Resort – Scenario A: Pt. 3 (ALT)

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READER DISCLAIMER: Scenario Stories: What They Are will her to her knees with nothing more than her body. But this… She had enjoyed Dan’s cock in her mouth, but she had serious doubts whether or not she could suck him to completion better than the woman who knew him best.

But what other options did she have?

“Dan told me how good you are,” she said. “Only a little better than me. And that was only my first try.”

“Then you should be better this time.”

“You sure you want to take that risk?”

Penny pushed Tanya aside then slid to the floor, her face inches from her husband’s growing bulge. Her hand was fishing out his cock before Tanya knew what was happening.

“Mm,” Penny moaned, finding her prize. “How badly did she gag on this, baby?”

“I’ll show you.” Dan started pivoting toward Tanya who had already taken her place on her knees beside Penny.

“No,” Penny said, yanking him back. “Me first.” She kissed the head of his dick then swallowed it, a little at first. Then more. Until it was hard enough to force her to stand up tall on her knees.

“Mmmm.” She moaned around it, letting her eyes roll toward her friend.

Tanya watched silently, observing her friend’s technique. So far she hadn’t done anything that surprised her. Nothing that made her feel threatened. If she could steal it back, swallow just a little more, she could win over this man, and utterly embarrass her friend in the process.

Not wanting to forfeit any more of her advantage, Tanya scooted closer to her friend, wrapped her hand around Dan’s dick, then tugged. Biting her lip, she looked up at him, “Can I try?”

Groaning, eryaman escort Dan pulled his dick out of Penny’s mouth (much to her dismay) and presented it to Tanya, who eagerly took it in her mouth. Stifling a gag, she began bobbing up and down, moaning as she went.

“Is she better than me, baby?” Penny asked, looking up at her husband helplessly.

Dan groaned in response. Before he could offer a more articulate response, Tanya popped off and said, “He’ll be admitting I’m better soon enough.”

“Fuck you.”

Taking charge, Dan went back and forth, alternating between Tanya and Penny’s mouths, both women struggling with his size, gagging with each thrust. As soon as one popped off, the other hungrily took him back, glancing, for a moment, at her rival, offering brief, wicked glares that dared the other to take more next time. Neither woman gave the impression she was close to backing off. One of them was going to prove herself tonight and show once and for all who was the more dominant.

While both women continued to struggle, Tanya noticed that Dan lingered when he was in her mouth. His thrusts had become more forceful, more violent. And in his eyes, she had noticed the distinct message that she was winning.

“Fuck,” he groaned, pistoning in and out of her mouth. “That’s it Tee. Suck it just like that.”

Tanya let her eyes fall lazily to Penny. They said everything they needed to say. And Penny saw it.

“Wait” Penny pleaded, putting her hands on her friend’s shoulders to try and pull her away. “Wait!” But Tanya’s lips were suctioned tight and as Penny pulled, it only added to the tension.

Dan escort ankara screamed, “Fuck,” and with one hand pushed Penny away while grabbing Tanya’s head with the other. Pumping into her mouth, he finished furiously down her throat.

“Oh fuck, Tee.” he moaned, continuging to finish in her mouth. His body shook with each release, causing him to mumble with each spurt. “Fuck, that’s the best. That’s the best.” He uttered, struggling to put a complete sentence together.

Tanya smiled. When she pulled away, she opened her mouth, making sure to present her cum-filled mouth to Dan before turning to Penny who lay on the floor, panting. Tanya grabbed her friend’s face, held her up, and made it look like she was going to pour Dan’s cum out of her mouth into her’s. But before she let it slip out, she pulled back and drizzled it across her own tits. “Lick it off.”

Penny looked to her husband, who still had a slightly frazzled gaze about him. He teetered on his heels, his dick still slick with Tanya’s spit.

“Come on,” Tanya teased. Then, growing tired of waiting, she grabbed a handful of Penny’s hair and pulled her up.

Cum dripped from Tanya’s lips and down onto her chin. Penny couldn’t help but marvel at it. Had she ever made Dan cum that much.

Holding her head chest-high, Tanya made sure to bring Penny more than halfway to her breasts, but waited, making it clear that Penny would have to do the rest. “Go on. Lick it off. You know you want to.”

Sticking out her tongue, Penny dragged it up the side of Tanya’s breast, scooping up a glob of her husband’s cum.

“Mmmm,” Tanya moaned. sincan escort “That’s good. Look at me while you do it.”

Penny’s eyes went to her friend’s. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Distantly, in the back of her mind, she told herself this wasn’t real. That there were exceptions. She was only licking the side of her friend’s breasts. Only playing along until her and Dan retook control. But the more she licked-the more of her husband’s cum she scooped off her friend’s incredible body-the more she felt that control slipping further and further away.

“That’s it, bitch. Wrap those lips around my nipples. Like you mean it this time.”

Tanya pressed Penny’s face to her tits, smearing some of Dan’s cum across her nose and cheeks. “This is just the start, you know. I’m not even close to being done with you. Dan,” Tanya looked up at Dan who, having regained his composure, hovered over them, “is that big dick ready to go again.”

Dan took hold of himself and, to prove his readiness, rubbed it over Tanya’s face before grabbing her hair. He pulled her head back and reinserted his dick into her mouth. After a couple of rough throat fucks, he pulled back out and let the impressive member, now at full length, dangle over them.

“MMmm,” Tanya said again. “Good. Penny, get up on the bed.”

“What?” Penny had been in a daze. Now that the contest was over-even though she didn’t want to admit it was-made sucking on her friend’s tits easier. She could lose herself in it and she had. Cum coated her face as she let her tongue roll over Tanya’s perky nipples.

Tanya laughed. Earlier in the night, it had seemed a forgone conclusion that she would be the one broken like this. Cum-covered and on her knees, eager to be used. But now the tables had turned. Readjusting her grip on her friend’s head she pulled Penny to her feet and led her to the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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