Old Friends are Best

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Bob and Phyllis had been friends of ours for years. We’d been a popular foursome in college–it was always Bill and Karen, Bob and “Phil” wherever we went.

We’d been neighbors, gone on vacations together and remained close after they moved to Seattle. Our kids had grown up together and two of them went to the same college in Colorado.

Recently Bob had a business convention here in Dallas–he brought Phil with him to make a mini-vacation out of it.

My wife Karen and I both work odd hours, so outside of seeing Phil for dinner one night, we didn’t have any time to get together as couples until Friday when we met to grill some steaks and enjoy the wine Bob had brought to us from his parents vineyard.

We had a great time playing some cards, drinking wine and catching up on mutual friends, kids and jobs, but through it all there was a strong undercurrent of flirting and double entendres.

Nevertheless, as always, we kept ourselves in check and despite all the wine, behaved ourselves.


It’s not like we were college kids, but we still had a lot going for us, not only as four good friends who shared a continuity of life, but also as what I thought attractive individuals.

Bob was about my age but shorter and stocky. His hair was turning gray like mine and he still had a nice crop. He’d put on some weight but was basically in good shape.

His wife Phil had been a runner, I’d even run a few races with her but could never come close to keeping up. She ran marathons up until a few months ago when a knee injury temporarily curtailed her running career.

Phil’s a petite woman with short blonde hair and an incredible body. I’ve always loved watching her bottom as she walked and thought it was neat that she could get away with not wearing a bra. It had always been obvious to me that she frequently went without one.

My Karen is a redhead. She’s a busty woman and what you could call “chunky”, but at the same time, not fat. She’s firm and very strong. No doubt about it, she’s attractive and carries herself well.

With no set plans, we slept in Saturday morning until ten, but finally dragged our hung over bodies downstairs for breakfast dressed in our usual bedtime garb.

Karen in her tee shirt and panties topped by her silk robe, and me in my old jeans and tee, we managed to make a pot of coffee, put out a pitcher of orange juice and pop some breakfast rolls in the oven.

Bob had beaten us downstairs was sitting at the kitchen table in gym shorts and a tee shirt reading the paper. He looked up and smiled. “I’m glad you showed up,” he said in a fake snobbish voice, “I was getting hungry and wondered when breakfast would be served.”

Karen still had a minor case of bed head and was holding her robe closed while she poured him coffee.

She gave him a dirty look and said “Breakfast… ugh! You’re lucky you’re getting ANY,” but she managed a smile and ruffled his hair adding, “Good morning Bob.”

I sat down across from sarıyer escort Bob. Karen sat between us. After our first cups of coffee, we started to perk up a little and the conversation livened up.

Soon Phil came downstairs in PJ bottoms and a tank top with a robe over that and stumbled into the kitchen apologizing for how she looked.

I told her, “You look good to me Phil!”

“Damn Bill, I’ve been waiting years for you to tell me that,” she said.

I noticed Bob looking at Karen’s breasts. I had to laugh and said, “Bob, some things never change, you’ve been staring at Karen’s boobs for years.”

We continued to joke around a little and made another pot of coffee. Karen got up to putter around a little, setting out more juice and breakfast snacks.

Even for September, it was hot outside and the sun shining in to the kitchen warmed it up a lot which prompted Phil to take off her robe off saying, “It’s too hot for a robe.”

Her breasts were plainly visible through her tank top–they’re not big, but perfectly shaped, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them, it was my turn to stare.

Karen took her robe off too as she checked over her shoulder to see if her tee shirt was long enough to cover her panties… they barely did.

I could see that Bob couldn’t take his eyes off my wife–the way her breasts stretched the tee shirt and made it tight.

I looked at his wife who noticed Bob staring as well and she rolled her eyes at me. She knew he was a girl watcher from way back.

“Are we going to have any real breakfast?” I asked Karen.

She walked over and playfully sat on my lap and said “If you fix it Bill. Today’s my day off.”

I tickled her on her ribs, knowing that always got her aroused. Bob’s eyes were fixed on her nipples which were getting hard under the tee shirt.

She slapped at my hands and I reached up and gave her breast a squeeze. Karen’s breasts were very sensitive and I knew she loved having them played with.

She slapped my hand away and laughed saying “Bill, if you’re going to do that, I’ll go elsewhere!”

We all laughed and I said “Go ahead!”

She jumped up and walked over and sat sideways on Bob’s lap and winked at his wife. “I’ll show you!” she said to me.

Phil got into the spirit and walked over and straddled my knees and sat on my lap with her back toward me. She wiggled back a little and then said “Woo Hoo! Well Bill is glad to see ME!”

I blushed, but she made no move to leave.

Phil wiggled a little more and my cock was nestled between her cheeks. She clenched them together and I put my hands on her hips.

Karen threw a leg over Bob’s knee and scooted back. Suddenly, her eyes widened and she gasped “Oh MY!”

Bob couldn’t help himself. He reached around and cupped my wife’s breasts in his hands and squeezed them. He blurted “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

Almost in unison Phil and I laughed and esenyurt escort answered “Yes we do!”

Seeing that Karen didn’t mind, he began to knead them gently and to tweak her nipples. I cupped Phil’s breasts and played with her nipples through her tank top. Bob couldn’t get enough and the attention Karen’s nipples were getting was guaranteed to get her very hot.

Karen kept wiggling on Bob’s lap and his wife and I could see her pussy lips swelling beneath her panties, which were already soaked through. I really would have thought I’d be upset, that I should be, but I wasn’t.

I think it was Phil’s perfect ass sitting on me that kept me from feeling jealous of Bob carrying on with my wife.

Karen looked at me and I could tell she was feeling the same as me, that we were in total agreement.

Seeing Bob’s hands on my wife’s breasts was oddly a huge turn on.

I twirled Phil’s nipples between my thumb and finger. She moaned as I kissed her neck and shoulder.

Karen lifted her arms and Bob lifted her tee up and off over her head.

She had large pink areolas and when aroused, like now, her nipples were puffy and hard. Karen reached up and ran her fingers through her hair and then Bob’s. He squeezed her breasts again and then slid one hand down her tummy and into her panties.

Karen stood up turned around and straddled Bob’s knees again, giving him a view of her breasts that he’d wanted for years.

Tilting her head back, I watched as he took one, then another in his mouth and sucked on my wife’s breasts as if I wasn’t there.

I’ve made Karen cum before just by doing that, so I knew she was in heaven.

Meanwhile, Phil stood up, pulled her tank top off and sat back down on my lap and we kissed. It was slow and gentle at first but quickly it became a firestorm. Phil ran her fingers through my hair and I cupped, squeezed and tweaked her breasts.

I ran my hand up between her thighs and touched her. Phil too was getting hot and wet.

Karen stood up and Bob slid her panties down. She squatted between his knees and pulled his gym shorts down and off. Her pussy was swollen and wet, her lips clearly visible as she squatted. Bob looked over at Phil and I and smiled.

Karen said “Oh MY! again as his shorts came off. Bob’s eyes closed and he leaned his head back saying “Oh FUCK yeah!” as Karen took him into her mouth and her head began to bob up and down. Phil and I watched, this sure wasn’t planned.

“He’s had the hots for Karen forever.” Phil whispered. “Just like I’ve had the hots for you Bill.”

I smiled and said “Ditto!” We stood up and I slid Phil’s pj bottoms down over her hips.

She was naked underneath and shaved smooth. She struggled with the buttons on my jeans but got them open and pushed them down. I sat her on the table and stood between her knees and we kissed again as I stepped out of my pants almost tripping in the process.

Phil leaned back on her elbows and I lifted her knees. avrupa yakası escort “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this!” I said parroting Bob’s earlier comment. “Oh I think I do!” Phil said huskily.

I ran my tongue up her slit and she gripped my hair with one hand. I sucked one lip inside and nibbled it and then the other. Slipping my tongue inside her white hot pussy, I sucked on her clit. she moaned loudly “Yessssss” and lifted her hips to me.

I briefly looked over at Bob and Karen just in time to see Karen straddling Bob’s cock, it was huge!

Phil was watching too as Bob slowly disappeared inside Karen, clenching her fists in my hair and pulling me back down toward her. I went back to work on Phil’s pussy, so tangy, hot and so wet.

Sucking her clit, her hips began to move, rythmically fucking my mouth. Soon she began to shake. Before long, Phil screamed and came, flooding my mouth with her juices and pulling my face closer to her. I lapped her up hungrily. I stood up and pulled her to me, holding her knees up and apart. She sat up and watched as my cock parted her own swollen lips and slid inside. She felt incredible. I looked into her blue her eyes and she smiled as she sucked me into a raging inferno.

Karen wasn’t known for being quiet during sex and she especially wasn’t now. I was sure that her screams could be heard throughout the neighborhood as she rode Bob’s cock.

I watched as she stood up and turned around. She straddled him again and he held his glistening cock for her as she sank down on it again. She leaned forward, propping her hands on Bob’s knees. As she moved her hips, her breasts bounced freely. Bob held her hips as her speed and her screams picked up again.

Phil matched my rythm. Her breasts bouncing in time with my thrusts. She kept her eyes open and looked at me, smiling and said “Oh Bill, Bill, my god you feel so good.” her pussy gripped me tightly and she played with her nipples as I pushed deeper and harder.

I pulled her bottom closer to the edge of the table and soon my balls were slapping against her.

Bob stood up and led Karen over to the table where she leaned over it. Holding Karen’s hips he began slamming his cock into her. Her screams were louder and her bouncing breasts took on a life of their own. Karen started cumming. She’d had multiple orgasms before but this time she went wild.

That triggered reactions in all of us.

I held Phil’s hips tightly and came deep inside her. Phil wrapped her legs around me, squeezed and screamed as her whole body shook. Bob grunted and thrust one last time deep inside Karen. Karen arched her back and then collapsed on the table, gasping for air.

My legs were shaking, but after a moment I slid out of her. “Wow Bill,” she said, “You were so incredible!”

She stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a long wet kiss. then she whispered in my ear “And its only Saturday morning.”

Bob was sitting back in his chair and Karen was on his lap. Their chests were heaving as they tried to catch their breath. and they both had a happy but exhausted smile on their face.

Phil gave my butt a squeeze and took my hand and said ” I think they’ll be alright, let’s go take a shower.” I gladly followed her perfect bottom upstairs.


The End.

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