Roger Wants To Kiss His Auntie

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Big Tits

As long as I can remember auntie Serena has just been my mum’s younger sister. Now that I am in my late teens and have discovered the allure of girls I have seen auntie Serena in a different light. She had separated from her husband and was now living by herself.

It started when I logged onto my facebook page and saw that she had invited me to be a friend. I was amazed at her profile photo. Although I knew she was 46 years old she looked a lot younger than that, but what drew me to her photo was her lips. They were coated in a very sexy deep red and then coated in lipgloss. Although she was my auntie I found myself getting aroused. I clicked onto her page and found several other photos of her and every single one had her wearing deep red glossy lipstick which really emphasised her lips.

As I was alone in the house I started running her photos as a slideshow and I was getting more and more aroused all the time. Soon I had taken my trousers and underpants off and had started rubbing my cock. I was staring at auntie’s lips and imagining I was kissing them when I eventually ejaculated.

Whenever I put my computer on I couldn’t stop looking at her photos and her gorgeous lips. I wanted to send her a message but couldn’t pluck up courage.

Eventually I wrote: I know I shouldn’t be writing this and I hope you’re not offended but I just wanted to say that you have the most kissable lips. Please don’t tell mum I’ve written this.

I decided to send it as a private message as I didn’t want anyone else to read it. The following day there was a reply from her. It read: You are a naughty boy wanting to kiss auntie and I guess you don’t mean just a small peck on the cheek. I am certainly not offended and of course will not tell my sister. xxx

I loved the reply and particularly the three kisses at the end. I carried on masturbating on a regular basis over her photos and had some very naughty fantasies about her.

Several months later all the family were invited to a family wedding and I hoped that auntie would be there. I went with mum and dad and my sister, when we got there we met all the rest of the family and auntie was there and looked great. Mum and dad went and kissed her and I did too. As I leaned forward to kiss her I stared at her gorgeous lips. I wanted to kiss her lips but she turned her face and I kissed her on the cheek. As I kissed her she said, ‘Have you noticed that I’m wearing the same red lipstick that you like? I wore it just for you.’

As I broke away from her I looked at bursa escort her lips again. I so wanted to kiss them.

We eventually sat down and I was pleased that I was sitting at the same table as auntie, although I was sitting opposite her and not next to her. But at least I could look at her.

She saw me looking at her and whenever she did she smiled back at me. After the meal people started dancing and changing seats and chatting to everyone. After a while auntie came and sat next to me and started chatting. She asked me what I had been doing and if I had a girlfriend. Then she said, ‘the lipstick you like is also my favourite. It’s made by Revlon and is kissproof and the colour is Sensuous Crimson.’

‘You know I really can’t believe that someone of your age really wants to kiss someone of my age,’ she said.

‘Sorry auntie, but that’s the way I feel. Do you think I could have just one kiss today?’ I asked.

‘Let’s wait and see,’ she replied.

The music stopped and people started sitting down again and auntie started talking to my mum.

After a short while auntie said, ‘I’m going up to my room to put some more lipstick on, follow me in a couple of minutes. I’m in room 109.’

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. I was almost trembling with excitement. I was also getting hard. I watched as she walked out of the room and after a couple of minutes I went out too. Her room was on the first floor and I almost ran up the stairs. I found her room and knocked on the door. She opened it instantly and let me in.

She said, ‘You know we shouldn’t be doing this, don’t you?’

I replied, ‘I’m only watching my auntie put her lipstick on, aren’t I? I questioned.

She smiled at me and said, ‘Of course you are.’

She pushed two chairs facing each other and we sat down facing each other and she said, ‘Hold these for me.’ She handed me several items. I could feel I was already getting hard.

‘Right give me the lip pencil first,’ she said.

I handed it to her. I held a mirror in front of her and watched mesmerised as she outlined her lips with the red pencil. Then she took the Sensuous Crimson from me and started to coat her lips with it. I loved it as she parted her lips and thickly applied the lipstick to her lips. She waited for a moment for it to dry and then put another thick coating on it. She handed it back to me and then took the lipgloss from me. She took the brush out of the tube and then pushed it in again to get more gloss on the brush. As she parted her lips bursa escort bayan again I moved a little bit closer to her. Our knees were now touching and I was trembling with excitement.

I just stared at her as she applied three coats of the gloss. Eventually she finished and we just sat just inches away from each other.

She asked, ‘So do my lips look as good in real life as they do in my photos?’

‘Better, much better,’ I replied.

‘And are they still very kissable?’ she asked.

‘Yes, definitely. I also have a confession to make but it’s very embarrassing,’ I replied.

‘Well you’d better tell me,’ she replied.

‘When I looked at your facebook page and saw your photos it got me aroused, if you know what I mean,’ I replied.

‘And what did you do about it?’ she asked.

I could feel myself blushing as I said, ‘I played with myself.’

‘Ooh how wonderful, wish I had been there to watch you,’ she replied.

We looked at each other and leaned forward. As our lips touched I was trembling with excitement and sexual arousal. She parted her lips and I felt her tongue dart into my mouth. I loved the taste of her lipstick as we kissed very passionately. Suddenly I felt a hand on my thigh and then she took one of my hands and put it on her breast. I loved the feel of it and then I felt her rubbing my cock through my trousers. Our kissing was getting more and more passionate with both our tongues in each others mouth.

She broke away from kissing and said, ‘Do you want to fuck auntie?’

I didn’t need to answer as she started undoing my trousers and got my cock out. I now had my hand inside her dress and was pulling her tits out of her bra. I loved the feel of her hard nipples. We stood up and we started undressing each other. As soon as I took her bra off I leaned down and sucked her nipples while she rubbed my cock. She pulled me down on the bed on top of her and my cock slid easily inside her.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able last very long and told auntie. She said, ‘Don’t worry, I want you to spunk inside me and then you can watch me playing with myself.’

That was all I needed to hear and suddenly I was shooting my cum deep inside auntie’s cunt. I collapsed on top of her and we kissed again. After a short break she pushed me off and said, ‘Sit in between my legs and watch auntie wank herself. I want you to watch me cum.’

She sat up and leaned back against the headboard, her legs were wide apart and bent at the knees. I sat in between her legs escort bursa and could see how wet her pussy was. It was also quite hairy. As she started rubbing her clit I could see my cum dribbling out of her pussy.

She said, ‘Slide two fingers inside me and finger fuck me.’ I did as she told me. My fingers slid in her easily as she was so wet. I looked at auntie’s face, her eyes were closed and mouth with her wonderful red lips was open and she was panting heavily. I finger fucked her frantically and loved how wet she was.

Suddenly she said, ‘Lick auntie’s cunt, I want you to taste my cunt juices.’

I had never done this before but as soon as I put my head down between her legs I loved the smell of her. She stopped rubbing her clit and put her hands behind my head and started grinding herself against me. I had trouble breathing but loved the way she was using me. Suddenly she cried out as she climaxed. My mouth was suddenly soaking wet as she ejaculated all over me. She continued to abuse my face as she managed to cum again.

Eventually she let me go and we collapsed together on the bed and relaxed. After a short while she kissed me and allowed me to taste her wonderful lipstick. She said, ‘as you like my lipstick so much I think you should shoot your cum all over them and make them ever glossier. I want you to fuck my mouth.’

She sat up and turned her head to the side and I knelt beside her. She opened her wonderful red mouth and my cock slid easily inside. I felt her lips clamp tightly against my cock and I started slowly fucking in and out of her mouth. She reached up and grabbed my balls and squeezed them. I could feel my spunk rising up and I knew I was going to cum imminently. Auntie sensed it too and opened her mouth. She moved away a few inches and my cum spurted out. The first two spurts went over her hair and then the rest on her face and her lips.

She lay down and said, ‘Rub it all into auntie’s lips.’

I laid down beside her and saw my cum all over her face. I scooped it up with my fingers and smeared it all over lips. She couldn’t resist licking some of it. After a few minutes her face and hair was free of my cum and it had all been smeared over her lips. The combination of my cum and the deep red lipgloss and lipgloss looked sensational.

Auntie said, ‘Now take some photos of me and then whenever you wank you can look at what you have done to me.’

I got my phone and took lots of photos of my wonderfully sexy auntie. We dressed and went back and joined the party.

A few days later I did indeed wank over auntie’s photos but I also videod me wanking and cumming over her and then sent it to her.

Her reply said, ‘Next time I want to watch you do it live and not on video.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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