My Sexy Vacation

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A girl I work with, June, and I decided to take a vacation at the shore. Maybe get lucky and find a couple cute guys and have a sexy time. So we made the reservations at a hotel we could afford in Ocean City, starting on a Friday night and running to the Sunday a little over a week later.

Even as I write this it makes me think I sound like a low life, which is not how I think of myself. But I have to admit, I love sex. I’d much prefer to find Mr. Right and spend the rest of my life fucking and sucking and getting eaten by my shining knight. But until then, I want to enjoy life and that means including some great sex. Not that I’m that experienced. I’ve had sex with four guys so far. With each one I had sex a lot for a long time, a year or so, before things fell apart and I had to start over.

And I’m almost a virgin compared to June. She’s probably had ten times as many guys. Yet I don’t think of her as any slut, either. She just likes sex and hasn’t run into the right guy yet.

I’ve never really done anything exactly like this before. That is, take off for a week’s vacation hoping for casual sex. I guess I spend my life being a good girl, getting up early, showing up at work on time and so on. I’d like to enjoy being a bad girl for once. Bad girls seem to have more fun. I’m hoping we’ll have some luck. We’re both presentable, both 24 with decent jobs. People always think of me as skinny but as my third lover told, me, “You have great legs and a perfect ass.” Not big boobs but enough. June, on the other hand, has double D’s and, while not fat at all, has more meat on her bones than me.

I’m half hispanic and half Irish. Dark hair, blue eyes. June is blond. At least on her head, thanks to peroxide.. Her pubic hair is darker but she did actually start off life as a blond. When we go to bars, June draws the guys and I usually get her left overs. My saying that sounds like I’m complaining and I’m not. I’m really less open, much more conservative, and I’m happy to sift through the guys that June attracts and try to find one that suits me.

I’ve been dating Chris for almost a year now. He was a room mate to one of June’s conquests. It’s great to have sex often and get my needs satisified and Chris does that. But he’s not my dream boat and I’m sure that I’m not his. For better or worse we fucked so, even though he’s not as good at sex as my earlier ones, we’ve already done it so I’ll continue with him until I find something better. I think he feels the same way. There’s just not the wildness or passion or whatever it is with him as I would hope for.

So maybe, we can just have a great experience for a week, enjoy whatever comes along. A little wild sex and a hundred orgasms would be great. Then I can go back home and get back into the same rut and live on memories for a while.

Ayway, we set out after work on Friday. It’s past nine pm when we get to the hotel. It’s several blocks off the beach, a lot less expensive. By the time we check in and get to our room, we decide it’s a night. We might as well go to bed and start out fresh in the morning. Go to the beach in our bathing suits and troll for horney guys.

After I shower and start getting ready for bed, I realize that I have my pajama tops but not the bottoms.

“You still use PJs?” June asks.

‘Well, yeah,” I reply.

“I didn’t think anyone used PJs any more,” she says.

“What’s wrong with PJs? I’ve used them since I was a kid. What do you use?”

“Nighties. Preferably short nighties with no panties. That way I’m available to whoever I’m sleeping with. But why not just wear the tops since that’s what you have. It’s essentially the same as a short nightie.”

So I end up in bed wearing a top only, my bottom bare. Some time later, I have no idea how long, I’m awakened by June almost yelling. “Claire! I’ve tackled him. Climb on him to hold him down. Sit on him. I have his feet and ankles. Sit on his head.”

I have no idea what’s going on. It’s pitch dark. I start out of bed and realize my foot has hit a body. I sort of feel with my foot, get up and start standing. June is still yelling. “Sit on him. Hold him down before he attacks us.”

All kinds of thoughts run through my head. Who is this guy? Why is he here? It’s dark. What time is it? Even a moment of where am I? Then I’m standing next to my bed. I can tell that I’m straddling a guy because he starts to sit up and he touches my leg. I hear a male voice saying “What are . . .” So I do what June wants, I sit on him. I don’t just jump on him but almost. I bend my knees and kneel down and then plump my bare bottom right on his head. I can feel his face under me.

“I’m on him,” I tell June. “What is this all about. Who is he, why is he here?”

“I heard a noise,” June says,” and when I woke up I could see a figure coming in the door, into our room. He closed the door behind him and I jumped out of bed and tackled him and started yelling at you. I guess he’s a burglar or a rapist or something.”

While she talked I could feel something. Whoever this guy is, he’s licking me. His tongue is in fethiye escort my pussy, moving around. I have to admit, my first thought was that I liked it, not that I was scared of him. I moved my bottom a litttle to get his tongue aimed better at where I liked it. He licked my clit. “Oh!” I exclaimed.

“Are you o.k? What’s happening, why did you make that sound?” June yells at me.

“He’s licking me. I sat my bare bottom on his face and he’s licking my pussy. My clit right now.” I tell her and move my botttom around to enjoy what he’s doing even more. This is really odd. I’m awakened in the middle of the night, in the dark. There’s some strange guy for some reason and now I’m sitting on him and he’s doing a really great job of licking my pussy. I can feel that it won’t take long to have an orgasm, this is all so weird and sexy. I shimmy my bottom on him a little and he keeps on licking me, shoving his tongue into me. I think he knows what he’s doing. I moan a little

Wait a minute! Is he a he? Maybe it’s a she? Who is this and why is he/it here? I lean forward slightly, keeping my pussy on his mouth and feel for his crotch. O.k., it’s a he. Definitely a major hard on in there. I feel around and find the zipper and push it down and reach inside and find his dick and work it out of his pants. Seems like a very nice, firm erection. While I’m doing this he’s licking away, faster if anything. This is so sexy.

“June,” I say to her, “I think you’re next to the chair. My purse is on it. Can you get it and hand it to me.”

“Why in the world do you want your purse?”

“Well, I think I’m going to have an orgasm soon and I’d like to climb on his dick and fuck him and I want to use a condom and I have some in my purse.”

I can hear her and then feel her pushing the purse in my direction. I take it. She saying, “Are you out of your mind? This guy is some kind of weirdo.”

“Yeah but he’s really good at eating me and getting me almost to cumming and I have his dick out and it feels really great.”

“If you get off him he’s liable to attack us.”

“I don’t know why but I think he’d rather fuck than fight.” And right then he’s got my clit in his mouth sucking on it and I have as good a feeling as I’ve ever had and I’m sure he’s darn near drowned by my juice all over his face.Maybe it’s a really good one because it’s such a weird situation — dark, a complete unknown stranger, maybe a burglar,sort of adventurous, but whatever I’m having a real high. I get a condom out of my purse, pull off the foil and get it wrapped down this lovely cock I’m holding on to. I lift off him and start moving to turn around and sit on his erection.

He says, “I’m no burglar. I’m coming into my hotel room. What are you two doing here?” About then I have myself poised right over his dick and I start lowering myself. It feels terrific, moving up into me. I moan a little. He moans a little. “Claire?” he says. “It is Claire isn’t it, isn’t that what June called you? You have the best tasting, firmest pussy I’ve ever tasted and now you’re as tight as anyone I’ve ever been with. God, this is unbeleivable and you’re the sexiest woman ever.”

By then, I’m raising back up and lowering again, feeling him move inside me.

June pipes in, “What do you mean, your hotel room? What makes you think that?”

His voice says, “My best friend and I drove here from Philly. I parked the car while he checked us in and then we hit a couple bars. We didn’t find much action, no girls at all, so I decided to hit the sack. He gave me the card key and told me that it was room 211 and I came up and came into room 211 and here I am. Although, I have to be honest and tell you, I’m not complaining.” While he’s talking, he reaches in the dark and starts fingering my clit as I raise up and drop down on him. So I’m moaning and enjoying the whole experience.

“Well,” June says, “This is our room and there were no suitcases in here when we got here so you’re mistaken some how. What hotel is your room in?”

He’s pushing his hips up, helping me fuck him, and he talks in little bursts. “I made the reservations. Charter Hotel.”

“Well, this isn’t the Charter, this is Sea Wind. You’re in the wrong hotel.” June sounds angry.

“Oh, I think I’m in the right place. Claire, you’re a really great fuck.”

I can sort of feel June moving behind me. “Well there’s no use my sitting on your ankles and I don’t want to spend the night listening to you two fucking. Do you think your friend is in his room at the Charter yet? And what’s his name?”

“Doug. And I don’t know. Probably.”

“Well, it’s just across the street. Maybe I should go over there and get involved with him. What’s your name so I can tell him why I’m there?”

“Jake. Jacob.” He blurts out as he keeps lifting his hips to meet my riding him.

“Claire, I’m going to turn on the light and get dressed and go across the street. You can’t be the only one that gets lucky tonight.”

The light comes on just as I’m saying, “No, my hair’s a mess and I don’t have any make up on.” Then I can see the stranger, escort fethiye Jake. He’s gorgeous. The best looking guy I’ve ever fucked in my life.

“Claire, you’re beautiful,” he says, looking up at me.

I keep riding up and down feeling his cock moving inside me. Terrific. “Jake, how long are you here for?” I ask him.

“We were planning on a week.”

“I smile as I fuck him, getting more and more aroused, “I think this will be the best week of my life.”

He reaches to grab my hips and help him sit up. As he rises, he murmurs to me, “Me, too,” and then he has his arms around me and we’re kissing, his lovely big cock inside me.

Just then we all can hear some noises at the room door. I look and June is completely naked, she’s taken off her nighties and hasn’t yet put on any other clothes. I’ve always envied her breasts, perhaps her whole body, she’s so built. She moves to the door and opens it slightly, there’s a guy standing there. I’m barely sideways can hardly see him but Jake is looking almost at him. “Doug?” he exclaims.

Completely naked, June says, “Come on in, Doug. You’re in the wrong room 211, you belong across the street.” She then walks back into the room towards her suitcase. Doug’s eyes follow her.

“Come in and close the door, Doug,” Jake says.” I made the same mistake and came into these girls’ room. The beautiful blonde you’re creaming your pants over is June. The gorgeous girl on my lap is Claire. I’m going to stay here with Claire if she’ll let me. Be nice to June and perhaps she’ll stay with you.”

“Well, I’ m sure not going to spend a week’s vacation watching you two go at it,” June says and grins at Doug, who’s still just standing there staring at her. “Now that you see me, if you’re interested, I am.”

I didn’t see what happened next. Jake pulled his legs back under us and actually came out of me for a moment but ended up on top of me, back into me, pumping away as fast as possible. I put my legs up around him and held on. This was beginning to be one of the best fucks of my life. June and Doug said something to each other and I moaned and gasped and enjoyed Jake’s strong dick moving in me. Maybe it was because there were other people partially getting our attention but we lasted and lasted and I enjoyed it no end. I’d never been continuously fucked for so long before. Meanwhile, June, who put on a few clothes, and Doug left so just the two of us were here, Jake almost fully dressed, me almost naked, fucking on the floor.

I had been fucking him fairly slowly, enjoying the feeling in the dark of this unknown erection moving inside me. When he reversed us he started doing the same, perhaps enjoying the feeling of his dick inside me. But then he started speeding up and I’m getting more and more aroused. I know I’m grunting and moaning and thoroughly loving every moment. As he moves even faster and harder my noises get louder and I’m shoving back at him as much as possible and getting ever higher emotionally.

I suspect the fuck you’re having is always the best ever, at least for the moment, but I think this truly is the best ever for me. This complete stranger who is also gorgeous is letting me the bad girl I’d hoped to be on this trip and I’m loving it and my mind and whole body is getting ready to almost explode. And then I am exploding. Screaming unintelligibly, I can hear myself. My insides are spasming. I must be squeezing the cum out of his dick. Then I can feel his dick sort of jumping inside me. I don’t feel the sperm as I have with others because of the condom. For a brief moment I’m sorry I used the condom, it would have felt even better to have his cum shooting off.

And then we’re kissing. Holding on to one another, me wrapped around him, kissing and sucking tongues and kissing some more, him still inside me. He pulls out and off and says, very quietly, “I better get rid of this rubber.” He pulls away and stands and heads to the bathroom.

I get up and say to him, “Get rid of those clothes, too. I want to feel our bodies together, naked.” Ashe tossews the icky condom, I wipe myself some and gob ack into the room.I get back on my bed, pushing the bed clothes down with my legs and feet. I sit up some and take off my PJ top and lay back, fully naked. Then I realize it’s bright, the ceiling light is on. I jump up, go over to the wall and switch it off, leaving one lamp still on. I want some light to see his body as we enjoy each other and move to still more sex. I head back to the bed and lay down again. I can’t help myself, Instead of satisfying me, the fucking has turned me on. I reach down and get a couple fingers into my slit and start feeling my clit.

Jake comes out of the bathroom and starts taking his clothes off, bending to get at his shoes and then socks, moving then to his shirt and then his pants and underwear. I lay on the bed watching him. I’m having the perfect bad girl moment. I’ve just had a guy that’s so good looking, with a great body, that I’d pick him out of a room full of men, lick me to orgasm and then fuck me to another and we’re about to start over. And fethiye escort bayan this is my first night of vacation. It’s going to be the greatest week in my life, I know. He looks at me and says, “I’ve never seen anything sexier in my life.”

“I’m glad you think so because I sure want more of you,” I answer back as he starts to the bed, completely naked. We press against one another, moving our hands over each other’s bodies and kiss and suck tongue and kiss some more. I roll partly atop him, get one leg between his so my pussy is on his abdomen, just above his dick and I can feel him against my thigh. I kiss his neck, his shoulder and move my hands on his chest. Some hair but not a lot. “You’re the one that’s sexy,” I tell him. And I mean it. He must work out. He’s not muscle bound but he’s in great shape, firm body, no flab. I move one hand down between us to get to his dick. I hold it tight, pull on it a little. “You have a lovely dick, fat and strong, that felt so good in me.” I move my hand down to his balls. His hairy balls. I feel them and move them around in my hand. “Guys are lucky, having dicks and balls. So sexy. Women’s things just aren’t as gorgeous and sexy at all.”

I’m feeling his dick, it’s starting to respond and grow a little. I slide back a little and kiss down onto his abdomen, continuing to work his dick with my hand. It’s getting bigger.

I get my face to his dick, lick along it. It’s almost firm now. I get my lips around the head and get it started into my mouth and lick it. I have to open my mouth wide to get it in further as I slide my lips down it a little I have a weird thought. So I slide back up and get my mouth off it but hold it and say, “I just had a weird thought. What if I get this big thing in my mouth and it gets even bigger and I can’t get my mouth open wide enough to get it out and we have to call the fire department to help get us free from one another.” I smile although he can’t see it, and almost swallow him again, getting my mouth crammed full of his very erect and firm dick. So sexy.

As I lick and suck on him, then start bobbing my head to mouth fuck him, he tells me, “I don’t think there’s a problem of my getting my tongue stuck in your pussy. It’s nice and tight but not that tight. But I’ll have to check it out and see because you’re delicious and I love tasting you. I could eat you for hours on end.”

I slide up off his cock long enough to say, “Promises, promises,” then suck him back in and go to work. I want to get him to cum and taste him and the fact that he wants to taste me again makes me want this even more. I work as hard as I can, bobbing up and down, milking him with my lips, licking inside my mouth, using my one hand on his balls, the other on the base of his cock, sort of masturbating him a little while I fellate him with my mouth. This isn’t the first cock I’ve sucked but I don’t think I’ve ever been more turned on and wanted to suck anyone more than right now.

He says, “I’m going to cum,” and in my mind I think, I hope so, that’s what this is all about, and work on him even harder. Then I can feel his cock actually swell a little and stiffen even more if that’s possible and then I’m getting a mouthful. I slide my lips up a little, just holding the head in my mouth to give me room because it’s filling my mouth. I swallow and more cums and I swallow again. I slide my lips back down, taking almost all of him into my mouth and grip him tight with my lips and slide up, milking out everything I can, and then do it two more times. He’s done so I guess I have to be. I lift my mouth free, “I’d like to have done that longer, I love that big fat dick of yours.”

He gets his arms under mine and pulls me up and I’m on top of him again and we’re kissing. He’s feeling my ass and kissing me and holding me tight against him. Then he rolls a little and is partly atop me and starts kissing down on my neck and shoulders, his hands to my breasts. He kisses and then sucks my breasts and is doing to me what I’ve just done to him. I’m already turned on. I might cum before he ever gets to my pussy the way I’m feeling, I’m certainly plenty wet already. Was when I was sucking him. Now he’s down there, has my legs pushed up almost to my shoulders so he can get at me and his tongue is in me, licking up and down. I hope he’s not turned off by the taste. I came when he fucked me, I’ve been getting juicier and juicier as I sucked him and he worked his way down there so he’s sure getting a taste of a very well lubricated pussy. I can hear him, sort of sucking and slurping as well as feel him.

“Jake, you’re terrific, do that as long as you want, I love it,” I tell him between my gasps and moans. I was ready anyway and now I cum again. I’m screaming, it feels so great. I can hear him sucking it all up as well as feel him and then he’s at it again, his tongue working on my clit. It actually hurts but it hurts so good. I can understand how girls pass out from this. He has a couple fingers in me now, fucking my vagina while he tortures my clit with his tongue and lips. I didn’t know it was possible but I’m cumming again and screaming again. My whole body is jumping. Then he’s up over me again, kissing me with his wet and sticky face that tastes very different now. Probably like I tasted different to him after swallowing his cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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