Office Fire

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Cammie Nellton is a 29 year old secretary at Swan Davers Investigation for Jasper Swan and Caleb Davers. Caleb has asked her out a few times in the 2 years she has been working there and she has accept only a couple of times. Every day she hopes that will be the day that Jasper will notice her but she has finally given up and decided to take actions into her own hands.

She told both Caleb and Jasper that she had a doctor’s appointment after lunch and wouldn’t be there for the rest of the day. She left first for lunch and sat I her car across the street from their office waiting for both of them to leave. When they were both gone she left her car across the street and slipped back in the building and into Jasper’s office.

In anticipation of her plans she was wearing a short chocolate pencil skirt that made her legs look longer with a silk cream colored blouse with a red lace bra and matching thong with a red garter belt that was holding up her black thigh highs. When she got in his office she went to a mirror on the wall that was for decoration and took her long wavy chestnut brown hair down and ran her fingers though it in the light she could see the red tint in her new wild looking hair. She took in her slightly tanned skin and quickly applied some makeup to give her emerald green eyes more of a smokey mysterious look and dark red lip stick with a hint of gloss. She was a little nervous this was her first time to try to seduce someone who seemed not to notice her. Satisfied that she looked very much like a seductress and hopefully appealing she went to sit in his chair at his desk and wait.

Jasper was on his way back to the office and for some reason couldn’t seem to stop thinking about Cammie but what was new he was always thinking about her. He supposed it was a good thing she wasn’t going to be there when he got back she was driving him more nuts than normal today with the way she was dressed and he could see a hint of a sexy red lace bra under her cream colored silk blouse or was that just his imagination, red had always been his favorite color on a woman and he knew she would look killer in it. Oh well, he would never find out he knew Caleb was interested and she had taken him up a few times so she was obviously interested in him to so he wouldn’t poach.

As he got to the office and got out of his car he realized as normal that thought s of Cammie had given him a hard on if he couldn’t stop thinking of her soon he would have to spend the rest of the day behind his desk. So as he walked back to his office he tried to think of some of the cases he was working on but Cammie in red undies bent over his desk kept popping in his head.

As he opened the door to his office he noticed that the window blinds were closed and the room was dark he didn’t remember closing them. Then, before he could istanbul escort turn the light on he thought he caught a whiff of the sweet perfume Cammie wore but wrote it off as a figment of his imagination. He hit the light switch and as he looked back at his desk his chair was facing away from him and slowly turning. He immediately got ready for a fight but when the person in his chair came into view he froze in shock as he heard her silky voice.

“I have been waiting for you Jasper.” Cammie said with come hither smile.

“God if this is a dream don’t let me wake up.” Jasper whispered.

He knew it had to be a dream she was wearing the same thing she was before lunch but her hair was down he had never seen her with her hair down before, it looked like an erotic mix of earth and flame haloing the most seductively angelic face he had ever seen. He also noticed that her blouse was unbuttoned just a bit further and he was sure now the she was wearing red under her clothes. He swallowed audibly.

She stood up and walked toward him swaying her hips in the most seductive rhythm.

“I am tired of waiting Jasper it’s time you took notice. I want you and I will have you I am not waiting any more I will have you Jasper I will have you now.” She practically purred.

He stood there in stupor and one question popped in mind.

“What about Caleb?” He asked hoarsely he has never in all his 32 years been as hard as he was right now.

She looked confused as she asked, “What about him?”

“Well you have gone out with him aren’t you in the wrong office?” He asked.

She laughed then, “Jasper you poor blind fool you, I am in the right office I went out with him hoping to get your attention.” She responded.

It was his turn to look confused now as she walked toward him again. Now only inches from him she placed her hand on his shoulders and looked up with a smoldering look in her eyes.

“Don’t you want me to be here?” She asked a little unsure of herself now.

He didn’t respond he simply pulled her tightly against him and kissed her with all the pent up passion he had been hiding. Her fingers curled into his slightly unkept black hair and pulled him closer as she started to rub against him.

He was sure he was in heaven now, no way could life feel this good he didn’t know how he had died and he didn’t care as long as she stayed there. He heard a noise from the outer office but didn’t care till she pulled away.

“Caleb’s coming.” She said turning around and heading for his desk.

“Jasper you’re not going to believe this.” Caleb was grumbling.

Cammie pushed Jasper down into his chair and slipped under his desk pulling his chair in so that she was between his legs and his hard cock in plain view pressing against avcılar escort his black slacks. Just then the office door opened and Caleb walked in.

“Man we are so fucked,” Caleb started complain taking a sit just as Jasper felt Cammie’s hand rubbing on his cock, “This temp service couldn’t find anyone to come fill in for Cammie this afternoon. I wish we could call her and tell her to reschedule till we can find a temp.” He continued.

Jasper was having trouble focusing on what Caleb was saying and even more trouble trying to keep a natural look as he felt Cammie unzip his slacks and free his hard throbbing cock. Caleb was still talking but Jasper couldn’t make out the words as he felt her light velvety touch stroke him. Just when he thought he could refocus on Caleb he felt her warm, wet, silky mouth wrap around the head of his cock and instinctive jumped and took in a shocked breath. Immediately he started coughing trying to cover his reaction. Caleb gave him a worried look.

“Man are you ok?” Caleb asked standing up looking like he was going to move closer.

Jasper quickly nodded and motioned for him to sit down.

“I sorry what were you saying?” Jasper choked trying to think of a way to get Caleb the hell out of his office.

“What are we going to do about the phones?” Caleb continued.

It took Jasper a minute to remember what they had been talking about as he could feel Cammie’s mouth sliding up and down his cock.

“Answer them ourselves we’re not imbeciles we can answer a few phone calls.” He replied.

“I guess your right. Well, I guess we should get back to work.” Caleb responded and stood to walk out the door.

As soon as Caleb was out the door and Jasper heard him go to his own office he slid out from his desk jerked Cammie out from under it by her shoulders making her stand as he did.

“Woman I am going to kill you.” He said in a menacing voice as she laughed.

Then he kissed her hard and punishing crushing her to him. Then without warning her turned her around and forced her to bend over his desk almost out of his mind with lust.

“Stay.” He barked at her as he moved to lock his office door and she laughed in delight while staying as he had commanded.

He came back around behind her without a word and forced her skirt up and over her hips. He let you a low growl as he saw her perfectly firm shaped ass in a lacey red thong outline by a matching garter belt. He took only a second to enjoy the view before he reached down and ripped the thong clean off her. He held the thong to his face and let out another growl as he got the scent of her sweet arousal and could feel the dampness of the panties. Without a second thought he took his long hard cock in his hand guided his cock to her steaming hot, wet cunt then rammed şirinevler escort it in to her.

She gasped in pleasure as he claimed in that one rough primal thrust. He could tell she was already close to climax but he had to stop for a moment she was so wet and tight. He could feel her inner walls gripping him as he stayed still for a moment let her adjust to his size. He wanted her more than anything but he didn’t want to hurt her.

Without warning he pulled back till he was almost all the way out of her and when she whimpered in protest to losing the feel of his long, hot, hard cock deep inside her he rammed back in again. This time he didn’t pause the friction was too sweet to wait. Slow and hard he started pumping his cock into. Her moans of pleasure were becoming more intense her inner muscles getting tighter around his cock she was so close. He wanted her to come this way first. He leaned over her never breaking the rhythm and started to stroke her clit with his fingers while he pumped into her.

“Come for me Cammie. Let me hear you come for me.” He whispered roughly in her ear.

As if on command she through her head back and screamed his name as he felt her inner muscles spasm around him in silky steal grasp. He moan roughly loving the feel of her juice flow around his cock. The he pulled out of her and sat in his chair that was right behind him he spun her around to face him and pulled her onto his cock without warning.

“Ride me.” He demanded, “Show me how much you want me.”

She immediately obeyed and started rocking on his cock her head tilted back. He moved his hands all over her at once need to feel her skin under his hand he ripped her blouse open and sucked in a breath at the sight of her creamy firm breast supported by red lace. He pulled the cups of her bra down so that he could see her rosy nipples and watch her breast pounce as she continued to ride him. He wanted to taste her and could think of no reason to deny himself he took one nipple in his mouth and sucked hard. She gripped his hair in her hands and held him closer to her as she through her head back farther and screamed his name as she came for him again. He watched in awe he had never seen a woman more erotic then the one rocking his world as she rode him.

He could feel himself getting closer and grasped her hips in his hands rocking her as hard and has fast as he could. He had never felt anything so consuming like a wild fire spreading through him. He could feel her getting closer he wanted her to come one more time to come with her.

“Come with me. Just one more time.” He whispered.

As he took her mouth he felt her orgasm start and let himself go as they screamed into each others’ mouths as they came together riding the wave of ecstasy. As the waves died down he buried his face in her neck lightly kissing her.

“I ruined you shirt.” He whispered and she giggled.

“You can buy me a new one.” He replied.

“On one condition.” He said.

“What’s that?” She asked.

“We set the office on fire like this at least once a day from now on.” He replied smiling.

“Deal.” She laughed.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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