Night Club Colleagues.

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They met as dusk was falling on a warm Saturday evening.

The purples and oranges of the sunset doing nothing to scare the darkness away, that was only broken from the neon lighting, inside the club.

As he walked inside the gentlemen’s lounge, his eyes drifted and adjusted until he saw her behind a cordoned off area masked by a glass panel.

She was as radiant as the sun had been in the morning, and her sparkle in her eyes were as bright as the dew over the grass as morning sunlight awakened the earth.

A week passed and the two had barely had a conversation, but he knew that she was perfect in every way.

It took an act of bravery from her, but she summoned up the courage to tell him that she loved his hugs, and he knew then, that this was his chance to be with the girl that he had been dreaming of for a week.

They made an agreement to meet every half hour at one random location around the club and embrace each other, and so the romance started.

It started innocently, for the first two times, as they met in two separate corridors. The second embrace slightly more heated than the first.

As their arms wrapped around each other, the passionate tension started to overflow, and they both knew what was coming.

Another 30 minutes passed, and Shanies’ phone came alive with a ping. A smile drew across her face, and her cheeks changed shade to a brighter rose as the message from Steve read, “meet in the laundry room now.”

Shanie quickly arose from her seat and made her way down the corridor.

On the last left turn, she found Steve waiting for her and she knew this was the start of good things.

Her arms wrapped around his torso, her palms feeling the rippling muscles of his back through his shirt.

Steve’s hands placed intentionally on the base of her neck, and just above her buttocks. Their cheeks meeting as their bodies joined together.

Shanies heart beat fluttered through her clothing so hard that it became a second beat on Steve’s chest, and the warmth protruding around Steve wrapped her like a blanket.

Steve pulled her closer by the waist, and Shanie could feel why, he was bulging and his manhood pressed hard against her body, she had found what she was hoping would happen.

She pulled her head back to look at him, and in doing so, gave the opportunity that they both knew they wanted.

Steve turned his head slightly sideways, and their lips met.

Shanie started shaking in excitement ever so slightly as the kiss lingered slowly, with all the burning fire of a passion that was about to explode. Steve lowered his left hand to cup her bum cheek and drew her as close as he could, ensuring she could feel how hard she had made him, his penis bulging through his jeans, pressing deep onto her pelvis as Shanies lips pursed open and their tongues became acquainted for the first time.

Steve’s strong right hand moved from her neck to her check, giving her the chance to move her head and return the kiss in a bliss of fireworks.

She couldn’t resist, moving her hand around Steve’s waist to place a handful of cock in her palm over his jeans. It was as big and hard as she had hoped and imagined, and she couldn’t stop herself istanbul escort from rubbing it.

Steve moved his hand from his cheek down her neck to her breast and he felt perfection. Her nipple as hard as rock, protruding through her bra and red strap top.

This was going to end well.

Time was against them, and they couldnt continue, they both new this.

They separated, slightly, her hand still glued to the rod seeking freedom from Steve’s jeans.

“We’ll finish this later,” Shanie stuttered through heavy breathing.

“Meet me at midnight, you will know where,” replied Steve with a shake in his voice.

The pair made their way back down the corridor side by side towards the clubs entrance, and just before reaching the opening where the neon lighting creates darks shadows for work to continue, Steve took hold of a handful of that perfect bum he had only felt moments ago, and stole one last kiss.

It was only 10pm, and time was slow. Shanie couldn’t count the minutes any longer as they dragged on. The club was glued to the upstairs section, and nobody had been seen in an hour.

She saw Steve walked passed her on his way to ensuring Jacuzzis were working, and she knew she had to have him now.

With all the confidence a lion stalking its prey, she chased her man down the next corridor leading to a dimly lit room and wrapped her arms around him as she placed her body on his back.

Her left hand pulling up his shirt and sliding up his torso, her right hand making her intentions clear as she started unbuckling his belt. She popped the buckle, undid the button and slid the zip down with ease, and in a flash had her hand down Steve’s jocks to feel his manhood already starting to stiffen under her touch.

She couldn’t help but to tug at it as she pulled his shaft out of his underwear, and Steve couldn’t wait any more.

He turned around and at the same time was backing Shanie up against the wall, he kicked the door closed and locked it, all while his penis throbbed and pulsated under her firm grip.

His pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them, Shanie lifting his shirt over his head, leaving him naked under the dim light.

With no hesitation, Steve started undoing Shanies jeans, dropping them to the floor, exposing her plain black panties.

His lips met hers again for the third time that night, as his left hand moved to the nape of her back, and her hips thrusting forward to feel his hard cock press against her again.

Steve’s right hand slipped inside her underwear, and he could feel she was wet already in anticipation of what came next.

He took hold of her panties from the back and dropped to his knees as he skid them off her body, and started kissing her inner thighs.

He slowly started licking her right before he’s mouth reached the crevice of where she wanted him most.

And then she felt it. His lips met her clit. A pulsating feeling of heat rushed through her body as Steve’s hands pulled her pussy closer by his firm grip on her bum, the tip of his tongue gently licking from the back of her vagina, until it met it’s mark at the front.

She avcılar escort placed her hands on his head, as his tongue danced around her her erogenous zone, with her clit being moved to what felt like a seductive duet choreographed to perfection between tongue and lip.

Without warning, she felt a finger enter her, creating more pulsing through her body, and then another finger, filling her almost to the maximum. She couldn’t stop her body, her hips thrusted themselves to the movement of tongue and fingers, and she could feel she wanted to explode already.

Steve didn’t stop, his tongue lapped at her stiffing clit which he caught between his lips, and he could feel Shanie was getting wetter. He gripped firmly on her ass, encouraging her to let go and cum, his two fingers inside of her, rubbing on her inner wall now to the rhythm she had created with her moving hips, the excitement and waiting for her to climax had his dick throbbing harder then ever now, and without warning, Shanie threw her right leg over his shoulder, giving him more room to go even deeper with his fingers.

The fullness in her pussy, the deepness, the rhythm, the sucking and licking on her clit and the sweat trickling from her body became too much….

“Ahhhhhhh….” She cried as juices flowed and she climaxed.

Shanie moved her leg off Steve’s shoulder, her body limp from the sprint of pleasure rushing through her.

Her vagina, still full of bliss, right in his line of sight. Steve looked directly at it with a smile of pure happiness because of what he had just done for her. Both his hands placed on her ankles, moving slowly up her shaking calves, behind her knees, up her thighs and stopping as both hands received a handful of ass cheeks.

His hands remained there as he started to stand up, kissing her legs as his body started to rise. With every kiss he could feel her body shake a little bit because of being sensitive due to climaxing.

As his lips met her body just under her belly button, Shanie realised her hands were still placed on his head. She removed them and slowly started lifting up her shirt, giving Steve a pathway for his lips to follow.

As she lifted her shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor, exposing a black bra, Steve kissed her on the neck.

“Wow” whispered Steve.

“Wow to you,” Shanie replied, still catching her breath.

“Your body is incredible,” Steve proclaimed as they met face to face.

“Your tongue is incredible,” came a giggled response, followed by a shudder as a rock hard cock brushed up against Shanies clit.

“We not done yet.”

With that, Steve lifted Shanie up into the air, and as she wrapped her arms around his neck he lowered her down slightly, and slowly, with just the head of pulsing penis entering her.

“Mmmmhhhh,” came a mumble, as Shanies eyes closed and head titlted backwards.

She was tight. And Steve needed more, Shanie needed to feel all of him in her.

As he lowered her more, his shaft could feel every bit of her, and he filled her perfectly, exactly what she had been craving.

She let go of his neck, she felt safe that he had her, and unclipped şirinevler escort her bra, throwing it down to the floor.

Her cleavage now rubbed in Steve’s face as he lifted and lowered her body, her vagina feeling every pulse, and every inch of his hard dick.

He lifted her up and stopped after 5 thrusts, and ran his tongue in a circle around her exquisitely hard nipple before wrapping his lips around it and giving a gentle tug with his teeth.

Swinging her around, he placed her down on the bed, carefully not to exit her. Steve’s hands ran down her legs from her buttocks, to behind her knees, and raised Shanies legs up to his shoulders. His right hands ran back up her leg while he gently kissed her left calf, and moved over her pelvis until his thumb found her clit.

He started thrusting.

His thumb starting rubbing circles around Shanies clit.

He starting pushing deeper.

Shanie started moaning quietly.

He moved his thumb to rub small circles on Shanies clit, slowly.

She groaned.

He thrusted harder. Faster.

She let out a deep exasperated moan.

He started rubbing circles harder on her clit, and faster, he wasn’t stopping.

Looking at her with her back now arching, eyes closed, lips pursed open, her hands laying above her head, really turned Steve on.

He kept thrusting and rubbing her clit, and without warning, Shanie, dropped her legs from his shoulders and had an almighty orgasm, cumming hard over Steve’s dick.

Steve, however, still wasn’t done with her.

Pulling his penis out of her, he noticed how Shanie was dripping from her pussy, and that she was completely out of breath. This was his chance to really give her a grand finale.

He rolled her over. She moved further up the bed and he told her to left up her butt.

Shanie assumed the position and was ready for doggy.

Steve inserted her from behind one last time, not wasting any more time.

He then pulled Shanies left leg to the inside of his left leg, followed by her right leg. Both of Steve’s legs on the outside.

Still inside her, Steve told her to lie down flat. Steve sat up, giving him a perfect view of her ass, his dick pushing hard downwards into Shanies vagina.

And immediately he started pounding away.

This position made her feel even tighter, regardless of how wet she already was.

He bent down to lie on Shanies back, and moved his right hand under her, his hand taking hold of her whole breast, her hard nipple piercing into his palm.

Steve could feel she was ready to explode again. He could hear she was ready to explode one last time through the muffled screams of joy.

Shanie could feel every inch of his dick moving in and out of her. Steve’s shaft rubbing hard against her pussy lips, the head of his manhood pumping deep into the walls of her vagina.

She wanted him, all of him. She needed to feel him cum inside of her.

And at that moment, Shanie came again, like fireworks exploding inside of her, fluid pouring out her all over Steve, and with that, he couldn’t hold in his cum any longer and Steve exploded like an oil tanker ignited by a flame!

It was a perfect culmination of desire, lust and pure horniness in one go.

Just like that, the two got what they had wanted from each other the entire night.

“You gonna drive me home tonight?” Was the first words out of Shanies mouth.

“I fucking hope so.” Replied Steve.

“I’m thinking another round in the car.” She said.

“Let’s make it happen.”

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