Sensualist Ch. 05

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A Jog Fuck – Phone Sex – Spying on Denise Using a Dildo – In the Backseat with Lillian – First Time Anal – Caught in the Act

I was on my best behavior the following day, knowing that both Denise and Maureen would be watching my every move.

Just before noon I told my mother I was going for a run. I was striving to be in the best possible condition on entering college in a few months to make a good impression on the swimming coach, and had taken to jogging several miles every other day. On the other days I logged in several hours swimming at either our own pool, or the Country Club’s, which was Olympic sized and better suited for competitive swimming.

I donned a sweatshirt and soccer shorts, made sure my running shoes were properly tied and set out, intent on traversing the trail leading from our house to the local park.

I seldom encountered another jogger before reaching the park. At this hour I could be sure to have other runners sharing the path with me, not that I minded, in fact I enjoyed the brief conversation exchange between them and me.

I rounded a corner about a quarter mile from where my current path joined that of the county park’s when I saw her, jogging in place, obviously waiting for me.

I smiled at my sister, wondering briefly how she had managed to leave Barney back at the house as she joined me, step for step past the occasional well kept lawn, hedged sidewalks and elegant country homes for the next half mile without a word between us.

A quick, covert glance at her revealed a light sheen of sweat covering the bare skin of her back between her sports top and shorts. She had no trouble in arousing me. I rather liked the feeling of my body doing two things at once. I let her pass me, then ran faster, timed my breath with her footfalls, and caught up to her.

Mo had run track in the short time she attended high school, but stopped cold when mother had us tutored by Miss Ginger. I was surprised to find her in such good condition then realized that she might actually be on her college track team and not have mentioned it to me.

I could smell her sweat and realized she could smell mine as well. I could hear her breath, regular, rhythmic and constant. Her stride didn’t pound the road but was light and quick. She was a slight woman. My own stride was heavier and hard.

Running side by side, I could hear the timbre of her voice in her breathing. I imagined the light rhythmic fall of her lean body, legs open, belly moistening my cock as we wrestled for position on her bed if the opportunity presented itself later.

Suddenly she exerted a burst of speed and passed me. I tried to catch up, couldn’t and abashedly discovered that my sister was faster than me. But I still felt that I could run further than she could and contented myself to fall in behind her and admire her fine ass and flanks and on some turns, the slight jiggle of her breasts in the sports bra she wore.

And then, just before we entered a wide, meadow with the park looming on the other side, she slowed, waiting for me. When I reached her, Maureen shoved me off the path and I fell, sprawling over the cinder path and rolling slowly against a large oak tree.

“What the fuck!” I swore as I glanced down at my bloodied knee.

“Oh, are you hurt, Donnie?” She asked as she came to stand next to me, trying to catch her breath.

“Why’d you shove me like that, Mo?” I asked, furious and in pain.

“Are you really hurt?”The look in her eyes told me she was genuinely sorry and concerned.

She knelt down beside me; her hand brushed my cock, which was still hard.

“How can you run with that sticking out? You might have tripped over it if I hadn’t given you that push.”

I saw the grin form on her face and had to laugh. She was funny, all but accusing me of tripping over my hard on.

“Is this a good place?”


“Is this a good place to fuck?”

I looked around. It seemed a decent enough spot if we moved off the path and behind the even thicker oak tree scant yards away. I searched my memory for the number of runners encountered along this part of my run.

“It’s been quite a while since I met anyone along this stretch,” I admitted already having put aside the fact that she’d caused me to fall and hurt my knee.

I was delighted that there would be no uncertainty about when and where our next dalliance would take place.

I will confess that on first meeting Maureen on my run, I had envisioned the places where we might shed our clothing and rut like animals. I’d considered the park itself, even a taxi’s backseat—the driver’s were reputed to be considerate if tipped accordingly. And there was both an alley on the far side of the park that might afford sufficient concealment. I also considered a doorway, or a staircase, or even a rooftop where we could look out on the countryside as we dallied and diddled one another.

I grabbed Mo’s hand and pulled her after me as I half-ran, half-limped to the cover of the large oak. I pushed her down to the ground. She canlı bahis had my cock in her hand on the way down and was jerking me off as I all but tore her shorts off.

True to form, Mo wore no underwear and fell back, spreading her legs for me in one fluid motion. I was inside her so quickly I had to cover her mouth and smothering her shriek. I didn’t care, nor did I ever ask if it was from surprise of pain for warm, squishy feeling of her cunt caused me to shut out the rest of the world for the next several minutes.

Only then did I feel the pain in my knee. Only then did I pause to glance at it; and only then did I turn Mo over onto all fours and renew our coupling by fucking her doggy-style.

Oh, she was so tight and so wet and warm, and more importantly I could feel her heartbeat through my cock. I could feel the blood pulsing in her vagina as my lungs expanded and my toes clenched as they dug into the mossy soil at the base of the oak tree, providing me with the leverage I needed to pound her senseless.

When we came, and we came together—there was no air between us and no names to distinguish us. We groaned as one, and I held her to me, ass against balls as we exploded in flashing lights, cum, and incestuous love.

We both froze as some thirty yards away another runner came up on us, and passed without glancing our way.

Mo began to laugh. It was a lewd, shameless laugh and I found myself joining in.

Still laughing, I pushed the tip of my manhood against her lips. She was still breathing heavily but opened wide letting her lips and tongue close around my sensitive knob. Her hands cupped my balls then one left to tickle my asshole.

I heard myself groan in rhythm to her sucking sounds. I inhaled and took in her smells, a comingling of sweat and perfume as well as the rich earthy odor of the mossy grass we lay upon.

Mo gently took me from her mouth and carefully examined my cock.

“You have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen,” she said with a beatific smile.

“I can’t help but ask,” I aid making certain she saw my smile, “Have you seen all that many?”

She bit me on the upper thigh; the same leg as my bloodied knee. Before I could manage a protest, she had snarled her fingers in my hair and yanked hard.

“OW! What the fuck?”

“I told you I had twenty-two guys last night, Donnie. Why do you make me sound like a whore?”

“I haven’t made you out to be a whore, Mo. I only asked….”

Mo shut me up by kissing me—with a violent urgency—before shoving me away from her. I took in her heaving breasts and her averted gaze and thrust a hand up under her t-shirt and under the jogging bra and caught a rigid nipple and pulled on it.

“OHHHH!” Her already ragged breath quickened, but she didn’t move. I watched as her eyes slowly found their way to my stiffened prick, “Are you going…?”

“To fuck you? Yeah, ready or not, here I come!”

“Huh!” She grunted as I plowed into her. The heavy knob of my dick cock was just inside her, the lips of her sex stretched around the stem. My hands moved over hers, holding them to the tree.

She gazed at my chest, mouth open, sweating, legs open.

“Huh! Ohh, huh!”

I was totally sunk inside her. I had this thought that if I could see her belly in a certain light or angle that I would somehow see the bulge of my cock. But I was afraid to look.

I pulled way back and pounded back into her. Mo flinched and gasped.

“Oh, God … do that again!” she pleaded, breathing hard.

I set myself, looked around to see if anyone was near then hammered into her repeatedly. I heard a series of fluttering cries and moans.

“ON TOP!” she groaned.

I disengaged our coupling and rolled onto my back. Mo seized my slimy erection in one hand and guided it into her as she slowly squatted down on me.

And this time it wasn’t my imagination as I saw through half-lidded eyes, that my cock bulging inside her muscular abdomen.

“Like it, Mo?”

“Love it, Donnie!”

She rose up until her labia kissed the tip of my erection then plunged downward, enveloping the entirety of my shaft. Her breath grew halting, starting and stopping, out of sync. I recognized her oncoming climax in the arch of her eyebrows, her way in which her mouth opened, and her body stiffened. This was Miss Ginger reaching her peak; it was Denise a second before she came. There was no doubt. My sister was getting ready to erupt.

For some crazy reason I grabbed her. Mo struggled to free herself even as she ground against me. I forced her hands behind her—her wrists were thin…and then I had both wrists in one hand.

Maybe she could have freed herself but she didn’t. I pulled her hands, behind her forcing her to groan and arch her back. Her breasts and nipples stretched upward. She struggled to grind against me but the more she tried, the harder I forced her to arch. Her stomach and breasts were stretched taut.

She stopped moving, legs wide, penetrated. That’s right, I told myself. I’m in charge.


I bahis siteleri shoved two fingers into her mouth to keep her quiet.

I never expected her to bite me, but she did!

I swore at her, “God dammit, Mo!”

“Let me go! I hate being held like that. I need to have freedom of movement, Donnie!”

I let her hands go and she let off the biting although it still hurt like a sonofabitch. The anger in her eyes vanished and she started to suck on my fingers, apparently awaiting my next move.

She was still impaled on my erection, and I took one of her tits into my mouth.

“Don’t you dare bite me, Donnie!”

Letting go of the breast for a moment, until just the nipple was between my lips. I brought a slight pressure to bear with my teeth and managed to lisp, “What, no tit for tat?”

At which we both began to laugh, and our raucous fuck began anew.

Mo began to grind on my penetration. I applied more pressure with my teeth, knowing it had to hurt.

She stopped fucking and waited to see what else I was going to do.

I released the nipple with a soft pop and she smiled down at me.

“Good boy!”

“Ride me, cowgirl,” I groaned.

She did. Moments later I could see the bulge inside her where the nub of my cock lodged inside her. I began rising up to meet her downward moves. After six or seven times I felt Mo stiffening. Her slight frame was arching. She was cumming. Yes, she was cumming.

I saw her eyes roll back in her head.

I held myself in check as my sister convulsed around my prick. I reveled in each and every spasm; each and every time her penetrated abdomen gripped and released, gripped and released. She wasn’t breathing. She wasn’t making a sound; and then, with a long groan, she was limp.

Saliva dripped from her chin. I helped her straighten up. She kissed me, and then licked the saliva from my chin after drooling on me. She kept kissing me, moving from my mouth to the hollow of my throat, tasting my sweat and maleness. I eased my cock out of her, wet and glistening with her juices. I squeezed a breast, then and pulled it. Her eyes fluttered as I turned her away from me and bent her over before pushing her gently to her knees.

“Donnie … what are ….?”

“I’m not finished with you, Mo.”


I sank my member into her still gaping cunt. She let out a keening breath as I fucked her, ass up. Mo she grunted with every thrust. Yes, she was my sister, but she was also a woman. I was beginning to understand women. At least insofar as their sexual needs.

I fucked her. I held myself still inside her. I made certain to angle my thrusts so that every inch of her vagina was touched by my cock.

When I came, I filled her womb with my seed. Finished at last, I fell over her and raked up the soil with my fingernails checking my fall.

We stayed that way . Mo’s ass jutting upward, my body mostly still over hers. We kissed, tenderly, without speaking. She licked my lips. I returned the favor.

Finally, I stood up and helped her to her feet. She pulled up her shorts, making no pretense to clean the fluids I’d deposited inside her. I saw a look of respect in her eyes when she met mine.

“You really make a girl feel like a woman, Donnie.”

“You’re not a girl, Mo, you’re every inch a woman.”

I glanced around, saw no one else in the area. “Better to get moving again,” I said.

Mo nodded and began to jog in that graceful manner she had. I followed her so as to admire that lovely rear and tried to see if my semen would run down her leg. It didn’t.


Of course many other events occurred during this time, but I wish to remind the reader that we are only concerned with my sexual exploits and not my daily activities except for those that serve to illustrate my surroundings at the time of a particular sexual indulgence on my part.

And so I should mention the call to Alice. Due to her father’s overly protective nature, and the fact that Alice had just spent the night at my house, and although as far as they knew, had been properly chaperoned by my mother and supposedly other members of family and wedding party members, I couldn’t pry her out of the house for another round of sex.

Denise suggested I call Alice and engage in some rousing phone sex. She even suggested that she take part, if possible.

As it turned out, it was not possible. There were just too many demands on Denise’s time with the rapidly approaching wedding. So I found myself making the call alone.

I listened to her phone ringing, once, twice, three, four times. I almost hung up. I might have ruined everything by hanging up when her father answered, but I managed to keep my composure—thanks to Denise’s early pep talk on handling fathers.

I cleared my throat and asked to speak with Alice after identifying myself.

“Just a moment, Donald,” he said.

I waited an eternity before I heard Alice’s nervous voice say, “Hello?”

Her voice sent a series of goose bumps bahis şirketleri up and down my body.

“Hi, Alice, it’s me,” I say.

“Just a minute,” Alice said, and then in a whisper added, “I’m taking the phone to my room.”

“There are extensions throughout the house, right?”

“Um, yeah … um, why don’t I call you back from my cell?”

“Sure, but why didn’t you give me your cell number in the first place?”

My question was answered by a dial tone. Alice had hung up on me. I hung the phone up and waited for her call. I didn’t wait long.




“I’m so glad you called,” Alice said.

“I wanted to come over and take you for a ride, but Denise told me it was probably too soon, so ….”

“That’s for sure. I would have loved to go for a ride with you though.”

“Yeah,” I said, “we could have parked in a nice quiet spot and ….”

“Oh, Donnie, you’re making me squishy!”

I laughed. “Mmmm, isn’t that the idea behind the call?”

“Oh, you’re naughty!”

“I was just thinking about the other night, you know?”

“Oh, I can’t get it out of my mind, Donnie.”

“Have you been touching yourself down there?”

“OH … don’t be asking me things like that over the phone!”

“Why not? It’s called phone sex. Haven’t you heard of it?”

“Of course I have. All the girls talk about things they’ve talked about with their boyfriends.”


“For sure!”

“Well I don’t want you telling anyone about our conversations. Promise me you’ll keep what we say to yourself.”

“Why? I’d like to make some of those bitches jealous.”

“You want them sniffing around me at school? You want them coming on to me, just to see if I’ll cheat on you?”

“NO!” she said and then, her voice began to whine, “You wouldn’t dump me for one of them, would you?”

“Alice, I’m delighted to be your guy. I don’t want anyone else. But you don’t go putting temptation in front of me. I mean, telling them about what we’re doing, or what we’ve done is asking for trouble. I mean, they might write shit about you in the girl’s bathroom, or spread malicious rumors about us, or just you.”

That seemed to get across to Alice.

“I think you’re right about that. Okay, Mum’s the word about us, except that I’m not going to hide that you and I are going steady.”

“That’s fine; after all, we’re going to the prom.”

“And I’m your partner in Denise’s wedding, too.”

“That’s all they need to know,” Alice said, apparently agreeing with me on keeping our sexual games just between us.

“Good,” I said. “Now let’s see how horny we can make each other.”

Alice didn’t respond. I waited, and then unable to contain myself I raised my voice and said, “Alice, are you there?”

“Huh? Whuh?”

“I asked you if you were ready.” I hadn’t, but I had forgotten what I’d said, and Alice seemed to have been day-dreaming, or worse, might have dozed off.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Donnie, I was thinking about ….”

“About what, Alice?”

“Umm, you know ….”

“I don’t know, baby, tell me what you were just thinking, and I’ll tell you what I was thinking about doing.”

“Umm, you won’t get mad?”

“I promise, I won’t get mad.”

In a breathless voice, she blurted out, “I … I can’t stop thinking about your … cock.”

“Well that’s nice to hear. You know, I can’t get over what a fantastic body you have. And, and how nice it is to kiss you everywhere.”

She giggled, and said, “You did kiss me all over and I mean all over, didn’t you?”

“Actually no, I didn’t. I’ve been thinking about what we did and I realized that I missed your toes and feet. And I should have paid more attention to your ears and neck. I will next time though.”

“Oh, Donnie, that’s soooo sexy!”

“Well so is hearing a girl tell you she loves your cock.”

We both laughed giddily, and rushed into a deeper mode of sexual banter.

“Are you really hard right now, Donnie?”

“Yes, I’m holding it tight.”

“Are you rubbing it?”

“Um, guys don’t rub so much, they stroke.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that.”

“But girls rub, don’t they, Alice?”

“Mmmm. I’m rubbing now.”

“Do you have a vibrator?”

“Mmmm, yeah,” she said, drawing the last word out into three syllables.

I heard a faint click and then a growing buzzing sound. “Just turned it on. Can you hear it?”

My cock twitched as I replied, “Mmmm, I certainly do.”

We fell silent, the only sound was the constant buzz of her vibrator.

“Donnie?” Alice said in a little girl’s voice, “I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with this thingy.”

“I’d be delighted to help you use it, Alice.”

“That would be wonderful. You’d know exactly what to do. I just know it.”

“But you have to tell me how everything feels when you do.”

“I can try to do that. But if I get too excited ….”

“I want to hear it. I want to hear your excitement. I promise I’ll share mine with you too.”


“All right, now lie back and imagine I’m right next to you.”

“Mmmm, that’s easy!”

Alice’s voice was dripping sex. I wasn’t sure how long I could hold off, but realized if I didn’t tell her when I came, she wouldn’t be the wiser.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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