Shades of Sumata

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Although it was against the rules, we were able to exchange enough information on Mygirlfund to meet in person. I was in Las Vegas for a teacher’s conference and instead of taking a regular room; I splurged for the suite at the Riviera. It was nice, large room with an excellent view of the strip, kitchen and my favorite, a large whirlpool tub. I’ll call her Sugar to protect her identity and I am Tony (to protect mine).

She arrived later that evening and entered the suite with the key that was left for her at the desk. I was expecting her so I had prepared. The room lights were out, the suite lit with scented candles (coconut – my favorite). I guess I should describe myself. I am 5’8″, 49 years old, and a history teacher at a high school. I am also a veteran, having served 20 years in the Army as a tank crewman. I am still fit, although I am not a 20 year old with washboard abs. I coach the girls soccer team and can hold my own with them. I have blond hair, where I have hair (I am balding, but will always have “fuzz” there) that is starting to turn white (not gray). I have an average cock I guess, about 7 inches, but thicker than most others. I seem to be horny all the time, even for an “old man” and I usually jack off 3-5 times a day – especially after being around the hotties at school and on the soccer pitch!

Sugar is a brunette with brown eyes and wears glasses. I find that so sexy! Her lips seemed, to me, to be made for kissing and other things! She was busty, but not overly busty, and they are real! (40DD!) She is 5’7″ and has a perfect round ass! Although she is only 20 and attending college, we still hit it off based on our mutual likes and our desires for long, passionate kisses, hugs, followed by slow intimate sex (okay in every hole – but still slow and intimate!)!

So, Sugar arrives and I, sitting on the couch in my swimming suit (a special purchase) and a t-shirt welcome her. I tell her to freshen up in the bathroom (the tub is already filled, rose petals floating on the hot water, scented oils and candle lit).

She goes in and, poking her head out, tells me “Very Nice.” _

Once refreshed, she comes to the living room, wearing a sheer bikini (one of those really tiny ones) and high heels. I stand and walk to meet her, embracing in a friendly hug, at first, then tighter, and then our lips meet. This kiss is soft, sensuous, and passionate, not to mention long. Kissing has always been a special turn on for me, just the idea of kissing, and then touching tongues in an erotic playful wrestle makes me hard. As close as we were pressed together, my cock got even harder.

She pressed it against her mound. I could smell her arousal. I told her to come with me to the bathroom.

I led her by the hand, and we both stepped into the tub. I opened the champagne and poured us a glass. We sat close to each other, sipped our champagne and kissed. For a long time.

Eventually we had finished our champagne and were slowly and gently caressing each other, exploring the sexy bodies of each other.

I was gently fondling her large breasts and she was slowly rubbing my hard cock, gently stroking and using her thumb and fingers on the head. I gently pinched her hard nipples, twisting, extracting soft moans from her pink lips. She tasted good, her mouth was wet and so was her pussy.

She straddled me next. Her wet mound pressed on my hard cock. She was grinding her pussy on me as we kissed and caressed, our bodies becoming one. I felt her hand on my hard on, and then felt my swimsuit being pulled down and out of the way. My cock was released.

Sugar told me to sit on the side of the bed that she wanted to suck me.

When I sat down, my manhood was fully erect, hard as a rock, and pointing straight into the air, ready for her luscious lips. She kissed the head, then the sides, then the entire length. Finally she took the head into her hot mouth, her tongues swirling around the head and tickling the underside.

Pleasure beyond belief as she slowly and sensuously took my length into her mouth then throat. I had never had a woman do that to me before. It was unbelievable and the best I had ever had. She continued to suck me, then sensing my desire and closeness to orgasm stopped. She pulled the bikini top off of her large breasts and wrapped them around my length, and began a slow tit fucking.

WOW! After a few minutes canlı bahis of this (I couldn’t take any more or I would cum all over her tits) I switched places with her. I spread her legs, and got between them, but not before kissing her some more, tasting my precum on her lips and on her tongue. I worked my way down, kissing and fondling her tits, eventually making it to her pussy. She smelled wonderful and after I pulled her panties to the side, she tasted just as good. I spent a lot of time there, licking her wetness, both her pussy and her ass. Such a pleasure for me to taste her, and I know she had at least one orgasm on my mouth!!!!

Now it was time, I got between her legs and pressed myself into her wetness. She was tight, and her velvety smoothness was amazing on my hard cock. We fucked, just for a few minutes, then I picked her up and I sat down in the tub with her riding me. I reached around her and grasped the soft sexy mounds of her ass, caressing and spreading, touching her anus with my fingers.

Sugar was moaning and kissing as we fucked for what seemed like forever, or at least I wanted it to be forever.

The she told me, “My ass, put it in my ass Tony!”

I pulled out of her pussy, not wanting to leave as if felt like “home” but complied and pulled out anyway. She then guided it to her asshole. She pressed down, ever so slowly, until my head “popped” into her. Then she slowly sat, taking more and more of my 7 inches into her ass.

Once all the way in, I began to suck her breasts, licking her nipples, gently tugging on them. Sugar began to bounce on my cock and she filled her ass with me. I had never had such a sensuous fuck in my life!

I couldn’t take any more and announced that I was about to cum!!

“Oh Tony, cum inside me, cum inside of my ass!”

It was more that I could take, and I filled her with my cum, pulling her head to mine and kissing her soft lips. I moaned into her mouth and she moaned into mine, cumming once more with my cock in her ass.

I was going be a very sexy week in Vegas!!!!!!

We rested and chatted, drank some wine, and then we were ready, again. We left the tub and I retired to the bed while she stayed in the bathroom to change. I changed as well. I put on my mantyhose, as she had requested in our letters, and she put on a bodystocking.

She came out of the bath and joined me on the bed. As we were talking, Sugar was gently playing with my cock, which was now fully erect. Her hands and her touch were magnificent, and I loved each and every second of her ministrations.

“I want to suck your cock.” Was all she said.

She got between my legs, took hold of my hard cock and began to stroke me, slowly and sensuously. He lips were so close to my cock I could feel her breath on my head. Her lips, full, red, spread and she took me in her mouth. Just the head. Her talented tongue swirled, teasing and massaging.

This woman was a great cock sucker! As she toyed with the head of my cock, she was stroking my length and fondling my balls. I don’t know how long she kept this up, I had my eyes closed most of the time in ecstasy, and the rest watching this beautiful woman work her magic on my cock.

Eventually she began to take more of my length into her wanton mouth. Over my pantyhose. By this time, my mantyhose sheath was soaked in her saliva and made for the most erotic feeling I have ever experienced.

Sugar began to slowly suck my cock, in and out my length went into her mouth. She used her hands, fingers, tongue, teeth and lips to pleasure me. This was the best cock sucking I had EVER had! She sucked and sucked, teasing me to the brink, then stopping, letting me calm down, then taking me to the brink again and again! I couldn’t take it anymore.

I told her it was time for out other fantasy. She smiled.

I laid flat on the bed, my cock sticking straight up. Sugar then lay on top of me, her legs spread, then with my cock between her crotch, she closed her legs, using her hand to keep it tight against her wet pantyhose crotch.

“Fuck me like this Tony!” Sumata. I LOVE IT!

I slowly started fucking her pantyhose thighs with my pantyhose cock. Pantyhose against pantyhose was an extremely sensuous feeling!

We fucked. For a long time. She played with my cock and I played with her tits.

Then I had her lay on her front. She put her legs together, making bahis siteleri her sexy ass bubble. I licked it. All over. WHAT AN ASS!

Then I tore a hole in the gusset. I straddled her, and held the hole open for my cock. In I pushed. But not in her pussy or asshole this time. This time I wanted to fuck her ass cheeks.

As my cock was well lubed with her saliva and my precum from our thigh fucking, it slid easily between her ass cheeks. It felt every bit as good as her pussy. I fucked her ass like this. It was just amazing. So amazing that I couldn’t contain my load anymore and soaked her ass cheeks with my cum, at the same time, Sugar, who had been rubbing her clit under her, came with me.

We slept. Close; our bodies rubbing throughout the night. I woke several times, my hard cock pressed between Sugars ass cheeks, and we rubbed each other until we fell asleep again.

When I woke up in the morning Sugar was gone.

There was a note on the table, “I have to go and get a few things; I’ll be back – shower and change into what I have laid out for you.”

I went into the bathroom and took a nice hot shower, soaping up my body. I washed my cock good. I became erect. I soaped myself and stroked. I couldn’t help it – remembering last night with Sugar was too much for me. I really got into it. I put my foot up on the rim of the tub and added more soap. My cock was so fucking hard and so fucking slippery. My hand was good. I stroked and twisted, cupping my balls and even sliding a finger into my asshole a few times. I was so turned on. I kept stroking, precum oozing from the head. I imagined Sugar there watching me, her red lips inches from my face as I pumped my hard cock for her. I imagined her giving me instructions, telling me what to do, how to stroke, all the while playing with her magnificent tits.

“Come out here and do that for me!” She had been watching me as I had been fantasizing!!!

I put on what she laid out for me. A cock ring! It was metal and had an attachment that reached back and entered my ass, massaging my prostate. When I came, I was going to explode!!!!!

She had me sit on the big plush chair. Sugar knelt in front of me. She was wearing a pink camisole and a bra underneath. The bra was too small. It pushed her already big tits together and upwards, threatening to explode from the straining fabric.

My cock throbbed, causing the prostate massager to flex as well. It felt wonderful. Sugar then started playing with her tits. I had never seen such a sight. This young lady knew how to tease. Her hands pushed and kneaded, tweaked, pressed, spread, and massaged her tits. She put them close to my cock, sometimes letting my cock head touch her flesh, and then quickly pulling away. It was the most wonderful tease!

She did this for what seemed like an eternity. And she wouldn’t let me stroke my cock anymore. She pulled her nipples out of the bra, and then used them to rub on my cock. Eroticism at its best!

She smeared my precum all over her tits. I want to cum so bad, and told her as much.

“Not yet!” She stood and went to the refrigerator. She returned with some ice cream. “Wanna lick?” She asked.

“Yes, please!”

She then turned and began to tease me with her sexy round ass. She danced it and twisted it, she rubbed it, and she pressed it against my cock. What a great ass!!!!

She then pulled her tight boy shorts down, now only wearing a thong bikini. Again, her ass is amazing. She continued her sexy tease, occasionally letting me rub my cock on her ass, and in between the ass cheeks, pressing her asshole on the head, but not letting me penetrate.

Then she put some ice cream on her ass, rubbing it all over, then pressed her ass close to my face, allowing me to lick it off.

“More, Sugar, More!!!!!”

We used more ice cream, sometimes I licked it off, and sometimes I smeared it all over her ass with my hard cock, mixing ice cream with pre cum.

Once my cock was covered with ice cream and pre cum, Sugar would turn and lick my cock clean. I wanted to cum so badly.

“Oh yes, cum on my tits Tony.” She knelt and pulled the camisole and bra down, fully exposing her big tits, and then she wrapped them around my cock. It didn’t take long. I exploded cum, shot after shot, all over her tits, covering them, soaking them, between the cleavage and all over her hard erect nipples.

We bahis şirketleri smeared the cum with my cock. Then I licked her tits clean, adding ice cream to her already erect nipples.

I pulled her onto my lap, my still erect cock (thanks to the cock ring) pressing against her mound.

She started rubbing her pussy on my hard cock, her lips spreading and her juiced making my cock slippery. This was more Sumata, and I was loving it!

I was sucking her hard nipples, squeezing her tits, and making love to them with my mouth as she was getting herself off on my cock. I felt her cum before I heard it and when her pussy convulsed it provided the stimulation needed to make me cum again. I shot my second load of the morning onto my stomach, and Sugar played with it, rubbing it and scooping some onto her fingers and then eating it.

We kissed. My cum tasted like ice cream. It was good. The sex was good. Life was good!

But our week was far from over. That evening Sugar had another surprise for me.

When I returned from my conference, she was waiting in the room.

She told me to get dressed again (my outfit was in the bathroom).

This time it was black silky shiny pantyhose, without a gusset, and another cock ring, this one without a prostate massager.

When I went into the room, she had me lie on the bed. She was wearing a fishnet body stocking with spike heels. Sugar crawled between my legs and began to massage my ever hardening cock with her hands, her big tits, and her puffy lips. I was in heaven.

Then she told me to turn over. I flipped over, knowing my ass was exposed.

“Mmmmmmm, I love your ass in pantyhose Tony. So sexy.”

I felt her hands on my cheeks, then caressing, then she spread my legs. I felt her hot breath on my ass next. Then her tongue. Then she began to lick my puckered hole. It was pure ecstasy. Her wet tongue probed my nether regions, causing my cock to become more erect that ever.

Sugar inserted her tongue. Heaven. She tongue fucked my asshole, eventually inserting a finger, fucking my ass.

I loved it, and I begged for more, “Oh Sugar, fuck my ass with your fingers, give me more! Open me up and take my virgin ass!”

She did, adding a second finger then a third. “Are you ready for more Tony? Are you ready for my cock?”

I looked back and saw that she had added a strap on cock at some point. It was lovely, about six inches, thick (like my cock), and veiny. It even had balls!

“Oh Sugar, yes, baby, I want that in my ass! Fuck me baby, fuck me like I fucked you!”

“Turn over again. I want you to watch me fuck your ass!”

So I did. I lay on my back and spread my legs, opening my ass to her.

My hard cock was pointing straight up, oozing precum begging to be sucked or stroked. Sugar positioned herself between my legs, then pressed her cock against my hole. Slowly and deliberately she pressed forward, reaching up and grasping my hard cock.

“Oh Tony this is so fucking erotic! Your cock is so hard and so hot! And your ass is so open for me!”

The cock head popped through my anal ring. Damn it felt good!

She continued to slide her cock in my ass, well lubed from her tongue and saliva. It went in easily, and all the way. Then she started to slowly fuck my ass as she stroked my cock. My view of her huge tits, her erect nipples added to my excitement. She fucked me good. She stroked me good.

Then Sugar got on her knees behind me after I got in a doggie position, resting on my elbows. She again inserted her hard cock in my ass and started fucking me.

I loved it and told her so. Damn it was good. I was finally being fucked be the sexiest woman I’d ever met.

She fucked me for a very long time, and I never complained, only asking her to fuck me again and again.

But I was ready to cum. Sugar pulled out of me and went down on my asshole with her tongue again, this time pulling my cock backwards and stroking it. She alternated between stroking my cock and licking my asshole to sucking my cock and fingering my asshole.

I couldn’t hold out any more and blew my load in her mouth.

After I was finished cumming, she spit my cum into my asshole, licking me and smearing it around. When we kissed, the taste of my hole and my cum made me rock hard right away. This time, we reversed roles and Sugar took my cock in her asshole, making me cum as she came.

After our session, it was time to get some dinner, rejuvenate, and get ready for a night of hot fucking and sucking, and, as I told Sugar, more Sumata, which was fast becoming my favorite!

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