Random Relations Ch. 04

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“We’re here.” Helen said, pulling up to the kerb outside their house.

The cooling engine ticked loudly in the still night air as Elaine lifted her head to look nervously out the window. Not a soul could be seen at this ungodly hour but still she felt reticent about walking around dressed as she was. The pvc suit cut into her crotch and she squirmed uncomfortably.

“Do we have to do this?” She asked querulously. “Can’t we just have our own fun here?”

Her mother lit the interior light and glanced in the rear view mirror, checking her make up.

“We do.” She said briefly, satisfied with the effect of her full red lips, though it was a tempting thought to play with her a little more before going in.

“Out!” She ordered, leaning across to open the passenger door.

Elaine complied and stood on the pavement, hopping from side to side to keep warm, while her mother locked the car and walked round to take her by the hand. Together they walked down the short path to stand side by side at the front door. Helen used her own key and swung the door open, holding a finger against Elaine’s lips to urge silence as they entered, listening for any signs of life. Nothing stirred. Helen grinned and walked into the living room, flicking the light on without expecting to find anyone there. The empty room confirmed her suspicions but, as she turned to leave, her smile faded as she noticed a large stain on the floor by the sofa. She knelt and rubbed her palm over the spot, sniffing her hand cautiously to discern the source.

“It seems that the mice have been playing while the pussy has been away.” She whispered.

“What do you mean?”

Helen simply stood next to her daughter and clamped her hand over her mouth. Elaine’s eyes widened as she smelt the unfamiliar odour.

“Spunk!” She hissed in response to the unspoken question. “He’ll pay for this!”

Helen grabbed her daughter and stormed up the stairs. A glance into her bedroom told her they weren’t there. She pulled Elaine on towards the spare room and opened the door. The bedside lamp revealed three suspects to the desecration downstairs, curled up together, fast asleep.

“It seems,” Helen said, stroking the rubber dildo thoughtfully, “that boys will be boys!”

Elaine clapped a hand over her mouth and stared at the scene in disbelief. Her brother was snoring softly, his eyes closed in bliss, his open mouth scant inches from the biggest length of meat she’d seen outside a butchers shop. She recognised the owner as his best friend who was resting in the arms of her father who had a faint smile on his sleeping face, His smile widened as he felt the dildo slide across his lips and he opened his mouth to take it in, dreamily licking the head.

“That’s a good boy.” Helen whispered, patting his face encouragingly. “Suck my cock.”

“Looks like he’s been a bad boy.” Elaine pointed out, looking at his flaccid penis that nestled in the crack of Frank’s arse.

“You’re right my dear. What shall we do with him?” Helen sighed, smacking his face.

“Wakey, wakey!” She said, pinching his cheek.

“I know what I’d like to do with this!” Elaine replied, slapping her brothers face with Frank’s huge cock.

Helen smiled fondly at her daughter and pulled her husband up by his hair.

“Wha’…?” Steve spluttered, abruptly waking from cosy dreams of cock to see his wife leering down at him.

“Either you do as I say,” she hissed, “or I’ll make your life a living hell – starting by telling everyone exactly what we’ve seen here!”

“We?” Blearily he looked round and saw his daughter grinning insolently back at him. “Oh Christ!”

“Mum says she caught you with Alison,” Elaine whispered, “Is it true?”

“No!” His denial was a self-defensive reflex and he knew he’d regret saying it.

“So! You want to play the hard way?” Helen sneered, twisting his hair.

“Ow! For fucks sake Hel’…” He whined, curling his legs up into a protective posture, all too aware of his naked vulnerability to his wife’s vengeance.

“Are you calling me a liar?” She went on, back-handing him across the face.

Frank stirred fitfully, roused by the noise as much as by Elaine’s soft hand on his hardening tool which Joe sucked in his sleep, unaware of his sister’s proximity.

“Be reasonable Helen!” Steve begged, wincing at her rough treatment.

“I have been,” she snapped, thrusting him back onto the bed, “now roll over!”

“You can’t be serious?” Steve goggled at the sight of the strap-on waving menacingly in front of him.

“Grab his legs Eli’.” Helen said, stroking the rubber phallus.

Elaine reluctantly released Frank’s hot cock and gripped her father’s ankles, firmly twisting them over to expose his hairy buttocks.

“Did you fuck Ali’?” She asked.

“No. I swear!” He insisted, struggling in vain to free himself.

“Swing his feet over the bed.” Helen demanded.

“No! Please!” Steve pleaded, fearing they were about to drag him off he held onto Frank in desperation.

Helen pinned his ankles behind her bursa escort feet and pressed him firmly down, while Elaine reached up to guide the dildo between his clenched cheeks.

“Tell her the truth.” She suggested, using her weight to hold him in position for the initial thrust.

“OOOHHHH FFFFUUUCCCKKK!” Steve screamed, as he felt the solid rubber pierce his well-fucked arsehole.

“Oh wow!” Elaine gasped, kneeling down to get a porn-star view of the lewd scene.

The brutal sound ripped Frank and Joe from their slumber.

“You two can stay and watch,” Helen grunted, forcing herself deeper inside Steve’s wriggling arse, “or you can fuck off!”

Franks eyes widened in surprise, but he said nothing, grabbing Joe’s head to keep his mouth exactly where he liked it.


Joe’s muffled exclamation amused his mother who leaned over to pat his head playfully.

“Like father, like son.” She smiled, grinding even deeper into her husband’s arse.

He grunted like a stuck pig and gave Frank a pleading look.

“So, who’s been fucking who?” She demanded, smacking Steve’s arse as she slow-stroked deeper inside him.

Joe couldn’t answer as he had a mouthful of cock and his father wouldn’t answer on principle, so Frank spoke up for them. “It’s been a free-for-all really,” he said, “a sucking fuck-fest for horny guys.” He stroked his balls and gave Helen a bold look.

“That’s nice.” She purred, meaning her daughters tongue that began to slide over her pumping cheeks as she worked the dildo harder inside Steve’s arsehole. Elaine squeezed her fathers balls, licked her mothers cheeks and blissfully rubbed her clit.

“It sure is,” agreed Frank, taking Joe’s head in both hands to fuck his face.

“Did you stick that thing in him,” she whispered in awe, “all the way?”

“Some,” he admitted, “but he squealed like a girl when i went too deep!”

Helen laughed and sank the strap-on inside Steve’s arse. “If you’re that good i may let you fuck me.”

“I never had pussy before.” Frank admitted.

Helen gave him a sly look and spanked her husband as she fucked his arse mercilessly.

“Who said anything about my pussy?” She said tartly.

He groaned at the thought of fucking the wife after having her husband and wondered if he was still dreaming.

“Who spunked on the floor downstairs?” She hissed in Steve’s ear. “Tell us the truth, or i’ll make you watch him slide that big black cock right up my arse!”

“You wouldn’t!” He groaned, his cock throbbing at the thought of watching someone else have the pleasure she always denied him.

“I will!” She promised, grinding her hips against his hairy buttocks. “Was it you?”

“No – Yes – I mean…” Steve babbled, caught between admitting Dave’s presence or taking the blame himself.

“It was me.” Frank said, helping him out with a little white lie. “I’m sorry Mrs Lord.”

Helen gave him a look of admiration and licked her lips.

“I hope you got more where that came from,” she said, deciding to fuck him anyway in revenge for her husbands cuckoldry.

“Oh yeah!” Frank smiled, taking his cock from its snug haven to wave it in front of her face.

Joe reached down to fuck his fist as he heard the exchange and wondered if his mother realised she was biting off more than he could chew. Neither of them had been able to take the full length, no matter how hard they tried that night.

“For the last time.” Helen cried, pulling the dildo to the edge of Steve’s burning ring. “Did you fuck Alison? Tell us!”

“Yes!” Steve whimpered. “Yes I did.”

He bellowed as his wife ploughed into him with reckless brutality while his daughter twisted his tortured scrotum into a knot of agony.

“You bastard!” Elaine screeched.

She stood up and scrambled onto the bed, angrily pushing Frank aside. He rolled onto the floor with a loud thump and looked ruefully at Joe who stared at his sister in disbelief.

“Eli’?” He wondered, having never seen his sister lose her temper never mind look as sexy as this before.

Elaine ignored him, spat in her father’s face and slapped him soundly across both cheeks.

“You bastard!” She repeated. “Stay away from her. She’s mine!”

“And you,” Helen said, pulling free of his aching arse, “are all mine now.”

She rolled her humiliated husband over easily, straddled his tear-strewn face and reached back to pull her ample buttocks apart for Frank to aim his hard cock at.

Helen wiggled as she felt the huge knob sliding between her cheeks and said, “you can look, but you can’t touch,” to her husband who had been about to slide his tongue into her dripping cunt. He groaned with frustration as Elaine held his arms outstretched between her thighs and leaned forward to kiss her mother passionately.

“Give it to me,” Helen panted on her daughters soft lips, “stick it all the way in.”

Frank grunted agreeably and gave her half his length with a swift thrust that shook the bed.

“Oh fuck!” He cried, stirring her bowels with bursa escort bayan jerky movements. “That’s a nice tight hole.”

Helen’s eyes rolled to white as she threw back her head and yelled at the top of her voice. “FUCK ME!”

He flexed his thick black fuck-muscle, slid it back to the edge of her ring and pumped his hips to drive it deeper with every thrust, rocking her body back and forth with the force.

Helen arched her back to present him with a perfect target and became insane with lust as he slid deeper.

“Fuck me harder. Faster. Come on, fuck It!”

For the first time in her life Elaine felt a craving for cock. She turned round and backed up to the wildly bucking dildo until it nudged her pouting cunt lips open.

Steve looked up and watched his daughter impale herself on the toy as the real thing sank inexorably into his wife’s arsehole. Hot juices drizzled over his face and an electric thrill ran through his balls as an unseen tongue slathered them with love.

“OH MY – FUCKING – GODDDDDDD!” Helen swore, absorbing the meaty length in all its glory.


“More?” Frank suggested, pulling her cheeks apart to enjoy the sight of his cock firmly embedded in the tightest hole he’d ever had the pleasure of taking on.

“All of it.” Helen demanded through clenched teeth.

“You sure?” Frank teased, slow-stroking her bulging hole.

Helen had never been more certain of anything in her life. She imagined the look on her husband’s face and grinned.

“Just do it!” She groaned, pushing herself back onto the thick meaty length stuffing her arse to the limit.

Frank grunted with the effort of forcing the remaining inches of his cock up the impossibly tight hole, pulling her back at the same time he pushed forward. A hot gust of air washed over his balls and they bumped softly into the hard plastic strapped to her crotch.

“Yeah! Suck my balls.” He told Steve, rubbing them on his gasping lips as he plugged his wife to the brim.

“OHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCK-FUCKFUCKFUUUUUUCCCKKKK!” Helen panted, revelling in the sensation of having her arse well and truly stuffed while she screwed her daughter.

Elaine put her head down as though praying to Mecca and took the dildo deep in her cunt as Frank pushed her mother back and forth, in and out, fucking them in tandem. Joe still thought he was dreaming as he watched his friends cheeks clench with every stroke while sucking his dad’s stiff cock. Steve fucked his son’s mouth and lapped Frank’s juicy balls whenever they swung in reach, humiliation turning to lust as two hot cunts showered him with love juices.


Pleasure and pain melted into one long orgasm within Helen’s gushing crack as her body finally adjusted to the monstrous cock, drilling deep and hard for the mother lode buried inside her. It actually felt like she was using her biggest dildo, so complete was her control. If she wanted it hard and fast. She got it. If she wanted him to go smooth and slow, he did just that without showing any sign of losing control himself.

“Put it in…my pussy!” She cried, needing to feel him in both holes.

“Fuck yeah!” Frank struggled with the strap and ripped it impatiently from her waist.

With a cry of triumph he plunged right up her sopping wet cunt with an explosive squelch. Elaine was pushed unceremoniously aside with the dildo jutting between her buttocks as their bodies writhed on top of Steve’s soaked face. She rolled over and saw her brother deep throating more cock and quickly made up her mind.

“Come here, queer,” she demanded, grabbing Joe by the hair, “and suck this instead.”

Joe stared wildly at the dildo and gave his sister a pleading look.

“Suck it!” Elaine ordered, shoving it in his mouth before he could deny her.

“That’s as close as you – or any other dickhead – gets to this pussy. Does it taste good?” Joe nodded. “Fuckin’ perv – bend over!” Elaine said, pulling the dildo free with a wet plop.

Meekly he did so, placing his head beside his mother who stared sightlessly ahead, lost in a world of bliss.

“Tell her you’re sorry.” Elaine instructed, strapping the dildo firmly into her crotch.

“I’m sorry mum.”

“Now kiss her.”

Joe pecked his mothers cheek and yelled as Elaine’s hand slapped him soundly across his arse.

“Give her a proper kiss!”

He planted his lips firmly upon hers and groaned as his mother slid her tongue into his mouth.

“Oh yes, that’s nice. Very nice indeed.” She sighed, splitting his cheeks with the tip of the dildo.

“That’s fuckin’ hot!” Frank cried, watching Elaine start to fuck her brother with steady strokes.

She glanced at him with a mischievous smile on her glistening lips and asked, “Is this how you do it?”

“Watch this!” He advised, sliding free of Helen’s sucking cunt.

“Fuckin’ ‘ell!” She exclaimed, reaching out to stroke the full length of his escort bursa cum-slick cock.

“Put it back in.” Helen moaned.

“Do it for me.” Frank urged.

Elaine smacked her mothers arse with the mighty head and shoved half the dildo up Joe’s arsehole at the same time.

“Put it in!” Helen pleaded.

Elaine speared it smoothly inside and watched the whole length bury itself with awe, cumming with an empathic spasm at the same time her as mother. She sucked the cum off her fingers and blew Frank a kiss, mimicking his rhythm perfectly.

Steve swallowed another mouthful of salty crème and listened to the soft wet sound of mother and son kissing, accompanied by an insistent smack of flesh from his daughter fucking her brother with increasing confidence. His steel-hard cock dripped with desire and, resisting the urge to stroke it off, he smeared his fingers in the sticky pool on his stomach and slipped them into Franks hot arsehole.

“You’ll make me cum.” Frank warned.

Helen groaned louder at the very idea of his spunk sluicing her arse.

“Ram it in!” She begged, grinding his meat between her cheeks. “Harder! Faster! Deeper!”

Elaine picked up the beat and pounded Joe’s arse to mush, ignoring his plea for mercy. Her eyes fixed upon the flashing ebony spear stabbing relentlessly into her mothers bowels.

“Fuck ‘er,” she urged, “fuck ‘er arse off!”

Suddenly Frank stopped, uttered a long, drawn out groan and shook from head to toe as his balls spewed a boiling jet of spunk right up Helen’s quivering arse. She screamed wordlessly, crushing Steve’s face under her sopping wet flesh. He sucked her cunt and soaked up the juices like a sponge, enjoying the first taste of his wife for months. Unfortunately for him, Helen wasn’t prepared to let him have his fun.

“Dirty bastard!” She hissed, pushing herself up.

“Thanks a lot!” Frank said, misunderstanding the target of her comment.

“Not you.” She purred, wriggling softly on his stiff cock.

“You’re a horny fucker.”

“Damn! You’re enough to make a gay go straight!” He grinned, reaching round to squeeze her abundant tit-flesh.

She smiled and kissed him, “you’re so sweet. Let’s see if it’s true – come to momma!” She said beckoning to her offspring who crawled across the tangled sheets obediently.

Helen took her son by the balls, “my how you’ve grown,” she said, admiring the hot strength of his hard muscles, “such a waste not to give a girl the pleasure.”

Joe blushed and mumbled under his breath.

“Don’t be so modest dear,” his mother chided, fondling him intimately, “let Eli’ show you how good it can be.”

Elaine gasped in shock. “Mother!”

“Silly girl!” Helen admonished her daughter, pulling herself off Franks cock and parting her legs voluptuously. “You know what I mean.”

Frank lay back, supporting Helen with strong arms as her offer was taken up by Elaine’s eager tongue, lapping over the matted bush between her sticky thighs, sucking errant strands of spunk from the dense curls before seeking more juice in the pink cleft between her gaping lips. Father and son exchanged a look of lust before concentrating on the erotic show of mother and daughter.

“That’s good, sooooo good,” sighed Helen, relaxing in utter bliss, “clean me up,” she moaned. “There, there. Oh yes, and there!”

Elaine sucked the dripping cum from both holes, sliding her tongue as far as she could to get at the succulent sauce, using her fingers to open them wide before taking a deep breath and taking her first taste of male meat. She took his big black balls in her mouth, moaning appreciatively at the mixture of juices coating the soft skin, licking them all over before starting up the thick pillar of hardened flesh. Her lips stretched over the enormous girth and she gagged in trying to take the head too deep, too quick.

“Show her how its done, man.” Frank said, giving Joe a quick look before returning to Helen’s lips, sliding his tongue between them as they swapped hot, passionate kisses.

He took it from his sister, opened his mouth wide and swallowed the plum hued nob in one gulp without hesitation. The faint taste of his mothers sex wasn’t as bad as he feared and he ate more eagerly, encouraged by his sisters hand on the back of his head.

“Now show him how to lick pussy dear.” Helen said. “I need that cock back inside me.”

Elaine took her mothers clit in a tender embrace while Joe held the glistening black rod up for Helen to slide onto with a contented groan.

“Cum on baby,” she told Frank while looking brazenly at her son, “fuck my arse – fuck my cunt – fill me with cock.”

Joe looked uncertainly at his father who spread his hands and shrugged as if to say – ‘it’s up to you, what can I do?’ He looked back at his sister, feeding noisily on her mother’s juicy cunt, and made up his mind.

“That’s it baby, just there – that’s the spot!” Helen cried, watching her son bow down between her trembling thighs to taste the wellspring of his life.

Two tongues, brother and sister, licked incestuously together in the wet, bushy cleft of their mothers cunt. When one licked up the other licked down, alternating over and over the folds of flesh, exploring inside the pink hole together in a lusty conjunction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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