My Secret Affair with Julia

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The first time I met Julia was at an Irish Pub in Massachusetts where she and my friend Jim had invited me to have dinner with them. She was clearly the most beautiful woman I had ever seen with a beautiful face, incredible assassin’s eyes, and a remarkable nearly perfectly proportioned body. I simply could not keep my eyes off of her. And I knew she caught me several times staring at her body. As a hopelessly single guy at the time, I spent the entire evening letting my imagination run wild undressing her and enjoying her at almost every glance.

In the coming months he would share with me some unbelievable photographs and videos of the two of them and some really great pictures of Julia in a bikini, partially and fully nude, solo, and engaged in some pretty hot sex with him. She was just as beautiful and as sexual as I had imagined and it looked like there wasn’t anything she would not do sexually to arouse a man. On two occasions we arranged for me to sneak into his apartment by not locking trabzon escort the front door and I was able to quietly enter and watch them having sex. Usually Julia had her wrists tied and was blindfolded with a quilt or sheet placed over her face, or face down over a stack of pillows, while he made love to her. I watched with incredible excitement and I think it made him even more aroused knowing that I was watching. On one occasion she was nude and tied face down, her hips over a stack of pillows, while he licked her pussy from behind. I had never seen a woman struggle so intensely and whine so loudly as he held her hips firmly and brought her to orgasms until she was exhausted and unable to resist any further. After that his intercourse with her was like an animal and sometimes lasted half an hour. It was amazing to watch such a beautiful woman open herself up so fully and enjoy so much sex for such a prolonged period of time.

Finally after much shared conversation between trabzon escort bayan him and I the time came where he asked me to secretly take his place. he had coaxed Julia and she agreed that it would be fine as long as she “didn’t know about it” wink-wink. I had never been so aroused in my life at the prospect of having sex with a woman and never so willing to please her sexually. It all happened so easily, I slipped in to his apartment like I had before. She was lying there is his bedroom naked, wrists tied above her head in the usual fashion, with a quilt draped over her face blocking her sight. She was incredibly beautiful and possibly a little intoxicated. He was lying beside her and got up and acted as if he went to get something, I undressed quickly and quietly, and on returning he motioned for me to join her. Having watched them before I knew exactly what to do and was so ready.

Placing an arm under each knee, I laid down between her legs and immediately started using escort trabzon my tongue on her pussy. I grew even more excited when she parted her legs even more giving me complete access. She tasted unbelievable and the view of her naked body from this vantage point was completely what I had hoped for. I slid my hands under each leg then up and around reaching for and finding her breasts and nipples. I massaged her nipples firmly as my tongue probed her pussy harder and faster. I smelled and tasted every part of her delicious body. As her thighs camped my head firmly I believe she had at least one strong orgasm. Soon after I slid up and easily penetrated her and firmly and quickly started having intercourse with her. She squeaked at first, but became silent with her mouth wide open and her body rocked in time to my thrusts, her breasts silently bobbing up in down to my rhythm. I lightly sucked her nipples while thrusting. Being so aroused by Julia’s body I knew I couldn’t last very long and, as I had watched him do before, I slid myself up and exploded all over her breasts. I quickly got up, but couldn’t help staring down at one of the most sexy women I had ever been with. It was clear that Julia was totally exhausted, laying silent and still, so I quietly left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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