My Twin Brother Seduced Me

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My brother Matt and I were brought up as twins. We were born on the same day, in the same hospital, but to different mothers. Our mothers became friends during their hospital stay and since they lived a couple of blocks from each other they continued being friends for the first year of Matt’s and my lives. Then Matt’s father discovered that my dad and Matt’s mother were having an affair. The two of them disappeared one night and two months later news came that they had drowned somewhere in the Caribbean.

Being left holding the babies, my mom and Matt’s dad worked out an agreement. Mom would take care of Matt and he would put food on our table. When the news of the runaways’ deaths hit them they decided that the best thing to do was for them to sell one of the houses and move together. They got married and mom adopted Matt and his dad adopted me and I grew up calling him dad. In fact, it wasn’t until we were 13 that Matt and I found out the whole story about our past. People still referred to us as the Stevens twins because we really looked a lot alike. I don’t think we could have been any closer if we’d shared a womb.

In high school Matt was a jock and it was great for me, all the popular guys from school would come to our house and I became quite popular as a result. I was more academically inclined and I was voted class president in our senior year. Matt’s best friend was my prom date and we shared a limo with Matt and his date. Things went on as normal, we graduated and were heading to the same college. Matt was going on a football scholarship and I’d won an academic scholarship. We spent our last summer at home lying around the pool and hanging out with our friends.

Towards the end of the summer dad announced that he had to go to Europe for two weeks on a business trip and he was taking mom with him. There’d be no grandparents looking after Matt and me this time, we were 18 and old enough to take care of ourselves. The neighbors would keep an eye on us and parties were strictly forbidden.

Matt and I drove our parents to the airport and then we drove back home in silence. We were both excited about this first taste of freedom. It was a hot night and we got a pizza delivered, which we ate by the pool. When we’d finished eating we stayed outside talking about college until it was very late. It was almost midnight and the temperature was still in the 90s. Matt decided that he needed a dip in the pool. I was shocked when he stripped down to his birthday suit and jumped in.

“Jump in sis,” he called me.

“Not unless you get your speedos on!” I informed him.

“Don’t be such a prude,” he replied. “It’s much nicer with nothing on.”

I was tempted, and after a few moments’ thought I decided to give skinny dipping a try.

“OK, I’ll jump in, but you have to look the other way while I undress.”

Matt ceremoniously turned around and faced the other way while I started stripping. I’d been wearing a short skirt and a cropped top and they came off easily. I struggled a bit with my bra, nerves I think, but my 34C breasts were soon freed. Lastly I stepped out of my white panties and walked up to the pool and dove in. The water felt lovely and cool on my hot body. Matt swam up to me as I was treading water.

“I told you it was nice,” he smiled and then he reverted to one of our favourite childhood games. “Tag! You’re it!”

He swam away and I started chasing him. Soon I tagged him and he started chasing me. We played for a while until he had me cornered and we were both exhausted. I put my hands up in a defence mechanism. “You win! adalar escort You win! I can’t do it anymore.”

Matt looked me in the eyes and his chest was still heaving from the exercise. “What do I win?”

“I don’t know,” I replied. “How about this?” I asked and kissed him on the cheek.

Matt moved closer, his hands on the pool edge either side of me, forcing me deeper into the corner. “No, not good enough,” he whispered coarsely. He moved closer to me, my erect nipples were now touching his chest under the water.

“How about this?” I said and kissed him on the lips.

“Still not good enough,” he had me totally pressed up against the corner.

“How about this?” I said and ran my tongue across his lips. He breathed in deeply and parted his lips, sucking my tongue into his mouth. His strong chest pressed against my sensitized breasts and he wrapped his arms around me. He slowly pulled me towards the steps out of the pool and carried me out of the water, still kissing me.

Matt walked with me in his arms to our parents’ bedroom. He placed me on the bed and looked at me with a fire burning in his eyes. “I have to have you Tessa, I’ve wanted to fuck you for four years now.”

I was shocked by his revelation, and turned on at the same time. When I’d fucked various boyfriends over the years I’d often had an image of Matt appear when I closed my eyes, dreaming that it was him fucking me. “I want you too Matt,” I whispered and smiled at him.

He placed his knees between my legs and bent over to suck on my tits. I moaned from the feeling and felt the tingles go down between my legs, making me wetter and wetter. “Mmmmmmm, oh Matt… Fuck me!!!!!” I begged him and he grinned at me. He reached down and grabbed my legs and placed them over his shoulders. Then he reached down and ran his hand along my slit. “Oh, you’re ready alright,” he smiled. He grabbed hold of his 9 inch, hard and thick meat and guided the head inside my wet cunt. We both moaned out loud as he started penetrating me. Slowly at first but then he just slid inside my tight wet pussy and buried himself deep.

“Oh Tessa,” he moaned. “The guys were right, your cunt has got to be the tightest and wettest cunt in town.”

He started pumping, making delicious squish sounds every time he rammed into me. I reached down and started rubbing my clit as I watched his shiny shaft pump in and out of my pussy. We were both panting, both on fire. I was loving it so much. My brother was fucking me better than I’d ever been fucked before. His cock was doing wonders with my cunt. He set me on fire. I started kneading my tits, moaning with pleasure and when I couldn’t hold back any longer I let go. My cunt contracted hard around Matt’s cock and I screamed out in ecstasy. Being squeezed so tight by me sent Matt over the edge too and he shot his load deep inside me. I could feel him jerk several times until he let my legs down and collapsed on top of me.

“Tessa,” he panted. “You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

“You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had too,” I replied and kissed him.

“We’ve got two weeks until mom and dad come home,” he said as his hand was stroking my pussy, burying a finger inside me and pulling it out, letting me taste his cum. “Let’s make the most of it.”

“And when we go off to college,” I said, “maybe I should enrol with my birth name.” I was known as Tessa Stevens, but my birth certificate said Templeton.

Matt hugged me tight. “There’s nobody we know going there, they’ll just think we’re high school sweethearts.”

I anadolu yakası escort nodded and he squeezed me tight again. I could feel his cock stiffening against me again and I giggled. I pushed him onto his back and got down on my hands and knees. With my cum mixed pussy juices running down the insides of my thighs I hungrily sucked his cock into my mouth. I licked off my pussy juices and tasted some new precum. I worked my head up and down, letting go briefly to suck on his balls and then sucking his shaft again. I loved the sound of his guttural moans as I pleased him and I felt myself go wetter again.

Matt pulled me across to straddle his face and started sucking on my clit. He licked all the way back to my asshole and then back to my clit. His tongue explored my hot cunt and I kept sucking him. We worked in a silence only interrupted by the occasional slurp. I felt Matt’s hands kneading my ass as he devoured my pussy and I deepthroated him several times.

Then Matt pulled away and told me to wait a second but not move out of the position I was in on my hands and knees. While he was gone I reached back and started finger fucking myself. Matt soon returned with his cock standing hard and proud and a tube in his hand. He got behind me and started massaging my asshole with a pussy juice wet finger. I quickly loosened up and I could hear his approval. He opened his tube and squirted some gel around my ass and inside it, he put more on his cockhead which he then pressed against my ass.

I’d never had an anal fuck before and I’d imagined that it would hurt. But Matt’s cockhead just popped straight in. He groaned out loud as he entered my ass and I found myself more turned on. I was rubbing my clit as he inched his way inside my ass. When he finally filled me he reached around me and grabbed my tits, pulling me up close to him. I winced as his thick cock was making itself felt in my ass in this position but I soon forgot that as he tweaked my nipples and I continued rubbing my clit.

“Ready for some real good ass fucking?” he whispered to me and I nodded. He gently let me down into my doggie position again and started pulling out of my ass. His cockhead was stretching my sphincter wide and I thought he was going to pull out completely when he stopped and then rammed inside me again. I cried out in pain but this turned to enjoyment as he picked up a pace and was fucking my ass fast and furiously. I rubbed my clit and fingerfucked myself. I could feel his cock as my finger entered my cunt. I started shaking and cried out as I came. My pussy juices showered over my hand as Matt kept pumping my ass.

I reached back with my hand and let him taste my juices and that proved it for him. He moaned out loud and started shooting a load inside my ass. When he finally pulled out we both collapsed in each other’s arms. He kissed me and said he’d be back. I heard him clean his cock and then he came back and lay next to me.

“I love you Tessa,” he whispered and snuggled up next to me.

“I love you too,” I replied as I fell asleep with Matt’s cock against my ass and his hand cupping my breast.

The next morning I woke up feeling great. I soon realised why. Matt was playing with my breast and kissing my neck. I yawned and moved my ass back to feel his hard-on press against me. I turned over and kissed him. He reached down and sucked my tits. I could feel myself getting ready for another fuck. I rolled over so that I was lying on top of him and then I straddled him. With his cock standing almost straight up I slowly ataköy escort sank down, moaning as he penetrated me.

He took my tits in his hands and started kneading and sucking and biting them as I was riding his cock. I rode faster and faster and I felt my pussy juices run down on his balls and every time I slammed down I could hear how wet we were together. I reached up and ran my hands through my long red hair which was sticking to me and Matt cupped my tits and squeezed as he was watching his cock disappear inside me.

We were both in heaven when Matt pulled out and got me down on my hands and knees. For a moment I thought he was going to have my ass again but then he rammed into my pussy, getting even deeper than before. With his hands cupping my tits he pulled me close to him, fucking me from behind and kissing my neck. I moaned louder and louder. His 9 inches were fucking me so good. My cunt grasped real tight around his fuck meat and every time he almost pulled out completely before he slammed in again. I felt my pussy contract around him and I almost screamed as I orgasmed. It was almost better than the previous night. Matt kept holding me close, kept fucking my hard and deep as I convulsed and then he finally let go with a roar. Once again he shot his cream up my ready cunt and we fell down in a heap.

He climbed between my legs and started lapping up the juices spilling from my pussy. He then climbed up and kissed me deeply, letting me taste us too. We slept for a bit longer and then I woke up again, thinking I needed a shower. I gently crept out of Matt’s arms and went into our parents’ bathroom. I was lathering up my hair when I felt a cool breeze on my back and then Matt’s hands sneaking around, squeezing my tits.

“There’ll be no showering without me,” he laughed in my ear and kissed me deeply. I soon knew what he meant as he pressed me up against the cold tiles and grabbed hold of my thighs, lifting me up and spreading my open at the same time. His cock was bone hard again and I reached down to guide it inside my hungry pussy. We said nothing, the water was pouring over us, the shampoo lather gliding over our wet skin as my brother once again fucked my fast and furiously. He slammed me hard against the wall, possessing every inch of my body. I felt his pubic bone slam against my clit and he continued fucking me hard.

“You’re mine,” he kept saying. “Your body belongs to me. I’m the only one who gets to fuck you sister.”

I nodded. “I’m yours,” I repeated to him as he once again entered me deep and hard. “My body belongs to you. I’m my brother’s whore.”

Those words seemed to turn him on even more and he fucked me harder and deeper than I ever thought possible. I was grinding my hungry cunt against him and I came with a cry. My cunt was milking his hard cock but he wasn’t ready to let go just yet. As soon as I stopped cumming he pushed me down on my knees and started fucking my mouth. I sucked off my juices and sucked him as hard as I could, my hands teasing his balls. When he was finally ready to cum he roared and shot his load down my throat. He then pulled out, started jerking his cock and shot another load onto my wet face and then on my tits.

We cleaned each other off and turned off the water. For the remainder of those two weeks we were lovers in our parents’ bedroom. We didn’t see anyone and walked around naked all day. Matt fucked me in every room, on most pieces of furniture and even out by the pool. We couldn’t get enough of each other’s bodies. When our parents came back we were back in our own bedrooms and had to sneak to each other at night. Starting college was a relief. We were treated like any other horny college freshmen. We made up excuses why we couldn’t make it home for the holidays and spent our pocket money on motel rooms where we could fuck each other all day and night. I’ll never want another cock but my brother’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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