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As I entered the bar the furthest thing from my mind was the matter of physical pleasure. It was just time to get a drink and then move off into the balance of the evening for some form of entertainment that did not involve another human being. Just the end of a long business day in a not-at-home city. Then there you were. I had no more than moved onto a convenient seat on the stool when I saw you. The vision you cast was throughout the room to be certain but the one most struck was I. Something in the way you held your head and carried your shoulders spoke to me in ways I hadn’t thought of. Not being one to venture in the realm of pick-ups with any frequency I was inclined to dismiss the feeling. Still . . .

As I sidled over to you I uttered what could only be described as honest:

“Pardon me but you are the most striking woman I’ve seen.”

“Truly?” you came back. “Striking? Well I hope that is a compliment.”

“I meant it to be. I also meant it to be a reflection of my honesty as much as my assessment.”

The smile you returned bode well it seemed. The light that came from your eyes and the corners of your mouth turning up slightly told me more than the additional words we exchanged as I changed my seating preference to the one next to you.

There was a chemistry there right from the very first words fell on one another’s ears. In my world that chemistry evidenced itself instantly upon hearing your voice and seeing you up close. The first stirrings between my legs began and I was surprised by the suddenness of response.

The talk wasn’t long before a glancing touch of your hand stirred even deeper blood flows toward my crotch. Then there was the way you looked at me when our hands first touched. There was playfulness there in your eyes and that danced in front of the wickedness that resided inside as well. I still don’t know for certain but I thought I saw you spread your legs just slightly as though there was a release of something there suddenly necessary as you re-crossed your legs. I never did ask you.

Without much more conversation than it takes to order a complicated dinner we were laughing and walking at the same time. Out of the bar and into the hotel lobby. My hotel on this latest business venture. We continued laughing and exchanging entendres as we entered the elevator and rode swiftly up to the floor where my temporary residence existed. I couldn’t help but notice you evaluating me with your eyes – or at least determining just how tall this man must be. That was when you pressed your hand against my thigh. By the time the elevator doors open I was near full erection just from the thought of you and that slightest touch.

Into my room without hesitation we tumbled. Suddenly clothing was falling like snowflakes to the floor. Heaps of material from each of us. Assisting one another but both anxious to explore and be explored that we provided much of the impetus for clothing discard. By the time we were near open to one another I heard both our breathing had increased in pace.

The pause that occurred came just as we halkalı escort arrived at mutual nakedness. I found myself holding your hands near your sides as I took you in. The curve of your shoulders down along your chest, your nipples so proud to be free and beheld, the transition from your belly to your hips and the lush patch of hair above the focal point of my desires at that moment. Thighs as smooth and creamy as though sculpted alabaster with a patina of color to express them more fully. I know you were assessing whose room you had entered as well but my attentions were too focused to note where you looked or for how long.

I moved one of your hands to one of mine allowing me to hold both of them. There was no semblance of decorum in what my next move was. My desires were written over my face and I could see in your eyes that similar thoughts were running like hot water over your senses. With my free hand I reached out to you and started at the side of your face. Your neck bent back to look up and up to where my smiling face hovered then you glanced back down at the expanse of my chest and lower still to see my now rigid member poised for you. I felt one hand struggle just slightly against the tender grip I held it in as you wished to participate in the tactile exploration. My hand held fast but gently as the free one moved over your neck and shoulder down alongside one breast where it made a sharp turn. Cupping first one and then feeling that taught nipple and then running the palm over the other, there was an urgency now in the movements but not literal haste.

My hand spilled quickly down the front of you and then just as quickly up the front of your thigh. My knees now bent to reach below you my fingers now moved to where your wetness was evidencing itself. You watched as my fingers first spread your lips and the one slipped inside you. As I withdrew it and slipped the length of it over your clit you trembled and moaned just a bit. When I pulled it up to my mouth to taste you almost by proxy you laughed in your throat with a mixture of amusement and excitement.

I guided you by the hands over to the bed and seated you there. With the full of my rather imposing presence before you I leaned down and kissed you. My hands moving behind your back to support you downward to recline. Once there I braced with one hand while holding yours above your head on the bed and proceeded to taste you more directly. My lips moving over you swiftly – taking your nipples between them individually your legs being parted by my knees pressing in against the edge of the bed.

I released your hands and knelt in front of that newly steamed pussy of yours. With one hand I reached in and spread you open. Exposing your clit and allowing access for my tongue. I remember your hands moving swiftly to my hair and pushing me forward onto you. The accuracy of my tongue around your swelling clit enhancing the mood and truly steaming things up. Much more. So much more to go.

Taking your clit between my taksim escort lips I allowed one hand under my chin to probe you first with one finger then two. Reaching up inside you. Licking your clit delicately I fingered your spot with circular motions and you moaned most audibly now. Your hands clutching at my hair and then reaching for my muscled shoulders to feel the power that was driving you wetter.

As I continued my ministrations to that suddenly steamy pussy you began to tense. So fast, I thought, but I wanted the first to be swift. Then more time to take for full rapture. The precision of my touches, licks and sucking made your cunt tighten around my fingers and I sensed you reaching a first peak. Smaller noises coming from you now, not in terms of volume but in terms of frequency, as the pace moved on and the pressure built inside you. Pressing continually on and over your spot you finally gave in and started bucking at the results of this attention. I felt your juices suddenly oozing from you and running down my chin. Lightly licking you now to finish off the initial foray into pleasure culminated. My fingers moved outside of you briefly and I looked up from my attentions. My fingers now rubbing the outside of your cunt, smearing the wetness over your lips. My other hand gripping your ass and lifting it slightly in rhythm.

Erecting the rest of my body before you I stood then and looked down upon you. Glistening and flushed as you wondered what we could do next. You propped yourself on one elbow and reached for my cock. Your hands gripping it and then sliding the length of it. Admiring what you had for your own use you sat and moved your head forward to attend to the throbbing appendage.

I watched as you sat on the edge of the bed and wrapped your lips around the bulbous head of my cock and I felt that talented tongue of yours swirling over me and then under. You turned your head and ran your tongue the length of my cock and I noted you seemed pleased with the measurement you mentally made. Holding the base of my cock again you took some of my cock in your mouth again and your suction working wonders on expanding even its already full bloom. Your dabbling of precum from the end of my cock only spurred me into action once more.

As you stroked my cock from the base with your hands and with your lips at the head of it I reached for you again. The advantages of size and strength about to be revealed. I urged you upward to your feet. Then I bent slightly and placed one hand under your thigh. Encouraging you onto the bed again but standing this time. My head now at your nipples I worked them as my hands gripped your ass and pushed your lush wetness into my chest. Then with unspoken requests had you bend your knees and wrap your legs around me.

Your arms wrapped around my neck you found that you suddenly in mid air. My hands under your ass and your legs wrapped around my neck. Our unspoken communication working at a high level you knew immediately what was possible. You slipped one hand off of my neck and reached şişli escort for my fully inflamed cock and pointed it first into your ass – where it seems you probed in just a bit then more correctly at that pussy of yours.

My knees bent slightly to accommodate the angle you pressed the head of my cock just past the lips of your dripping cunt. My hands fully gripping your ass I slipped you up to the very tip of my cock and then slowly lowered you a little further on. Its size as not a surprise since you had been witness to it and assessed it both manually and orally. Still, feeling my cock slip a little more into you caused some small issue across your face. I suspect now that it was more a matter of concern over pace than of size.

The answer to the pacing issue resolved well. I slipped into you a little at a time by lifting you and lowering you slowly. Feeling that hot cunt of yours wrapped around me. Feeling too your internal muscular talents gripping me. Then lifting you again and sliding your juicy pussy along my shaft once more. Never fully but certainly to the depths of you at last. With the final depth achieved I started more rhythmic up and down lifts. Onto my cock and down onto my half-lap as you held my neck. Our mouths hungered for one another and consumed each to other until, that is, I started to move my hips along with the other motions.

Thumping into you with increased effort pushing my cock into that hot wetness of your insides. Driving you onto me and me into you. I recall you leaned forward just a bit to allow the tips of your nipples to brush against my skin as you rode up and down along the my pole. Stroking you firmly and the curve of my cock reaching your spot just so with each stroke as though it was meant to fit this way. The head of it drawn repeatedly over it. Long full strokes that were having the intended effect.

After a time, us both wet from head to toe despite the coolness of the room you threw your head back and I thrust shorter strokes at you while keeping the head of my cock inside you just enough and then fully to encounter that wonderful place of yours. Your face changed with the relief of the little death you went through once more and I felt your pussy squeeze juice past my cock and over my balls once more. I would have smiled more broadly than I did but I couldn’t hold on any more. You must have felt my fingers gripping your ass tighter now as I nearly lost my knee tension when I exploded into you – making my own animal noises and faces in response. I could feel our mingled flows running over my balls and down my legs now. Still thrusting into you and squirting deep inside. At last it was time to allow for some physical relief. I lay you on the bed without removal and propped above you. Pressing onto you once or twice before finally sliding slowly out of you to lie alongside you there. Holding you and feeling all he other delicious parts of you with my fingers as we enjoyed the cast reflection of what we had just done.

True, it wasn’t long before we worked our way back to passion’s peak again – starting with playful touches out of the languidness of our first dance. But it was that first intensity that caused it all. It was that first placement of me inside you and the resultant feelings and thrusts and drive and wetness that kept me next to you through the night. It was that first, pointed dénouement that made me miss my flight the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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