Our First Time Swinging

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Sasha and I have been dating for about 2 months now and our relationship ship just keeps getting better and better. She is a bit younger than me, being 24. I like that though. She’s not yet jaded by a troubled world and still have tons of energy for some of the craziest nights.

Recently, Sasha and I had a night that I thought would be quite tame. Her godfather and his new wife wanted to meet me, so they had us over for dinner.

Before arriving, Sasha told me about her godfather and how she spent a few years living with him when she was in high school. Her parents had just split up and has asked her godfather to take care of here while they settled things. She ended up spending the whole school year with him.

Sasha and I arrive at the front door to the her godfather’s house and we ring the bell. No response. She rings it again. Still no response. I get bored and let my eyes linger to Sasha’s body. Holy cow she looks great tonight. She’s wearing a flower print dress that shows over her shoulders and ends mid-way between her knees and her waist. Kind of short for a family dinner, but I it is pretty warm outside.

My eyes linger down her beautiful slender pale legs. Sasha is nearly full blooded irish. With pale white skin, red hair and the prettiest freckles covering the most sensual parts of her body: her face and her shoulders. We’re both a bit tall, I’m 6’4″ and she’s about 5’9″ but seems taller tonight in some high black heeled shoes.

Just as Sasha is about to ring the bell again, the door opens.

“I hear you, I hear you!” a man in his 60’s says to us.

“Oh I’m sorry uncle Bruce!” Sasha says. “We were beginning to worry we came on the wrong day!”

“Well you must be Will,” the older gentleman says. “Come on in, Sasha you must be freezing in that little get up of yours!”

Bruce is a large man. Looks like he probably played football in college decades ago because his broad shoulder adorn a very robust frame. He’s lost some hair on his head, but looks to be doing alright for someone in his 60’s

We enter the kitchen and I place our gift of a bottle of wine on the counter.

Bruce gestures to the woman in the kitchen and says “Will, this is my wife, Rose. Rose, this is Will, Sasha’s new boyfriend.”

Rose turns around and sticks out her hand, “Oh how nice to meet you! Sasha has talked a lot about you! And it looks like she’s already right about a few things.”

Not sure what Rose means by this, so I look to Sasha who is clearly blushing and she turns away. I look back at Rose who has such a graceful smile. Bruce’s wife is probably in her 50’s, a bit younger than Bruce and looks to have a ton of energy still in her.

“Very nice to meet you too.” I reply.

As Rose walks away from me I check out her glorious backside. She is quite petit, much shorter than my girlfriend, and with a very firm butt and pronounced breasts sticking out above her apron.

Dinner was uneventful but quite tasty. Rose is a great cook and Bruce is a lucky guy. Sasha kept me entertained by playing chicken with me under the table. We’d slide our hands up each other’s thighs until the other gave up. I won, but I had a huge advantage in that she wasn’t wearing pants like me.

Everyone is pretty tipsy at this point with Rose probably winning in the “clearly the most intoxicated category.” She is getting a bit loud, but it is a fun, positive kind of loud. For being in her 50’s, Rose has a lot of spunk to her.

“Well how about we move to the living room and open that bottle of wine you brought?” Rose offers.

Sasha and I take seats on the couch while Sasha’s godfather sits down opposite us on loveseat. Rose brings in the bottle and asks me to open it since I am “so young and strong.”

She hands me the bottle and brushes my bicep almost as though she is checking it out. I worry that Bruce wouldn’t take too kindly to this, but he doesn’t say anything. Rose walks back out of the room, nearly tripping on herself. Maybe she’s had too much to drink?

After opening the bottle, I lean forward to refill Sasha’s and Bruce’s glasses. I notice Bruce has his eyes on Sasha’s legs. “How could I blame him?” I think to myself. She is stunning.

Sasha throws me a sexy smile as I pour. I notice her dress has ridden up her thighs, exposing even more of her beautiful legs. I can’t believe she still so risky when we don’t have a table to cover us. The sight immediately affects me as I begin to feel my penis grow in my pants.

The four of us continue to drink. We finish the bottle and then finish another. I’ve totally lost track of time, and realize that everyone is quite toasted at this point. Sasha is getting pretty frisky and probably wants to go home and fuck. Heck she’d probably be willing to spend the night her in the guest room with me. She’s never been afraid of people hear us make love.

“I hope everyone loves my homemade cookies!” Rose announces.

Rose enters the room with a tray of her cookies. The cookies are sliding around on the plate as she doesn’t bostancı escort bayan pay much attention to where her feet are. One of the cookies falls off the tray. I gesture to grab it, but Rose stops me and tells me she’ll get it.

Rose gets down on her knees and bends over to reach the fallen cookie. In the process, Roses’s pants partially slide down her butt, revealing her incredibly scandalous underwear. Well, not so scandalous. I’ve seen Sasha wear worse, but when did a 50 year old woman wear a red, thong to a family dinner party?

A drunken Sasha exclaims “Wow Rose, those are some hot panties you have there!”

I’m not stunned that Sasha felt it appropriate to comment on her godfather’s wife’s underwear. She’s never cared much for sexual barriers. Plus, Sasha was correct. Rose’s underwear was super hot!

Rose laughs, a bit embarrassed and stands back up while adjusting her pants.

“Well your godfather thinks it’s the only kind of underwear a woman should wear. He says young ladies wear it, but I can’t imagine any woman regularly wearing these uncomfortable things!” Rose says.

Bruce is smiling. I bet he likes that the discussion has turned to women’s undergarments.

“Oh I love them!” says Sasha. “Its all I wear these days.”

Sasha puts her wine glass on the coffee table, stands up and pulls her dress up to her waist to reveal her own stunning red thong. A few red hairs poke out on either side of the tiny underwear.

I am floored. I can’t believe Sasha just voluntarily showed off her underwear like that.

“Oh my god that is so cute!” Rose says while pointing as Sasha’s underwear. Her 50 year old finger just inches away from my 24 year old girlfriend’s mound.

Almost as though Bruce and I don’t exist, Rose unzips her pants and open the flaps to show Sasha what her underwear looks like. The two women are facing each other giggling like teenagers on a sleepover, comparing their panties.

“Ahem!” Bruce coughs. “How about you show us what you two are so excited about?” Bruce continues.

“Oh my god sweetie, Sasha and I are wearing the same thong! Isn’t that crazy?” Rose says to Bruce. Sasha looks at me and smiles, still holding the front of her dress up.

“How about the men judge to see who is wearing it best? Like at the Oscars!” Bruce offers.

I been silent this whole time, overwhelmed by what is going on. “Uh yes! Like on the red carpet.” I say.

Without hesitation, Rose kicks off her shoes and pushes her pants down to her ankles. She steps out of her pants and lets her fingers slide up her legs, adjusting the waistband of her tiny red thong.

Sasha shrugged her shoulder and looks at me for approval. I just smile and nod, trying not to look too amazed by Rose’s actions. Sasha then simply pulls her dress up over head like a little girl. She drops it to her side, letting her flower dress fall on the floor.

Sasha stands there in only her heels, red thong and black strapless bra. Her slender pale body spearing to tower over Rose’s smaller frame. My girlfriend then raises the stakes when she removes the pins in her hair and tosses her red hair from side to side until it gently falls on to her freckle covered shoulders.

My jaw drops. My dick is raging hard in my pants. Both women pop their hips from side to side to show off the red undies.

“Very nice ladies, very nice indeed.” Bruce says. “Now turn around, both of you!”

Bruce’s wife and his goddaughter turn around to reveal their incredible asses. Despite having wrinkles, Roses ass is very tight and perky. The red string of the thong hugs her butt crack. Sasha’s white butt is considerably larger. Her thong actually disappears near the top of her ass, only to reappear down between her legs.

“Now bend over!” I exclaim. I immediately worry I’ve gone too far.

“Nice one, Will.” Bruce responds, calming my fears.

Rose and Sasha look at each other and giggle for a second, wondering if they should actually do it. My girlfriend then bends over so quickly you’d think she was in a race. But Rose takes her time, bending slowly, making sure to look back at me when she does it. Rookie mistake by Sasha I guess.

Once Rose is completely bent over I am amazed at the view. Having a smaller ass, her cheeks naturally separate when she is bent over this far. Her anus is clearly visible, with only a thing red strand pulled tightly against it.

I am worried Bruce will think this has gone to far, now that his new wife is clearly showing off her private parts to us. But he hasn’t even noticed, since his gaze is fully encumbered by my girlfriend’s much younger rear end.

“Well our winner is Sasha!” Bruce exclaims.

My girlfriend turns and smiles as though she’s won and actual award, but Rose turns around faster, almost a bit angry.

“Who do you think won, Will?”

“Ummm,, uh well” I stammer. Rose’s thumbs tug from side to side on her thongs waistband as I ponder the consequences of my answer.

“I think there is sometime ümraniye escort to say for experience in this category. Thus I believe Rose wore it best!” I conclude.

“Hurray!” Rose bursts. “Thankfully we have a real gentleman in the house tonight.” Rose says as she gives her husband the stink eye.

“Okay now it’s the men’s’ turn!” Sasha announces.

Sasha has done this before, in that she has tried to get me naked in front of people before. She likes my package and often jokingly offers a sight of my penis to her friends. But this wasn’t her friends, this was her family! Sort of…

“Oh yes!” Rose exclaims while clapping her hands together.

I look to Bruce and he shrugs almost as to say “why not?”

Bruce and I stand up, he takes a big longer to get on his feet, and we take the girls’ spots in front of the couch. Sasha and Rose sit down next to each other, not bothering to put their clothes back on. Sasha is still in her heels, red thong and a black strapless bra. Rose is barefoot, with the same red thong and a white blouse on.

I take a deep breath and begin to unbutton my jeans. Before I open my pants I take one more look as Rose and Sasha, who are sitting so close to each other, their bare hips and thighs are touching each other. The sight turns me on even more, and reminds me that I have a full on boner beneath my boxer briefs.

I push my pants down and kick them off my feet. I stand there proud with my hand on hips hoping to not be too embarrassed by what ever massive package Bruce is keeping tucked away.

I look down my tight red boxer briefs to see my 7″ cock clearly outlined by the cloth. Any sense of mystery is pretty much gone at this point.

The women’s faces are in shock but for different reasons. Bruce’s wife is staring at my crotch, her hand covering her mouth in what I hope is amazement.

I really like the attention this mature woman is giving me. But my girlfriend is preoccupied by the sight of her godfather’s crotch. I look over to his waist and see a small bump in his tight white briefs.

“Holy cow, that can’t be real!” Rose says while looking at the outline of my shaft in my boxer briefs.

“I assure you its real.” Sasha chimes in.

I’m so turned on by the attention I am getting from my girlfriend and her godfather’s wife, that I decided to settle her curiosity.

I stick my thumbs into the waistband of my underwear and pull down, allowing my penis to flop out. My very rigid cock sticks straight out, pointing right at Rose. Her expression is amazing. It’s almost as though this is the biggest cock she’s ever seen.

“Well it’s not fair,” Bruce says. “I’m not hard yet!”

“Well you’ve had plenty of inspiration!” Exclaims Rose as she places her hands on Sasha’s covered boobs and jiggles them.

“Well why don’t you come over here and help me out hunny?” Bruce says to his wife.

Rose smiles, stands up and proceeds to walk over to Bruce. Bruce pulls his tighty whities down to the floor and lets Rose place her small hand on his tiny penis and balls. She then begins to tug on his flaccid cock, all while looking at my hard shaft.

I look back to Sasha, wondering what she thinks about all this and see she is already on her way towards me. Without a word, she drops down to her knees and places her soft delicate hand around the base of my dick. Her eyes not breaking with mine, Sasha takes the head of my cock into her mouth.

Sasha gives the greatest head. Maybe not the most pleasurable, but definitely the hottest. Which when it comes to blow jobs, it almost better.

My girlfriend’s red hair is flowing everywhere as her mouth slides forward and back on my cock. With one hand, I brush her hair back over her ear so I can see her face better. I look over at Bruce and Rose to see they are now both watching Sasha perform.

Rose’s hand is slowly tugging on Bruce’s still small penis, but both of their attention is fully focused on Sasha’s increidble blow job skils on my my big dick.

“See, that’s how you need to do it.” Bruce says to his wife without breaking his stare on my cock.

“Oh Christ, Bruce, I do it just fine.” Rose exclaims. “Watch!”

As Rose walks towards me she grabs the bottom of her blouse and pulls it over her head. Her breasts are totally out of proportion with her body, being much larger than her petite frame should hand to handle. I’ve always been underwhelmed by Sasha’s smaller boobs, so this is an excellent sight.

Rose continues the strip show and removes her bra, letting her large mature titties pop out. Despite being in her 50’s, Roses breasts stay perky.

“Stand aside little girl” Rose says to my girlfriend. With that Sasha moves to the side, still on her knees. Her face gives a sense of insecurity as her godfather’s wife takes hold of my cock and begins to lick the head of my penis like a lollipop.

“Holy shit,” I say unable to hold back my astonishment. Sasha is on her knees inches from Rose’s face, watching closely as the older lady sucks kartal escort my dick like a pro. What the hell was Bruce complaining about? His wife is incredible at this. Even better than my girlfriend.

I am so enraptured by this woman who is old enough to be my mother, I don’t even notice Sasha get up and leave. When I finally realize her disappearance, I worry that she’s left in a huff. I look around the room and see something that somehow makes me even more turned on!

Bruce is sitting on the couch, completely naked. My young girlfriend is on her knees between her godfather’s legs sucking on his small cock. Still wearing her heels, thong and bra, Sasha’s full attention is on slurping Bruce’s penis.

“Yes baby, suck it good.” Bruce says to his goddaughter. “You miss it my cock? It’s been a long time hasn’t it?”

I nearly cum hearing what Bruce says to my girlfriend. Not wanting to end the party early, I tell Rose to stand up. I lead her to the couch and bend her over, facing her husband. I get down on my knees and see Rose’s anus once again. I reach up for the waistband of her red thong and pull it down to her ankles.

I spread her mature butt cheeks and stuff my face into her crack. I dance my tongue between Rose’s pussy lips and butthole. Spreading her juices all over.

“OH my god! Oh my god!” Rose exclaims. “I’ve never… I… This has never…” She stammers.

My fingers reach around and find her pussy lips. I am amazed to find she is completely shaven down there. I wouldn’t expect a woman of her age to shave her pussy.

My tongue still pounding her pussy and anus, i apply pressure on Rose’s clit. Her old ass clenches on my face, her body trembling to my touch.

I can’t see what Sasha is doing to Bruce. I can only hear what her godfather is saying to her.

“Oh fuck yes little Sasha.”

“Lick my balls little Sasha.”

“Stick your finger in my butt little Sasha.”

I really need to see what she is doing. My heart is beating so fast, I am so overwhelmed by all that is going on.

Rose’s juices are dripping down her legs. She is wetter than any woman I’ve ever been with. She is so primed for my cock, there is nothing else I should do but fuck this love lady.

I stand up behind Rose and place my hands on her hips. Just then I notice my girlfriend standing up as well. She is still facing Bruce, using her hands to adjust her hair which has gotten quite messy.

I pause to watch what my girlfriend does next, but Rose doesn’t want to wait. She reaches back and takes my young cock by the hand. She then spreads her pussy lips and pushes herself onto my cock.

Rose has a loose, but small vagina. The first half of my cock slides in easily, but it stops there.

“Oh my god!” Rose exclaims. “You’re young penis is so big, Will!”

With my hands on the hips of Bruce’s naked wife, I begin to pump my hips back and forth. You’d think Bruce would want to stop this from happening, but his attention is fully focused on my girlfriend. She is standing in front of him as he sits on the couch. His short erect penis, glistens with his goddaughter’s saliva.

I can only see Sasha from behind, but I can tell her gaze is firmly on Bruce’s body. I see her hands reach back and undo her bra. Slowly she lowers the bra, exposing her small breasts to her godfather.

“Do you like them?” Sasha asks?

“Oh yes sweetie,” Bruce says. “They’ve grown very nicely.” He sits forward so he can reach Sasha’s chest, rubbing her nipples and groping her tits.

I am beginning to get a bit jealous of the attention she is getting from Bruce, but then remember that I am fucking his wife.

I haven’t lost my pace, pounding away on Rose’s gorgeous body. Slowly, I have been able to fit more and more of my cock into her mature pussy. My balls are wet with her juices and make the greatest slapping sound when they hit her butt.

The jealousy inside me grows when I see Bruce tug down on Sasha’s thong. Normally, my girlfriend gets aggressive during sex, always making a show of stripping down. But with Bruce she is acting so timid. So innocent. She even covers her breasts as her godfather pulls down her thong to reveal her little puff of red hair.

Bruce stuffs his face into Sasha’s crotch, taking a deep breath and wiggling his face like a motorboat. Sasha giggles and begs him to stop because it tickles.

Sasha’s hands move about on Bruce’s head, brushing his hair as he rubs his face on my girlfriend’s pussy.

Bruce then pauses for a second and peeks his head off to the side to check on his wife and I. Last time he saw us, his wife still had some clothes on. Now I am fucking her from behind, slamming her wrinkly ass and pulling on her big tits. I’m treating his wife like a whore while he treats my girlfriend like a princess.

Rose and I are covered in sweat as our fucking grows hard and harder. Almost my entire cock will fit in her now.

“Hunny! Its….so…big!” Rose can barely say to her husband as he watches us.

“Hmmm you should take a look at this,” Bruce says to Sasha as her makes her turn around.

Completely naked, but still wearing her heels, Sasha turns to see what all the fuss is about. I don’t hesitate for a second and keep on fucking this other woman and hope Sasha doesn’t scream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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