New Man Pt. 07

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Upbeat cheery music filled every corner of Yvonne’s big house. With my curvy Sarah in my arms, I laughed as I watched Isaac get his dance on with lithe, beautiful Dakota, showing her his favorite dances from Fortnite.

“Wooo!” Yvonne cheered him on. She was arm in arm with London, Dakota’s twin sister, while in another corner of the living room, my college-aged babysitter Jessica shimmied with Jenna. So many beautiful women. So much laughter. So much awkward thirty-something white guy shuffling.

I might have been great in the bedroom but I was utter shit at dancing. Thankfully, my Sarah didn’t care, and we rocked together, her butt to my groin, my hands around her waist.

As far as sendoffs could go, that was a spectacular night. Isaac and I would be flying out the next day for a weeklong Thanksgiving vacation back in Mitchell. It would be our first since my divorce, and anxious didn’t begin to describe my feelings about it, but with my five girlfriends and Jessica, an occasional friend with benefits, helped me relax in the best way possible.

Along one wall was a buffet of bite-sized appetizers and lighter fare. We wanted to do a dinner together, but Isaac and I weren’t the only ones facing down multiple Thanksgivings that week. There came a point, as blasphemous as it seemed to me, when turkey became too much. We settled on a potluck, with everyone bringing something they loved. Isaac even contributed, helping me make fried mozzarella puffs. That one got to me. My ex-wife Tina used to make those for every special occasion or family get-together, and Isaac would gobble them down almost exclusively. Tonight, though, he ignored them almost entirely, trying everything my girlfriends and Jessica brought.

We danced, and when we were worn down, we grabbed more food, more drinks, and settled at Yvonne’s big formal dining room table, the music lower.

Jenna took up a spot next to Isaac and asked him pointedly, “So. Stuffed mushrooms. Yay? Nay?”

“Definitely yay,” he said.

She gave him a one-armed hug. It was rare for her to be physically affectionate with him. Jenna told me early on in our relationship she had no intent on becoming a stand-in for his mother, and I always assumed that meant she would sooner or later end things with us. I harbored a secret desire that she would change our mind and the group dynamic would never change. Then again, I also wanted a normal relationship with a woman I couldn’t have, my ex-sister-in-law Morgan. I was a confused mess, but a happy one. Whichever route my life took, I was sure Isaac and I would both have plenty of love in our lives.

A big part of Jenna’s buoyancy came from our blonde hostess, Yvonne. Ever since the two hooked up – with me as a happy voyeur, taking pictures and eventually joining in – they’d been inseparable. I couldn’t tell you the number of times I saw Yvonne head out of Jenna’s house across the street in the morning, or Jenna returning home looking sore and so very happy. The two of them had moved from friends with benefits into something approaching a real relationship, and I loved watching it play out.

That I got to participate in so many of their evenings together was icing on the cake.

That evening wasn’t just about dinner, though. I did have a real date with two of my girls, Dakota and London. With both of them in college and involved in different activities, their schedules were the hardest to pin down on a week to week basis. We had to content ourselves with stolen hours here and there, usually one-on-one. Tonight, though, I was adamant on taking them out for a real date. They too were flying out the next day, back to California to see their family for Thanksgiving.

After finishing a lemon bar, I glanced at the twins and smiled. “Well, should we make our way to the brewery?”

Isaac asked, “Can I come too?”

“Aw, don’t want to hang out with me?” Jessica asked.

“We were going to come over and play board games,” Jenna said, and sighed dramatically. “Oh well, Sarah, Yvonne, Jessica and I will just have to go home and do nothing.”

“Wait, you want to play board games?” Isaac asked. “Okay, never mind, Dad, you can go.”

We helped clean up, and soon my boy was heading down the street to our house with a veritable herd of gorgeous women, staring up at each of them with his best puppy dog eyes. I chuckled and pulled both Dakota and London to me to kiss their cheeks.

I tended to think of them as you’ve noticed, “the twins,” as though they were one entity. But the truth is, of course, they were far more complicated and magical than just that. For example, their father, who helped pioneer special effects technology that would eventually make him a millionaire, taught them first the value of hard work, but also doted upon his wonderful daughters, as I imagine just about any father would. So long as they kept their grades up in college, they were the beneficiaries of a handsome trust fund, keeping them in a gorgeous ranch-style house on our block and providing them a lot of creature comforts.

But that didn’t make them topkapı escort soft or greedy or any of that. London and Dakota both worked their asses off in school, Dakota in pursuit of a physical therapy degree, London going for a double major in theater and mass communications, with the intent of going into public relations for a future branch of her father’s company.

Dakota has always had a duality to her, a brash outer streak that led to her being a natural leader with her volleyball team and a submissive, softer sexual side that rivaled Sarah in our group. I wanted to get the two together sometime, and really let my dominant side out to play. Definitely food for thought later.

London, on the other hand, is joyfully crazy in a lot of ways. When we first hooked up, she didn’t give a damn that we were being watched by her theater friends. A week later, she wanted to try sex in my truck, an awkward affair neither one of us enjoyed but which led to a memorable audible on the play when I guided her out of the truck and laid her out on the cargo bed, legs dangling off the tailgate while I ate her out. Now that she enjoyed, and the fact that we were in a car park where anyone could have walked by, she really liked. She’s also sweet and protective of her sister as well as everyone else in the group, including my Isaac.

The brewery was London’s pick for our trio date night. As I mentioned, she was very much into the arts, and the brewery was hosting a sip and paint event. We were going to paint a landscape or a clown or something and drink. Not a bad way to spend a chilly evening, especially with two drop-dead gorgeous women on my arm.

They got carded at the door. I did not. I was still grumbling about it when the waiter brought us our first glasses of beer of the evening.

We weren’t painting clowns or landscapes, but a turkey. Mine looked like a gelatinous blob of brown with some white and black things that may or may not have been feathers jutting up from his back. London’s was pretty great, and Dakota was as hopeless as I was. She did get a wildly creative idea though and snickered her way through adding a man in the background holding an axe over his head. Our painting guide, a balding man in his sixties, was less than amused.

I thought on our way back to their place this would be one of our typical nights together when both of them were around. I would sleep with one, and the other would sometimes watch from the periphery, playing with herself but not touching. London came close, once, during my first time with Dakota. It was a crazy week, one that saw me taking the asses of each of my girlfriends. When it was Dakota’s turn, we more or less started an orgy, and I was distracted by a lot of young, perky boobs. While Dakota waited for me to untangle myself, London had very nearly prepared her sister’s ass for me. The sight of her fingers gleaming with lube left me with a lot of questions about the twins’ sexuality at the time, but since then, the closest they came to touching each other was the aforementioned hot-as-hell masturbating to the lovemaking.

“Lionel?” London asked from the seat next to me. She was dressed in a soft, thick sweater I loved to touch that evening.

“Yes?” I asked, making the right onto our neighborhood.

Dakota undid her seatbelt and slid into the middle seat to see me better. I thought that was odd. This was something serious.

“We have…” London clicked her tongue, and sighed. “There’s something we want to ask you, and we know you’ll say yes. But it’s what comes with that question that’s really important to us. Can we trust you? I mean, really trust you?”

Dakota added, “Like, a thing can’t go beyond the three of us? Not until we’re ready?”

I got it. I immediately got it. Holy fuck. But despite wanting to pound the ceiling with pure, unadulterated joy at the thought of taking both of them to bed, I saw they were scared. And that fear punctured any immediate roaring lust swelling up in me.

“You can, absolutely. Anything you need.” I reached out for London’s hand and gave it a quick squeeze. “And it would stay with me even if something happened between the three of us to break us apart.”

“Good,” London said, relieved.

“Yeah,” Dakota added. “Maybe… it would be easier to show you what we wanted to try.”

“Okay,” I said.

“Okay,” Dakota whispered.

London could only nod.

* * *

There was no laughter or smiles as they led me to Dakota’s master suite. I’d been there many times by that point, but they pulled me along like it was my first time. I caught them looking at each other often, and when we were in sight of the big bed, I stopped them and ran my hands up to the backs of their necks.

“It’s okay,” I said. “You have nothing to worry about with me.”

Dakota nodded and took London’s hand. “We’ve never fooled around with each other,” she whispered, blushing hard. “We’ve kissed a few times, but never much else.”

“We’ve shared a lot,” London added, not looking at me, but at her sister. tuzla escort “We’ve slept with each other’s boyfriends, pretending to be the other. It was fun. And they always try to get us together. We promised ourselves if we ever found a guy who didn’t push that, we’d… talk about it.”

“Well,” Dakota said, and she brought her hands up to her sister’s cheeks. “We talked about it.”

They leaned in together. London whispered, “Oh my God,” so faint I could barely hear it, and they kissed.

Dakota and London were kissing.

Fuck me.

They broke apart, eyes sparkling. There was no hesitation with their second kiss, a hungrier one. London reached out for my hand, and put it at her waist. I joined them, stepping in close, wrapping my arms around them and enjoying the sight of two of the most gorgeous women I’d ever met, identical save for Dakota’s more athletic build, finding the realization of their love for one another. It was one of the most erotic things I’d ever seen, yes, but it was also strangely moving and beautiful.

This was not some porno. That was their fear, that I’d want to get down and nasty right away and not let this take its natural slow course. That I’d treat their deepest, most hidden desire like they were objects, and it was a fair fear. If you looked at how Sarah and I operated on the surface, you’d assume she was my sexual playtoy because that was how I treated her since our first time together. But get to know us and you’d see the care I have for Sarah. For all my girlfriends. And it was that care that eventually led Dakota and London to ask me to be the one to join them for their first threesome together.

I am, if you haven’t noticed, the luckiest man in the world a few thousand times over.

As they kissed, I slipped around behind Dakota and slid my hands around her waist to begin unbuttoning her jeans. I slid them down as London wrapped her arms around her sister’s neck, pulling her even closer, the soft smacks making me tingle in anticipation of what was to come. I kissed each of Dakota’s cheeks, loving her sleek athletic body. My hands slid up and down her long legs, and gently, I encouraged her to lift one up with my hands around her knee. She obliged, still focused entirely on her sister, and did the same with her other leg a moment later. I took her jeans in hand and rose, in no hurry, leaving them folded over a chair at a desk.

Then I came to London, and when I kissed her shoulder before I dropped to help her with her jeans too, she turned her head, and whispered, “Lionel.”

I scooted in close, hands at her hips, kissing her with the same care as she was kissing her sister. Then Dakota, her eyelids fluttering, her breaths erratic. I returned to London, sliding down her jeans, kissing her cheeks as I had her sister, then slowly rising back up to help them tug off their sweaters and tops. Their cotton underwear was plain, comfortable, nothing extraordinary. This was who they were. Bared, beautiful, wild.

“I love you, London,” Dakota murmured, teasing her sister’s ass with her fingertips.

“I love you. Should we help our guest?”

“Ooh, yes.” They turned and grinned at me. I am a weak man. As much as I wanted to see their first time together be like Jenna and Yvonne, a celebration of their love, the thought of Dakota and London together doing whatever they had planned drove me to jerk my clothes off as fast as humanly possible. Seriously. I think I gave myself rug burn on my belly ditching my shirt.

They finished stripping too and got on the bed on their hands and knees, facing me. Dakota wrapped one foot over her sister’s, and they grinned at each other before reaching for my hard prick. I wanted to use them. I wanted to slam my cock down their throats. I wanted to grip their hair and face-fuck them so hard they couldn’t talk afterwards but to whisper. There are times in a man’s life when lust takes over. When I was eighteen, my sexy cougar neighbor not so slyly flashed me her panties at a dinner party with my family. Despite knowing we would be caught, I fucked her in the basement anyways right up until the point when my mom came running down and threw her former friend out. They never spoke again. Later in life, when I saw Kate Upton in some cheeseburger commercial for the first time, I drove to Tina’s work, dragged her into a bathroom, and fucked her so hard we broke the sink. The six hundred bucks I paid to her boss was worth it.

How I maintained control with both the twins kissing and running their tongues along the head of my dick is a mystery. But I did. Instead of fisting Dakota’s hair and shoving my cock down her throat the way I wanted to when she sucked my first inch into her mouth, I stroked her cheek. When London took me next, I did the same.

While my self-control might have kept me from going to town on them, when the twins connected at the tip of my dick with a soft, very wet kiss, my hand shot to my base. “Ohhh, he likes that,” London breathed. Dakota giggled and kissed her sister and my dick again. Their hands met pendik escort mine and joined me in jerking my cock as their kisses grew sloppier, louder. They had my number and they knew it.

“Girls,” I warned, “I’m really not going to be able to hang on if you keep doing that.”

“Good,” Dakota said. “Just tell us when you’re ready to give us your treat.”

They jacked me harder, their lips and tongues dancing at my head. I had a vision of my other girls around us, watching them, getting off on this too, and I could hold back no further. I grunted, “Now,” and they turned, eyes closing, beatific smiles wide as I came across them, hitting everything, anything. Still dripping me, their hands fell away from my prick and came to each other’s faces, stroking away my pearls and feeding each other my come.

Dakota traced her sister’s cheeks with her thumb, and London grabbed it, pulling it to her mouth to suck on her digit. Then she sat up higher on her knees and brought Dakota’s hand down, down across her breasts, her tummy… her sex. London moaned, “Dakota,” and her sister was there, kissing her, grabbing her ass with her free hand. They dropped down to the bed together, Dakota winding up on top, London on her back. I rested one knee on the bed and palmed Dakota’s sex as she began to play with her sister’s.

“Want you, want you so much,” London moaned, a fever sweeping her up.

“I want you too,” Dakota said. “I mean, you are almost as hot as me.”

London giggled and curled her finger at her sister. “Come here, you.”

They kissed again, and broke away only when London moaned wordlessly. Dakota had two fingers inside her sister’s pussy, pumping them in and out slowly as she kissed and sucked at her sister’s neck, one of her most sensitive spots. I slid my own fingers into Dakota, rubbing her ass with the other hand as I kissed her back, her neck, her shoulder.

Then I decided to get more in the game than just my fingers. I dropped off the edge of the bed again, keeping my fingers inside Dakota as London watched my curiously. I dipped my head low, and kissed first Dakota’s cheek before adding to the sensations of what my hand was doing – but not before I’d circled her delicate bleached bud.

“Nnngh, fuck, he licked my ass,” Dakota whimpered.

“Ohh, wow, that’s hot,” London said.

I teased Dakota for a moment, enjoying her taut butt before taking a lengthy lap of her pussy, all the while pushing my fingers in and out of her faster and faster. I felt more than saw London shifting on the bed and Soon Dakota was moving too, dropping down and whispering, “Can I…?”

“You know you can,” London whispered right back. Then a sharp hiss of pleasure. “Oh God, oh God, oh God, you’re actually licking me, oh fuck, Dakota…”

I had to see. I hopped back up and watched for a long, shocked minute as London licked and fingered her twin. “Holy shit,” I breathed.

London looked at me, desperation in her eyes. “No one can know, okay? Not until we’re comfortable telling everyone?”

“It’s okay, yeah, it’s okay,” I agreed. I leaned down to cup her chin and kiss her as her sister bobbed up and down on her pussy, her licks audible now.

London grabbed my free wrist when I started to pull away. “Stay with me, I’m almost there, okay? I want to, nnn, see both of you.”

I kissed her again, softer, slower this time. She let my hand go but I didn’t let hers escape, taking it in mine and squeezing. She gazed down at her sister, who looked mighty pleased with herself, and spread her hips wider. “Dakota, ohhh, we’re doing this, we’re really…”

She closed her eyes and hiccupped. Between her legs, Dakota breathed, “Come for me.”

London did. It was one of the quieter times I’d ever seen her orgasm, her shoulders rolling, her head dipping back hard against the mattress, her mouth open. “Oh, Dakota…”

Dakota kept going. She pumped her sister faster now, her licking intensifying. London looked up at me and whispered, “Help her.”

I nodded and kissed her again, brushing her hair away from her face before I returned to Dakota and buried my mouth against her pussy. She rocked back against me, breaths dropping rapid-fire as I sought out her clit with my thumb. I teased her nub and she moaned, “Oh shit, oh London…”

Her sister broke free of Dakota’s tongue and fingers and came around to me. She whispered orders into my ear and we got Dakota on her back, legs spread side, and both of us kissed and licked her pussy as they’d been doing to my dick.

“Oh FUCK!” Dakota cried out. “That’s so good!”

I glanced at London and winked. “She’s really going to like this,” I murmured, and slid a hand underneath Dakota’s bottom to tease her bud with my middle finger. Yup. She did. As I slid in to the first knuckle and began to just tap into her entrance, Dakota pushed up onto her elbows, eyes frantic with need, watching us, begging us silently to bring her over the edge.

And we did.

London, ever the one to help her sister, sucked and slurped on her clit. I took over pussy duties, along with our combined fingers in Dakota’s slit. Add the sensation of my finger in her butt and you had one hell of a potent cocktail. Dakota didn’t just come. She wailed out with her orgasm, flinging backwards, throwing an arm out to the side like she was tapping out in a wrestling match.

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