Mum’s Coming Out

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Readers will recall how Phillip set me up with Terry all those years ago and there has always been part of me that has wanted to get one back on him – playfully of course. I imagine many of you will be shocked by what I did but I thought I would tell the story anyway.

It involves my Mother Rachel and a fantasy I had developed about her and Phillip while she was staying with us for a time some few years ago while she was looking for a new place to live. To set the scene, my mother has enormous breasts similar to that former soft porn star Chesty Morgan.

As you know Phillip loves big breasts. He would often joke about mum in the privacy of our bedroom and on occasion I had noticed him become aroused when I spoke about how Dad used to buy her swimsuits all the time and make her parade around at home and take photographs of her. For her part, Mum had become quite bitter and lonely after Dad left her but I knew she had enjoyed an active sex life in the past and I wondered how she handled it now being on her own for so long. We touched upon it one day having a “girl’s talk” and she made a joke about “looking after herself”. I said she should find a man but she was quite vehement that she had no interest in a relationship. I told her she didn’t know what she was missing out on and went on to describe Phillip’s cock and what he did to me which made her blush bright crimson. She told me I was “Dreadful” for talking about Phillip like that but it was clear she enjoyed our talk.

After my chat with Mum I found myself thinking about Phillip having sex with her and it aroused me to the point that I shared it with Phillip one night after we had made love. He laughed and said I was silly but when I asked him “wouldn’t you like to play with her huge tits?” I felt his cock become a little firmer against my buttocks.

A plan began to hatch in my mind and my next step was to tell Mum one day how much Phillip liked big breasts. I did it in an off-hand way over a glass of wine. I wanted to test if she still had any tease left in her and I was happily not disappointed. I smiled to myself when I noticed her walking around in the evening in her nightdress which in the right light was just a little see through. She had to that point always worn a bra, even under her nightie but now it was gone and I felt she was deliberately showing herself off to Phillip.

Phillip said nothing but I could tell he noticed. I felt very pleased with myself. As the days went by mum began to flirt a bit more with Phillip and was becoming more touchy-feely with him. Giving him a morning cuddle and pressing her breasts against him, things like that.

One morning she came out to the breakfast table and I knew my plan was coming together. She was wearing a particularly thin nightie and even I could see she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She was deliberately trying to tease Phillip. You could see the dark buds of her nipples and the faint smudge of her pubic hair through the fabric.

She greeted us all with a kiss and made a point of leaning over Phillip and draping her huge breasts over his shoulders. When she sat down I had a glimpse of her nipples protruding against the fabric of her nightie. I now knew that all I had to do was create the right situation and the sparks would fly.

It came in the form of a very hot day and me suggesting to mum we both go for a skinny dip. Mum was a little too self conscious to go completely naked and tried to find her swimsuit (which I had hidden) so she came in the pool wearing one of her nighties instead. She was concerned that Phillip would come home and catch her but I told her I didn’t expect him home till late (a lie). After a few wines we were both giggling and having a great time. Mum threw caution to the wind and disrobed after a while which was conveniently just before Phillip returned home.

Phillip came down to the pools edge holding a beer and Mum shrieked with laughter trying to cover herself. She could not stop her huge breasts from floating. Phillip laughed and said he would şirinevler escort even the score by joining us. The look on mum’s face as Phillip took off his clothes was priceless, her eyes planted squarely on his swinging cock as he stepped into the water.

I was so horny in anticipation of what had happened it was all I could do to press myself against Phillip and kiss him, whispering into his ear he should cuddle mum as my hand pulled his cock.

Mum shrieked with laughter as Phillip approached her. “What no cuddle?” he said teasing her.

“You can but don’t poke me” Mum said laughing.

“What…with this?” Phillip said as he closed on Mum pressing himself against her backside.

Mum shrieked like a schoolgirl as Phillip chased her around the pool pretending he was Frankenstein’s Monster. She was so excited I thought she would hyperventilate. Mum got to the stairs and started to step up followed by Phillip who by now had a huge erection. Phillip made a joke of helping her out of the pool by pushing her bum.

My mother has a very cuddly figure, you would call her a BBW. She has very good skin and is relatively young for her age. Seeing Phillip touching her naked body was very arousing for me.

“Go away!” she said when Phillip had finally helped her up out of the pool and she scurried off inside the house, her huge breasts swinging pendulously.

We both watched her waddle off, then Phillip said “I better go apologise” I felt at that moment my plan had failed and I had upset Mum. I waited for Phillip to return but after 5 minutes he had still not come back to the pool so I went inside to find him.

To my disbelief but absolute delight I found them locked together on the floor of our spare bedroom where mum slept. Mum was on her hands and knees gasping with delight as Phillip took her doggy style. For his part, Phillip was having a field day, hunched over her, his hands roaming over her dangling breasts, his finger’s tugging at her nipples, his thighs slapping her big bum with every thrust.

I knelt down beside them and started stroking Phillip’s tight buttocks with my left hand while I reached in between them with my right hand and felt my Husband’s glorious stiffness pushing into my mother’s large hairy crack.

Mum was beside herself, “Oh my god, oh my god” she chanted. I was so pleased she was having this pleasure and watching her climax was an incredibly intimate experience.

“Yes…oh…yes” She breathed as she hung her head and shivered, pushing back and grinding her bum on Phillip’s cock.

I could feel Phillip twitching and pressed myself against him, my hand now pulling hard on his cock. I ground my pubes against his hip bone.

“Come in her” I whispered to him, kissing his cheek.

“Please no, please no” Mum said, “It’s not right”

“It’s OK” I replied, “Come in her darling”

Phillip let out a groan as his cock started to jerk in my hand. It was such a turn-on to hold his cock as he ejaculated in my mother. Mum cooed pleasantly as Phillip came in her.

When Phillip was finally spent and he withdrew from mum, she let out a contented sigh and rolled onto her side, one hand reaching between her legs to feel herself.

“Oh my!” She giggled “I never thought I’d feel that again”

Phillip had given mum quite a big cream pie and she was looking at her reflection in the mirrored door of the wardrobe, rubbing the fleshy lips of her pussy, her legs wide apart. She looked very pleased with herself.

“I’m exhausted” she said “But…I can’t let this go to waste”

Mum was referring to Phillip who was still on his knees. I had never imagined mum as a cock sucker but she was an expert. She juggled Phillip’s balls as she rolled her lips over and around his knob while Phillip fingered me. Phillip was soon in seventh heaven with another erection and I was craving for him to fuck me but I could see that Mum wanted to go again.

“Hmmm” Mum said to herself, rolling onto her back and şirinevler elit escort pulling Phillip in between her legs, his head between her breasts.

“Do it to me again” Mum said to Phillip hungrily.

I love the view of a man from the rear as he fucks, particularly Phillip with his tight buns and large swaying scrotum. I leaned up against the wardrobe watching and used my hands to pleasure myself as he fucked mum for a second time.

Phillip took his time second time around and got mum gasping several times. He can last quite a long time after his first come and after what seemed like ages mum was begging for him to ejaculate so she could rest.

“Come in me, go on, please come in me” She said breathlessly, her hands down between her legs fondling Phillip’s genitals.

I watched Phillip’s balls rise up and then he let out deep grunt, his shaft lurching as he unloaded in mum. Mum rested her hands on Phillip’s hips as he stabbed deeply into her crack. Mum’s vagina made little farting sounds as Phillip shot spurt after spurt into her body. I got up onto my knees and put one arm around Phillip and gripped his cock with the other, milking him until he was completely drained and his cock had lost its stiffness.

“I told you he was fantastic” I said to Mum.

Mum let her head fall back on the floor as she sucked in air.

“Oh my god…I’d forgotten…that was wonderful” she said softly, “Thank you”

Phillip helped mum to her feet and gave her a kiss which mum returned. It was no longer a little peck. She kissed him full on the lips.

Later when we finally went to bed I was dying for Phillip to tell me what had happened after he had followed Mum inside the house.

Apparently she had turned and embraced him, kissing his chest (mum is short like me). Phillip had started feeling her breasts and she had stepped back encouraging him to play with them, while her hand went to his cock. Phillip told me she had gripped him really hard and he had to tell her to ease off so they embraced again and this time mum had directed Phillip’s cock between her legs. Phillip had started rubbing his knob back and forth against mum’s pussy lips and apparently she had started moaning. After a while mum had taken his hand and lead him into the bedroom where she had got some lubricant from a draw and put it on his cock, then she had knelt on the ground and invited him to fuck her. Phillip said that she had been very tight at the beginning and gasped but she had loosened up as she relaxed and that was about the time I had walked into the room.

Mum was a different woman the next day. I had been expecting some awkwardness but she was much more relaxed and happy than she had been for a long time. In a private moment she wagged her finger at me. “You are absolutely dreadful” she said smiling.

“Who me!” I replied laughing.

She started taking better care of herself and even bought some sexy clothing. Of course Phillip had become the apple of her eye and she fussed over him so much it was annoying. She even become a little competitive with me sexually for a while but I knew it was just that she had discovered sex again and I forgave her for going a little wild, after all I was responsible. She was like a child in a chocolate shop for a few weeks. I couldn’t believe how much she indulged herself with Phillip. She was always taking his hand and leading him into her room. Phillip was great about the whole thing and took it in his stride.

There are many events I could write about but the one that comes to mind is the day she lit candles after dinner and came out wearing fishnet stockings and a little camisole that left nothing to the imagination. She had put on bright red lipstick and eye shadow.

How she had stuffed her bosom into the little lace cami was in itself a miracle but it looked very effective, the fabric bulging, her nipples protruding.

“Oh my god you shaved!” I said when I noticed her bald vulva. She had gone and had a Brazilian şirinevler escort and was quite proud of it.

“I have always wanted to be smooth” she said hands on hips, striking a lewd pose for Phillip.

Phillip had a big grin on his face as mum did a little parade then snuggled in beside him and spread her legs. Phillip bent his mouth to her cleavage and placed his hand between her legs, rubbing and fingering her pussy.

“Hmmm” mum said contentedly as Phillip got into his rhythm.

After a short time mum said “I want you now”. She sounded quite urgent. Phillip helped mum remove her Cami.

Mum pulled her legs up nice and wide and watched as Phillip entered her pussy.

“I want you to take a photo” She said to me holding out her mobile phone to me.

“What?…really” I said.

Mum let out a gasp as Phillip impaled her, “Yes, when he comes, take a photo” she said breathlessly.

I smiled at her. My mother had changed so much in the short time that Phillip had been fucking her it was hard to believe. She had really come out of her shell and I now had a sense of the vital, sensuous woman she must have been in her younger days.

Watching her in the candle light, with her legs spread talking dirty to Phillip as he pumped her pussy blew my mind.

“Make a big mess in me” she instructed Phillip as he started to get wound up.

“Oh yes…that’s it” She whispered, “really pump my cunt, pump it hard”

It was the first time I had ever heard my mother use the “c” word and she rattled it off with relish over and over like she was making up for lost time.

“Fuck my cunt…that’s it….pump that cunt….fill my cunt” She encouraged Phillip.

“Oh my god!” Mum shrieked pleasurably as Phillip finally tensed and released into her.

The music I had put on earlier had stopped and it was a quite night so the only sound in the room was our heavy breathing and the wet, lip smacking sound of Phillip filling mum with his semen.

I did as mum asked and took some photos of Phillip straining between her legs. I even took a few close up’s of her cream pie and her sucking Phillip’s sticky cock afterwards.

It was then my turn and thankfully Phillip was in fine form and hot for me after a short breather. I was so horny that I almost climaxed the moment Phillip’s cock entered me.

I would have never thought that having my mother next to me as I was being fucked would be a comfortable experience but we had become more like friends in recent weeks rather than mother daughter.

Like the first night with her, Mum reciprocated by reaching down and playing with Phillip’s cock as he pumped me. Feeling my mother’s hand brushing my sex was a very arousing experience. She was very gentle and knew just how and where to touch, one minute jiggling Phillip’s shaft, the next tweaking my clitoral area. I was soon gasping with my climax, however Phillip was far from being done and he suggested that mum and I both kneel side by side with our bums in the air so he could take turns fucking us.

We both giggled as we knelt together on the floor, our heads on the ground close together, our bum’s in the air. Phillip moved between us, pumping one us senseless before withdrawing and impaling the other. It was delicious in so many ways but not least knowing that my husband’s cock was moving from my mother’s cunt to mine, then back again. Eventually Phillip unloaded, laying his first spurts in me then moving to Mum to finish off. Phillip took a photo of us in that position after he had ejaculated and you can actually see little white dribbles of semen leaking from our freshly fucked slits – it’s an amazing photograph – mother and daughter creamed together!…heaps of fun.

That night will always be with me. It was a particularly memorable night not just for the great sex but also because it was a turning point in our relationship. We have never been closer and more open with each other. Mum had me quite young, she was only 18 at the time so we are not separated by that many years.

When mum finally left us and moved into her new house she took my hands in hers and thanked me for everything. She also said the same to Phillip and I know she will always have a soft (and very wet) spot for him. She has since found a man of her own and is enjoying a happy and hopefully satisfying retirement.

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