North Valley High Ch. 03

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“Mmmm,” sighed Jessica as Jack massaged her bare shoulders, “Mmmm Jack. This feels soooo good.”

They were sitting on Jessica’s bed, Jessica with her shirt off and her bra unhooked while holding her cups in place and Jack sitting behind her.

“Ooooh right there baby,” said Jessica arching her back as Jack started rubbing the middle of her back, “Mmmm, that’s the spot.”

Jack found it hard to concentrate as he watched his girlfriend arch her back, her large breasts covered only by the cups of her bra.

“Hey, you sneak,” giggled Jessica, picking up her shirt and covering her chest with it, “No peeking until you’re done.”

Jack continued to massage Jessica’s shoulders and back.

“Ooooh, mmmm Jack,” said Jessica, “Mmm lower baby.”

Jack moved his hands to her lower back and Jessica moaned as she arched her back again, “Ohhh Jack. Mmm Yessss.”

Just then there was a knock at Jessica’s bedroom door.

“Jessica,” said a female voice, “Are you two doing what I think you’re doing?”

“No mom,” said Jessica, “My back is sore and Jack is giving me a massage.”

“Alright,” said Mrs. Hanson, “Keep it quiet, please.”

“We will mom,” said Jessica, waiting to hear her parents bedroom door shut.

Jessica then giggled as she laid back against Jack, “Mmmm, my back feels so much better, thank you baby.”

“You’re welcome,” said Jack, kissing her and rubbing her arms close to the shirt covering her big boobs.

Jessica giggled as she saw her boyfriend’s hands getting closer to her shirt, “Mmmm, you’re just dying to see them aren’t you.”

“Kinda,” said Jack, his eyes locked on the impressive swells beneath the shirt.

Jessica laughed at his answer before sighing, “Ok, you can see them.” Jack watched eagerly as Jessica reached under the shirt and pulled her bra away.

“Are you ready,” said Jessica with a huge smile.

All Jack could do was nod his head.

His eyes nearly bugged out of his head as his girlfriend pulled her shirt away to reveal her large naked breasts.

They were two beautiful large globes capped by quarter sized nipples.

“What do you think Jack,” asked Jessica, a hint of nervousness in her voice.

“They’re so beautiful Jess,” said Jack in a low voice, staring hypnotically at his girlfriend’s naked breasts.

“Beautiful and big,” said Jessica, giggling, taking Jack’s hands, and cupping her boobs, “Mmm your hands feel so good baby.”

“Your boobs feel so soft,” said Jack, giving her tits a gentle squeeze.

“Mmm Jack,” gasped Jessica, as her boyfriend started squeezing her breasts, “Ohhh, ooooh.”

She moaned softly as she moved her hands with his, squeezing her soft naked flesh, “Mmmmm, ohhhhhh, oooooh Jack, baby.”

Jessica then sighed as she snuggled against Jack while they fondled her large breasts.

“My boobs have felt so much better ever since I got my new sports bras,” said Jessica.

“And you have been running faster,” said Jack.

“Wait, a minute,” said Jessica, laughing, “Did I just hear my boyfriend mention my running instead of my big boobs not bouncing?”

“Yes,” said Jack, kissing her on her forehead.

Jessica giggled as she kissed Jack.

“Let me go get ready for bed,” said Jessica, sitting up, putting on her bra and shirt, and giving Jack another kiss, “I’ll be back in a few minutes, and don’t you fall asleep on me.”

“I won’t,” said Jack, grabbing Jessica’s right boob and giving it a light squeeze.

Jessica giggled as she got up, grabbed her bathrobe and some clothes, and headed out of her room to the bathroom.

Jack quickly got up and stripped down to his boxers.

He then laid back down on the bed, waiting for Jessica to come back.

He didn’t have to wait long as a few minutes later she came back into her room, her bathrobe wrapped tightly around her.

She had a huge smile on her face as she untied the sash and let her robe fall to the floor.

Jack had to keep his jaw from dropping as Jessica stood in her doorway dressed in a tight tank top and panties.

“What do you think Jack,” said Jessica, adjusting her bra.

“Damn,” was all Jack could say.

Jessica giggled as she turned off the lights and crawled into bed next to him.

They spent the next ten minutes kissing while Jack ran his hands over Jessica’s large breasts.

“I love you Jack Brooks,” whispered Jessica, her eyes half open.

“And I love you Jessica Hanson,” said Jack, in a sleepy tone.

Soon they were both asleep.


Jessica yawned as she ran her hand kartal escort through her long brown hair as she came into the kitchen.

She went to open the refrigerator and stopped as she saw a note on the front.


Your mother and I have gone up to the beach house for the weekend. We are trusting that you and Jack won’t get in any trouble while we’re away.

Love, Dad”

‘Jack and I have the house to ourselves for the whole weekend,’ thought Jessica, with a smile on her face.

Her smile became even bigger as Jack came downstairs and kissed her.

“Mmm, good morning you,” said Jessica giggling as she pressed herself against Jack and showed him the note from her dad, “My parents went up to the beach house for the weekend.”

“So it’s just you and me,” said Jack, kissing Jessica again and bring his hands up to her chest, “and these.”

“Mhmm,” giggled Jessica, putting her hands on Jack’s as she started kissing him, “Mmmmm.”

“So what should we do today babe,” said Jack, putting a hand on Jessica’s back and pushing her against him, her boobs squishing against his chest.

“Ooooh, Mmmm”, moaned Jessica, as her tits were shoved into her boyfriend’s chest, “We could go swimming.”

She then giggled as she rubbed her breasts against Jack’s chest, “I can show you my new bikini.”

“Sounds good to me babe,” said Jack

Jessica smiled as she gave him another kiss before pulling away, “Let me go get changed.”


Jessica shrieked and giggled as Jack splashed her.

“Oh you’re gonna get it now Jack Brooks” said Jessica, giggling as she swam towards him.

Jack laughed as he tried swimming away from her but Jessica jumped and grabbed onto his shoulders.

“Gotcha,” said Jessica, laughing as she pushed Jack’s head underwater.

“That should teach you not to splash me,” said Jessica, who then screamed as Jack grabbed her by the waist and draped her over his shoulder.

“John Anthony Brooks, put me down,” said Jessica as she kicked her legs in the air.

“Ok,” said Jack, laughing.

“No, No, NO, said Jessica, screaming again as she was dunked into the water.

“That was not funny,” giggled Jessica as she playfully splashed water at Jack.

Jack laughed as he grabbed Jessica by her arms.

“No,” said Jessica, laughing as she struggled to break free, “You’re not getting me again.”

Instead of dunking her, Jack pulled her in for a kiss.

“Mmmm,” moaned Jessica as she kissed her boyfriend, wrapping her arms around him, “Mmmmm.”

“Mmmm,” moaned Jack, bringing his hands up to squeeze Jessica’s large breasts in her bikini top.

“Mmmmh,” moaned Jessica as Jack grabbed her big boobs and started squeezing them, breaking away from their kissing, “Ooooh, Ohhh Jack.”

She moaned softly as she placed her hands on his while he continued squeezing her breasts, “Mmmm baby, Oooooh, squeeze them Jack, squeeze them.”

Jack continued to gently squeeze his girlfriend’s boobs while she pressed his hands against them.

“Mmmm, Jack,” said Jessica softly as she then wrapped her arms around her boyfriend and started kissing him again, “Mmmmm.”

Jack then moved his hands to Jessica’s back and started untying her bikini top.

“Jack,” giggled Jessica, stopping him, “Not out here. Someone will see us.”

She then gave her boyfriend a smile and pressed his hands against her tits again, “Why don’t we go inside, get changed, and get something to eat. You can have fun with my boobs later.”

“Sounds good babe,” said Jack, giving Jessica another kiss before they both got out of the pool.


“I think we should dress up if we’re going to the convention this summer,” said Jessica, stirring her drink with her straw as she and Jack sat in a booth at the diner in town, “I know you like Thor so you could go as him, and I could go as Lady Sif.”

“Mhhm,” said Jack, munching on a burger, “I think that’ll work out, but you’ll need her outfits from the comics.”

“Mhmm, because Sif has big tits,” said Jessica, giggling as she pushed her chest out slightly.

“I’ll need help with measuring all of the pieces though,” said Jessica, “Maybe we can ask the lady who helped me with my sports bras.”

“Mhmm,” said Jack, finishing his burger, “gotta make them look nice and big.”

“I know,” said Jessica, smiling and pressing her breasts against the table, causing her cleavage to bulge in her top.

Jack almost choked on his burger at seeing his girlfriend’s bostancı escort cleavage.

“Enjoying the view Jack,” giggled Jessica, shaking her chest slightly causing it to jiggle.

She then flinched in pain and groaned as she grabbed her boobs, “Owww, ooooh.”

“What’s wrong Jess,” said Jack, with a look of concern, and whispering, “Your bra?”

“Mhmm,” whispered Jessica, looking around to make sure no one was watching before she adjusted her straps and cups, “It’s tight again.”

“C’mon,” said Jack sliding out of the booth, “We’re going to the store.”

Jessica finished her drink and slid out of the booth while Jack paid the bill.

They then headed to Jack’s car and drove off towards the store.


“Mmmm, this one feels so good Jack,” said Jessica, running her hands over the bra she was trying on.

“Are you sure that it’s the right size,” said Jack, sitting on the dressing room bench.

“Mhmm,” said Jessica, adjusting the straps, “36 Double D.”

“Nice and big,” giggled Jessica, “Just for you baby.”

“Make sure you pick out a few more, babe,” said Jack, “Can’t settle for just one.”

“I did baby,” said Jessica, taking the bra off and putting hers back on along with her shirt.

She then came out of the dressing room with three more bras, “I’m ready.”

They paid for the bras and headed back to Jessica’s.


“How about we go upstairs,” said Jessica as she and Jack walked to the front door, “And you can watch me try on my new bras.”

“Sounds fun babe,” said Jack.

Jessica giggled as they went into the house and headed upstairs.

Jack sat on Jessica’s bed while she took off her shirt and unhooked her bra.

She tossed her bra to Jack, and laughing as it landed on his head, “Nice catch.”

“We should have gotten you fitted a while ago,” said Jack, holding his girlfriend’s discarded bra and looking at the label.

“Mhmm,” said Jessica, slipping into one of her new bras, “I like my bras tight, but those were too tight.”

She gave a sigh of relief as she cupped her large breasts and let them bounce as they settled, “Mmmm, much better.”

Jessica then went into her closet, pulled out one of her new shirts, and slipped it on.

She then went over to her bed and smiled as she sat on Jack’s lap.

“What do you think of this bra and this shirt baby,” said Jessica, giggling as she gently pressed her boobs against her boyfriend’s chest.

Jack couldn’t help but stare at the amount of his girlfriend’s cleavage that was showing through the low neckline of her tight shirt.

“Hey,” giggled Jessica, lifting his chin, “I’m up here silly.”

She then smiled as she wrapped her arms around Jack and started kissing him, “Mmmm, Mmmm.”

After a few minutes, they moved, Jessica lying on the bed and Jack on top of her.

“Your move,” said Jessica, smiling as she pushed her chest upward.

She gasped and moaned as Jack cupped her large breasts and started squeezing them gently, “Ooooh, Mmm, Ohhh Jack, Baby.”

Jessica wrapped her arms around Jack and started kissing him again while he massaged her big boobs through her shirt, “Mmmm, Mmmm.”

Jack moaned softly as he ran his hands over his girlfriend’s breasts.

Jessica giggled as she continued to kiss him, pushing her chest up further, her boobs pressing against Jack’s hands.

“Mmmh,” moaned Jessica as her tits squished under her boyfriends hands.

Jack gave another moan as his hands pressed into the soft flesh of Jessica’s boobs.

“Mmm, Jack,” moaned Jessica, breaking away from their kissing and placing her hands on his, “Mmmh, I need you baby, I need you inside my bra.”

Jack pulled his hands away, unzipped his pants, and pulled his dick out of his boxers.

Jessica quickly pulled her shirt off and pressed her breasts together.

She then gave a short gasp as Jack shoved his hard cock between her large breasts, “Oooh baby.”

“Mmmh,” moaned Jessica as her boyfriend started thrusting between her big boobs, “Mmm, Jack, Ohhh, Mmm Baby, Ooohh, Mmm Yes.”

Jack grunted as he continued to thrust into his girlfriend’s cleavage, bouncing her boobs each time.

“Ohhh,” said Jessica, cupping her breasts and squeezing them as she started to moan louder,” Ohhh Baby, Ooooh, Mmm Jack, Mmm Yes.”

Jack grunted and moaned as his dick started spurting cum into Jessica’s cleavage.

“Mmm, Oh Jack,” moaned Jessica as her boyfriend’s cum soaked her boobs, maltepe escort “Mmm baby.”

Jack continued to grunt and moan as his cock continued to spill cum in between his girlfriend’s large breasts.

“Mmm baby” moaned Jessica gasping as her boobs bounced with each thrust and Jack’s cum flooding her cleavage, “Mmmm Jack my boobs are getting sooo wet.”

Jack continued thrusting, giving another moan as he emptied his dick between Jessica’s breasts.

“Mmm,” whispered Jessica as her boobs jiggled to a stop, “Ohhhh Jack.”

She then giggled as Jack started kissing her.

“Mmm, you’re an animal baby,” said Jessica, giggling as she kissed her boyfriend, “Why don’t we get cleaned up and watch a movie.”

“Ok,” said Jack, giving her another kiss before they got up from the bed.


“Jack,” giggled Jessica as her boyfriend kissed her neck while she laid against him on the couch, “I’m trying to watch.”

“Sorry babe,” said Jack as he leaned back against the couch.

It was hard for him to resist kissing or touching her because Jessica had changed into a tank top which gave him a great view of her breasts while she laid against him.

“Mmm,” moaned Jessica softly as she snuggled against Jack, holding his hands with hers.

She smiled while watching the movie, she knew that Jack wouldn’t be interested but he would still watch it with her, which is why she put on a tank-top for him.

‘As long as he can see my tits he’ll watch the movie,’ thought Jessica with a smile, ‘Okay baby take a look at these.’

Jessica gave a soft moan as she stretched, pushing her chest out, and giggled as she looked up at Jack.

His eyes were locked on her boobs.

“Uhhhh,” moaned Jessica softly as she stretched again, taking Jack’s hands and putting them on her breasts.

She then moaned as she snuggled into Jack again, her hands pressing his against her large breasts, “Mmmm.”

‘These should keep him happy,’ thought Jessica as Jack held her big boobs, gasping when he gave them a light squeeze, “Ohhhh.”

“Mmm,” giggled Jessica as her boyfriend massaged her breasts.

Jack moaned softly as he squeezed his girlfriend’s boobs.

“Having fun Jack,” said Jessica, looking up at him, smiling and giggling.

“Mhmm,” said Jack.

“Mmm, then you’ll like this baby,” said Jessica, as she took his right hand and moaned as she pushed it into her cleavage, “Mmmm.”

“Oh god,” moaned Jack as his hand was shoved down his girlfriend’s top.

Jessica giggled and moaned as Jack rubbed his hand between her breasts, “Oooh Jack, Mmmm.”

She then gasped as he grabbed her big right boob and started squeezing it, “Ohhh, ooooh baby.”

Jack moved his hand gently inside Jessica’s top, lightly squeezing her right breast.

“Mmmm,” sighed Jessica as she cuddled against her boyfriend while he had his hand between her tits, “Mmmm Jack.”

“Mmmm,” moaned Jessica as Jack started rubbing between her boobs again, “Ohhh baby.”

Jack continued to slide his hand between his girlfriend’s large breasts causing her to moan louder.

“Mmm Baby,” moaned Jessica arching her back, “Ohhh Jack.”

Unable to handle anymore, Jessica pulled Jack’s hand out of her top, turned over, and started kissing him, “Mmm, Mmmm.”

“Mmm Jess,” said Jack pulling away, “You’re gonna miss the rest of the movie.”

“So,” said Jessica, giggling as she started kissing him again, “Mmm.”

She giggled as she grabbed Jack’s hands and placed them on her big boobs.

“Mmmh, Mmm,” moaned Jessica as Jack started to squeeze her breasts.

She wrapped her arms around him while they continued to kiss, “Mmmh, Mmm.”

“Mmm, squeeze them baby,” said Jessica pulling away and pushing her chest forward, “Mmm, I need my big boobs to be ready for Track in the morning.”

Jack gave a soft moan as he pressed his hands into Jessica’s soft flesh, “Mmm.”

“Ooooh Jack,” whispered Jessica as she placed her hands on his.

She then moaned softly as she moved her fingers along with his, squeezing and massaging her boobs.

“Mmm you’re so sweet Jack,” said Jessica, “When we first met I thought you weren’t interested in these.”

She gave a soft moan as she pressed his hands into her tits.

“To be honest Jess, I was,” said Jack, “But I wanted to know the girl that the big boobs belonged to.”

“Mhmm,” said Jessica pulling his hands away and pressing her large breasts against him, “I’m much more than just a girl with big boobs.”

“Mhmm you’re my girl,” said Jack giving her a kiss.

“Mmm,” giggled Jessica, kissing him.

After a few minutes of kissing they turned off the movie and headed upstairs.

Jack stripped down to his boxers and Jessica stripped down to her panties, leaving her tank-top on.

They crawled into Jessica’s bed and cuddled for a few minutes until they fell asleep.

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