Pegged by the Twins

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Pegged by the Twins

Grayscale squirmed, his cock trying to harden. And yet it could not, pressing up against the bars of the cock-cage that trapped it in place, his need rising more and more with every passing second. It was hard for a little submissive goat such as him, after all, to not feel so aroused when he was sucking a fox’s cock, the tapered tip pressing up into the back of his throat as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fought and fought not to gag.

Yes… it was a very good position to be in, his grey fur ruffled up with lust as Grayscale whimpered around that hot length, peering up at the dominant fox. Kyle only smirked down at him with his usual trademark cool confidence, the fox being the sort of dominant partner who never needed to once raise their voice to make himself heard. It was a sexy skill indeed – at least in a world where it seemed to be a matter of the one who shouted the loudest winning whatever was happening at the time, even if it was not truly something to be ‘won’, per se.

His twin sister knelt behind him, her slender, sleek muzzle poking between his thighs to lavish sweet attention on his balls. It was saying something indeed that Kylie was demoted, in a sense, to pleasuring and massaging his soft, heavy orbs with her tongue, the white of her muzzle blending in seamlessly with the thicker, winter fur of his legs. Usually, that was something that was Grayscale’s job – but they’d always be a trio who liked to keep switching things up from time to time. That was just one part too of all the fun they had together.

For once though, the submissive goat was naked, not wearing any of the cute clothes that the twins had bought him for Christmas either. Although he’d, of course, known that the two of them purchasing some sexy things for him had a benefit for the Arctic foxes too, he had still blushed and gushed his thanks but his cock pushing against the cage had not been relieved that day or the next. Kylie had teased him too, the vixen above him in the hierarchy of power in the home of the twins, running her tongue over the cage repeatedly and whispering huskily all the things he could do if only his cock was free.

But it was not and his soul too was taken as Grayscale was borne down to all fours, Kyle hissing through clenched teeth as his tail flicked, the fox leaning over the smaller goat as he slammed into his mouth. It was all Grayscale could do not to lose control as his hips jerked, hacking and gulping as a half-formed knot shoved up to his lips and his vision was filled with a smooth expanse of white fur, stretching up over a stomach escort kartal that was becoming increasingly more toned and muscled as time went on, or so it seemed. Perhaps he was just more and more under the fox’s spell, craving his dominant paw on the back of his neck as he welcomed the use and abuse wherever the twins chose to give it.

“Nice throat…” He huffed, his tail stiffening suddenly as if he was about to cum right then and there. “Being needy makes you damn horny doesn’t it, Goatie?”

The goat shuddered but did not reply – who would want to stop sucking just a delicious cock, pre-cum slick and thick in the back of his throat, when they could instead devour every last drop to completion? That wasn’t Grayscale’s style at all, although his legs still trembled weakly at the use of his little nickname. It seemed that it was only the twins those days that called him that anymore, a fact that he was very much okay with. In all honesty, they could call him absolutely anything that they wanted to as long as they kept him below their twin paws of dominance.

And then a paw landed on his backside, Kyle huffing and clearly fighting to hold back as Kylie managed to scoot around behind Grayscale. Trapped as he was between them, he could not possibly have borne witness to the wicked little grin on her muzzle, her vulpine lips stretched into a smirk of pure anticipation. Something hard pressed up against his buttocks, teasing up his small fluff of a tail, and he wriggled, eyes sliding back as if he could see all the way around to her despite his position. What was that wetness seeping into his fur?

“Relax now…”

What could he do but obey? The goat’s eyes fell half-lidded and, even though the need to orgasm screamed and clawed desperately at his mind, he moaned around Kyle’s shaft, suckling all the more fervently for being so dominated. Yes… He was just where he wanted to be, even as something hard and unyielding and clearly (thankfully) lubed up, spread open the tight bud of his anal ring, begging entry that he willingly gave. A sex toy? Grayscale shuddered bodily and tried to groan but could not as Kyle suddenly hammered into his mouth, hips working furiously as his own need threatened to crest that swiftly oncoming peak.

“Damn, that’s hot…”

And all became clear as the full length of the toy, a faux cock, sank into his tail hole, Kylie’s hips coming up flush with his buttocks. There must have been something pushing into her too on the other side of the strap-on for the very act of grinding deeply into him brought a breathy moan to her lips – the kind of moan that never failed to make Grayscale’s heart sing, blood pumping and heart pounding to serve and please in every and any way that he possibly could. And that meant even taking it up under his tail if she too wanted to peg him. Like Kyle said, drawing his cock in a sloppy, wet slurp of pre-cum and saliva from Grayscale’s maltepe escort lips, it really was actually rather hot.

But then Kyle was gone, his own need coming above anything that Grayscale could have possibly asked of him, although they already gave him so very much that he could not have even thought to ask for. Getting off didn’t even seem that important anymore either as long as he could be fucked and dominated by both of the twins, whether at once or together. He was right there where he was supposed to be in their home, their apartment looking out over the city and the nightlife lights glittering with so much allure that no longer held such a siren call to him anymore. No, the crook of Kylie’s finger and her wet pussy on his muzzle was a far better seductress than going out to the clubs now, unless he was going to be passed around and used by the twins during the course of it. There was no sense in going back to something less fulfilling than ever when there was much fun to be had in the arms of two far more devious souls than he could have ever have hoped to spend time with.

Kyle, however, was not idle as his weight pressed up behind Kylie and Grayscale did not need to be able to look back to know that he was slipping into his sister, their bodies coming together as perfectly as they always had. The vixen trembled above him, caught between dominance and submission, well and truly the switch in the middle as she submitted to her twin brother even while she shoved the dildo just a little deeper into her submissive goat.

“Oh, bro…”

“Take him hard, sis.”

Kylie whimpered, nodding and pressing her chin down over Grayscale’s shoulder as she humped and rolled her hips, working out what motion felt best to her. It didn’t matter to her or even cross her mind just how the cock of the strap-on wickedly ground up against the goat’s prostate, forcing a stream of near enough clear pre-cum from the tip of his shaft as he was ‘milked’, mouth opening and closing soundlessly, although breath was not to be his at that moment in time. Lungs burning, Grayscale whined silently, tail flicking and twitching, but could only brace himself against the carpet, fingers curling and striving for grip that simply was not there to be had.

But he had to support all of them, grunting and forcing himself to brace even as pre-cum soaked into the carpet beneath him, ears folded back and brushing against his own horns as Kyle fucked his sister. The little goat felt each and every thrust reverberate down to his body, panting and lines of fur down his sides curling into darker, matted sweat. It was harder work than he could have ever expected, although he was perhaps fortunate that, for the first time of a very erotic chain of a threesome, Kyle was already close to the edge and would not put undue pressure on his body for too long at all.

That didn’t stop Grayscale from moaning and rounding pendik escort bayan his shoulders, grinding back lustfully onto the strap-on cock as Kylie’s hips juddered erratically, forced into motion by the rise and thrust of her brother’s body. She needed him as much as he needed her, a dominant paw curled around her throat as he drew her head back, a snarl ripping itself, seemingly unbidden, from the top fox’s jaws.

That was too much for Kylie, however, who squealed, twitching and jerking against Grayscale as orgasm claimed her. It was strange too for him to feel a cock in him and his partner climaxing without a hot spill of cum into his tail hole, which had been, blessedly, able to take the toy without too much trouble with a good amount of lube. It wasn’t as if he was a virgin back there anyway, even if it was more often than not Kyle’s cock he took. A warm seep of feminine juices splattered to the floor between the vixen’s legs, however, and Grayscale could not help but moan, head swimming pleasantly in sub-space as if he had consumed alcohol before even meeting up with the twins that night.

In another time and with another couple, that may have been the moment where a paw wrapped around his aching cock, forced up and fleshy against the bars of the cage, but such pleasure was not to be as Kyle too howled out his climax. They didn’t care – not in that sense – just how needy their little submissive goat was getting, only that he was giving them everything they wanted and more, Kylie whimpering sweetly as her cunny was filled. That hot splash of cum Grayscale did feel as it dripped onto his legs, the pressure on his arms and shoulders relieved only slightly as their twin weight shifted back.

Yet he was not to have that pleasure for his own as his chest heaved and he blinked down at the floor as if he had run a marathon, every muscle in his body aching and trembling in a way that he had not quite known was possible. But there was only one part of his body that he wanted soothed even as Kylie softly ran her paw through the thicker fur atop of his head and he leaned into her touch without thinking, craving and yearning for everything she had to offer even if it was not quite what his body so very desperately ached for.

“Poor little pent-up goat…”

Oh, he was… And would they not allow that release? Kylie’s giggle told him otherwise as he let out a little growl of frustration, cock trying to twitch and failing to show the motion in the slightest, squashed into the bars of the cage as it was.

“Maybe we’ll let you cum again when you can take a bigger cock…” She murmured sweetly. “Wouldn’t that be nice now, little one?”

Oh, it was something that he would willingly do for her, even though a part of him wondered if that would be so, in the end. Sure, he could do more and more but it was only the twins who could release him, although he was starting to doubt if they actually would. And a part of him, a sordid, twisted, submissive part of his psyche, loved the loss of power, sinking into it as he nodded, accepting all they would and would not do to him, for it was no longer his time to decide.

He was well and truly under their control.

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