Selena’s Play Time

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I can hardly think straight. All day, only one thing has been on my mind: my soaking wet pussy. My panties had a hard time soaking up the mess.

I bought myself a new vibrator to compliment my nice collection of dildoes, anal plugs and other random sex toys. This new vibrator was small, only about 5 inches long, with metal tips at the head. These metal pieces are suppose to hit every nerve in my clit, sending me over the edge. Well, when I get home, I guess I’ll find out.

As soon as I get home, I lock the door and run upstairs to pee. The machine says I have two new messages. Oh well, they’ll have to wait. I’m more important right now!

Wowwwwww, I really had to pee! It takes forever to empty my bladder.

Hmmm, I think to myself, that might have been valuable to hold. That’s ok, maybe next time. I am surprised at how wet my crotch is, as I wipe myself. My pussy is so slick, absolutely dripping in anticipation for my play time.

First, casino oyna I get out all my toys that I think I will use: my 7-inch pink rubber dildo, the matching anal prober, my lube and my new vibe. I climb into bed and pull off my sopping panties. The smell of my pussy juice is heavy in the room. I can hardly wait.

My nipples are hard, I gently pull at them, and then circle them lightly with my nails. I reach for my lube and the anal prober. It has a beaded shape with a very wide bead at the end, designed to keep up my tight ass. I normally like to play a while with my asshole before entering it, but I am anxious to orgasm, so I lube it up good and shove it into my hole. I suck in my breath as the prober burns my poor little hole, but it adjusts to the size of its intruder within minutes. I also insert the dildo into my pussy, not needing lube because I’m so wet!

I spread my legs into a “V” shape. The vibe is cold, shocking to my warm canlı casino clit. I turn it on and feel its wonderful hum begin to send waves of pleasure to my whole nether region. Once I position it onto that special spot that I love, I push it harder into my crotch. I can feel the vibrations in my pubic bone. Everything feels so wonderful!

I can feel my first orgasm rising in my body. The dildoes in my pussy and ass fill me so good and I am hit with a hard force that rocks my body. I have to force my legs to stay open. My eyes are rolling backwards, a moan escapes from my throat and I cum all over my fingers. I furiously fuck myself hard with the rubber cock in my pussy, pushing it deep over and over again into my hole.

My clit is tingling and only moments after my first orgasm, I am having another one! My back arches and I wonder if I can keep going. I begin to lose myself in an awesome ocean of pleasure in my mind. There is no time, no worries, kaçak casino no nothing….just me.

I think I’ve had about 5 orgasms already. The sheet under me is a puddle! I slowly pull out the prober from my ass and remove the toy cock from my pussy. I want to feel my fingers deep inside myself. Leaving the vibe on my clit, I have one last beautiful orgasm. My fingers feel so good in my wet hole. I scream and moan and thrash about, cumming all over my hands. The blood rushes to my face and I start to pee on myself. I can’t believe I’ve just done that, I never have! I didn’t even feel the pee coming on. It must have been building back up. I mean, I have been up here for almost an hour. It doesn’t matter anyway, it all felt so good.

The smell of cum, urine and pussy juice is thick in the air. I need to let some blood flow back into the lower half of my body, after the torture I gave it. Standing up, I stretch and smile. The hot water of the shower feels great on my tired body. After a nice relaxing wash, I head down to eat dinner and put my feet up. What a tiring day.

Hmmmmm, you know what? I’m off tomorrow. A whole day to myself? I wonder what I’ll do?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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