Naughty Grandpa Ch.4

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Jim Westermann is at the house when Laryssa comes home from school the next afternoon. Jim was my Production Manager at the electronics plant, and a very good one at that, but HP paid him off shortly after they took over and put one of their own people in. He was a bit pissed with them at the time; nevertheless, he still got a good enough severance package to see him though a comfortable retirement. His wife, Lorraine, runs her own import agency for high class French and Italian glassware, so there is a good income there as well. Jim now helps her out with office stuff that she gets bored with having to do. In fact, Lorraine being away on a buying trip to Europe is the reason that he came to call. He is feeling kind of lonely and wanting me to catch the hockey game with him tomorrow night, and then hit the town. I have just finished telling him why I can’t make it when Laryssa piles through the door in a rosy-cheeked rush of flying tresses and swirling skirts, and gives me a big buss on the lips. It’s Friday and there is no more school for two whole days!

I introduce them to each other and then Laryssa heads off to her room to get out of the hated school uniform. Jim’s eyes are riveted on her until she leaves the room.

“Jesus Christ, Harry!” he breathes. “That girl is simply gorgeous! No wonder you don’t want to go out tomorrow night. How you keep your hands to yourself I shall never know!”

“It’s a tough dirty job, Jim, but somebody’s got to do it.”

We laugh together, two like-minded, middle-aged codgers enjoying a moment of lecherous bonhomie.

We talk in a desultory fashion about my commitments over the next week until Jim sighs and slides off the breakfast bar stool he has been perched on, “Ahhh, well. I suppose I’d better head off and leave you two to it…”

Just then, Laryssa bounces back into the room, stopping Jim in his tracks. Hell! Barefoot and dressed in a tiny scrap of a mini-skirt, one that I have never seen before, and a vee-neck crop top that shows off her pert little boobs and smooth rounded belly to perfection, Laryssa would give the Pope himself a hard-on! Ravenous for food, like all teenagers, she sets about preparing herself a sandwich and a glass of milk. And I swear the little tart is wiggling her tush and putting on a show for Jim’s benefit!

Jim sinks back down on the stool again with a barely suppressed groan. His eyes devour her. He is salivating! In his mind, he can taste every nuance of Laryssa’s nubile body! My granddaughter fixes him with a bold, wide-violet-eyed stare. And when a dribble of mayo drops from the sandwich onto her chest and slides slowly down into her cleavage, Jim grips the edge of the counter with white-knuckled fists to stop himself from leaping over to lick it off her!

I tap Jim on the shoulder to break the spell. The bulge in his pants is impressive. Laryssa is on heat and he shows it! Naughty Grandpa is in an equally tumescent state, but that has been his normal condition for the last few days whenever Laryssa is around. With my arm around his shoulders, I lead Jim slowly to the front door. The poor bastard is literally shaking with lust! I gently suggest to him that he should perhaps pay a visit to Caesar’s Palace, the high-class cathouse we have both frequented before, and get his ashes hauled. Nodding dumbly, Jim takes his leave, but not without one final glance back to Laryssa. She gives him a little wave and a bright smile, drawing another agonised groan from him.

I take my customary place on the sofa and within seconds, my granddaughter plonks herself in my lap, half-eaten sandwich, and glass of milk and all. Smooth open highs and a tantalising glimpse of white panties set Naughty Grandpa’s eager fingers itching to explore, but I am slowed down by a, “Hold that for me please, Grandpa, “ followed by the depositing of a large glass of cold milk in my unwilling hand. Laryssa has taken the top inch out of the glass and has a dusting of tiny white droplets adhered to the downy hairs on her upper lip. She looks divine, and utterly desirable!

“That was a pretty mean thing you did to poor old Jim!” I chide her gently.

“What was that?” Laryssa asks, but before I can answer, she pushes the last morsel of her sandwich between my lips.

I swallow the bread manfully, then resume, “Dressing like this and showing yourself off like a lap dancer! Poor old so-and-so was almost having a heart attack!”

“He looked very funny with his eyes bulging like that! I thought they were going to pop right out of his head. And he was dribbling!”

Laryssa takes the glass from me and starts to gulp the milk down like there is no tomorrow. I let my fingers fall onto her inner thigh up near her panties, completely forgetting how cold they must be by now. Laryssa squeaks and jumps, and spilling milk on her chin, which drips onto her chest to join the glistening trail of mayo.

“Now look what you’ve done!” she laughs. “What’s Naughty Grandpa going to do about it?”

I reach for a handkerchief in my pocket.

“”Noooo!” topkapı escort she reproaches me. “That milk was very cold. You have to use something warmer than a handkerchief to clean it up!”

Needing no more encouragement, I bend forward and softly lick away her milk ‘moustache’. Laryssa’s tongue emerges from between her lips and tangles with mine. I lick up the milk from her chin. Laryssa licks the side of my face. I lower my face to lap up the residues from her chest and Laryssa strokes my hair. She wrenches the edge of her crop-top and her bra aside and I follow the milky-mayo trail around the swelling curves to where the elasticated understrap of her bra has stopped the liquids from proceeding any further. Laryssa pulls her top completely to one side, exposing her already engorged nipple. I take it between my impatient lips and lave the burgeoning teat with my tongue. At the same time, my fingers push aside the damp material between her legs and find her slippery wetness.

I feast on my granddaughter’s breast and toy with her juiciness. She spreads her legs wide and gives me her body. Tongue and fingers together arouse her to a gasping, moaning peak. Laryssa drops the glass onto the carpet from her nerveless fingers and cums with a piercing cry when I spread the satin walls of her cavern with two fingers. Hopefully, there is little milk left in the glass, but without a doubt, there will be another stain for Grandpa to clean up. I lead her onwards and upwards to ever-higher levels of shuddering, whimpering intensity until she can endure no more pleasure and collapses; pressing her sweat-streaked face into my chest.

After several minutes, Laryssa emerges and thanks me with a warm, soft kiss on the lips for a ‘truly enormous orgasm’. Then she asks me about Jim, who he is and how I know him, saying, “He was cool…for an older guy…”

“Hey, come on!” I protest, “Jim is younger than I am!”

“But you look and act younger,” she tells me sweetly.

So I give my granddaughter a very brief history, and before I know it, I am saying, “He is pretty lonely with his wife being overseas for a couple of weeks. It’d be nice if we could delay our meal for a short while tonight and as him to join us, there’s plenty to go around.”

Laryssa climbs out of my lap. I have a big damp patch on my pants from her wetness, and another, smaller one from my leaking pre-cum. “Why don’t you call him, Grandpa? I don’t mind.” Then she giggles, “But you’ll have to put some clean pants on!”

I call Jim on his mobile number. He is in his car and answers straight away.

“Have you got to Caesar’s yet?”

“No, I decided not to bother. I’m almost at home.”

“Well, turn around and get your ass back here. Laryssa and I would like you to come to dinner.”

I can almost hear the screeching tires of Jim doing a U-turn as he replies sharply, “I’m on my way!”

“He’s coming,” I tell my granddaughter, spinning her around and bending her over to get a view of her delightful rear end. “And you had better go and put a clean skirt on…and clean panties…you smell delicious, but we can’t go upsetting Jim.”

Laryssa wiggles her bottom up closer to my face. I could eat her there and then, but instead, I give her a gentle smack on the left ass cheek and say, “No time for that, young baggage! Go and get changed…and put on something a lot less enticing as well!”

“Oooooer! You’re no fun!” she moans in mock frustration.

I reach swiftly and kiss the soaking gusset between her legs, “Now you know that ain’t strictly true!”

She stays still for a moment, savouring the feel of my wriggling tongue. “All right then!” she grins back to me cheekily, “But you’ll have to prove it later!” Then she is gone.

I mop up the spilt milk, thankfully there is hardly any stain on the carpet, and head off to get changed. Jim arrives while I am in my room and Laryssa lets him in. They are sitting, talking in opposite armchairs when I enter the lounge. Laryssa, with her feet tucked up under her, has put on an ankle length skirt, but she is still wearing the crop-top. Although, judging by the prominence of her nipples, she has taken off her bra. I wonder to myself if she has done anything about her knickers.

The meal is nice. Jim and I share a bottle of Chardonnay and Laryssa has a glass as well. When the food is finished, I tell my granddaughter to take Jim into the lounge and entertain him while I clear the table and stack the dishwasher. It is at one point when I am not making very much noise that I overhear Jim asking her to show him the rest of the house and then his voice drops when he says something else to her and my straining ears only pick out the words ‘show you.’ I watch them covertly from behind the door of a half-open cupboard as they walk past the kitchen doorway. Jim has his hand resting on Laryssa’s lower back, just above the swell of her buttocks.

‘I am going to have to keep my eye on you, my friend,’ I think to myself. I move up close to the kitchen doorway tuzla escort so that I can listen in on what is going on.

“This is where Grandpa sleeps” I hear Laryssa saying, “…the guest bathroom is in here, you may want to use it later…and this is Mom and Daddy’s room…they have an en suite…Daddy’s study is though there…and this is my room.”

I hear Jim murmur something to her on a low voice. Laryssa laughs and says, “Nooo…!”

Jim says something again. His voice is so soft I cannot make it out, but I catch Laryssa’s answer, “I suppose he won’t mind. Daddy only has his computer on there and a lot of stuffy old books.”

Jim has asked her to show him inside Rob’s study. I wait for a few moments then creep along the passageway and position myself close to the partially open door.

I hear the sound of a zipper and the rustle of clothing, and then Jim’s low voice, “Have you ever seen anything like this?”

“We have drawings in our health education books at school…but not stiff like that.”

“Have you ever seen a real one before? What about your boyfriend?”

Laryssa does not have a boyfriend. Her parents let her mix with boys in safe groups, but as yet she is not yet allowed to go out alone with one.

My granddaughter chuckles ingenuously, “Now that would be telling!”

“Here, give me your hand…that’s it. Does it feel nice? Have you held one like this before?”

“Ooooo! Uncle Jim! Grandpa would be very angry if he knew we were doing this!”

Why has Laryssa suddenly started to call him ‘Uncle Jim’? Perhaps Jim asked her to?

“We won’t have to tell him then, will we? Do you like it?”


“Here, put your fingers right round and move your hand up and down like this…ohhh, yes! That’s nice! That’s it! Right up near under the head! Oh boy, Laryssa your hand is so soft and beautiful!”

I know exactly what he means!

My cock is like a rock. I cannot get it out because they will hear my zipper going down, so I have to knead my shaft though my pants.

There is almost silence for the next two minutes or so that is only broken by the quiet rhythmical sound of movements and Jim’s heavy breathing. Laryssa asks him something that I can’t catch in a very soft voice. But I hear Jim’s answer, “It’s called pre-cum, honey…it’s a special lubrication that means I am getting very excited…”

No voices again. Only the sound of Laryssa’s hand’s movements, now at a speedier tempo and Jim’s breathing getting heavier and faster. Suddenly he groans and says sharply, “Laryssa! Quick! Use your other hand…catch it! Aaaah, you missed that bit! Uuuugh! Aaaaah! Oh yes! That’s it keep squeezing and rubbing just there! Uuuuugh! Oh yes, baby! Yes!”

There is a soft thud and the wall between us shakes a little as Jim falls back against it. Ahhhh! That’s it, honey! Squeeze out very drop! Don’t stop! Mmmmmm, that is gooood!”

A short while later, I hear him telling Laryssa to clean her hand ‘on this handkerchief’.

Jim asks her, “Did you like doing that?”

I can’t quite make out what Laryssa says in reply. There sounds to be a little struggle. Then Jim asks her, “Why won’t you let me kiss you?”

“I don’t want to.”

“Okay, let me give you a hug then.”

Silence again. And then Jim’s voice: “Do you like me doing this? Is it nice.”

An incomprehensible response from Laryssa, muffled as if her face is pressed close to his chest.

“Your skin down here is so soft and smooth! Is it ok if I put my hand around the front?”

There is another muffled answer from my granddaughter.

It sounds as if Jim has his hand in Laryssa’s pants! It is time for me to stop this! I move quietly back to the end of the passage and then make my way back towards them, calling out as if I do not know where they are.

“In Daddy’s study!” Laryssa shouts.

They are both flush-faced and guilty looking. Jim is pretending to be reading one of Rob’s books, but the damned thing is upside down in his hands. He also has a small cum stain on the front of his pants. The close, airless atmosphere in the room reeks of female sex with the underlying yeast odour of male cum. I pretend not to notice it and suggest that they rejoin me in the lounge.

I put on some quiet music and Jim and I chew the fat while my granddaughter makes us some coffee. I notice him surreptitiously sniffing at the fingertips of his left hand from time to time; he was obviously feeling-up Laryssa’s pussy when I disturbed them. My granddaughter does not join us. Instead, she wishes Jim goodnight and heads off to bed. He soon gets bored with just my company and makes his excuses to leave.

When he is gone, I stride purposefully to Laryssa’s room. She is sitting up on the bed waiting for me. She is wearing that micro mini-skirt again, but it is tucked modestly between her legs.

I sit on the end of the mattress. “Well?” I ask.

“I stroked Uncle Jim’s willie and made him cum. Then I caught his jism in my hand.”

Her pendik escort candid answer takes me aback.

“Then Uncle Jim stroked my bottom down inside my skirt. And when he found that I wasn’t wearing any panties, he asked if he could touch my kitty, I told him that he could.”

She did it deliberately, but I still ask, “No panties?”

“Well, you said I should take off the ones I had on…!”

“I meant that you should put some clean ones on! Why let him touch you?”

“Because I wanted him to…his hand felt nice on my bottom…”

“I still don’t understand.”

“You said he was lonely…and he was making me feel good inside…I like him.”

“So, I’m not enough for you?”

“I never said that…”

“One old man isn’t enough for a hot young teenager…right?”

“Your words…not mine…”

“But it’s true?”

“Oh, silly Grandpa! Come and sit closer…”

Old fool that I am; I cannot resist. Laryssa has me wrapped around her little finger. I move halfway up the bed.

“Close your eyes and touch me.”

My hand immediately encounters her bare leg, just above her knee.

“Inside my leg, Grandpa…that’s it…now higher… Oooooh that feels lovely!”

It does indeed feel lovely. The inner flesh of my granddaughter’s thigh is far smoother than satin…far smoother than the finest silk. I have to open my eyes and look at her!

Laryssa takes hold of my hand and leads my fingers to the slippery gash at the apex of her thighs. She has panties on now, but has pulled them to one side with her other hand. “Aaaaaagh!” she moans, sliding my fingers up and down in her plump-lipped wetness. “You feel sooooo nice!”

I am not totally convinced. “As nice as ‘Uncle’ Jim?” I ask.

Laryssa bathes me in a violet glare. Grasping my palm, she twists my hand and pushes my long, thick middle finger into her hot tunnel. I feel her clamping her muscles around me as she holds me steady in her sheath.

“Can you feel my kitty saying ‘Hello’?” she asks.


“Well, Uncle Jim will never feel that…no matter what, I wasn’t going to let him make me cum…but I did enjoy him touching me…and knowing that you were outside listening…”

Little Miss Bright-Spark has me ‘bang to rights’, so I do not try to deny anything.

“How did you know?”

“I had this very strong feeling.” Laryssa’s inner muscles grip my finger hard and stay clamped around me. “And then, when I went to make the coffee, I saw that the dishwasher was still only half stacked. So I knew for certain!”

With that revelation, Laryssa’s muscles release me.

“But, now that it’s interrogation time, Grandpa, you have been moving around very stiffly for the last couple of hours. Are you ok?”

“Oh sure, just a bit sore…”

“Sore? Have you hurt your back or something?”

I shake my head and nod towards my crotch. I have to admit to my granddaughter that I am suffering somewhat from a case of ‘Blue Balls’.

“What on earth is that? Is it catching?”

Her question makes me laugh. “Of course not, Sweetie! Blue Balls happens when a man has an erection for a long time without cumming. I don’t know exactly what causes it; something to do with the blood draining away very slowly from his sex organs I suspect. Anyway, his balls get quite sore and they go a blue-purple colour…

“And I have had a hard-on just about all the time since you appeared half naked this afternoon…”

“And your balls are blue now?”

“I expect so.”

“Can I see?”

“You know where they are!”

Laryssa clamps her sheath twice around my finger in a reluctant ‘goodbye’, then removes my finger from her love-box. She helps me lay back on the bed and then undoes my pants and pulls them and my boxers off me. She gently pulls my legs apart so that she can see me properly.

“Ooooooh, they are a kind of blue colour, Grandpa.” I can feel her breath on my cock, which is still in the midst of a full-blown erection. “They don’t look swollen or anything. But your willie does! You have a huge stiffie!”

“I lost it for a while after I made you and Jim finish ‘playing’. But I quickly got hard again being here with you.”

“Are your balls really, really sore?”

“They are a bit.”

“How do you get rid of Blue Balls?”

“They will go away after a while…quicker if I cum.”

“I could make you cum!”

“Yes, Sweetie, you certainly could!”

“I could go down…I know I would love the taste of your cum…”

My mind races. As far as I know, Laryssa has never sucked cock before. Did Jim get my granddaughter to go down on him without me knowing?

“That’s a lovely idea, but…”

“Ok then, why don’t you let me…?”

I finish for her, “Do what you did for Jim?”


I make Laryssa come up and lay beside me. I kiss her on the forehead, “Forget it, I’ll do something about it when I go to my room.”


I clear my throat, suddenly feeling embarrassed, “Hurrumph! Um, er, yes!”

Laryssa snuggles up to me and kisses my neck. She throws one leg across mine. The touch of her silky smooth thigh flesh sliding across my bare skin tests me to the limit.

“Grandpa,” she wheedles, “Can I watch you masturbate?”

I find the idea exceedingly appealing! “Ok then, but you’ll have to help.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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