuck me, brother Dave, I want you to drill you little sister deep. I want your huge cock to fill me up and then fuck my living brains out. No need to worry, I’m protected, so flood me with your tasty cum. I loved swallowing my brother’s seed yesterday, and now I want you to fill each and every hole I have with your cum.” I am so hungry for him.

With that, I start to lower myself on his pole, each holding the others’ gaze. His eyes quiver in pleasure as he begins to feel his sister hot pussy wrap around his cock, and he looks deeply into me. I spread my legs even further and feel my cunt open wide as his pole penetrates me. I squeeze my pussy muscles to pleasure him more on the way down. I’m dripping with pussy juice now, and the wetness begins to drip down my thighs and onto his legs.

Dave reaches down, scoops up some of my pussy juice with his hands, and begins to lick the wetness off his fingers. I love knowing his sister’s juice is in his mouth again. Rather than raise up my ass and ride him up and down, I keep lowering myself on him with one long slow dive. I’m so wet that the slide down his pole is effortless.

I start to wonder when when I will get to the base of his shaft and have him fully within me. I can feel his cock start to push against the top of my uterus. It feels so good knowing that my brother is poking against the top of me, stretching my cunt, and I slide down even further, letting his pole push up into me even more. I want all of him. I then begin to feel my ass hitting his balls, and know I have all of him. My big brother’s entire huge cock is filling up his little sister. I wiggle my hips in delight and start to smile.

“Hey brother dear, did you know you’re fucking your little sister. And I have your entire massive cock inside my body. How does it feel baby,” I say, moving my hips and grinding my clit against him.

“It’s amazing Peg, I’ve never felt anything like it in my life. It’s so taboo knowing I have my cock planted deep in my sister. You are so hot,” Dave pants.

I spread my legs a little further, and press my pussy down a little further beurette tour porno to compress his balls and ensure I have every last bit of him in me. His cock is hitting my g-spot and I know I won’t last long. I then begin to slowly raise up, feeling his cock slide against my pussy walls. I raise up, and lower again, sliding slowly and feeling every inch of his cock pleasuring my cunt.

Dave reaches behind and grabs my ass, one hand on each cheek. He starts squeezing me, pulling himself into me, and then moving his hands all over my body. His hand next slides underneath my ass and starts fingering my asshole.

“You like that, ehh?” He asks.

“Fuck yeah. Lots of nerve endings. It’s so intense. Slip a finger in me,” I plead.

With that, Dave slides his pointer finger into my asshole, and penetrates me up to his second knuckle. If feels so intense. I’ve got my brother penetrating me into two of my holes. I plant my tongue on his mouth and part his lips. He slips his tongue into me, and now he has his little sister in 3 different openings! This is so fucking hot, I keep thinking.

I arch my back and stick my ass out a little and Dave slips a second finger into my ass, stretching my opening. I start grinding my hips against him, aching for satisfaction. My clit is pressing hard against him, and I feel my pussy walls start to tighten. I close my eyes and concentrate, trying to savor every sensation.

My orgasm starts in a wave of squirting cum, and the insides of my body start rhythmically contracting with the most intense pleasure. My pussy walls are clenching his cock, and I can feel my asshole rhythmically contracting and tightening around his fingers. Dave is stretching me from every direction and is moaning, knowing the pleasure he is providing, and keeps fucking me until my orgasm subsides.

“Oh, thanks Dave, that was so intense. Now it’s your turn, big brother.” I tease.

Dave pulls his fingers out of my ass, grabs both my hips, and starts to guide me up and down his pole. I see his eyes start to roll, and feel his his start to plunge deep into me. I can feel his cock head start to swell, and then his monster cock begins pulsing within me, spewing his cum with such force I can feel it hit my insides. He keeps gushing his cum within his little sister, and I love the feeling of my brother filling me with his cock and seed.

Dave’s cum starts to gush out of my pussy, even while he is still cumming. There is so much cum, and we are both covered in it. The musky smell of sex fills the air, and we are both panting and sweating. As his orgasm begins to subside, I fall into his arms, his cock still inside me, and we fall into a sweet short sleep.

I stir with the feeling of his cum oozing out of me, and greet him with a kiss.

“Ok, Dave, so now you’ve fucked your little sister. And I’ve been fucked by my big brother! Riding up and down his monster cock. Did you like it,” I ask.

“Amazing,” Dave moans.

“And, you know, there’s one more hole of mine that you haven’t blown your cum into. It’ll be a little tighter, but I want to to fill me everywhere. But that will be next time. For now, we better get things cleaned up before Mom gets home from work! She’d freak out.”

Dave gives his little sister a final long, wet kiss, watching her cute ass wiggle as she bounces across the room.

The End

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