Shave and a Haircut…Two Bits

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Hurrying in the front door to my apartment, I dropped my laptop bag on the kitchen counter and grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator. After a long Friday at work, I had an appointment scheduled with my barber, Hannah, for a much-needed shave and haircut. I had been traveling on business for most of the week and needed to look presentable for a casual date later on in the evening.

My name is Andrew, and I’m a thirty-one-year-old attorney for a small software firm based in Washington state. I’m about 6’1 and a fit 165 lbs with wavy brown hair that I wore trimmed to a medium-length. Though I usually kept clean-shaven, today I was sporting a two-day growth of stubble thanks to my recent travel schedule. While I’ve been told by previous girlfriends that I’m easy on the eyes, I’ve never been the confident, overly-outgoing type obsessed with my own appearance.

After spending the past few years in our Seattle offices buried in corporate memos and never-ending e-mail chains, I had relocated to South Florida about a year ago to enjoy the sunshine and warm beaches. Work kept me traveling several days each week leaving me with little time for dating and socializing, but so far I loved the relaxed lifestyle and prevalence of gorgeous, bikini-clad beachgoers near my apartment complex.

I stepped into my bedroom, quickly stripping out of my dark grey suit before venturing into the master bathroom to turn on the shower. Waiting the water to warm, I grabbed my phone from the bathroom counter and opened my text conversation with Kelsie.

Kelsie was a stunning twenty-six-year-old brunette, about 5’4 with almond skin and deep brown eyes that matched her gorgeous shoulder-length hair. We had matched two weeks earlier on Tinder, and had already met once for drinks, but tonight seemed different. Kelsie had been increasingly flirty over text while I’d been away, culminating in our conversation earlier this afternoon.

*Bzzt bzzt* As if on cue, my phone buzzed in my hand with a new text from Kelsie: “trying to pick out an outfit for tonight, what do you want me to wear?”

“Hmm let me see some options” I responded, hoping for a sexy selfie to jerk off to in the shower.

“I can’t show you yet, have to leave something to the imagination ;-)” Kelsie texted.

“Not even a glimpse?” I teased back.

My phone buzzed in my hand with the arrival of a message.

The picture Kelsie had sent displayed a shot of her standing in front of her bathroom mirror with wet hair wearing only a towel around her torso, one hand posed teasingly as if pulling down the edge of the towel to expose her full tits. “U like?”

“Very much. Ur making me horny rn” I typed, zooming in on the picture in an attempt to glimpse the brown of her nipples above the edge of her towel.

“Show me. fair is fair, after all.”

Holding my phone in my left hand, I pointed the camera at the mirror and snapped a quick shot of me palming my erect dick through my boxer briefs. After hitting send, I waited a few moments for Kelsie to respond but my phone remained silent. Stripping completely, I hopped into the shower and quickly soaped and rinsed off. Ten minutes later as I was stepping out of the steamy shower enclosure, my phone buzzed with Kelsie’s return text: “gonna finish, uh, getting ready 😉 can’t wait for tonight.”

I quickly toweled off before moving back into my bedroom. I threw on on a pair of grey denim jeans and a clean surf t-shirt, grabbed my phone and keys. “See you soon,” I texted, “can’t wait to see what you pick out.” Grabbing my keys, I headed for the garage.

Ten minutes later I walked into the salon and was greeted with a chirpy hello by the platinum blonde receptionist. “Hey Andrew, you’re here to see Hannah at 6:00, right? She’s just getting ready for you, if you want to take a seat she should be right out!”

“Thanks!” I responded, “no rush at all.” I took a few steps into the well-appointed waiting area and settled in a comfy leather armchair, pulling out my phone to answer work emails while I waited for Hannah.

Hannah had been cutting my hair for about a year, she had been the first barber with an available appointment when I got into town and we had immediately hit it off. Twenty-three, with bright green eyes and an infectious smile, Hannah stood only 5’2 and had a petite frame that highlighted her toned bubble butt and well-rounded medium breasts. Hannah’s best feature was clearly her hair, a thick mane of dark blonde tresses that she usually piled on top of her head in a messy bun while she worked. Hannah was cute and flirty but had always worked hard to keep things professional while I was at the salon. Today seemed no different as she wore a pair of fitted high-waisted black jeans and a soft grey cropped t-shirt that hugged her slim figure and offered a tantalizing glimpse of her tanned navel.

“Hi Andrew — nice to see you again. How have you been?” Hannah asked with a hug. “Here right this way, I’m all ready for you.”

Following Hannah into her corner cubicle workstation, I put my phone, wallet, and keys on the illegal bahis counter next to the sink and took a seat in the barber’s chair in front of the mirror.

“I’ve been pretty good, how about you? How’s the new apartment?”

“It’s so great!” Hannah squealed, “I can’t wait for you to see it at our housewarming party next weekend!” Hannah squealed, reaching out to run her hand through my hair. “You’re coming, right?”

“Of course,” I responded, “I’ve been excited to see your place and catch up with you and Katie.” Katie, Hannah’s roommate, was dating one of my gym buddies so we occasionally ended up crossing paths at social gatherings.

“So what are we doing today, the usual haircut and shave?” Hannah asked as she placed a short barber’s cape around my neck and tied it in the back.

“Yeah that sounds good. I haven’t been in for a few weeks so maybe a little shorter on the sides. Whatever you think is best.”

Hannah took a pair of clippers from the counter and began to work, humming along with the salon stereo while trimming the back and top of my medium-length brown hair. With a contented sigh, I leaned back against the headrest and closed my eyes, intending to doze for a few minutes while Hannah worked.

After a few minutes, I heard my phone vibrate against the counter with an incoming text, then again to indicate that I’d received an attachment as well. Not wanting to interrupt while Hannah was in the middle of working, I relaxed, in no hurry to see how Kelsie had responded.

“So what’s new in your world? How’s work? Any hot dates lately??”

Hannah and I usually bullshitted about work for a few minutes before dissecting our respective romantic lives, with Hannah often getting a kick out of my most recent terrible date stories.

“Mmm, well I’ve been talking to this girl that I met on Tinder. We’ve only hung out once but she seems cool and we have things in common,” I responded.

“Ooh la la,” Hannah teased, “so when do I get to meet this mystery woman? what does she look like?”

Almost as Hannah spoke, my phone buzzed again. I laughed.

“Actually that’s probably her that just texted me, hold on I’ll show you a picture.” I reached for my phone, but Hannah was faster and grabbed it from the counter.

“Let me see!” Hannah squealed, “I’ll bet she’s cute.”

“No wait —” I exclaimed laughing, “let me make sure —” but it was too late. Hannah had already clicked the most recent text open.

“Oh my god.” whispered Hannah suddenly, struck short by the screen.

Peering over her shoulder, I saw a shot of Kelsie displayed on my phone. This time it was a dimly-lit bedroom selfie, with Kelsie standing in front of the full-length mirror with her dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, topless, and wearing only a pair of black boy short panties fit snugly on her hips. Kelsie’s left hand covered her full tits while her right held her phone up to the mirror in front of her to capture an enigmatic smile.

“Oh fuck.” Hannah said softly, handing back my phone. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize…”

Not knowing how to respond, I simply laughed gently and shrugged, placing my phone back on the counter. I made eye contact as Hannah blushed a bright shade of pink and turned from me. “Yeah, sorry I guess that was supposed be a private message,” I said quietly, unsure how to continue. Hannah stood with her back to me for a few moments while she regained her composure.

Shit. This was awkward.

Turning back to me, Hannah’s pretty face wore a tiny smile but gave away nothing. She pulled a small trimmer from her workstation and began absent-mindedly touching up the edges of my sideburns. After a few moments she asked, once again in a normal tone of voice, “I can’t believe she sent you that! What did you say to her?”

“Ah well, I might have sent her some inspiration earlier and now she’s returning the favor,” I said with a sheepish grin. “We don’t know each other well, but…” I trailed off, not knowing exactly how explicit Hannah wanted me to be.

Hannah turned an even deeper shade of crimson as she realized the exact sort of ‘inspiration’ I was referring to, but this time she didn’t turn away and simply continued to work

Several minutes passed as Hannah cut the back of my hair in silence, both of us slightly subdued. I relaxed and drifted off, closing my eyes to avoid the slight awkwardness, but I couldn’t help but think back to the photo of Kelsie and imagine the feeling of those tits pressed against my chest and her hand wrapped around my cock. Feeling the first twinge of tightening in my groin, I silently wished Hannah would hurry and finish my haircut so I could get home to jerk off before my date. I hadn’t cum in almost a week and knew I would have a hair trigger.

Trying to put the image of Kelsie and her incredible body out of my mind, I shifted slightly in the chair, but the thought of her full tits swaying as she jerked my dick made this nearly impossible.

Hannah’s soft hands wandered through my hair as she worked, the vibrating clippers continuing their ministrations on illegal bahis siteleri the back of my neck and adding to my growing arousal. By now I had grown harder, my cock beginning to strain uncomfortably down the right leg of my jeans. Sitting up higher in the chair, I attempted to pull the barber’s plastic cape down so it more fully covered my lap.

A teasing voice broke my reverie, “Uh-oh, looks like somebody’s enjoying the haircut, huh? That thing is huge!” Apparently Hannah had noticed the tenting in my jeans.

I opened my eyes to Hannah’s big grin as she looked at me in the mirror. I blushed and stammered, “I’m sorry, Hannah, I didn’t —”

“Shut up.” she laughed. “It’s not every day I get a show while I’m working. So is that what you sent your friend earlier?” Hannah leant next to my ear and whispered, “I can see why she was so excited, lucky girl.”

Well. This was certainly not the haircut I had been expecting, but I decided to see where she wanted to go with this.

“Yeah, I guess so, I haven’t gotten any complaints.”

I felt as much as heard Hannah’s warm breath in my ear. “Let’s see if we can get you a little more comfortable.” Standing up straight and stepping away from me, she looked at me and silently mouthed “Trust me.”

“Oh shit, I forgot the controls on this chair aren’t working, I thought they were going to fix them last night!” Hannah announced, a little louder than necessary. “Hmm, I know, theres an empty chair in our treatment room,” Hannah continued. “It’s just down the hall, normally we only use the back room for manicures and pedicures, but there’s nothing scheduled so we can finish up in there.”

Hannah looked at me, winked, and tugged my right hand as I stood to follow her down the hallway.

“What are you doing?” I asked as we entered a small room at the rear of the salon. “We can skip the shave if your chair is broken, or finish up my haircut tomorrow if you’re free.”

“Haha no you idiot,” Hannah laughed, smiling slyly. “I thought you might like the privacy. This way you can tell me all about Tinderella and how excited she gets you without distracting all of the other stylists while they’re trying to work.”

“Hmm, well what do you want to hear?” I teased back, taking a seat in a barber chair situated in front of the room’s only sink. Inwardly I breathed a sigh of relief, this was getting interesting. Obviously Hannah wasn’t too offended by my hard-on and she definitely seemed eager to hear more about my blossoming relationship with Kelsie. Hannah stood next to my shoulder, our eyes meeting in the mirror in front of me.

“Have you two fucked yet?”

“No,” I laughed, “We’ve only met up once. Our first date was great, but hopefully tonight we’ll get to know each other a little better. I’m not in a huge hurry!”

“Oh well we definitely need to make sure you’re all cleaned up then, this will be fun. Lean back for me,” Hannah said as she reached down to push the lever controlling the chair’s backrest. I leaned back and began to relax, closing my eyes as Hannah took a warm scented cloth from the towel warmer and placed it gently over my face.

Listening to Hannah arrange her tools on the counter, I smiled to myself under the facial towel. Mentally pulling up the photo of Kelsie with her hand covering her tits, I felt my cock begin to throb against the front of my jeans. Unconsciously, my mind replaced Kelsie’s image with one of Hannah, her dark blonde hair cascading down around her shoulders as her small hand toyed with her nipples. Feeling my breathing start to quicken, I inhaled deeply through my nose, enjoying the fresh eucalyptus scent, suddenly picturing Kelsie and Hannah together for the first time.

In my mind’s eye, Kelsie stood close behind the smaller blonde, both of them naked from the waist up, one hand wrapping around Hannah’s slim waist as the brunette reached with the other to tease one of Hannah’s aroused nipples. This newfound fantasy quickly sped my arousal. This time I gave in to the stirrings of my erection, freely allowing my mind to wander as Hannah removed the towel from my face and began to spread warm shaving cream on my neck.

As her fingers lightly traced my throat Hannah’s voice interrupted my dream-like state, “Tell me what you’re thinking about.”

“Mmm, mostly I’m thinking about how good that feels.” While not completely untrue, what I was really imagining was making out with Kelsie while Hannah’s soft hands worked their magic on my groin.

“No, tell me what you’re really thinking about. And don’t forget, that bulge in your jeans can tell me if you’re lying.”

“That picture.” I answered somewhat truthfully, keeping my eyes closed. My dick throbbed almost painfully against my tight pants.

“I thought you might be. What’s your favorite part?” Hannah took a folding straight razor and began to scrape the stubble from my cheeks.

Thoroughly enjoying the shave, I thought to myself for a few minutes before answering. “The whole thing. I love watching a woman touch herself. Seeing Kelsie’s hand on her tits and thinking canlı bahis siteleri about her rubbing her pussy is an instant turn-on.”

Hannah said nothing, but inhaled with a low hiss. She continued to work, sliding the cold blade against the soft skin of my throat as I dozed.

Minutes later, Hannah cleared her throat softly to return me to the present. Without opening my eyes, I heard Hannah’s throaty voice: “There. All done, nice and smooth.” Standing up, she wiped the remaining shaving cream from the straight razor, folded it closed and took two steps to place in on the counter. Her hands now empty, Hannah turned her back to the mirror and stood in front of my outstretched feet. “Oops, missed some,” she giggled.

Opening my eyelids a crack, I watched as Hannah extended her hand and used two fingers to swipe the last smear of shaving cream from my jawline. Without thinking, she drew her hand towards her own body and rubbed the foam into the tanned skin above her neckline. I swore I glimpsed her slightly tweak her own hardened nipple through her thin top as her hand dropped back to her side. “What was Hannah doing?” I wondered inwardly.

Suddenly, Hannah’s gaze shot to my face. Realizing she was caught, and seeing my stunned expression Hannah laughed guiltily, “There’s no reason you guys should get all of the moisturizing benefits to yourselves! That stuff works wonders.”

“Hahah well that doesn’t seem fair. But it looked like you might have enjoyed that just a bit too,” I said with a wink.

Hannah blushed but expertly turned the tables, returning to the original reason for my visit. “So, now you’re all ready for your big date, huh stud?”

I looked down in mock embarrassment, “Wellll, I do need to get home and hit the shower before heading out if you know what I mean. I wouldn’t want my date to think I’m only thinking about getting laid.”

Hannah burst out with a throaty laugh, “Yeah, I mean, if you showed up to dinner with me with that raging hard-on I’d blow you in the bathroom instead of being offended!”

“Wait, what?” I cut in, shocked at what I was hearing.

Almost before I had finished my sentence, Hannah realized what she had said, her eyes going wide and her mouth dropping open in shock. “No wait! I didn’t mean you, I meant someone like you but not —”

Amused, I let her sentence trail off before looking directly into her eyes. “What did you mean, Hannah?”

Meeting my gaze, Hannah remained silent for a moment. “Here, let me,” she finally responded, raising one hand hesitantly. “I want to help you with that,” Hannah repeated calmly, this time with a hungry gleam in her bright green eyes.

When I continued to stare at her questioningly, Hannah placed her hand squarely on my cock, grasping the shaft through my pants and rubbing gently. “We can’t have you showing up for your date all out of sorts, and now I feel bad about taking forever cutting your hair.”

“But Hannah, you don’t have to do anything like that,” I said quickly, “you’re a friend and we have fun, you always give me a great haircut, but I thought we were just messing around.”

“We are,” Hannah agreed, “but honestly I’ve been getting more turned on since I noticed your dick while we were in the other room, and clearly you’ve been enjoying yourself so…”

Without waiting for me to respond, Hannah leaned over and kissed me deeply, using one hand to tilt my chin up to her hot mouth. A bolt of warmth shot down into my core, instantly waking me fully from my drowsy, relaxed state. As I kissed her back, Hannah hummed happily, enjoying the warmth of our electric first kiss. Hannah bit my lower lip before her tongue snaked out of her mouth and into mine. As our tongues dueled, Hannah’s gentle moans vibrated against my lips.

Breaking our kiss, Hannah stood up straight. “Come sit over here.” Taking my hand again, Hannah pulled me from the barber’s chair and led me across the small room to a gray sofa against the far wall. Positioning me in the center of the couch, Hannah placed two hands on my chest and pushed me backwards so I sat down heavily. Pushing my knees apart to stand between my legs, Hannah leaned down to kiss me again, this time immediately thrusting her tongue into my welcoming mouth.

Still in shock about what was happening, my hands moved to Hannah with a mind of their own, one hand pulling Hannah to me by the hip while the other rubbed between the legs of her black jeans. Working my knuckles against the fabric, I pushed against her clit and was instantly rewarded when Hannah’s breathing deepened. She ground herself down onto my hand while moaning into our shared kiss. Finally Hannah broke away and rasped, “Don’t move. I have to lock the door. I don’t want anyone to wander in.”

In no position to argue, I stayed glued to my spot on the couch, watching as Hannah’s pert ass swung as she moved. Recrossing the room after checking the door handle, Hannah approached the couch and climbed to straddle my lap facing me, placing one knee on each side of my thighs. Hannah took my hands by the wrist and pulled them to her chest. Immediately catching on to her desire, I massaged Hannah’s tits through her thin blouse, tugging teasingly at her nipples through her bra before I leant in to lick her neck from the collarbone to the sensitive spot behind her ear.

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