My New Roomie Ch. 01

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My name is Jill I just turned 18. I’m 5’6″ with C cup boobs, and I have a great ass. I have blue eyes and long blonde hair. I’m 18 and horny as hell. Its one in the morning and all I want to do is fuck myself with my new vibrator I bought yesterday, but I can’t because all week long I have had a roommate.

About a week ago my uncle, aunt, and cousins came to my house and will be staying here for a month before they’re new house is ready for them to move into. At first this was great but now I just want them to leave. Its not that I don’t like them it’s because I just want some privacy so I can take care of business. My cousin Jenny has been my roommate for almost a week now and this has kept me from masturbating in my room. Jenny is a very cute girl with huge boobs, DD at least, a sexy little butt, and big puppy dog brown eyes to go with her short brown hair. Jenny is also 18 and is even less experienced sexually then I am, as a matter of fact she’s still a virgin. Her twin brother Jack is also very good looking he is 6’1″ with rock hard abs and a nice bulge in his pants. Everywhere I look I see sexy young people and I can’t help but get horny.

It’s about three in the morning and I just can’t sleep so I quietly sneak downstairs to look at some porn on the computer. I’m almost down when I here a small noise. Stopping to listen I hear it again and realize it someone moaning in pleasure. etiler bdsm escort To my surprise there is my naked cousin Jack sitting in front of the computer watching a lesbian porn video. Even more shocking was what I saw in his lap. When I snuck out of my room I hadn’t notice that Jenny was missing and now I found her deepthroating her own brother. I couldn’t believe my eyes here were my two sexy cousins fooling around with each other. Careful not to scare them I quietly snuck up on them and watched. Soon I found one hand fondling my right tit and the other rubbing my clit. I guess I must have let out a moan because they both turned around to look at me.

All three of us were so shocked catching each other in this most embarrassing moment that we all just sat there and stared at one another. The next thing I know both Jack and Jen are begging me not to tell anyone. It was then I got an idea I told them that I wouldn’t tell as long as I got to play as well.

Both Jack and Jen got up and walked over to me. Jack got there first and bent over to kiss me passionately on the lips. Our hands began to run over each other’s body exploring all the fun places. While we made out I began feeling up Jacks monster 8″ cock and he began massaging both of my tits. While still making out I feel a pressure on my back as to giant tits press against me and Jen etiler elit escort starts to nibble on my earlobe. The next thing I know I feel Jen kissing her way down my back down to my panty covered ass. Jen kisses and massages my butt while lightly rubbing my panty clad pussy. At this moment Jack breaks our kiss and pulls off my shirt while Jen pulls down my panties. Jack then lowers me to the floor where both Jen and Jack begin to suck my nipples and rub my pussy.

With both of my cousins sucking my nipples I begin cumming all over their fingers. Licking their fingers Jack tells me to get on all fours. As I did this Jack brought his huge cock to my lips and I began sucking. Jen then moves behind me and begins by kissing my ass and rubbing my puss before moving down my cunt. Jen starts by lightly kissing my outer cunt lips. She then teasingly runs her fingertips up between my cunt lips and grazes my clit. She then lightly drags her tongue back and forth over my lips driving me crazy.

We stay like this for about ten minutes until Jack could take no more. He pulls out after shooting his load down my throat. While I’m eating Jacks cum Jen uses her talented mouth to push me over the edge and I cum all over her pretty little face. With a mouth full of cum I pull Jen up and begin sharing some of Jacks cum with her. We sit there kissing for another five etiler escort or ten minutes until Jack has me lay on my back. Jen then sits on my face and I taste my first pussy. Her pussy was sweet and I just loved it. Watching his sister getting eaten out brought Jacks 8 inches back to life and he moved around to my open cunt and begins to push it in. He moves slowly at first working himself in my tight pussy. After about five minutes Jack begins to pick up the pace. With Jacks ever increasing pace my tongue begins moving faster over Jens cunt. Needing more she begs me to fuck her with my fingers. I first insert one then two and eventually three fingers into her tight virgin cunt. Jack begins thrusting faster and faster my tits are bouncing around like crazy and then I here him tell me he’s going to cum. With that Jack pumps load after load into my pussy pushing me over the edge. As I begin cumming I pull out my fingers from Jens soaked cunt and shove my index finger deep inside ass. With my finger burred up her virgin ass Jen begins moaning that she’s cumming and I get to taste my first girl cum, other then my own. After we all came down from our high we just laid there for about thirty minutes swapping passionate kisses and just holding each other close. By this point it was 4:45 in the morning and we all creped back up stairs. With a deep kiss Jack kissed us both goodnight and went back to his bed. As for Jen and me we snuck back into my room and climbed in the same bed where we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Little did we know that our actions did not go unnoticed. My aunt woke up to get a glass of water and saw us fucking. What will Jill’s aunt do about the kids actions. To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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