My Step Dad Ch. 01

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My name is Debbie I am 19 years old, I am very athletic thanks to my step father who introduced me to exercise at a very young age. I am only 4’10” tall and weight around 125 pounds, with a tight waist and firm C cup breast, add in my black shoulder length hair and I will admit I am a looker. I have only had sex with 2 boys, and it was not very good, neither time did I get off. I have been masturbating for a while, so I was very disappointed in my first couple of sexual encounters. I assumed that was the way it was, and never thought anymore about, I could get myself off anytime I wanted, so I felt like I was good. Until……….

My step dad came into my life when I was eight; his influence in my life has been wonderful. David, my step dad, has always been athletic, working out just because he enjoyed it. I had always been attracted to him, his six foot frame, broad shoulders, dark brown eyes, and I loved his shaved head. I always thought this attraction was normal for a young girl to have a slight crush on her 45 year old step dad.

I had moved out of my parents house a month ago right after turning nineteen, I was going to college about 40 miles away and living there was just easier. I decide one Friday night to surprise my mother and step father with a visit. It was around 9 pm when I arrived at our house, it sits by itself off a gravel road with no neighbors close by. As I walked up the front walk I could see the light from inside şişli grup yapan escort the house through the open front windows. When I peeked into the window, my mother was on her knees in front of my step dad, his pants where around his ankles. I could not believe what I was seeing, but I also could not stop watching.

My mother’s head was moving slowly up and down his cock, her hand was grasping his shaft and she could not get her hand completely around his cock. My step dad moaned as she took as much of him into her mouth as she could. She continued to stroke and suck his cock, while he removed his shirt, exposing his tan, tone upper body and surprise to me a six pack for abs. At this point she allowed his cock to pop out of her mouth and my jaw fell open, his cock sprang straight up and almost reached his belly button. The shaft was thick, but the swollen purple head looked as big as a pool ball, his balls hung beneath it like a couple of golf balls.

Helping my mother to her feet, he removed her dress and laid her onto the couch. Kneeling between her legs he began to eat her out, I had a nice view of his ass, and I could see his balls hanging between his legs. As I listened to my mother’s moans, I found my fingers rubbing my pussy through my jeans. This continued until my mother had cum at least twice, and by now my jeans were unzipped and I was rubbing my wet pussy through my panties.

Standing şişli masöz escort up, David spread my mother’s legs, and guided the head of his cock into her pussy. I could see his large purple head spread her pussy lips wide, the moisture glistening on his cock as each stroke he pushed it deeper into her. Her head was thrown back as she moaned in pleasure, taking his entire length into her. His rhythm increased, I could hear him moan as his balls smack her ass. He fucked her like this for a good ten minutes. Pulling himself completely out, I could see my mother’s cum glistening on his cock, he sat back on the couch and my mother climbed on top of him. Her pussy easily took him into her, as she rode herself to a couple more orgasms. My jeans and panties were around my ankles by now and my fingers of my right hand where buried in my pussy, my juices flowing down my hand, while my left hand pulled on my hard nipples under my shirt. I was biting my tongue to keep quiet, as my experienced fingers played with my clit and fucked myself to a climax.

My mother rolled off of my step dad after about 5 or 10 minutes, I have no idea, I was lost in my own pleasure, having cum multiply times myself. She dropped to her knees as David stood; she engulfed his glistening cock, his hands buried in her hair as he began to fuck her mouth. My mother’s saliva was running down his balls and dripping onto the floor. Her şişli otele gelen escort fingers dug into his ass checks pulling him to her, faster he fucked her mouth. I could hear my fingers fucking my pussy, as I bite my tongue to keep quiet. David’s ass clenched as his balls drew up tight, my mother’s head jerked off his cock as his first load of cum blasted down her throat. He begin stroking his cock, his head was larger and a darker purple then before, he let out a loud moan as my mother engulfed his cock again and shot another load of cum down my mother’s throat, she choked and pulled his cock out of her mouth, David continued to stroke his cock as his third, and fourth shot splashed against her cheek and forehead. She then got his cock back into her mouth and took the rest of his load down her throat. Making my dad moan even louder, and making me wanting to make him moan like that. She then lick my step dad’s cock clean, working his length, sucking on his balls and finishing by suck on his huge purple head, almost making my dad scream. While my mom was cleaning my dad off, I was licking my juices from my fingers.

Then my head cleared and I quickly pulled my panties and pants up and ran to my car, having no intention of going in after see this. I was so confused, and still very horny, as I pulled my car out of the drive and headed back to my apartment.

That night all I could think about was my dad, and the things I wanted to do to him and what I wanted him to do to me. Laying awake that I night I decided that it was not wrong for me to love my father, I did love him, and he loved me. So my desire to express my love physically with him was not wrong. And so, I came up with a plan to seduce my step father. Actually it would start out with a little blackmail………

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