My Neighbor

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Double Penetration

“Hello, anyone home?”

“Who is it?”

“Its your neighbor Ed, I’ve come to return the book you lent me.”

“O K come in the door is open, I’m back here on the computer, I’ll be with you in a few minutes.”

He laid the book on the entrance table and went to find her. She was in the small bedroom where the computer had been set up.

“I’ll be with you in a minute, I have to finish this.”

Her hands were flying over the keyboard so he kneeled down behind her and began to read over her shoulder. She was engaged in an erotic conversation with someone on the net! She was obviously aroused because her breath came in short gasps and her whole body was trembling. From his vantage spot over her shoulder he could see that her nipples were hard, straining against the flimsy fabric of her shirt.

The combination of her erotic words, her closeness, the smell of her body and the sensual aroma of her perfume got to him. He kissed her ever so lightly on the neck. Although she gave an audible gasp, her fingers never slowed in her quest to seduce her online lover. Her only fethiye escort concession to his kiss was to tilt her head to expose more of her neck and shoulder to his attention. He slid his hands under her arms to cup her waiting breasts and the nipples got even harder as he tweaked and fondled.

Suddenly with a flourish she finished her “chat” and stood up to face him. She was only wearing a long “T” shirt! It startled him when she grabbed his polo and pulled it off over his head. He watched in awe as she did the same with her “T,” exposing those wondrous globes that had recently been the objects of his attention. His mouth dropped open in delight. There before him stood one of the most beautiful women in the world! Long tan legs, perfect rump, slim waist, breasts to die for and the face of a goddess completely nude.

She put her arms around his neck and they kissed. A long, slow, wet, open mouthed, tongue probing delicious kiss. Her beasts were crushed against his chest. He could feel her hard nipples boring into him.

His cock was fully erect and straining against escort fethiye the fabric of his shorts. She pushed him back against the bed and he slowly sat down. Her nipples were right at face level so he took the left one in his mouth and suckled like a contented child. She continued to push until they both fell, her tit still in his mouth. She was on top of him and his hands were clasped on the cheeks of her ass. He pulled her entire body up toward his face and he could feel the dampness of her pussy as it slid along his chest. She could see where this was going so she helped by crawling up to sit on his face. When his tongue slid into her wet pussy she let out a gasp. Her juices were like the nectar of the gods, sweet, rich and a taste unlike any other. As he sucked on her clit and fucked her with his tongue she began to squirm and moan. Within seconds her cries of passion rose to a fever pitch and she suddenly bathed his face with her cum.

She “unseated” herself and slid back down his chest the way she had come leaving a wet trail of pussy juice. Again, another of those mind bending fethiye escort bayan kisses but this time flavored with the taste of her pussy. She knew that his cock must be about to burst so she turned her attention to getting his shorts and briefs off. Only one thing could give his rigid tool more relief than the release from the prison in his shorts and she immediately applied that when she took it deep into her mouth. Like her, he was on the brink of orgasm in moments. She sucked and slid his cock in and out of her throat. Soon she felt the unstoppable load of cum explode in her mouth. When she turned around and kissed him again she could taste the mingling of the results of their passion. They lay there for a few minuets, spent from their love making. As it his roving hands explored every nook and cranny of her body he could feel his cock again rising to attention. They cuddled until they just couldn’t take it any more. She mounted his rigid member and began the slow, luxurious climb to the pinnacle of erotic ecstasy. As she continued her rhythmic pumping, he again released his pent up passion and tension. When she finally came it was earth shattering and she collapsed by his side.

Later as he dressed to leave she handed him the stapler from her computer desk. “Be sure you return this tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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