Off-Agenda Meeting Ch. 02

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I woke up to the feeling of my cock growing larger in someone’s mouth. A tongue circling the tip. Then deep sucking that was making me longer by the second.

Rebecca. That was her name. Remembering it helped me snap out of the groggy, deep-sleep induced state I was in. My eyes were still closed and my night, to this point, flashed through my mind.

Rebecca, teasing me just outside the elevator. Her mouth nibbling at my cock through my khakis. Her little striptease ending with her commando performance. The taste of her flesh and her deep moans as I took her tit into my mouth. The way she massaged my cock with her own juices. The intense sensation of her sucking my balls.

As every image flashed by I grew harder in Rebecca’s mouth. She was working hard to deep throat my cock as I got larger. There was an occasional whimper, which I thought were from discomfort at first. As I became more alert, I realized they were sounds of pleasure muted by a mouthful of my cock.

Opening my eyes, I saw her silhouette above me. Rebecca was on our fours and positioned in a way to take in as much of my cock as she could. Her lips were at the base of my cock now. I could feel the tip of it against the back of her throat.

Satisfied that she had accomplished her goal of swallowing every inch of me, Rebecca went about the business of finishing the job. Slowly, she raised her head, allowing her saliva to slip from her lips and run down my shaft. Her tongue ran along the base of it and as she got to the head, she simultaneous sucked on me and stroked the skin below by head with the tip of her tongue.

Rebecca had almost all of her weight on her arms. That seemed to give her better balance and control as she began slowing fucking me with her mouth. It was not unlike having someone ride your cock, except that there is no weight on you. She managed to get most of my cock in her mouth with each plunge down. Each time she came up, I was treated to that slow sucking/tongue action combo.

It wasn’t long before I was starting to thrust my cock up at her when she was giving attention to the tip. The action was priming me to deliver what felt like a large load of cum. Rebecca must have sensed this because her short whimpers became louder moans as I pushed my cock at her.

The sound of her being turned on by sucking me just added to my pleasure. I seldom make much noise during sex, but I couldn’t help myself when I heard her. I tried to talk through it but couldn’t. I was so lost in the moment, so intensely overrun by the sensation of the blowjob and the sight and sound of Rebecca giving it to me that I found no words for the sounds coming from my mouth.

Through it all, I vaguely saw what was now becoming a familiar sight. Rebecca’s back began to arch a bit. Her stomach muscles, what little I could see between the movement and the low light, were taut as could be. She was approaching an orgasm just from giving bostancı escort me a blow job.

Rebecca stopped her up and down action and began to suck hard as my load started shooting into her mouth. The sensation was intense. I shouted something out. I don’t really remember what it was at this point. Rebecca’s entire pelvis shuddered hard. She was coming without any physical stimulation to her tits or her clit. The process of sucking me was enough to make her come.

Two, three, four waves of cum pulsed through my shaft and into her mouth. After the fourth, I felt warm liquid stream back down my shaft and balls. Rebecca whimpered again, her body still shuddering from some convulsions. She released my cock from her mouth and between heavy breaths said, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t take it all when I was coming.”

Before I could respond, Rebecca lowered herself and began to lick up the cum she didn’t swallow. The warmth of her tongue and her slow, steady licks were soothing. My body began to relax. I glanced over at the clock. It was 3:48 in the morning. The bar had closed at two. It occurred to me that, in less than two hours, I just had at least a week’s worth of great sex. Maybe a month’s worth. I tried to think back on the last time I had it this good. But it was getting harder to think. Sleep was calling.


The room became light enough to wake me. The buildings surrounding this downtown, high-rise hotel blocked direct sunbeams from coming in the window but enough light had filtered in to stir me from my sleep.

I was on my back with Rebecca nestled next to me on the left. She was still sleeping soundly, on her side, with her left arm over her breasts as though clutching a teddy bear that wasn’t there. The light in the room softly lit her face. I studied her as she slept.

At some point during the night she had pulled her hair back into a ponytail. It dawned on me then that I had an unobstructed view of the middle-of-the-night blowjob.

Her skin was tan and firm. There were no wrinkles around the corner of her eyes. Her face was well proportioned. High cheekbones combined with the warm glow of her tan gave Rebecca a very youthful appearance. I was guessing she was 25 at the most.

Her lips appeared to be full, they certainly felt that way last night, but it was hard to tell because she was sleeping with a satisfied half-smile. I pulled the covers back a bit to see more.

The more I looked, the more I realized she didn’t need the soft morning light to be kind to her body. Rebecca was beautiful. Her shoulders were fairly broad and her upper arms had some definition to them. Either she worked out some or she spent a lot of time giving blowjobs like the one I got last night. Curiously, I found myself hoping that she got that definition in the gym and not in the bedroom. It’s odd how quickly sancaktepe escort one can go from wanting a woman who knows how to do it all for a man to wanting to believe in her innocence. I turned on my side and reached out to touch her. After placing my right hand firmly on her left shoulder, I began stroking her body. With gentle pressure, I moved my hand over the shoulder and down her arm. At her elbow, my hand naturally dropped onto her side and its journey continued to her waist. Rebecca’s body tapered nicely down to her hips and then back up again.

My hand was near Rebecca’s ass and I couldn’t help but take a little detour in that direction. Like the rest of her, it was firm yet feminine. When I reached as far as I could without straining. My hand began to make the trip back up Rebecca’s body.

On the way back up, my hand slipped under Rebecca’s left arm and I spread out my fingers. My thumb caught the underside of her breast and I applied a little more pressure as it traced around the outside. Rebecca lifted her left arm to make room for my probing hand. As her arm got to shoulder height, she rolled on her back and into a full stretch with her arms above her head. The arching of her back caused the rest of the covers to fall away and the full glory of her body was bathing in the morning light.

I soaked in the entire image. The look of contentment on her face. Her perfectly shaped breasts with nipples beginning to awaken. The curves of her hips straightening into one long, elegant line connecting her waist and her legs. A neatly shaved mound of pubic hair rising up and revealing itself in the light. My cock quickly grew to full attention.

Rebecca lowered herself from this amazing stretch and my right hand continued to run hand up her left arm, which was still above her head. I rolled on top of her, taking care to not place my full weight on her. My left hand grabbed her right hand. As our fingers interlaced, Rebecca spread her legs and my legs slipped between them. My cock hovered over her body, slightly resting on those neatly shaven hairs.

She smiled and, with eyes still closed, greeted me with a “good morning” that sounded like she was still stretching a bit.

“And good morning to you,” I replied.

“You seem to have me pinned down this morning,” Rebecca said. “I hope you’re planning on using that big cock to give me a good hard fu…”

I let go of Rebecca’s right hand and interrupted her by placing my left index finger softly on her lips. Then I placed it on my lips.

“Shhh,” I said. “Say nothing.”

I adjusted my body so my cock was centered at her pussy’s entrance. I pushed the head in slightly. Rebecca adjusted her hips to accommodate me. She started to speak. Again, I placed my finger softly on her lips.

“Say nothing,” I said.

Rebecca started to suck on my finger but I pulled it away. “Do nothing,” I said. zeytinburnu escort “Just let it be.”

Rebecca’s body became incredibly stiff and tense. Her beautiful brown eyes showed tremendous uncertainty and a little fear. I added a little more pressure to help my cock slip further into her awaiting chamber. Her muscles were tight, giving some resistance to my entry.

I leaned down and gently kissed her forehead. I kept my cock moving forward with moderate pressure. The full head was in and maybe another half-inch after that. “It’s okay Rebecca, you don’t have to do anything. Just let it be.”

The last words had barely left my lips and I felt the rush of juices flowing from inside her. Rebecca’s entire body relaxed and my cock quickly slipped all the way in. It was as if someone let go of the other end of the rope in tug-a-war, only you fall forward instead of backward. Rebecca wrapped her legs around mine.

I released her left hand and slid my arms underneath her, wrapping her up in a bear hug. She wrapped her arms around me as well. I began to slide my cock in and out at a slow steady pace, being careful to not get any faster with each penetration. Rebecca was squeezing my as tightly as she could. I heard a sniffle or two.

“Are you making love to me?” she asked. I could feel hot tears starting to drip on my shoulder and neck.


She started to cry more openly. Her muscles began to tighten as I continued my slow, steady rhythm. I resisted the temptation to go faster. Each long deep stroke brought more tears. Her body was getting warmer by the second. I never felt such heat generated from another person.

After two or three minutes, I felt her stomach press tight against mine. Her back was beginning to arch. It was a sure sign she was about to come. I stopped sliding in and out and pressed in as deeply as I could. “Just let it go,” I whispered.

Rebecca’s sobs matched the intensity of her orgasm. She let out a loud cry with each heaving thrust of her pelvis. I held much of her weight while she was coming, keeping our bodies pressed close together. My cock was drenched with her juices. I could feel them running down my inner thigh. Her fragrance filled the air.

Rebecca’s body started to go limp with fatigue. It was the fifth time she had come since we hooked up earlier in the evening. It was certainly the most intense orgasm she had to this point.

I stopped holding most of her weight, gently releasing her to the bed. My cock was still in Rebecca as far as it could go. She looked up at me.

“Did you come?” she asked softly. Her eyes were wet and red from crying.

I hadn’t come. But then again, I’m not sure I had much cum to give. Rebecca had extracted quite a bit of it earlier in the night. So it didn’t matter to me all that much at that moment. I again placed my finger on her lips and shook my head slightly. Slowly, I pulled my cock from her pussy and got out of bed to shower.

I put the covers back over Rebecca. She closed her eyes and I kissed her on the forehead. It was 6:25. Less than 3 hours ago, I was wondering if the great sex I was having could get any better. I was now certain it could. And deep down inside, I knew that Rebecca would agree.

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