Sins of the Father Pt. 03

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Chapter Three: Interlude

Before I return to the retelling of my husband’s story, I thought you, dear reader, might appreciate some background information about us. While you won’t find any last names here (in fact, don’t be too sure about the first names), the place, timeframe and the events themselves are real.

Contrary to what most Americans might think, not everyone growing up or living in Ann Arbor is rich. My family certainly wasn’t. Neither were Abigail, James and their mother, Dorothy. Everyone called her Dot, by-the-way, and she really had it rough. We’re better off now, but not so much back then.

Abigail and James were born about four and a half years apart – Abby being the older child. All this happened before Dot herself had turned twenty! Up to the day of this story, I didn’t know much about their dad. I only knew that he never married Dot and that by the time Abby was six, he had been killed by a fellow inmate at Jackson State Prison. ‘Good riddance to bad news!’ was what my best friend used to say.

Dot didn’t have much of a family to rely on. (I think they blamed her for having two kids out of wedlock.) At any rate, the three of them were pretty much on their own from that point. Ok, so you know what I’m talking about here: welfare, food stamps, the whole ball of wax. You get the picture.

Fast-forward to 1975. That’s the year Abby and I graduated from Pioneer High School. I was just about to turn eighteen later in June. Abby, on the other hand, had already turned twenty (she had been held back for two years). There were no undergraduate degrees in our futures, but there was a two-year program at U of M Medical that led to a nursing certificate.

James was two years behind us at Pioneer; having been born in 1960. And even though he was already producing some amazing artwork, he would not be going to college either. Talent is important, but so is opportunity. When you are poor, opportunity is a rare visitor.

I was in love with James almost as soon as I became Abby’s friend. He was a hunky guy and what girl doesn’t like to have her portrait drawn. Put the two together and… wham! I was hooked. The problem was Abby.

Abby was my best friend, but she could be the meanest, most vindictive witch you could imagine. And, for some reason, she hated James. Maybe ‘resented’ is a more accurate way of putting it. Whatever it was, it meant that I couldn’t show any affection to her brother without getting on her bad side.

The other thing you need to know about Abby was that she liked living on the knife-edge. She smoked a lot of pot, did other drugs and had more than her fair share of risky sex. And if you hung around her as I did, you ended up doing your own share of risk-taking. We were also lovers who occasionally liked to share a guy… at the same time.

That’s how the two of us ended up getting pregnant in our last semester of nursing school in 1978. Abby was twenty-one and I was nineteen. We were both living with Dot and James (my parents threw me out due to my drug use). It happened at a frat party on the U of M campus.

Abby’s boyfriend at the time was a pre-med student. I hated him, and I’m not sure if she even street blowjobs porno liked him all that much. Abby knew Derek was going to be at this frat house that was known for its parties turning into orgies. She got this crazy idea in her head that we should stop taking the pill and ambush poor Derek at this Halloween costume party and have him knock both of us up. It seemed like a fun idea at the time. I know, I sometimes can’t believe all the crazy, stupid shit I’ve done.

Anyway, like we planned, we got pregnant and still managed to finish out our program. Derek, though, denied he was the father of either child and the blood tests we made him take backed him up. So, exit Derek stage right.

Thank goodness for James! He finished high school and graduated to the position of baby sitter for two infants while their mothers finished their educations and began their working careers. From the day I brought Rachel home, James was my personal hero, and I knew that come hell or even the wrath of Abby, I was going to marry that man.

Then Dot became ill. At first, we didn’t know what was going on. Eventually she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This was early in 1981. Abby’s son Peter and my daughter were just over a year old. They brought her so much joy toward the end of her life. It was only 103 days from the day of her diagnosis to the day she passed. So, exit Dot stage left.

Sometimes it pays not to ask what worse thing can happen to you. You might just find out. Now, back to my husband’s story…

Chapter Four: Friday, July 4th, 2003, 6:00 P.M.

I was about to realize that this whole day of bad news could and, in fact, would get worse. But as bad as it was for me, it was even more horrible for my husband…

“James, honey, what do you mean by ‘sins of the father’?”

“It’s just my way of saying that some family histories keep on repeating. Can you get me some Tylenol and a glass of water, babe? I feel a hangover coming on.”

“Sure thing, hon.”

I brought back from the kitchen two glasses and enough medicine for the both of us. The cold water felt good going down. Also by then, James had put himself back together – clothing-wise.

“Do you remember where you were on the night of October 25, 1978?” James asked.

This was a strange question, and while it seemed like I should know the answer, I just couldn’t nail it for sure in my mind.

“Um, not really, James. You want to give me any hints?”

“How ’bout ‘Little Bo Peep’? Does that help?”

“Oh, shit! Yessss! Shit, James…why are you bringing up that incident now?”

“Because it bears on what I saw this morning in our bedroom.”


“Be patient, Patty. I know that’s not your strong suit, but just hear me out, ok?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Sometimes we do and sometimes things get chosen for us.”

“You’re quite the philosopher now, aren’t you?”

“Yeah… perhaps I’ll write a book.”

“Do that. But, for the moment I’d settle for you to just finish this damned story!”

“Right. Do you remember how you and Abby teased the hell out of me that Friday student sex parties porno putting on and taking off your costumes… in your bedroom… with the door open?”

“Yes,” I replied with my head in my hands. “I remember.”

“Then – right in front of me, mind you – the two of you began making out. Abby demanded that I come over to the bed and I was made to watch while the two of you ‘tribbed’ yourselves to multiple orgasms!”

“I know, honey… I’m sorry…” I moaned in shame.

“Then the two of you went out to the Halloween party to seduce Derek…”

“Yes… hey, how did you know about that?”

“The walls in Mom’s house were pretty thin, Pat. Sometimes she complained to me how your lovemaking with Abby kept her awake at night. Anyway, I knew all about Abigail’s plan. What you don’t know is that was the night I was going to exact my revenge on the two of you for all those years of teasing and sexual torture you put me through – well, mostly Abby… Patty, I also had a costume.”

“But no way into that party, James,” I pointed out. “Michigan raised the drinking age, and you had just graduated from Pioneer that previous June!”

“Shows what you know, Patricia. I had friends all over U of M’s campus. And I had a really good one in that frat house. He let me in even though I was only eighteen.”

I was beginning to panic again. I hadn’t a clue where this story was going, but it seemed to be arcing in a bad direction.

“James, what did you do?”

“When I got there in my Tony the Tiger suit, I found Derek before the two of you did. When I was sure he hadn’t recognized my voice, I became his new best friend and bought him a couple of drinks. The last time I did so, I slipped him a ‘knockout’ drug and ten minutes later, when he was on his way to being unconscious, I led him into a utility closet and parked his worthless ass behind some brooms and mops.”

“No wonder he was negative on the paternity tests,” I exclaimed.

“Yeah. I saw to it that he wasn’t gonna remember anything that night!”

“But, then who was wearing Derek’s Lone Ranger costume?”

James just stared at me without speaking. He stared until it finally dawned on me what he was saying without words.

“That was you? You fucked both Abby and me?”

“Yes I did, Patty. It wasn’t my finest hour, I’ll admit. But in my defense, the two of you had it coming.”

Unfortunately, I still remember every last detail of that evening like it happened yesterday. Abby and I made it a point to limit our alcohol intake so that we could maintain some kind of control over who was pawing at us and where.

We also spent some time putting on a lesbian sex show for the other partiers. Wow, could that girl eat my cookie! And, I wasn’t to bad at cunnilingus, either.

For over an hour, Abby and I rolled around on the floor, on various pieces of furniture, in the arms of salivating frat geeks, athletes with small dicks trying to fuck us, and just about anywhere we could, giving one another orgasm after orgasm.

We used our fingers, our tongues and sometimes our teeth to let them see how real women fucked submissive cuckolds porno each other. I have no doubt we educated a lot of rich, college-aged assholes that night! But, all of that was just the preliminary round, you see.

Finally, Abby and I spotted a guy dressed up in a Lone Ranger costume complete with black mask and two holstered pistols. We knew that was how Derek was coming to the party. That’s when we struck!

By the time we got to him, we were both so primed that we dove right for his dick. Derek didn’t mind at all. We were still mostly in our matching Bo Peep costumes (minus our panties, of course), but our breasts were exposed and our wigs falling off our heads. My wig was in my eyes half the time, which, as I think back, was probably one reason why I didn’t figure out the switch that James had pulled on us.

Anyway, Abby and I got him over to this sofa and arranged ourselves with me under her. Both of us had spread our legs and were encouraging Derek to nail us right there in front of the entire frat house.

He put on quite a show someone told me later. The screwing went on for over thirty minutes, but in my case, my position on the bottom made it difficult for Derek to get full penetration.

After multiple orgasms, I was more than sexually primed to be pregnant even though I wasn’t too sure I wanted to be. Being on the bottom was starting to get uncomfortable when I felt Derek’s powerful thrusts into Abby begin to change their tempo. Suddenly, he bellowed and I swear I could feel his spunk going into her! Derek (or so I thought at the time) then pulled out of Abby and got about three inches of his turgid cock into me before he let loose with another ribbon of cum. Then a second burst followed by him pulling out of me and going back into Abby for the finish. And when the crowd began to cheer and applaud, I clearly remember the Lone Ranger packing away his ‘weapon’ and heading into the sunset. Try as we might, neither Abby or I ever saw him again that night…

“How could you go all these years and never say anything? How is it that I didn’t figure it out… your cock is so unique, James.”

“You were on your back on the sofa, Pat, and my sister was laying on top of you also on her back. I got full penetration with her, but I didn’t have the best angle with you so I only got the head of my dick in you. It didn’t matter when it came to my cum, though. I got about three in you and at least that many in Abby.”

“You should have been on top, Patty. If you’d been on top you would a known about all this twenty-five years ago.”

Now those enigmatic words of his made sense. I stood up and stared daggers at my still-seated mate.

“Don’t blame this on me, you fucking bastard, you…”

I paused my verbal assault in mid thought as the full measure of the truth finally got into the depths of my boozy brain.

“Oh my god,” I screamed. “That means Rachel is your biological child! No wonder you took such good care of her…”

“Peter, too, Patty.”

“Holy shit,” I said. “That’s right, you SOB, you fathered your sister’s son! Which means…”

“Peter and I are brother and sister as well as being cousins, Mom,” Rachel interjected. “Dad, Mom… it’s ok, we already knew.”

Both of us jerked our heads around to see our daughter standing in the hallway. Somehow, Rachel had slipped into the house without us hearing her. All I can say is that it’s a good thing James had put his pants back on while I had gone to get him the Tylenol…

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