No Regrets

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Her husband’s unexpected death had brought many changes in Selah’s life. Which was to be expected. The hardest change of course was the loneliness. For that she had not been prepared. As the wife of an older man they had discussed the ‘what if’s’ when one of them passed over. But none of the things they discussed had prepared her for the loneliness and emptiness her life had become.

As she drove down the drive to their home, she remembered that he had said he would want her to continue living her life to the fullest. That he expected her to find someone to love again, and maybe even remarry. That had all sounded fine at the time. When they had thought they would have many more years together. Selah parked her car and walked into the house. Grabbing the mail from the box, she flipped through it. She threw the junk mail in the trash, and placed the bills in a folder on her desk. She turned on her computer, and went to change clothes while it warmed up. Turning on the light in her room she decided to take a quick shower now, instead of later.

She grabbed her robe, turning to go into the master bathroom. The whirlpool tub beckoned and she decided her email could wait. Probably just more junk mail, and maybe a note from her mom or sister. She turned on the timer to the tub and poured some lavender salts in it. As she took off her work clothes she glanced in the mirror and saw, that the 2 years since his death had taken a toll on her body. Always having had a problem with her weight she had definitely let herself go. Selah made a mental note that she really should start walking daily, and maybe using the pool at the Y to lose some weight.

Selah stepped into the tub, easing down into the hot water. She sighed as she felt her muscles start to relax. The pool was a gift to herself after his death. Something she had always wanted, and had bought on the spur of the moment. But she didn’t regret it, it helped ease the tensions of the day and relax her so she could sleep.

The phone rang and Selah listened for the answering machine in her room to pick it up. “Selah, this is Brian, we would like you to come down for the weekend. Call and let us know.”

Oh great, Selah thought. Kim was a great sister and her husband Brian, was the best husband and dad that Selah could think of for her. But Selah just couldn’t handle the thought of being around them and the kids right now. She would have to think of some excuse not to go.

Selah lounged in the tub for a half hour, and then turned off the jets. She stepped out of the tub, and over to the shower. She adjusted the water and stepped into the shower to wash her hair. She lathered her puff and ran it over her body, as she ran it over her breast she watched as her nipple puckered and swelled. She lightly ran her hand over the other nipple and watched as it also puckered in anticipation. Selah ran her hand down her stomach to her mound and found her clit was swollen and sensitive also. She played with her clit a bit, and pinched her nipples with her free hand. Ahhhh, it felt so good…she grabbed the hand held shower head and turned the water down a bit. Putting the shower head on pulse she ran it over her breasts and then her mound. Oh yes…right there. Mmmm oh yeah…just a little more…she leaned against the shower wall and trembled as her orgasm rippled through her. God she missed making love. Turning off the water and stepping out of the shower she dried off and put her robe on.

Walking into the living room she clicked on the internet to check her email. Yep…junk mail, and an email from her sister saying they hoped she would come visit them this weekend. A reminder for a bill that needed paying.

She decided to go play one of the online interaction games that she had become so involved with for a while, before she grabbed a salad for dinner. She clicked on the link and logged in. Hmmm 3 messages, one from a friend at work that played also. One from a Team player telling her about an online meeting with other Team members. The last one from a new person, Chey, that needed help on the game. Reading it she answered it, giving instructions on how to make the most of the game. She played for awhile and answered some messages that came in from her Team members.

As Selah was getting ready to sign off and go fix herself a salad, another message from Chey came in. Clicking on it she read “I’m sorry to bother you again. But I don’t understand part of your instructions. Do you have Chat Messenger so we could discuss this.”

Selah replied that she would be glad to chat with her if she needed help. Opening up her Chat Messenger she added the user name that Chey had given her to her friends list, and sent her an invite to chat.It was accepted almost immediately and a chat window popped up. Selah typed “Hi There how can I help you hun.”

Chey responded that she just couldn’t understand the instructions Selah had sent. The two chatted for the next 2 hours talking about the game, getting to know each other, and finding canlı bahis out they were both in the same line of work.

Selah looked at the clock and realized that she hadn’t eaten yet and said she would ‘Be Right Back’ she had to grab something to eat.

Chey replied “Grab me something too LOL” and said she would be waiting.

Walking into the kitchen, thinking about their conversation she thought how coincidental to find someone else in her field of work. After fixing herself a salad and some hot tea she went back to her desk. Chatting for a while longer, they both agreed to sign in the next night, and see how things were going for Chey on the game.

The next evening when she got home from work, Selah turned on her computer and changed into some sweats and an old tank top, while waiting for the computer to warm up. She had grabbed a sub sandwich on the way home, so she grabbed a pop from the fridge and sat down in front of the computer to see if Chey was online yet. She logged into Chat Messenger and sure enough there was a message pop up from her asking “Hi Lady, how was your day?”

Chatting for hours, talking about their lives and their work. They both realized that they only lived about 2 hours away from each other, and laughed at what a small world it was. Chey had problems with her marriage, but was trying to work things out. Selah told her about her late husband and how much she missed him. Around midnight they decided they had better get some sleep as they both had to work the next day, and agreed to meet on line again after work.

The next evening Selah walked into the house as the phone was ringing. She picked it up to hear her sister ask if she was coming down for the weekend or not. She had forgotten about the invite, and couldn’t think of an excuse quick enough to be plausible, so she agreed that she would drive down to Monterey the following night after work.

After changing her clothes she logged into Chat, no Chey. She checked her emails and answered a few. Then logged into her game and checked messages there. She saw that her friend was online playing and sent her a message.”Hey Lady, how’s the game going?”

As she clicked on send a Chat box popped up from Chey. “‘Hey, can’t talk right now. Problems. Back in hour or so.”

She answered “Ok will be here.” and went back to playing her game, wondering what the problem was and hoping everything was alright with Chey.

About an hour and a half later Chey again popped up and said “HI Sorry about earlier.” When asked if she was alright, she said that her husband had been drinking and was being a jerk, but was now gone to his brother’s where he would spend the night. Selah told her that she was going to Monterey the next day after work, and would be gone for the weekend. Chey said she would miss their evening chat’s but hoped that she had a good visit.

The weekend was long and tense. Brian and Kim had invited a widower co-worker over for a Bar B Que on Saturday, trying to play matchmaker. That had led to an argument between them, with Kim accusing Selah of ‘locking herself away,’ and of course her saying that she wasn’t. She had driven the 4 hours home still upset with them.

She got home and decided to take a soak in the tub for awhile and have a glass of wine. While soaking she enjoyed the silky feel of the salted bath water massaging her back and shoulders, easing the tension of the weekend. She rolled over to grab the bottle of wine and refill her glass. As she did so, the water jet that had been on her lower back hit her mound with a burst of water and air bubbles. Gasping in surprise she shifted her position a little…hmmmm this is interesting she thought. A bit different than the shower head. Selah slid a finger into herself and rubbed her clit with her thumb. Oh that is nice she thought. She spread her legs and straddled the pulsating water jet, aiming it directly on her mound. She continued to finger herself while the water jet worked it’s magic on her clit. Letting her head fall back she whimpered as the waves of orgasm rocked through her. Drifting on the aftermath of her orgasm she got out of the tub and dried off.

Slipping her housecoat on she decided to see if Chey was on line and say Hi before she ate dinner. She logged in and right away a window popped up saying “Hi! Your home early, how was the weekend?”

Selah told her about the ‘match making’ and how mad she was at her sister and brother in law for putting her in that situation. Agreeing that it was not right. Chey told about her weekend, which had been peaceful since her husband had been out of town. They had been chatting for awhile when she asked “Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Of course!” Selah replied “I feel as we have known each other forever, you can ask whatever you want.”

Chey typed “I know you don’t have a man in your life right now, don’t you miss the sex?”

Chuckling as she thought about the water jet incident earlier. “Yes” she typed “But I just take care bahis siteleri of things myself.”

Chey gasped “You masturbate?”

“Well, sometimes but I also have some ‘toys’ I use now and then.” Selah answered

Chey replied “I don’t have any ‘toys’ but a friend, told me about using a hand held shower head for masturbating.”

“Yes…that works too. I have one and have used it.” Selah admitted

Chey laughed “OMG, I have one too, and tried it for the first time this weekend.”

Selah chuckled and told her about the water jet incident earlier, then asked “Chey, don’t you have sex with your husband?”

“Not if I can avoid it! I can’t stand to have him touch me, the way he has been acting and treating me lately.” she answered.

Selah told her that was not good and she hoped that if they couldn’t work things out, then she should tell him it was over and get on with her life. They talked for a couple more hours, then agreed to meet on line again the next night.

When she logged onto Chat the next night, Chey was waiting “Well I told him I didn’t think things were working out, and he needed to leave.”

“OMG Chey! I am so sorry.” Selah said sincerely.

“Don’t be! I am glad. After talking with you last night I realized that it was over. So I told him.” she replied.

“How did he take it?” asked Selah.

“Not as bad as I thought, but he refuses to leave. And I refuse to let him have everything.” Chey answered.

“Maybe you should take off for a weekend, like he does, and make him think about things.” she suggested.

“I wouldn’t know where to go, or what to do with myself.” Chey answered.

Selah hesitated…”Come spend the weekend with me!” she offered.

“I don’t want to impose on you! We’ve never even met!” Chey responded.

“Well I feel as if I’ve known you forever. I trust your not a criminal considering the job you do, and I would love to meet you and have you come for a weekend. Next weekend is Memorial Day…a 3 day weekend. Come on Friday night after work, and you can stay till Monday! It would be great! I’d love the company!” Selah offered.

“Are you sure?” hesitated Chey “I don’t know…”

“Absolutely!! I will meet you in town at the Steak House. We can have dinner there, then you can follow me to my house as finding my house can be tricky!” They talked about it for an hour or so and Chey finally agreed to come. They made arrangements to meet at The Steak House at 7:30 Friday night.

As they were logging off for the night Chey told her “You know…I am looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you better this weekend! Thanks! For inviting me and for being a friend!”

“I am looking forward to it too!” Selah replied “Talk to you tomorrow night!”

The rest of week seemed to fly by with them chatting nightly online. Making plans for the weekend. They were going to do some shopping and get manicures and pedicures done. They both wanted to see a new movie that was coming out and were going to go do that on Saturday night.

Friday after work, Selah hurried home and made sure the guest room was ready for Chey. She picked up the house, checked her emails, paid some bills and watched the clock. At 7:00 she grabbed her keys and headed for The Steak House. She sat at the bar and watched the door. She glanced at her watch, if Chey had left work on time she should be arriving any time. As the door opened she glanced up and saw her. She knew it was her as soon as she saw her. She had seen her picture on line, the dark hair was a bit longer but she looked the same. She stood up and walked toward Chey who was looking around and letting her eyes adjust to the dimmer light in the restaurant after the bright sunlight outside.

“Chey” she said as she reached over and touched her shoulder “it’s so good to finally meet you.”

“Selah! Oh I am so happy to meet you at last.” she said as a big smile crossed her face. She was dressed in comfortable jeans and a blue short sleeved shirt. Her long hair pulled up into a ponytail that fell a few inches below her shoulders, made her look younger than her age.

Smiling, Selah slid her arm through Chey’s “Come on, I got us a table over here by the window.”

They sat down across from each other “How was your driver over?” Selah asked, after the waiter took their drink order and left to get them.

“Not bad at all, I was surprised considering it is a three day weekend” Chey answered. “I can’t believe I did this, that I am here with you. I was so excited and nervous to come and meet you, and scared that Tim would find out and stop me somehow.” she said.

“He didn’t say anything or give a hint that he knew?” Selah asked.

“No, when I left for work he said he would be home late, and not to worry about dinner for him. The usual Friday night out with the boys routine.” she answered.

The waiter arrived then with their drinks and asked if they were ready to order. They both ordered the special of the night, bahis şirketleri a rib eye steak with sauteed mushrooms, baked potatoes and vegetables.

“Well, put Tim out of your mind for the weekend and just enjoy yourself!” Selah said “We will be to busy to worry about him anyways.”

They talked about their plans for the weekend and enjoyed their dinners. When the check came Selah grabbed it and said it was her treat. Chey insisted on leaving the tip and they both walked to the door.

“My house isn’t to far. Just follow me, I am in the red Sebring over there.” She hit the remote unlock to her car to make the lights flash. Pointing out her black Nissan She said she would be right behind Selah.

When they arrived at the house,Selah gave her quick tour, and after making sure Chey would be comfortable in the guest room, told her to meet her back in the living room when she was ready.

Going into her room she changed into an old pair of silk pajama bottoms and a T-Shirt. Walking out to the living room she saw that Chey had changed into shorts and a T-Shirt.

Opening a bottle of wine the two sat and chatted for a couple of hours. It was after midnight when Selah noticed Chey glancing at her watch. She pointed at the phone on the table behind her and told her “Call him! Tell him your fine, and you will be home on Monday.”

“I sent him an email before I left work. Telling him that I was going away for the weekend and would be home on Monday.” Chey answered. “I am just not used to being so…free I guess you could say.”

“Well…get used to it. Feel free to call him anytime you want.” Selah offered.

They continued to talk for a while longer, amazed when the clock struck 3AM. They decided they should get some sleep and Selah made sure the house was locked up.

Making sure Chey didn’t need anything she turned to go to her room when Chey touched her arm. Stopping and turning around, “Thanks Selah, I mean Thanks a lot. This weekend is definitely what I need and you are a great friend.”

Selah gave her a hug and said “I’m glad you came. And I hope it helps you get a perspective on things sweety. Sleep as long as you want. I plan on it!” she said as she covered a yawn. “I haven’t been up this late in a while.”

“Good Night Selah…Thanks again.” Chey answered.

Saturday the two of them went and did some shopping, got their manicures and went to see the new movie they both had been wanting to see. Then they went out for a late dinner at a seafood place before returning to the house. They had taken Selah’s car and had the back seat full of things they had bought that day.

Chey kept telling her how ‘free’ she felt and they talked a lot about Tim and herss relationship. And how Tim’s control of her was not healthy.

As they were carrying their purchases into the house Chey told her. “Selah, I know when we were talking on line that I thought what an extraordinary person you were, offering to have me come stay here, proved that. I can’t believe we have only known each other a couple of weeks, and yet I feel as if I have known you forever.”

“I feel the same way. It is like we have known each other for years and years.”she replied “And I am not extraordinary!” she denied “I just knew I could trust you and wanted to help.”

They hugged and Chey said “Well you have! A LOT! and I hope you don’t regret inviting me.”

“Never!” Selah smiled. “I love having you! We need to do it often, it’s not like we live that far apart”

As they unloaded the last of the items from the car a clap of thunder rolled overhead. Chey started and dropped the bag she was carrying. Selah glanced at her and said “It’s OK Chey it’s just a little thunder.”

Giving a nervous smile she said “I know…sorry I have always been afraid of Thunderstorms, ever since I was young.”

“Well let’s get these inside before the rain starts. It looks like it could be here any minute.” Selah suggested. They grabbed the last of the packages from the car and walked toward the door just as the first few drops of rain started to fall.

After putting away the things that she had bought that day, Selah opened a bottle of wine for them, hoping it would help Chey relax. Just as she was bringing the wine into the living room, a loud clap of thunder exploded seemingly overhead and the house went dark. Hearing Chey’s sharp intake of breath, she set the wine down on the table and went and sat down next to her, rubbing her back. She told her “Hang on a second, the generator will kick on in a minute. I’ll get us some lights.” Selah carefully walked across the living room and lit a candle that was on the mantle above the fireplace. She then carried it around the room, lighting several other candles and went into the bedrooms and bathroom to light candles there also.

“There now, the power usually isn’t off very long” she comforted Chey “I love candle light and usually just use candles when the power is out and I have plenty of candles to keep us in light.”

“Thanks” Chey replied “sorry I am such a baby about a silly storm.”

“No problem, we all have some fear or another.” Selah returned handing a glass of wine to Chey and took the other for herself.

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