My Gothic Sister Ch. 04

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It was the morning of Shawn’s 21st birthday and the house buzzed as the Black family ran around. Paul and Jocelyn decorated the entire living room for the birthday party and Jane had set up a drink station in the kitchen. Shawn was at school and was told to arrive no earlier than 7 pm.

Henry was staying with Mrs.Jones for the day because Jane wanted him to be safe. Mrs. Jones was their elderly neighbor and gladly welcomed Henry into her home.

It had been a few weeks since their first date and they had grown closer. When their parents were sound asleep Jane would sneak into Shawn’s bedroom and sleep next to him. They didn’t do anything sexual because being in each other’s arms was enough for now. But Jane had a special birthday gift for her brother tonight.

“You alright dear?” Jocelyn walked into the kitchen as Jane was playing with her hair nervously lost in thought. “You seem troubled,” She asked concerned.

Jane was anxious and didn’t know how to hide it from her parents. “Oh, yeah. I guess I’m just nervous.”

“About the surprise birthday party?”

Jane laughed. “Well, I’m sure Shawn knows what’s going on. I mean, you texted him, don’t show up until 7 or something along those lines.”

“Maybe. But the guests still want to shout SURPRISE! Tons of family and friends will be here. Oh, and some of my co-workers too. But honey, there is no reason to be tense. Just enjoy yourself.”

“Right.” Jane looked panicked after hearing how many people would be at their house. She didn’t do well with crowds. Her preference was the quiet and solitude.

“Oh, my baby is a real adult now. I wonder when he’ll bring home a girlfriend?” Jocelyn looked at her daughter. “Jane, do you know if he is seeing anyone?”

“What? I don’t know. We don’t talk about that stuff.” Jane blushed.

“Well, you two are so close, I figured you would know.”

“Nope,” Jane said and continued to set up more things around the kitchen.

Jocelyn walked towards Jane and hugged her. “I have the best kids in the world! You two barely fought as you grew up. And instead of competing with each other, you helped one another.” Her face was full of pride.

“Thanks, mom, you and dad are great too.” Jane smiled but she felt like a hypocrite. She didn’t feel like a good person and so she kept to herself for the rest of the day. Guilt was eating away at her so she stayed in her room and wrote in her diary.

The house started to look like a party zone. All the valuables and breakable things were put away. And the sound system was up and ready to play its part. Tables and other drink stations were set up outside in the backyard as well. There was plenty of space for their guests to party hard.

Jane got ready for the party and headed downstairs to see what else needed to be done. Her hair was up in pigtails and they looked so wavy, thick and long. Green little skulls were clasped on top of her pigtails. She wore a black long sleeve blouse, dark-green and black striped mini skirt with black knee-high socks and Black Mary Jane shoes that had skulls for buckles.

“Oh, Jane, you look really pretty. Ready to start receiving guests?” Paul asked.

“Thank you! And yes, I’m ready.” Jane felt a bit embarrassed that her dad saw her in a mini skirt. She usually dressed in very modest clothing, but tonight was going to be memorable.

All three of them greeted their guests and ushered them to the drink zones. It was 6 pm and people were showing up by the minute. As the house became full, Jane started to feel on edge. But she kept telling herself that this was going to be a good night.

7 pm rolled around and everyone hid in the living room with the lights turned off. Shawn pulled up, walked to the front door and opened it, “SURPRISE!” About fifty people shouted.

Confetti and balloons were released as Shawn walked in. “WOW! Thank you, everyone.” He said with appreciation. Several people approached Shawn and wished him a happy birthday. Cousins and friends hugged him and Jane got jealous when women would hug him a little longer than they should have.

After about half an hour of talking and hugging guests, Shawn finally found Jane sitting on the sofa. She sat alone with a drink in her hand. “Hey, you!” Shawn said happily.

“Happy Birthday Shawn.” She said quietly and gave him a quick hug.

“Thanks. Are you okay?”

“No. But this is your night. And I don’t want to ruin it.”

“Jane, there’s no such thing as ‘my’ night. Yes, it’s my birthday but we share everything, so it’s ‘our’ night. I need to know that you are having fun too. Now, what’s wrong?”

Jane looked at Shawn and wished that she didn’t love him the way she did. Things would be so much simpler if she didn’t feel anything. But it was too late for Jane she had fallen in love with her brother. Shawn had captured her and there was no going back. “I-I…it’s just that mom sai-“

“SHOTS! WHO WANTS SHOTS!?” Paul shouted. The guests went wild with screams and laughter. “SHAWN, GET OVER HERE AND HAVE YOUR FIRST DRINK WITH YOUR zeytinburnu escort OLD MAN!”

“FIST DRINK…YEAH RIGHT.” Someone shouted in a humorous tone. It made a few people laugh.

Shawn didn’t want to leave Jane alone. “Just go.” She said. “I’m fine.”

Shawn grabbed her by the hand and pulled her towards him. “You’re coming with me.” Jane spilled the drink that she was holding and was hauled to the kitchen.

Paul gave Shawn three shots of whiskey and three more shots of tequila. “Get wasted son, get laid if you find a cute girl here. There’s plenty of strangers to get wild with. Happy birthday, Son!”

“Thanks, dad.” Shawn looked at Jane and winked at her.

The conversation was awkward for Jane but she managed to push through it. “May I have a shot too?” She asked.

“Absolutely not young lady. You stay close to me or mom but you be good.” Paul kissed her forehead and walked away.

Shawn had always noticed the difference in how their parents treated them. Jane was always sheltered, while Shawn could do pretty much anything he wanted. “Come on let’s go dance.” He yanked her hand again and lead her to the living room.

People danced around the house as the music blared. Shawn spun her around a few times and danced a little too close to her body. Jane noticed people staring at them weird.

“I think we should stop.”

“Why?” Shawn’s eyes glistened from the alcohol.

“Some people are staring at us funny.”

Shawn looked around and could see a couple of faces in the crowd that seemed uncomfortable with the way they were dancing. After all, they were brother and sister and their romantic relationship isn’t accepted as a social norm. But before Shawn could say anything, Jane let go of his hand and disappeared into the crowd.

Shawn got upset at his sister for leaving without saying a word. He made his way through the crowd and searched for Jane. But was stopped by a girl who flashed her tits at him. “I’m drunk…wanna suck on my big t-“

Shawn shoved her out of the way, “NO.” He shouted and didn’t even bother to look at her breasts. “I don’t like whores!”

The young woman was shocked but it didn’t stop her from flashing the guy behind Shawn.

“Stupid gross bitch,” Shawn mumbled to himself and desperately looked for Jane. He walked outside and spotted his mother. “Mom, have you seen Jane?”

“Eh…well…ah…” Jocelyn was drunk very drunk. “I don’t know honey. I’m sure she’s around. Hopefully, she’s dancing with some cute boy. Most of my co-workers brought their late teen kids. So, maybe she’s hooking up.”

Jocelyn’s words made Shawn angry. He could never let Jane be with someone else. That would break him. Shawn continued to look for her but she was nowhere. He went back inside and two girls asked him to dance. He, of course, said no, and went upstairs. She wasn’t in her bedroom or his. People were all over the place coming in and out of the upstairs bathroom if the downstairs was taken.

Guests continuously stopped Shawn to say happy birthday or have a quick chat with him. Shawn tried his best not to be rude, but he was on a mission. He was imagining some guy comforting her and that made him furious. He excused himself from the present company and entered his parent’s bedroom. He found Jane standing outside on the balcony.

She stared at the moonlit sky. Shawn opened the sliding door and startled her. “Jane,” He said softly. “I have been looking everywhere for you. Why did you take off like that?”

Jane looked up at her brother with tears coming down her cheeks. “Oh, Shawn, I am sorry. I don’t do well with crowds and mom said some things today…”

Shawn stood next to her and lifted her chin up. “There’s nothing to be sorry about. I know you rather be alone than with people. What did mom say?”

“She said that she was proud of us. And then the people were staring at us funny when we danced. It all mixed in my head…I don’t know.”

“I understand. I didn’t know our parents were going to invite so many people. I thought it would be a few of my friends and that’s it. I am sorry I made you dance with me.”

“No, it’s fine. It’s…it’s just that I don’t know how to act around you anymore. I mean, before I had a filter and that filter helped me stay away from you in that way…” Jane clasped the handrail and looked back up at the sky. “But now I can’t seem to stay away.”

Shawn took her hands off the handrail and held them in his. “I have fought most of my life to keep you safe and keep you away from me in that way too. But I can’t stay away anymore either. My intentions for you are pure. I want nothing but to love you.”

His words, his understanding of her; the pure love they shared was what made Jane fall in love with him. There was nothing more beautiful or important than the face she stared at. Jane knew the time had come. “I want to give you your birthday gift now. I am ready to give you my virginity.” She cried softly as she spoke. This was very serious for Jane. aksaray escort There was no going back after this.

Shawn knew it was an emotional moment but he couldn’t help but get hard. “Jane, that’s the most beautiful gift you can ever give me. Are you sure you are ready?”

“I am sure.”

Shawn ushered her to their parent’s bed and sat her down. “Jane, we are blood-related but I want you to know that I don’t see you as my sister. I see you as my one and only true love.”

“Me too Shawn. I know it’s wrong and sinful, but I love you and I can’t help it.”

Shawn took out his phone and played soft piano music. He knew it was Jane’s favorite music. He placed his phone on the nightstand. “Remember when I would sing you to sleep with my terrible singing voice?”

“Yes.” She laughed.

“But piano music in the background always helped.” He smiled.

They both laughed. “Thank you, Shawn.”

“For what?”

“For being good to me.” Jane stood up and took his white hoodie off. “Get undressed please.” She whispered.

Shawn unbuckled his black Vans belt slowly and removed his blue jeans. He then took off his black tank top and black boxers. Jane parted her lips in arousal and stared at his gorgeous body. He was very beautiful. His deep blue eyes focused on hers.

Jane took off her black blouse and unzipped her skirt. Both items of clothes fell on the floor. Her undergarments and socks were the only things on her. Shawn approached her and gently removed her socks one at a time. “You are so pretty…Jane. I love you.”

“I love you too Shawn.”

They both stood in front of each other looking at one another. They held hands and raised them into the air, they lowered them down slowly and slid under the covers. Shawn unbuckled Jane’s bra and slipped her underwear off. “I’m scared,” Jane whispered.

“Don’t be my beautiful gothic sister…I love you and you’ll never have to fear anything by my side.” He whispered into her ear.

Jane stuck her tongue in his mouth and felt his warm lips; he kissed her passionately. They rolled around a bit until Shawn got on top of her. Jane’s skinny body felt fragile under his but he was careful not to hurt her. He petted her pigtails and twisted them with his fingers a sign of affection since they were kids. Jane was very moist and knew it was time to spread her legs. She blushed as she carefully opened her innocence.

“Are you ready…my sweet sister?”

“I am…”

Shawn caressed her cheek and positioned himself in the middle of her soon to be womanhood. He was lost in her world. This is all he has ever wanted. Shawn loved her and now she was about to be his. Shawn tenderly placed his member against her virgin door. Jane jumped a little.

They locked eyes. He played with her pussy lips a bit and his tip was getting wet from her juice.

With one push Shawn entered her a little. Jane closed her eyes and feared the pain.

He pushed again harder this time. “Arrrrrhhh, fuck!” Jane cried out. She felt the hymen rip. Her vaginal walls stretched for the first time and it was uncomfortable for her.

Shawn was inside her. “You are so tight it hurts my dick.” He could feel parts of the hymen on the tip of his dick. That made him harder knowing that he was the one that opened this beautiful package.

Tears rolled down Jane’s cheeks. “It’s painful.”

“Shhh…I know.” He kissed her forehead. “I am just going to stay still so your body can adjust.” He didn’t thrust or moved he just stayed in place. “I love you, you are mine now.” He waited a few minutes before he began to thrust very gently.

“It hurts.” It was more than painful. It felt as though she was getting pierced with a hot iron. Jane felt a hot burning sensation course through her wound. “I am not sure how much longer I can have you inside me. It’s throbbing.”

“Ok, okay. I will get out slowly.” Shawn knew that first times were rough. Some women could handle their first times just fine. But Jane was very sensitive in every form and he loved her for it. Jane was so tight that he couldn’t just pull out. The tiny movements he made to pull out made him cum. “Oh, Shit! I just came inside you. I didn’t mean to, I swear.”

As Shawn pulled out blood and cum leaked out of Jane’s pussy. “Ehh…oh my gosh…” She stared at the blood-stained sheet and cried. “I am not a virgin anymore.”

“Its okay, it will be alright. The first time is always hard.” He cradled her in his arms and kissed the top her head. “Come on let’s get you cleaned up.”

“Are you mad at me?”

“For what?”

“For not being able to handle sex.” Her big sad eyes stared into his.

“No, I am not mad at you. Jane, it was your first time. Besides the way you handled it was kind of beautiful actually…I love you so much.” He nuzzled her hair and made her laugh.

“So was that it? Is that all sex is? I don’t see the big deal that people make it out to be.”

She stung Shawn’s ego but he tamed it by holding his naked sister that was now ataköy escort his. He let out a small giggle and said. “First and second time will be a little off. But trust me, after you get over that hump, it’ll be a wet fun wild ride. And I can’t wait. You will soon understand why people crave sex. Now, let’s go to the bathroom.”

Jane looked over at the bathroom but before she could say anything. The bedroom doors swung wide open and lights shined through the entire room. Their parents and about five more people entered the room.

“IT’S CAKE TIME! WHERE ARE YOU?!” Jocelyn screamed. “OH, MY GOD! OH, MY GOD…OH MY GOD!” Jocelyn’s eyes fixated on the blood-stained sheet and she stared at her naked children.

The siblings released each other but Shawn tried to cover Jane. Paul ran towards Shawn and pulled him away from his daughter. He punched Shawn in the face. “YOU FUCKING RAPED YOUR SISTER?! YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!” He hit Shawn again and knocked him down to the floor.

Jocelyn took off her sweater and ran to her daughter. She put the sweater on Jane and looked at the blood again and thought the worse of her son.

Shawn defended himself as his father beat him down. “ he di-” Jane was cut off by her mother.

“GET OUT OF HERE EVERYONE!” She shouted to the few guests that stood by the door. They had their cell phones out and recorded what they could. “KAREN, GET EVERYONE OUT PLEASE!” Jocelyn yelled at her friend for help.

Karen shoved everyone out and shut the door behind her. “I have to take you the hospital NOW! I’ll take you down through the garage.”

Jane was mortified but she managed to push down her feelings and yell. “DAD STOP BEATING SHAWN, PLEASE STOP!”

Father and son were now on the floor in a brutal fist fight. “Don’t defend him.” Jocelyn addressed her daughter and tried to hold her down.

“GET OFF ME!” She pushed her mother to the side. “WE ARE IN LOVE OK! HE DIDN’T RAPE ME. WE’RE IN LOVE!” She shouted with all of her strength and fainted.


It had been too much for Jane. The party, the loss of her virginity and being discovered by her parents. Everyone knew the sinful truth now. Jane opened her eyes and noticed that an ice pack laid on her forehead. She got up slowly and felt sore in between her legs. She looked around her bedroom and all of last night’s events flooded in. She felt dizzy and different. She glanced at her diary and broke into tears.

She held it tightly. “I don’t know who I am right now.” She whispered into her diary.

Shawn opened the door and hugged Jane. “I heard you crying.” Shawn’s face was heavily bruised. His left eye was swollen, a cut sat on his cheek and his bottom lip was split open. “Are you okay?”

“Oh Shawn, your face.” She said concerned.

“That’s enough!” Paul shouted from the hallway. “Come downstairs both of you.”

Jocelyn sat at the corner of the couch and was sobbing. “Please sit down both of you.” She whispered. The siblings sat down. She stopped crying after a few minutes and took a deep breath. “Your father and I-“

“Father? NO, those are not my children.” Jocelyn was cut off by Pauls cruel words.

Jane’s heart broke in two when she saw that there was no love in her father’s eyes. Shawn kept his head down.

“As I was saying, Paul and I have decided that we want you both out of the house. You have today and tomorrow to pack and find a new place to live. If you aren’t out by tomorrow night we will call the police and have you removed. We will be out of the house until then. You can have the car for now, but I expect it returned once you have a place to live.”

Paul stared at his children with the utmost disgusted look on his face. “You are a disgrace. THIS IS INCEST! THIS IS WRONG!”

“PAUL STOP!” Jocelyn pleaded. “I don’t know why this happened or when it began but I will not tolerate this in my house. I can’t even look at you both.”

“I had so much hope…Jane, you had mentioned once that you wanted to be a nun. What happened to my little girl? Shawn, you are chased by tons of girls, and yet you…you…” Paul couldn’t say it. “What happened to my little boy…?” Paul’s eyes filled with tears. “Everyone knows about this, the embarrassment alone is…is. I hope you both rot hell for this.” He grabbed the car keys. “I’ll be waiting in the car, Jocelyn.” He walked out and slammed the door.

Jocelyn stood up. “I…I…Please don’t ever get pregnant.” She wanted to say more but there was nothing more to say.

As soon as the door closed behind Jocelyn Jane started crying uncontrollably. “Oh my god! You finished inside me and we didn’t use protection.” She hugged Shawn. “What have we done?”

Shawn held her in his arms. “It’s okay, little sister. If you’re that worried I can get you the Plan B pill. I will find you, Henry and I a place to live as well.”

“Oh my goodness…Henry!? What kind of owner am I? I haven’t checked on him!” That made Jane feel worse and she cried harder.

“I checked in with Mrs.Jones this morning. He is okay and she’s happy to keep him a little longer.” Shawn held her tighter. “I will take care of us.”

Jane was more than thankful to hear those words from her brother. No matter what happened he always came through for her. “What will we do now?” Jane asked a little calmer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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