Rain on the Window

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It was raining outside. The tip of his cock glistened as he stroked it. He squeezed a drop of precum to the opening of his penis and smoothed it over the head. It had been five years since that wonderful night and he wanted to try to remember every detail. And now an email arrived, a voice from the past. He sat there engulfing himself into a dream of a love too far away….

It had been a long flight and he was tired as he sat on the bed in the hotel room. He hated all the hassle of immigration, customs and then battling for a taxi, endlessly waiting for procedure or protocol. He could have just fallen asleep there, but then a rush of adrenaline raced through his body as he pondered expectantly about the upcoming events for the evening He went over to the window and looked out as the sun was setting. “Nice view,” he thought as he saw the clouds rolling in from the west blocking the last light from the sun. “We’re going to have a storm.” He hoped that she would be alright driving into town. It was a long way and she needed to be back in plenty of time that evening. They had met online almost 12 months ago. They had shared the plights of their existence, their tears and then their dreams, their desires and wants. Now they would be together.

When the knock on the door came, his heart leapt, but he should have never had any doubts. She was as radiant and beautiful as he had imagined. Both smiling they embraced at çankaya escort the door and he took her hand and led her inside. She was tall, fair and wonderfully sexy. They were lost in desire as they idly chatted about the weather, the journey and then they sat on the side of the bed. Showing photos of the trip, he could feel her pushing closer to him.

It was the most wonderful feeling, her soft breasts seemed to hug him. Enough of this, he thought, they were both ready. It was amazing how quickly they undressed and they found themselves admiring their naked bodies. She was so gorgeous, her soft skin was shining. Her full breasts sparkled with the heat of her passion. He came up to her and held her, kissing her neck and smelling her sent. He caressed her back and his hands moved down to hold her cheeks. He squeezed them and she quivered.

Suddenly, she pushed him back onto the bed, almost instantly, his cock rose to enter her. This was too quick, he thought, there was much more to do first. Giggling, he flipped her over and sat on her admiring her delicious breasts. Her nipples hardened with desire and he bent down to suck on them. Nibbling each with his teeth, and licking around her armpit, he kissed her, sucking on her tongue. He wanted to taste her, he couldn’t wait to see the object of his lust. Licking her stomach he turned to her beautiful smooth and perfectly shaved pussy. He paused to smell the aroma, gently escort etlik licking each side of her lips, avoiding her clitoris, which was swelling quickly. Teasing her, he concentrated on the sides of her vulva, his tongue darting in and out and then gliding into her hole, already dripping with her juice. Licking around her vulva, he found her anus, and pushed a finger inside. She gasped and giggled. He longed to push his cock inside here arsehole, but knew that could wait for another time!

She was grinning on her back, when he turned around, spread her legs wide and rubbed the head of his dick up and down her wet pussy. He just wanted to force it inside her but he resisted and concentrated on rubbing his glans against her clit. He could wait no longer and he gasped as her lips grasped his cut head and sucked him inside. His knob was so swollen and his pumping only served to harden his muscle more than ever before. He felt her breasts against his chest and he sucked on her neck as he fucked her deeply. She turned him over and rode him furiously. Jumping up and down on his pole, he held her arse, and guided her up and down.

She was wet and he held his cock and pushed it against her pussy and clit. He felt her pussy holding his cock tighter and tighter and her breaths were shallow and fast. Outside the storm was raging. Their tongues met and in their passion they exploded together. A crash ankara demetevler escort of thunder burst with their climax. Hot cum spewed from his cock and filled her pussy, she felt his hardness break and the sticky semen flowed over her thighs. They collapsed onto their backs and panting, laughing, and smiling at each other, they caressed again, as he shut his eyes as in heaven.

There was still just enough time for another round. She was already sucking on his soft dick. He was giggling as her tongue tickled his balls. It didn’t take long for his shaft to grow hard. She was sucking the remaining cum from his tube and he layback enjoying the attention. He had never felt like this before. She was so skillful with her lips and tongue. She flicked the tip of her tongue over the head, licking the juice oozing from the slit and then engulfing the whole shaft in one swallow. Turning her onto her knees, he bent down to lick her own slit. He tasted his reward over her smooth lips and licked around her tight hole. Pushing inside her, he held her cheeks and then lent forward to hold her breasts from behind while fucking her. She was moaning when he finally pulled out and sprayed over her chest. She grinned as she rubbed the evidence over her nipples….

The storm had subsided, but the rain was still falling against the window. His hand was filled with semen, sticky, white and pungent. He gazed outside with so many different emotions. The memories were so strong. There was sorrow of having so little time. There was fervor in the lust that moves all obstacles. There was contentment of a love that would always endure. There was solace in the knowledge that love always prevails.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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