Scent of a Woman

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Ripe with the scents of spring, the May breezes always made Annie feel more awake, more daring, more alive. This morning after she’d showered she had dressed in a long spring dress, without any underwear. The rest of the year it wouldn’t occur to her to leave the house without panties, but on this spring day she wanted the breeze to reach as much of her skin as possible.

She hitched her bag higher on her shoulder and turned onto Roncesvalles. The grocer she liked to visit was close by, and generally had a variety of fresh food available.

The walk home was fairly short, and for the duration she was very aware of the breeze reaching up her skirt. Her pussy felt alive, and she was suddenly very aware that it had been months since she had dated anyone long enough to have a sexual relationship. She hadn’t felt lonely in that time, but she certainly missed the sex.

She slid her key in the front door of the house where she rented an apartment, wondering where she was likely to meet anyone in the next while. Her office wasn’t hiring, she knew all of her friends’ friends…her prospects weren’t looking good.

Unlocking and pushing open her apartment door, Annie carried her bag of groceries across the living room to the kitchen counter before turning around to close the door.

She was shocked out of her daydreams by the sight of a strange man standing in front of her.

Annie was too surprised to know how to respond, but was starting to think that maybe she should yell for help.

“Please don’t scream,” he said, walking slowly towards her with his hands still up.

Her senses, which were heightened from her panty-free morning walk continued to tingle, now spurred on by uncertainty and fear.

He didn’t look like a burglar. He had finely chiseled features and his dark hair was somewhat long and looked silky. He wore a white button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and expensive-looking jeans. Frankly, he looked like a hot young college professor.

“What do you want?” Annie asked, trying to sound confident. His piercing blue eyes held her own captive,

“I was standing on Roncesvalles,” he said as he guided Annie towards her table. “As you walked past I smelled a most intriguing scent.”

He lifted Annie up by her waist and sat her on the edge of her table.

“The closer I got to you the better I could smell it.” He moved pendik escort in closer and his voice got very quiet. “That’s when I knew.”

“Knew what?” Annie whispered back.

He moved his head closer so that he was whispering in her ear. Annie could feel his skin moving close to hers, and smell his musky, manly scent.

“That you aren’t wearing any underwear.”

Annie pulled back and met his eyes.

“What do you mean you could smell that?” It was surreal to be having this conversation with a stranger, and yet he made it seem normal.

“I have a keen nose for pussy,” he answered, keeping eye contact which she was unable to break.

“Yours smells particularly like cream and sage. Intriguing.”

He now stood nose to nose with Annie, his hands resting just beside her legs on the table. Not touching her..but her body was very aware of every body part that was close to him.

“Your pussy called to me, like a special few do,” he whispered. “You were obviously excited about something, or someone, and your cream was escaping from your pussy. Are your lips still swollen? Is your clit still wet?”

Annie closed her eyes. His words were making it really hard to remember why she had thought he shouldn’t be here. She leaned her head back to give him access, and undid the top buttons of her dress to give him a peak of her breasts.

“Yes,” he encouraged softly.

Annie cupped her breasts and ran her fingers over the hard nipples. He watched, and then slowly undid the rest of the buttons on her dress, letting it fall to the sides and leaving her soft, rounded body bared before him. With one hand on her breast and one supporting her back, he slowly lowered Annie down so that she was laying on her back on the table. Gently pushing her legs apart, he slowly moved his head between her thighs, breathing in her scent and drinking in the view of her large, natural breasts resting on her chest and rising with each breath.

“Outies,” he said with pleasure, looking back between her legs. “I love sucking on large outie lips.”

Gently grasping her hips, he moved in for a taste. With the slightest touch of his tongue to her lips, he got his first taste of her nectar.

“Your pussy tastes divine.”

Pulling her outer lips open with his thumbs, he went straight for the outies that he loved so much. Sucking one slowly into his mouth like a delicacy escort pendik to be savoured, he let it slide in and out of his mouth a few times, then licked it thoroughly on each side. Glancing up at Annie’s face and breasts, and seeing her rubbing her nipples between her fingers, he grinned appreciatively before repeating the process with the other lip.

Annie moaned, and squeezed her large tits.

Keeping his eyes on Annie’s soft white mounds, he began licking her slit from top to bottom. He started slow, and kept up a rhythm, taking his time. Pussy-eating is not something to be rushed, but savoured. Annie began rocking, pushing her pelvis towards him. He smiled as she ground her aromatic pussy in his face.

Reaching up, he took hold of one large breast in each hand, and began gently squeezing with each downward sweep of his tongue. He kept this up for several long minutes; Annie’s moans grew in frequency. Reaching blindly in his direction, she tangled the fingers of one hand in his hair and hently squeezed.

Focussing his fingers on her tits, he began rubbing them between his fingers. Several minutes of this had Annie writhing in pleasure. He let go of her tits, and increased the speed of his tongue on her slit, now making sure to hit her clit with each upward swipe of his tongue.

Annie’s moans increased in volume, punctuated with gasps. Her hips were now bucking harder, forcing his tongue and nose in her slit.

He began moaning. Annie couldn’t see from her position on top of the table, with her eyes closed in bliss, but his pants were now tented in front.

Knowing the ride was going to get wilder, he slid his hands down to Annie’s waist and down, under her butt cheeks. Gripping them firmly, he held on to keep his face planted firmly against her slit as he again increased the intensity of his licking, focussing more on her clit.

Lifting her ass of the table, Annie began to groan. “Yes, that’s perfect…ooh, yeah, lick my clit.” Her panting told him that she was getting close. He kept his eyes on her face as he licked and sucked her honey pot. His cock strained at his pants, the pre-cum darkening the fabric. His eyes darkened with lust, watching her large breasts jiggle with each thrust of her hips, her face reflecting the thrill of her impending orgasm.

He expertly switched out his fingers for his tongue while keeping up the rhythm pendik escort bayan and pressure.

“Come for me, my sweet stranger,” he whispered. Without warning, he grabbed one nipple between his fingers while simultaneously capturing the other between his teeth. Gently nipping and squeezing in combination with his continued rubbing of her sensitive clit was all it took to push Annie over the edge.

“Ahhhhh!” she cried loudly as she shuddered, the wave of her release washing over her naked body, causing her to shake.

He returned to his place between her thighs. Placing his hands under her ass again, he shocked Annie when he started gently licking her slit again.

“No! I came! It’s too…”

He did not stop. Behind his active tongue was a smile; he knew exactly what he was doing.

Overcome with the sensitivity of her swollen clit, Annie twitched and moaned as he ate up her cream.

“Mmhmm,” he murmured into her pussy. He licked lightly now that her clit was so sensitive. It only took a light touch to bring her the sensations he was going for.

Annie began playing with her nipples again, which got him excited. His view of her entire soft, curvy body from the waist up, writhing with the manipulation of her swollen pussy, was driving him towards his own orgasm. He found nothing more erotic than watching a woman in the throes of passion from the viewpoint of her pussy, with the flavour, scent, and feeling of that pussy in his face.

As his cock twitched and throbbed in his pants, his tongue picked up speed and Annie’s cries got louder.

“Oh, God…yes, yes!” She clamped her legs shut around his head. The thrill of being caged in with her pussy clinched it for him, and his cock exploded in his pants.

Panting through his orgasm, he then briefly rested his head on her stomach.

Annie lay still, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the last full-body tingles from the tail end of the orgasm. She felt the stranger lift his head from her stomach, but was too relaxed to open her eyes. She was startled a couple of minutes later by the sound of her door closing.

Annie had never been so sad to see a stranger leave. Although, he didn’t feel so much like a stranger after his intimate exploration of her pussy.

Every night that week Annie ended up back on the table, remembering the erotic eating-out he gave her, fingering herself in a hopeless effort to feel what he made her feel.

She knew, as she headed to bed frustrated on Friday night, that she would be walking Roncesvalles Saturday morning, searching for him, pant-free and very aroused.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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