Pink Crush

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I watch as my thick, veiny cock slides smoothly into her hot, pink hole and think “I’m crushing it.” Pulling out of her again, I notice how her pussy lips grip and slide over the contours of my penis. It is a delicious feeling, firm but gentle, tugging at my skin, sending tingles down through the base of my cock, deep into the center of my balls, and up into my torso. But mostly, it looks amazing My brain is probably exploding with endorphins.

I ease it back into her tight, bright pink pussy. She’s laying spread out naked beneath me, arms up around her head, ass on the edge of my mattress, as I stand between her legs, burying my dick I into her.

Her name is Abby, maybe. I’d swiped her on Tinder earlier that evening, and we messaged quickly and furiously. She was DTF, and so she met me in the lobby of my condo building about 15 minutes later. She’d insisted on meeting me at my place and knowing my buzzer code, though she wanted me to come down to the lobby to meet her. When she arrived, she told me right away that she had texted her roommate my address and code, so if anything creepy happened and if she didn’t check in at a certain time, someone else would know. It was her way to keep safe and fuck anonymously. Smart.

What a little spitfire. She’d got all that out before I said hello, and I was barely listening because she was smoking hot and I was appreciating every inch of her. Cute, sexy, with golden blonde and slightly wavy shoulder length hair – and there was just a little bit of purple colouring at the tips. Maybe she was into electronic music. Whatever… with her smooth, lightly tanned skin, she was a vision of healthy vitality, her shoulders bare in a flower print summer dress, legs luxurious and long, stretching below the hem at mid-thigh, her pretty feet in heeled summer sandals. My dick stiffened just looking at her.

And those eyes. Piercing blue with flecks of green-gold around the irises, long, beautiful lashes, full of expression and fire.

Now, her irises are big and black, wide open with desire as I keep easing my cock in and out of her. Our eyes are locked on each other in these first initial thrusts, feeling each other out. That alone is so fucking hot. My eyes drift to her mouth, half open, and I listen to her breath as she exhales a little with each slow pump. Her pink tongue peeks out before she presses her lips ankara eryaman escortlar together and she gives a quick little swallow before she speaks.

“Yeah… that’s really good,” she says, managing a weak, lilting smile. Her skin is flushed with desire and she stretches her neck, and opens her mouth a little wider as she begins to pant and grunt. I adjust my grip underneath her spread thighs and lean over her a bit more, increasing my pace.

Earlier, I’d found out soon enough that she did not have panties on under that summer dress. And she had noticed my stiffening cock as we stood in my lobby, because I was wearing the gym shorts I had been lounging around in before she had rushed over to my place. Luckily, no one else was there. I told her she looked amazing. She assessed me quickly, decided I was safe, and closed the distance between us quickly and had gently brushed the back of her slender hand against my bulge, sending electric shocks through me. Let’s go, she’d said.

As we’d come up the elevator, she told me she was in her third year at the university, in pre-med. She worked part-time at the coffee shop near the subway stop. Her voice had the hint of singing, was just right in the way it cracked slightly, still confident and attractively self-absorbed. It drove me nuts. I told her about the work I did, consulting, working from home, but I forget what I said exactly, because I was intoxicated by her scent. It was a fresh, bright linen scent, but the best part was how it was mixed with her sweat and the humidity of summer.

We got to my apartment, and she looked around appreciatively, enjoying the view for a moment. I watched her in profile, following the line of her neck, and she let me (sly little minx). After she’d taken a beat, she turned to me and we pressed together. I started backing her to my bedroom door. As we entered, she pulled her dress up over her head and onto the floor and my shorts and t-shirt we ripped off shortly afterwards. She stepped out of her sandals and I got a breathtaking view of her perfect nubile body, her pert, shapely breasts.

Those beautiful breasts are moving now as she lies beneath me. They bounce slightly and quiver with each thrust of my hips, compact nipples on pointed tips. They’re milky white, spilling a bit to each side, young and sweet. A slight red flush, the gentlest of undertones, escort etimesgut has spread across the top her chest, and I admire her clavicle, and again, the lovely shape of her neck.

I take my right hand off from holding up her thigh, and run it up the side of her body, letting my thumb graze her breast and nipple. I slide my hand back down and caress the curve of her waist and rest my hand there, relishing in the supple flesh. It’s just the right balance of soft (feminine, women-ly), but her muscles flex underneath, healthy and strong. Her bare stomach has the cutest little belly button, pierced with a belly stud adorned with simple clear blue stones. No tats anywhere on her body, that I can see. Just pure, creamy skin with a hint of tan and freckles, and downy blonde body hair.

“You like what you see?” she teases, grinning. I nod.

Bare hints of her pubic hair are visible above her shaved little snatch, and normally I like a bit of hair, but she is pretty clean shaven and that’s nice because her pussy is like some sort of pornographicly aesthetic ideal, delicate and moist. Just right. Compact folds open up to the brightest, healthiest pink as they envelop my hard, aching cock. Hungrily, I wish I had eaten her out first, it looks so good, and fresh, and the aroma of her sex wafting up to me makes my mouth water. But there might be time for that later.

As her perfect pussy lips and their glistening hints of hair grip my thrusting cock, her juices come on stronger, making my dick glisten. I hear her get wetter and wetter, the sloppy slurping sounds of my pushing penis getting more pronounced.

“Oh that feels so good.” Abby swings one of her legs up, and I move my arm as she swings the bottom of her thigh onto my chest and hooks her knee over my right shoulder.

“Ungh, ungh, oh God. Yes! A bit harder. Yeah, that’s it.”

She squeezes her eyes tight and matches her rhythms to mine. She turns her head aside, mouth open and moaning slightly. I love how her hair is tousling, and the shape of her nose, her lips. A small drop of tears forms at the corner of her eye. It’s intense.

Will she stay a bit, so I can luxuriate in her sweet, sexy body? Maybe later, when I get hard again, she’ll lick my balls and cock, look up at me with those beautiful blue eyes. Maybe I’ll spread her perfect batıkent escort pussy open with my fingers and eat her out until she gushes onto my tongue and face. I hope she’ll want to chill a bit. I’m enamored with her voice, her way of moving, her scent, the expressions on her face. Maybe she’ll give me her number and we’ll fuck again and again. Funny the things that flit through your head as you’re about to cum.

We’re coming to it now. She’s looking right at me. Is she thinking the same thoughts? She smiles, so disarmingly. I smile right back. This is awesome, and we are here in the moment. She swings her leg back down and I hold it up by the thigh again, as I was doing with my other hand on her other thigh, spreading her open. We both look down to see my cock entering her over and over again. Her whimpers of pleasure rise with my grunts of desire. My shaft is dripping wet from her pre-cum and mine.

I’m crushing into her pink over and over again, and she can see my shaft pull inches out and bury itself back into her. My girth stretches her just right, and the ridges and veins of my cock ripple against the walls of her clenching pussy, hitting her in all the right spots. The top of my cock pushes upwards onto her tiny little clit, which drags deliciously on me, sending sparks throughout her body. My own stomach boils, seemingly hot with cum.

We look into each other’s eyes again and she widens them a little. Her little whimpers are a delight. She licks her lips to keep them wet and glistening, and I imagine her tongue again on the tip of my cock, swirling, lapping. Her eyes really are amazing, so full of life and eagerness, and I feel the connection with her in each thrust, as we get closer and closer.

“Please,” she mouths in a whisper. “I wanna come. I’m gonna come.”

I nod. Our eyes still locked, I watch her every expression; I think I can feel what she is feeling. Time slows. The next few thrusts are a dream. Her eyes melt and she gives me that vulnerable look of almost-panic as she realizes the size of the wave that’s about to crash onto us. Her mouth widens into the O of orgasm, her eyes roll up and shut tight.

I feel the fog of my own orgasm cloud in my head. My taint and then the base of my balls clench in anticipation, an avalanche already in motion. The cum courses through my insides, boiling, readying to burst. It shoots up through my cock and spills out the tip into Abby’s clenching, spasming pussy. I hear my impassioned groan mingling with her scream of ecstasy. We thrust and grind, involuntarily, trying desperately to empty ourselves into each other.

And then we collapse.

It’s fucking amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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