Motivating Her Son Ch. 02

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The next day was going to be an important one for young Randy. If he did well on that history quiz, his hot blonde mother would take her top off and he could get a real good look at her tits! Randy had seen his sexy mother many times in short sexy robes and even a few times in her panties, but this was going to be the best day of his life…to feast his eyes on the object of his nightly wet dreams!

The teenager’s cock was hard just thinking about his sexy mom as he was pulling on his pants getting ready for school. Shit! The horny teenager’s young cock wouldn’t go down! His mom was calling him from the kitchen. How is he going to hide the fact that his cock is hard for his mom?

Brenda had decided to put on a sexy purple short robe The robe went just beyond her waist, so that her son could get a great view of her long tanned legs. The robe was open partly in front so that her son could see the gorgeous cleavage of her fake melons. Might as well give him a little preview of whats in store for him, she thought as she greeted the young boy.

“Morning darling! Come here and give mommy a big kiss. Are you ready for your big test today?”

“Well, I studied until just after 11. I think I’m gonna do okay on it. I now know everything about the civil war.”

“MMMM!! Thats my baby!’

The blonde mother bends over and puts the eggs on his plate, bending over so that he can see the cleavage inside the robe. Her tits are almost sticking in his face!

“Now give your mother a kiss…”

She kisses her son on the lips. Her mouth opens for just a second, teasing him. She breaks the kiss then gently licks his lips. Her eyes venture down and see the huge boner in his jeans.

“MMMMM!! You taste yummy! And…I see…someone down there is hard for his mommy!”

“Sorry mom…its just that you are so…”

“Don’t ever be sorry about getting hard in front of me! I love looking at it! It gets me all hot inside just looking at my beautiful young boy like that! Now you better hurry and get off to school.”

“Okay mom!”

“Darling when the test is over, text me and tell me how you did. And I probably won’t be home when you get home from school either. I have an appointment at the hair salon this afternoon and also I am going to do some shopping. There is this new store at the mall I want to check out.”

“New store? The guys at school told me that there’s a new sex store at the mall. They are supposed to sell sexy clothes and sex things.”

“Yes! I want to buy some very sexy things to wear for my boy! I want to look like a wet dream for my baby! Gonna make that cock of yours harder than ever!”

She gives her son a huge smile.

“Now you better get going…bye baby!”

“Bye mom!”

Today was going to be a big day for her son but also was going to be a big day for her as well. Brenda knows that since the divorce no one has ever seen her naked. As one of the country’s best known fitness models she has spent literally thousands of hours at the gym, shaping and toning every inch of her rock hard body. Spent a ton of money for some fake boobs, which turned out way better that anyone could have ever imagined.

All of this and no one has enjoyed her body in years! Its only right that it would be her young son who would be the one who would feast his eyes on her spectacular body!

The hot blonde mother decides to change her hairstyle, figuring its a big day in her life, hopefully just the start of something, might as well go for a whole new look. At the hair salon Brenda tells the stylist she wants to wear her hair up from now on. It seemed that Randy’s favorite pornstar is the Swedish Mommy, and she wears her hair up in all of her videos. Brenda hopes that Randy likes her new look. She looks in the mirror, pleased with the new look the stylist has given her. She looks classy and sophisticated. Brenda wants to show her young son that classy and sophisticated women can be very naughty too!

Next she goes to the mall and walks into the new store which has just opened last week, called Jojolove.s. She walks in and is immediately greeted by a very striking brunette in her mid 40’s.

“Hi there! Welcome to my store! I’m Jojo. Whats your name hon?”

“Hi! I’m Brenda.”

“Well Brenda, are you looking for anything in particular? I have all the lingerie out here in the main section. In the back, I have all the ointments, oils, sex toys, videos…anything you might ever secretly want but were afraid to buy in public. Our store really tries to cater to women who…want to spice things up a bit!”

“Well, Jojo I want to buy some new things…sexy things but you have so much here. I wouldn’t know where to start.”

“Brenda, relax. That’s why I’m here! I’ll help you. First of all, you’re looking for some things. I mean before we start, I think its best to tell me who you are buying these things for. Maybe a new man in your life?”

“Yes…a new man. Actually he’s someone I’ve known for a long time, and…”

“You want to take things to the next level. You innovia escort want to show him that you are not an everyday slut, but someone who wants to get maybe a little, maybe a lot naughty with him. Does that sound like you?”

“Jojo, you’ve figured me out in 2 minutes! I don’t know how you did that.”

“Brenda its actually very easy. You are drop dead gorgeous and classy. You have the hottest body I have ever seen anywhere. If I was into women I would proposition you right now! You have the body and looks to drive any man alive absolutely crazy! I think before we pick out some things, you should tell me a little about him.”

“Well, lets just say, he’s younger.”

“Younger? In his 20’s?”

Suddenly her cell phone goes off.

“Jojo, excuse me for a second. I have to take this.”

Its from Randy! He did it! he got a C plus!

Brenda send him a short text back.

“I’m at the mall. Just wait until you see…what I have for you…!”

Jojo asks Brenda…

“Was that…from him?”

“Yes, he’s just telling me that…he can’t wait to see me. And about him…you asked me if he’s in his 20’s Well, I’m embarrassed to tell you this…I mean he’s really younger. He’s actually only 18.”

“Brenda, here’s a little secret. It seems that lately I have picked up quite a few older customers who are getting involved with teenage boys. A couple of them have even told me that they have given up on guys their age. The young ones can fuck like rabbits and go all night nonstop! These women tell me they are totally addicted to that young cock!”

“Wow! I thought…that I might…”

“You thought you might the only one who likes young guys? No dear, you are just one of many! You are just a beautiful blonde cougar! In fact you define the term MILF! You know what MILF means don’t you?”

Yes…mom I’d like to… F…”

“Yes FUCK! You dear could have your pick of any young boy out there! But it seems you have settled on one. It sounds like he is one very very lucky boy!”

“Well, actually we haven’t…”

“Or you hope that maybe someday he’s going to be a very lucky boy! So, lets pick out some things. Would you want a couple of sexy outfits to get started?”

“Yes, exactly right. I need the whole outfits. Sexy tops, panties, even some heels.”

“Okay, here’s how we get started. The first thing you want to do is pick out the area or areas of your body that he’s interested in. I would bet that he’s horny looking at your tits. They are absolutely spectacular? Is he a tit man?”

“Yes…he stares at them all the time. Tonight I want to let him see them for the first time, maybe even dance for him while he watches.”

“MMMM! Sounds like you have a whole night planned out already! Okay, so lets pick out a couple of sexy bras. Look at this one. This one with show him just about everything, but barely hides your nipples. It actually has this little tie in front. Then, in the heat of things you just pull this little string and it pops off! That way you can take it off, or if things get really hot, you have him take it off for you.”

The tiny black bra is nothing more that a string and a couple of quarter size pieces of fabric which will barely cover her nipples. It looks perfect! But Brenda knows that at least for now her horny son isn’t going to undress her. Maybe some other time…!

“Its just what I was looking for! Now…how about the bottoms?”

Jojo shows her dozens of panties, all kinds of see thru, crotchless stuff. Brenda is getting excited just looking at this stuff! She can’t wait to start modeling these bras and panties for her young son. That ought to keep him motivated to work on his schoolwork! Jojo finally shows her a pair of tiny panties that looks perfect. Like the bra, they are just a string with a tiny piece of fabric in the crotch.

“Look at these little panties, Brenda! They are a match for your new bra. They will show him ALMOST everything, but not quite. These will tease him, drive him absolutely crazy! Like the bra, all you do is just pull the string, and they come off!

“The bra and panties are a set then? great. How about a set in black? And another in hot pink, and maybe red and of course…white.”

“Brenda, I have to tell you, you are one of the finest looking women I have ever seen! Your body, your legs, tits, ass, the whole package is to die for! I just hope that your young…boyfriend realizes what he has here!”

“Thanks for the compliment. Actually I’ve always been into body building , looking my best.”

The two of them pick out a few sexy sexy robes. A couple are see thru, and a couple are just a little more conservative. Brenda figures she can start wearing them around the house, just keeping her young son interested!

Finally Brenda picks out one pair of 5 inch stiletto heels to match every new outfit. The blonde mother has always worn heels around town and at home in front of her son. But these stilettos are another thing altogether! Jojo tells he that all of the other istanbul escort women around town are into them too. They call them “fuck me heels.” She’s done for now. Jojo rings up the purchase, and the two of them have a laugh as Brenda tells her that she is putting everything on her ex-husbands credit card!

“Sounds good to me! Might as well make the asshole pay for this!”

“So what I can do is have it show up on his credit card bill as Watson’s Clothing. It will show up as boys clothing. That way if he gives you any flack, you just tell him it is for your son. That’s what all of the other divorced women do.”

The blonde mother looks at her watch. If she hurries she’ll be able to beat him home. She wants to be there when he gets home so she can congratulate him on passing his history test!

“Hi mom, I’m home.”

“In here darling!”

The horny teenager has thought about nothing else all day. He’s been so hard all day that his teenage cock is actually stating to hurt, begging to be let out of those tight jeans. His teenage cock has been spewing a tiny river of precum all day. Randy had to to some fancy maneuvering at school, making sure that none of the other guys or any of his teachers saw the front of his soaking wet jeans.

He bounds into the living room and…SHIT!! She looks…different! She’s not wearing a bra! He can even see the outline of her nipples through her thin nylon top! SHIT! It looks like her nipples are sticking way out…means her nipples are stiff! Brenda is positioned on the couch so that her shorts have ridden up her thighs. If those shorts were any shorter he’ll be able to see everything! And her hair. She even changed her hairstyle! She looks like a younger version of his favorite pornstar, the Swedish Mommy! Did she do that on purpose?

Brenda gives her son a huge smile.

“Come over here, baby, give your mommy a big kiss.”

SHIT! She looks so tan…and SHIT! She looks 10 times hotter than before! Does she have any idea what she’s doing to him? Randy wishes he could hurry up to his room right now and get off right now!

Randy nervously walks over to his mom. Reaches over and gives her a peck on the cheek. The horny milf mom will have none of it!

“Darling? Is that all I get? Come on, you passed your history test. Now give mommy a nice big kiss.”

Randy reaches over again, and Brenda faces him so that he kisses her on the mouth. She grabs the back of his head, forcing his mouth tight against her. The shy teenager opens his mouth, and Brenda snakes her tongue inside. Brenda moans gently and In a minute mother and son are swapping tongues. After a few seconds she breaks off the kiss.

“MMMMM!! Yummy!! Now…that’s the way to kiss your mommy! Now, tell me all about your test.”

“Well mom, It didn’t start out so well. I think I missed the first 6 questions. But luckily at the end there were 15 questions on the Civil War and got them all right.”

The hot blonde mom looks at her boy standing there in front of her. Randy wishes his mom didn’t notice the front of his jeans. But she can’t stop staring at her baby boy. He looks…so…miserable! Half of Brenda would like to pull those jeans off right now and suck that young cock, but luckily the other half of her has a little more sense than to start anything like that. After all, it might lead to incest!

The horny boy is embarrassed standing there. His cock hurts and jeans are all wet!

“Darling…I can see that you are glad to see me! I have to ask you, do you like my new hairstyle?”

“SHIT YES MOM! You look so classy and so hot!”

“Baby I noticed on your computer, that you favorite pornstar is someone called Swedish Mommy. So I thought you’d like me to wear my hair this way from now on. I did this just for you!”

“Mom…yes, I think she’s my favorite. But I know in real life she’s nothing but a slut. Besides she looks pretty old. Mom…none of those women in those videos..none of them are anything like you!”

“Baby, you are starting to say all the right things! You keep saying things like that and you are gonna find that flattery will get you everywhere! Now…I’m sure you have been thinking about our agreement. You came through and passed your history test. And I’m definitely gonna keep my end of the deal.”

Randy stands in front of his mom. They look at each other not saying anything for a minute. Brenda knows what he wants, but its not gonna happen that way!

“Mom…you promised me…”

“Hey buster! Listen to me! Do you think for one minute that I’m just gonna take my top off right here and now, and let you look at my tits for a minute, then you run to your room and beat your meat? Do you think that’s gonna happen?”

“Mom you said yesterday, I get to see your tits…”

“And my baby boy, you are gonna! Not now though! I promised you a show and after dinner you are going to get a show! I went out and spent all day getting my hair done, and went out to that new sex store at the mall and bought some kadıköy escort really sexy things. I bought it all…just for you!”

“You bought some sexy stuff? For ME?”

“Yes! I have a nice new little sexy outfit and I want you to see me in it!”

“Wow mom! I just thought you were gonna take your top off and that’s it.”

“No baby! I have a nice evening planned. In fact because you got a C plus instead of just a C, well the plus means you get a little extra surprise…!”


“Yes, extra surprise! Now its gonna be dinnertime in an hour. Why don’t you go upstairs get your homework done before dinner. Also I want you to take a nice hot shower. I want you all nice and clean when you get into my bed.”

Did he just hear right? In her…BED? Maybe that’s the extra surprise! She wants me in he BED?? SHIT!! Maybe his fantasy is going to come true! Maybe…he’ll get to FUCK her!

“I’m going to start dinner right now. Come on down in an hour and I’ll have spaghetti and meatballs for you, your favorite.”

“Okay mom.”

“And one more thing, I want you to work on your homework. I don’t want you looking at that computer! And…no jacking off!”

“Okay mom…”

An hour later and the horny teenager anxiously bounds down the stairs to the scent of his favorite dinner. Randy sits down and the hot blonde mother scoops up a big portion of spaghetti and bends over on purpose so that Randy can almost see her nipples. It looks like her big round melons are dying to get out of her tiny top! Her nipples are almost in his face! Hopefully in a few minutes he’ll get to feast his eyes on her big round hooters!

“MMMM!! My baby…I made your favorite dinner…just for you. I think I’m gonna have a glass of wine. How about I pour you a half a glass?”

Randy never has had wine before. I guess if mom says its okay…

“Baby, I know you are excited…the wine will help you relax.”

“Sure mom.”

Brenda pours the wine and teenager can see his mother’s hands are trembling. Shit it looks like SHE is nervous too!

“Let’s have a little toast! To my baby boy, working so hard and passing that test. And now, lets have some fun! A good grades, and big titties!!”

“Fun? Sounds good mom! Fun!”

Shit, mom is going to show him her tits…and she thinks its gonna be FUN? This is gonna be a whole lot better that he ever imagined!

The two of them finish the wine. Randy feels a slight buzz from the half a glass of wine. The nervousness is wearing off a little.

“Baby, I think I’ve made you wait long enough. Lets go upstairs, to my bedroom.”

The blonde mother grabs her son’s hand and leads him upstairs. Brenda has set the dimmer switch so that the lights are not too bright. The teenager notices a pair of red boys jockey shorts laying on the bed.

“Darling, why don’t you get undressed, and put on these shorts for me? Then go ahead and get into bed. I’m going into the bathroom and put on a nice little outfit I bought at the sex store today. I’m sure hope you are gonna like it!”

She goes into the bathroom and closes the door. Shit, I have to put these jockey shorts on? Shit, she’s gonna see my cock…get hard for my mom! This wasn’t in the plans! Shit this is gonna be so embarrassing!

The young boy puts the jockeys on as he’s told and climbs into his mothers bed. His cock is already getting hard, knowing that his wet dream of a mom will be out any minute. In a couple minutes…

“Darling are you ready…?”

“Yes mom…ready!”

Randy can hear the clip clop of heels as the sexy blonde mother walks out. She walks over to the edge of the bed so her son can get a good look at his blonde mom.

The blonde mother is an absolute feast for her sons eyes! She is wearing a transparent short silk robe , that’s open in front so he can get a good look at the little black bra and tiny black panties. It looks like her massive melons are just about jumping out of the little bra! The panties are just a string with tiny patch of material covering her cunt. The boy has seen his mom in high heels a lot but never seen her in anything like these black stiletto heels! On the internet those are called “fuck me” heels! A diamond necklace and some hoop earrings complete her wardrobe.

“Baby, how…do you like?”

Brenda goes over and puts on some background music. She turns around, showing him her back. The stiletto heels make her slim tanned legs look a mile long. She spreads her legs just a bit and bends over, lewdly displaying her tiny muscular asscheeks to her sons hungry eyes. If she…she just bent over just a little more he’s be able to…see…her ASSHOLE!

Brenda looks at the young boy on the bed. She can see the outline of his teenage cock. Its already hard! And the front of the red jockeys is already starting to get wet. Brenda is starting to get horny herself just looking at her young son! She starts slowly undulating her hips to the music.

“Baby…I can see your poor cock is getting hard already! And your jockeys are getting wet in front! So… you must really LIKE looking at mommy’s ass!”

“Mom…yes…I like looking at…”

“Go ahead and say it darling! My ass!! My tiny little ass! Maybe someday, I can take my panties off too. Then you can even get to see…mommy’s little asshole!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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