My Favorite Niece

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Ass Fuck

We are fortunate to have a lot of very pretty and fun girls in the family. Being a large family its hard to spend enough time with each other. My niece Kelly is my absolute favorite, she’s smart, has this bubbly sense of humor, is gorgeous and has a rockin pair of tits. At just 18 she’s amazingly mature, I love talking with her and we always have way too much fun. When she was small I would grab the girls and play rough, it was fun and made em all pretty tough.

She’s the only one besides me in the family that likes to surf. I’ve always had a hard time keeping my eyes off her at family gatherings, I’ve dreamed about her way too often if you know what I mean. Her pretty eyes, curvy buns and large, full boobs are perfection and just make me crazy.

I was in the area on the way home from surfing one Saturday afternoon so I called her house, only her and her sister were home but she said “Sure, stop by.”

We were hanging out in the garage looking at her new surfboard when her mom came home… we said hi and all talked for a bit. I suggested since we were close to the beach that we go down and jump in… I wanted to try her new board. We’ve never surfed together and it seemed kinda cool so she said “Yeah, let’s go.” We told her mom we’d only be gone a couple hours since it was late in the day. We loaded her board, she grabbed her stuff and we took off…

When we got down there we decided to walk down the beach a ways where it wasn’t so crowded, there were a lot of guys out riding and we didn’t feel like competing for waves.

We sat by the rocks near the train tracks and looked at the surf a while, it was late afternoon… a bit breezy with a bit of texture on the ocean surface… it was still kind of warm on the sand but pretty nice actually. The surf there unfortunately wasn’t anything to get excited over so we spent a while just chit-chatting until there wasn’t a whole lot left talk about.

I couldn’t help staring at Kelly’s lovely breasts and perfect young body, of course she didn’t know where I was looking with my dark shades on… its amazing the glow a young girl has at that age and the fact that they haven’t a clue how hot they are is a phenomenon in itself. I didn’t try to hide the fact that I adored her and that she was my favorite, I told her that often… I think she enjoyed the attention.

I rubbed a bit of lotion on my shoulders, Kelly looked at me as though it was a good idea so I asked if she needed some on her shoulders and back, she said “Ok” with a bit of a smile. I squirted some in my hand and began massaging it into her lovely skin, waves of heat were surging through me and I began to get aroused. I couldn’t help slipping my fingers into her bikini bottom slightly as I rubbed… she kind of took note that I did that, I could tell but she acted cool about it… I was really pushing it but couldn’t help myself, I only hoped I wasn’t misreading her… it was very hot.

I asked if she needed some on her arms and legs, she said ok… I really loved the silky softness of her young body, the fine blond fuzz on her stomach legs and arms shined in the sun, it was magnificent. She then got up and walked down to the water… I stayed behind and watched her, snapped a few pics as she walked down.

I asked Kelly ataşehir escort if she was dating anyone, she said the guys her age were assholes and she didn’t have patience for them. I asked if she had slept with anyone yet, she shyly said that there was a senior who she would meet in the evenings at her high school baseball field, they would make-out in the dugout… with a bit of coaxing I got her to tell me that he had taken her virginity and had fucked her twice there.

Kelly was surprisingly candid and fresh… appeared to just let it flow with me. I told her it was no surprise that the older guy liked her with such nice “tits” and all… she laughed at the word, loved the compliment. Pretty soon we were laughing and talking about sex like it was old hat. I felt comfortable enough to tell her that if I were a bit younger I would be all over her… I even asked if she shaved her pussy, she said “No bare floors here” and that she liked it furry… that sent a jolt straight to my cock, I was really getting hot listening to her talk about it. This was such a rare and special moment hanging-out with Kelly alone and away from the family, I really wanted to make the most of it.

The sun was setting and the wind had stopped. It was a gorgeous sunset, we watched the orange ball go down slowly and hoped we would see the green flash, didn’t happen but it was beautiful none the less. It was starting to get dark, I found myself wanting to touch her badly… I touched her leg as we were talking, she looked at me like she was kind of on to what I was thinking, I waited and she didn’t protest… I slid my fingers along her inner thigh to test her and laughed, she took a deep breath and kind of laid her head back but didn’t take offense, that was an exciting moment, kind of liberating… I started to feel a bit more comfortable as I looked into her pretty green eyes, they looked so young and innocent, I almost felt badly about wanting her… I wasn’t quite sure if I should go there but she didn’t resist at all… I touched her face and after I was sure, asked if I could experience the Kelly, see what it was like to kiss her, it seemed she may have been thinking about it too as she was starting to breath heavier, it seemed so easy to seduce her, such an awesome girl.

I brushed my lips on hers, she parted hers slightly, enough to suggest it was ok… I felt her tongue softly touch mine as I began to kiss her more passionately, we both were instantly turned-on and before long were in a full-on embrace and making-out like school kids. She was kind of squeezing her legs together… I wanted to feel her pussy fur, I cupped her ass-cheek and slid my hand down slowly… I could sense a sort of release of any resistance as I slipped my fingers under her bikini bottom, as I followed the curves the sensation of her soft cheek and moist pubes almost made me cum… she was already soaking wet, it was so reassuring. I slowly massaged her wet pussy lips before sliding a finger into her soft warm hole… she sort of raised her hips as if to welcome me. By now I was rock-hard and couldn’t believe what was happening, it was so dangerous… while kissing she pulled her top down for me exposing her left boob… she has such creamy white skin, puffy pink avcılar escort areolas and soft nipples. I licked and sucked as I explored the warmness of her pussy… Kelly was moaning quietly with her eyes closed, I knew this was a private moment she would always remember, she seemed lost in the sensations.

I couldn’t bear it anymore… I pulled my board shorts up until my cock was sticking out of my leg, then I took Kelly’s hand, she held it and squeezed softly, she commented how hard it was, we both laughed. By now it was almost dark so I undid the clasp and took her top off… she completely surprised me and slid her bikini bottom off, she was totally naked lying there on her towel… it was fucking incredible. It was nearly dark but light enough to see her perfect curves and puffy mound… reddish-blond with a swath curling up the center… I knew I was gazing at someone very special, I felt love in my heart for Kelly, she seemed so vulnerable, it was precious and I didn’t want to hurt her in any way… I asked how she felt, she said she knew we shouldn’t be doing this but that she trusted me… and that she had thought about me before when she touched herself… this was funny as I confessed I had jacked-off thinking about her a lot.

We kissed some more as I slid my fingers inside her soaking wet pussy… she moaned and squeezed her legs together. I moved down and laid my towel in front of her… touched her legs and spread them gently, she hesitated but allowed me to do it… I moved up and put my lips on her soft mound, her fur was so soft, I slowly licked her pussy lips and worked my tongue inside… she exhaled and moaned as I did it… she had a beautiful clean pussy, her clit was large and she tasted good… I sucked on her clit and rubbed my tongue on it, changing it up until I discovered what she liked, my full mouth on her pussy sucking on the whole mess with my tongue on her clit… I squeezed her big boobs as I sucked on her… she responded to everything I did.

Neither of us even thought about getting caught, we were in a perfect place in the rocks down the beach, it was dark so we were totally secluded there. After a while I raised-up on my knees and massaged Kellys lovely boobs and stomach, touched her face softly and kissed her… I so adored her. I complained that my cock was hard and my board shorts were uncomfortable… asked if it was ok to take them off… she laughed playfully and said “Whatever you want.” I slipped my board shorts off and laughed nervously as she gazed at my 7″ rock-hard cock. I could tell she was nervous too, after all, I was family. I took her hand and she cupped my balls… I moved-up and straddled her while she massaged me. I had to stop her before she made me cum, I think she was getting into it. I laid on her easy and began kissing her again, she spread her legs to get comfortable… I felt my cock touch her pussy, I reached down and held it… rubbed the head along her pussy slot, slowly up and down, on her asshole and slid it into her pussy… as I did Kelly breathed raggedly and pulled her legs up. I asked if it was ok, she said “Yeah, I like it.” She reached down and touched my cock, we both were holding it as I worked it into her snug hole… I touched her asshole and pulled avrupa yakası escort her cheek apart as I slid my cock all the way in… Kelly gasped as it slid in and pulled her legs up… I put my arms under them and pushed them back… I moaned with her as I felt it slide, her pussy felt heavenly, like nothing I had experienced… we could hear the squishing as I fucked her passionately. She was so very juicy. We looked into each other’s eyes while we fucked… connected intensely, I wanted to tell her I loved her. I remember feeling her pussy flutter when she came, I could feel my cock head on the outside of her stomach it was so hard. I pushed against Kelly and buried my cock all the way in as I came hard and moaned… god it was incredible.

My cock stayed hard as we kissed and sucked on each other’s tongues… her warm boobs felt amazing against me, I hadn’t paid much attention to them. Kelly’s pussy was just tight enough, she had good control as she squeezed my cock with it for fun… she was so playful and awesome, we were just having a great time together.

After playing a while I started fucking her again… spreading her cheeks and touching her asshole, she liked it… there was pussy juice all over her ass, I softly rubbed her little hole, working my finger into her… she groaned so I knew she liked it. I got it about half way in and squeezed her cheek while fucking her… I wanted to be really nasty with Kelly… I pulled my cock out and straddled her… she immediately went for it and put my cock in her mouth… god it felt good. I could tell she had done it before but didn’t have much experience, so I coached her a bit… told her to take it slow and savor it… she licked the underside and had a nice technique. I slid my fingers into her pussy while she worked her mouth down on my cock. The position was a bit awkward so I sat back on my towel and pulled her to me… she turned around and got into a 69 position… I was licking her asshole and pussy while she sucked and licked my cock, she started moaning loudly as I sucked on her puffy clit… the sound of her and her wonderful lips on my cock made me cum as intensely as the first time… Kelly went down and stopped there until my cock stopped pulsing… then sadly, she opened her mouth and let the cum run out… ah well, give it time, she’s young. It was a wonderfully fulfilling experience for both of us. As we kissed and giggled we wondered what would happen if anyone in the family knew what we had just done… we made a promise that it would be our secret, something we could look at each other and feel it again, any time we want.

We thought we should be getting back to the house so we got dressed… she slipped on her black dress thingy… she was so cute in it I had to snap another pic… on the way back we had to think of a story where we were for three hours since we didn’t actually surf as planned… we just said we met up with some of Kelly’s friends and hung out for the sunset.

I dropped Kelly off at home and hung out for a short while talking to everyone while Kelly took a shower… it was totally cool. On the way home I just couldn’t believe what had happened, I was glad I got to be the guy to show Kelly how to make love to a man and I was the first guy to eat her pussy, that was nice. I didn’t stop thinking about it for weeks… although we’ve never done anything since, we still play around a little at family gatherings, things like touching each other inappropriately or saying something nasty… just innocent cute stuff… she will always be my special girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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