My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 33

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To all of you who have been reading this thanks so much, for those of you who have not I want to warn you that this is a story that involves lesbian incest between sisters and mothers and daughters. If that isn’t something you are interested in that you don’t have to read it. It’s my life and I have taken the time to tell my story so I would appreciate it if all rude comments were kept to yourselves. They do really hurt my feelings.

Okay, Sorry it has been a while since I wrote last. I’ve been enjoying my summer. I have lots to tell. Well first, I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is to live with Kristen and wake up with her almost every day. I say almost because occasionally I wake up and she isn’t there; either because she had a special night with her mom alone, which has happened a couple times since my last chapter, or because I wake up and she is off getting fucked by my mom somewhere.

Mom and I always get to have a night alone whenever Kristen and Aunt Jill decide to make love alone so I’m great with that. It’s never planned it just happens, and I think it makes it very special. Well I’m not going into detail on those nights because I have so many other things to write about that my chapter will be way too long. I’ll just say they were wonderful and leave it at that.

As for my mom with Kristen, well that has actually happened more often. No it doesn’t make me jealous in fact it is a great turn on. Sometimes all four of us were sleeping together so I wake up with Aunt Jill. She’s a good sleeper so though I do love one on one time with her, I usually sneak off to watch my mom and Kristen. Other times Kristen and I slept alone for the night, yet I’ll wake up alone and sure enough my mom has come to our room and taken Kristen off down stairs. No matter what the case, I’ll usually find them in the den though once in the kitchen and my mom will be fucking the hell out of her with a strap-on. It’s 50/50 whether it’s in her pussy or her butt, but her reaction is the same to either one. She is moaning and looking back at my mom as they are almost always doggy style, and my mom is usually pulling her hair or holding her chin and keeping eye contact as she pounds her.

Mom fucks me just the same way and I LOVE it when she does. I notice she doesn’t really do that with Aunt Jill. Oh now they have amazing sex and sometimes with dildos, but it’s just different with Kristen and I. Also when Jill and I make love it is almost always very tender so I guess that is just what she likes.

Okay that’s not really what this chapter is about, but I wanted you to know how our arrangement is going. I am loving having three girlfriends and I can’t help but falling in love with my mom, my aunt, and my cousin every day.

Okay first fun thing that I did this summer since I wrote last. I just decided one day to go see Candice where she works. (For those of you who haven’t read all the chapters, she is my mom’s ex-gf, I’d definitely go back and read at least the last chapter or you won’t understand this part coming up.) I told Kristen everything that happened with Candice even back when I was in high school all the way up to me kissing her in my drive way the other day. Kristen was really great about it and didn’t seem jealous at all, in fact when I showed her some pictures of Candice she seemed turned on by the whole thing. Kristen and I are so much alike sometimes, lol. So I invited Kristen to come along. We decided to play the tease game. So we both put on bikinis and some short shorts. I had on one of my string bikinis. Now I don’t know if you have ever seen a pair of 34DD in a string bikini (and I don’t mean fake boobs), but they bounce around and move a lot just walking around normally, but I even put an extra bounce in my step. I was ready to get Candice hot. Kristen wore something similar, except hers was a bandeau top. I think her boobs look so amazing in that type in fact her D-cups looked almost as big as mine. And though I just had on some cotton shorts she went with cut-off jeans shorts and of course didn’t button up. Yummy! I almost didn’t take her out of the car as I wanted to attack her myself.

So sorry for that long explanation, but we pulled up and as soon as we walked in (Yea I’m not going to say where Candice works sorry) everyone was staring at us. We didn’t see Candice right away, so we had to ask for her. A nice woman walked us to her office. Candice’s office has a huge window and even though it has blinds they were open. I had sort of forgotten that. Anyway I walked right in and Kristen stayed outside but we could see her through the window. Candice looked almost alarmed when I walked in. Now she is completely open so it’s not like everyone that worked there doesn’t know about her being a lesbian, but I think she just was surprised to see me.

She hugged me right away and asked me to sit down, but I sat on her desk instead. I think that threw her off. I started talking to her about the last time she came over and how much I enjoyed it and wanted to see her again. The whole while I did I tried my best bakırköy escort to look sexy and she was definitely looking. She also kept looking at Kristen through the window who was just leaning against the wall with her arms crossed, which actually made her boobs look even yummier if that is possible.

So just as I was thinking I almost had her talked into coming over again, I brought up watching her and my mom having sex when I was in high school and how I had watched from the balcony. I told her how I had gone back to my room and masturbated and imagined both of them walking in on me.

I remember her mouthing the words, “Both of us?”

I started rubbing my fingertips between my cleavage and her eyes went right to them. I love seducing people. It just makes me feel so powerful. It’s not like I was toying with her emotions. She knew what I wanted.

“You know my mom always talked about it with you so I’m sure she would still join us in a threesome.”

She looked uncomfortable and sort of squirmed in her chair before she peeked around me at Kristen. I have no idea what she was thinking, but I said, “Oh do you remember my cousin Kristen?”

“I thought I recognized her, but I haven’t seen her for a long time. She’s grown up . . . a lot.”

“Mmmmm you want her too?” I said cupping my breast, but making sure no one could see even if they were looking in her window. That made Candice squirm some more. “Or do you want me to make love to you and you watch mom fuck her with a strap-on.”

That made Candice stand up. “Lucy I’m at work. You should probably go. You’ve really changed.”

I didn’t move right away. I did stand up after looking at her for a bit and when I did I got very close to her. I think she thought I was going to kiss her, I didn’t, but I think she almost wanted to. I stepped into the doorway smiling and I introduced her to Kristen. Kristen just said hi and smiled at her. She looked so sexy. I held Kristen’s hand and winked at Candice and we said goodbye and walked away.

Oh I can be so bad sometimes. But Candice called me two days later, ha. Thing is I hadn’t even told my mom so I sort of left Candice hanging. Yea I actually felt a little bad about that, but I didn’t even think she would call so sort of surprised me.

So I talked to my mom that night and after she had a talk with Jill they decided that they didn’t want Candice to know about our incest love making. I was disappointed and sort of confused. I mean there are a lot of people now that know about us, but my mom said Candice will not be one, so I put it out of my mind.

Now that said, I did go back to see Candice a couple of days later. I told Kristen that I felt bad for turning her on and then just ignoring her. Kristen said, “Go have fun.” So I did. I was waiting for her in the parking lot when she got off work. She walked out with another woman so I sat in my car and watched for a moment. Candice was talking at the other woman’s car and I started to think maybe she was flirting with her. The woman was maybe a few years younger than Candice and from a distance she was pretty. She definitely was in good shape, but small boobs. (Which you know is important to me, LOL.)

When the girl brushed her hand on Candice I knew I couldn’t get out of my car. Thing is I ended up following Candice home. Now I know that seems weird, but I just waited for her to leave and then when I left I ended up catching up to her before my turn to go home, so it was just a spur of the moment thing.

I pulled up in her driveway and she saw me before she closed the garage door. She was half way to my car before I even opened my door. By the time I stood up she was standing right there.

“Hey Lucy, I didn’t expect to see you so soon,” she said.

Now I wasn’t wearing my bathing suit this time, but I did have on this cute little crop top that showed off my boobs and my tummy and some tight white shorts. I leaned back against my car trying to look casual. She got close.

“Yea well I felt bad that I got all crazy at your work the other day. I was saying some crazy stuff just too sort of get you hot.”

“Well it worked,” she said smiling.

“I think I was just super horny and I was telling Kristen about you and she wanted to see you so it was just something that sort of happened,” I explained. While I did I sort of nervously ran my finger on the edge of my neck line. I hadn’t even tried to be sexy that time, but Candice moved a little closer and was looking down at my boobs.

As soon as I noticed I pulled my shirt down just a little showing more of my boob. My fingers were just barely inside the seam and I pulled until I felt my fingertips touch my nipple and then I pushed up with my palm. My breast swelled up. I actually turned myself on. I wanted to suck my own nipple by that point. I was so horny.

“Are you still horny?” Candice asked me and then bit her lip gently.

Candice lived in a really nice neighborhood. The houses were pretty far apart and no one could see us with great başakşehir escort detail, but if anyone at any of the 3 house I could see were looking our way they would see what happened. Still I threw caution to the wind. It was really stupid of me because for all I knew a student or even a faculty member could have been one of her neighbors. I guess I just wasn’t thinking. I pulled my shirt down until my nipple was out and I pressed my breast up so that it almost touched my chin and I licked the top of my boob.

Candice put her hand on my breast immediately. I think at first she just wanted to touch it, but then as she second guessed her actions she began to look around and seemed more like she was just trying to cover me up.

“Lucy let’s go inside.”

I didn’t want to. I was being really stupid, but I wanted to be dangerous. I pressed my body against hers and started kissing her. She hesitated just for a second, but then she kissed just like she had the other night at my house. We kissed for a little while before she separated and said, “We really should go inside.”

I was still thinking crazy and said, “How bad do you want me?”

“What do you mean?” she asked me.

She was still pressed against me, but I took my hand and slid it between us and unbuttoned my shorts.

“Lucy?” she said not sure what I would do next.

In all honesty I wasn’t sure either, but I said, “Put your hands down my shorts.”

“Here?” Candice eyes were looking all around. I was still against the car and she was pressed against me, so really no one would be able to see, though they certainly would be able to guess if they were looking. My boob was still out of my top too and I cupped it again and squeezed it with my little hands. That made me so horny. I just love the feeling of a large breast in my hand, I know it’s weird, but for years now I have loved to play with my own chest while having sex. Now sure I’d rather have my hands on my mom’s or whoever, but my nipples are just so sensitive and it makes me so wet when I stimulate them.

“Do it!” I said sort of forcefully and when she slid her hand down my shorts and first touched my clit I almost buckled at the knees. I’m glad I was leaning against my car, ha. I think I might have said something like, “Oh fuck.”

I was surprised, delighted, nervous, titillated, you name it. My head went back at first as I gave away to the pleasure. She was focused on my clit and just rubbing it so wonderfully. When I looked up at her she wasn’t even looking at me. She was looking down the street. I let go of my boob and put my hand on her chin and brought her lips to mine. I didn’t kiss her long before I dropped my hand back down to my nipple and started to twist it. As soon as our lips parted she glanced off to the side, but she looked right back at me as I pulled my nipple up to my mouth and sucked on it.

“Lucy, we really need to go inside the house,” she said practically begging me.

“Make me cum,” was my only reply before I shoved my boob back into my mouth.

She rubbed me faster and I felt my orgasm coming. I just started rubbing my nipple between my finger and thumb and I put my head down on her shoulder and looked down at her hand going up and down in my shorts. That did it. I climaxed right then. I think I may have bumped my nose against her or something I don’t know cause after I was done cumming my nose was actually sore, LOL.

I told her and we sort of laughed about it. Then I held her hand (the one that had pleasured me and was still wet from my cum) against my chest for a moment and just stared into her eyes for a bit and then started kissing her knuckles at first and then tasting the tips of her fingers.

“Now it’s your turn,” I said.

“Can we go inside for me?” she said half laughing and I shook my head yes.

I realized after I took a couple steps away from my car that my boob was still hanging out. I popped it in and followed her inside. I swear we weren’t inside for ten seconds before a car drove by. So lucky.

She was sort of putting her keys in their place and looking around the house like she was nervous that it wasn’t clean enough, and we started giving each other smiles. I think she was as much on a natural high as I was. We had just done something so insane. My horniness had taken over again and I had done something I never should have, but now we were both sort of excited that we had gotten away with it.

We moved closer without really saying anything to one another, and started kissing and just touching one another’s faces and hair and just really enjoying one another. This was something I think we had both fantasized about for a long time. After a while she led me by the hand to her bedroom, but the moment I was there I took over.

Making love to her was so nice. She was tender, but not afraid to just let herself enjoy every little thing we did. I made her cum several times and soon we realized that a couple hours had flown by. Candice asked me to stay for dinner. I called bebek escort home and let them know, and next thing I knew I had spent the whole evening over there. She started to walk me out to my car, and we made out on her porch for a while. Then I tried to lead her over to a chair on her porch. She was like, “Oh no, not this again.”

I had every intention of licking her while down on my knees, but she would have none of it. I guess I am a nut for danger, but that isn’t her style. We kissed a little more and then I drove home smiling the whole time. I thought I’d walk in and find everyone sitting in the living room together so I could tell them my adventure, but instead Kristen was watching TV and mom and Jill were actually upstairs making love.

I told Kristen everything and she loved hearing about me being outside. Just when I finished I mentioned what I had wanted to do and Kristen grabbed me by the hand and led me out the front door. She walked me over to a chair on our front porch and said, “Let’s finish the fantasy.”

I have no idea why, but being at home on my front porch seemed so much more stressful than doing stuff over at Candice’s house. I was like, “Seriously?” Now I understood why Candice had been so insistent about going inside.

She mouthed yes to me in the sexiest way then she pushed me back in the chair and got down on her knees in front of me. It was dark, but our street is far busier than Candice’s street. It was sort of ironic that the shoe was now on the other foot. People knew who I was here and I was a teacher. I was unbelievably nervous, but I gave into the moment and I could tell Kristen really wanted to do this too.

I started to slip my shorts down after peeking around a bit and listening if I could hear anyone around. I didn’t and I saw no one. I sat in the chair upright at first, but then leaned back a bit putting my butt at the very edge. Kristen’s knees must have hurt cause she went over and got a rug from in front of the door before she ever even touched me.

She smiled at me and told me to relax. She sort of rubbed my clit with her thumb for just a second and I could tell she was smiling, though it was harder to see her from this angle do to the angles of the few lights on the street. I heard her say, “You have such a pretty pussy,” before she dove in. As soon as her tongue started its magic, I did relax. My hands went right to my boobs and my legs got wider. I started by just rubbing my breasts, but soon I was licking the tops of them. I was so horny again that I decided to be even more daring and I pulled both of them out of my top and began to suck both of my nipples one after the other. That was when the first car drove by. This one was going the right direction, but if it had been coming from the other way the lights would have shined on me as it went around the corner. I started to freak out a bit. I was getting close to cumming when the second car drove by. It was going the same way, but this time I was freaked a little more and was having a hard time relaxing. My hands were still on my boobs, but I had nearly forgotten them and was just staring down at Kristen who was licking me as fast as she could.

Then I heard voices. I definitely tensed up then, but Kristen pushed my legs back to where they were and she kept going with the same intensity. I could tell it was a woman talking, but wasn’t sure who. I grabbed Kristen’s head when they came into view. It was two women walking down the street. That made me relax a little, but I was still trying to get Kristen not to move so hopefully they wouldn’t notice us.

The one woman I recognized right away. There is a girl a couple years younger than me on my street that my mom used to flirt with a lot. Not sure if I ever wrote about her or not. This was her mom, Erin. The other woman lived a couple blocks down, but they both knew my mom. They both knew she was a lesbian too, and neither of them (other than casual talk) really had anything to do with my mom, so at least I knew they weren’t coming to my house. Still even though it was dark I feared they might see me if they were looking up on the porch.

Then Kristen said to me, “Isn’t this the excitement you wanted.”

She was right. I relaxed again and squeezed my breasts. The two ladies were just past our house when I started to climax. In fact I was staring at Erin’s butt while I did. When I finished Kristen said, “My turn.”

I suddenly felt in power again. I stood up and walked Kristen out away from the house a bit. She was giving me a look of bewilderment and I loved it. I walked her to our drive and told her to sit on the hood of her car. Kristen is so ornery that she walked around and sat on the back of the car facing the street. I followed her thinking she might be kidding, but she sat there and started to unbutton her shorts.

“What if another car comes?”

“You sit up and stand in front of me and no one will ever know.”

Well I’m glad we planned that out ahead of time, because it happened. I hadn’t licked her for a half a minute before we heard a car coming. This one came from the opposite direction as the last two. I stood up and faced her, both of us looking wide eyed and she quick tucked my boobs back in my top or I would have forgotten. I don’t think anyone could tell anything that was going on and the car was gone in a flash.

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