Mother’s Milk Ch. 04

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Warning: this story contains elements of BDSM.


The arrangement I had made with my son was working out great. Tom came to see me every morning before work. Sometimes he only had time for a quickie and then there were the days where he had a ten o’clock meeting. I loved those mornings. He would arrive at about 8 am and we would have almost two wonderful hours together. Whenever possible Tom would plan his ten o’clock meetings for a Monday morning as I had told him not to come and visit me on the weekends. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see him everyday but I was conscious of making sure that Tom didn’t neglect Jen.

I loved Tom so very much, more as a lover now than a mother. But I was still his mum and the mother in me wanted my son to have a good marriage and a happy full life. It would be so easy for me to be selfish and demand Tom come and see me every day. I felt he was so hooked now that I could have probably insisted he visited me twice a day, on the way home from work as well, and he would have willingly agreed.

Actually I was noticing that Tom was showing a tendency to be rather willing and I was very curious to investigate just how willing and agreeable my son could be. He definitely loved it when I spanked him a little bit during our foreplay sometimes and so far I had been holding back, just smacking him playfully.

I had decided over the weekend that the next time Tom had a late Monday meeting that I would find out just how submissive he could be. I was also keen to re-discover my dominant streak that had been rather dormant for many years. In my past I had dated a submissive man for a short while and I still had some clothes and toys from that time when I had been his Mistress. I knew soon enough I’d be getting to big to fit into the leather outfit, so it was kind of now or never to test out my son to see if he would enjoy role playing my sex slave now and then for a bit fun and variety. I was very curious to see what other fetishes my son might have hidden deep down inside that he perhaps he thought he might never get to experience.

I knew Jen wasn’t the experimental type from what Tom had told me and I wanted my son to try new things with me. It pleased me so much that I was able to let my son discover the joy of anal sex when his wife had refused him this pleasure and I was sure there would be other things he wanted to try that he wouldn’t even ask Jen to do for either fear of rejection or perhaps even embarrassment.

I needed to let my son know that he could try anything sexual with me. We are consenting adults and I wanted Tom to feel comfortable to do anything or ask me to try anything and know I would never refuse him or be offended by his suggestions.

Today was Monday and Tom had told me last Friday that he was starting at 10 am this morning, so I knew I was going to have almost two hours to discover if my suspicion that my son was quite the submissive was right. I set my alarm and got up earlier than usual. I put on my leather outfit that I had stored away for some years. It was a short black leather mini skirt with fine chain attached to the waist of the skirt joined up to a leather collar with metal spikes. I completed the outfit with black fishnet stockings attached to a black lace garter belt. The skirt was so short that the garter belt showed. I wore no bra so that my breasts were easily seen through the chains and I loved the feeling of the metal on my bare skin, especially when the chains scraped across my nipples. I had forgotten how good it felt. The skirt was a little tighter than I had remembered it being, but I was still able to get into it. I thought about not wearing any panties but then I reconsidered and put on a very sheer sexy black g-string.

I looked in the mirror and my new persona and smiled at myself. I didn’t look like a mummy anymore.

For the final touches I put on more makeup than I usually wear and put my hair up then put on my black heels that I never wear because they are hard to walk in and totally impractical. I had never gotten around to throwing them out.

There were other things I had kept all these years in storage in and old suitcase at the back of my wardrobe.

It was almost like re-discovering the past as I opened up the case and the memories of the games I had played in the past all came flooding back as I took stock of the contents. I took out the ropes and attached one end of them to the legs at the bottom of the bed with the other end resting at the foot of my bed waiting to be attached to my sons’ ankles. I placed the handcuffs on the pillow waiting for my sons’ wrists to be shackled in them. I put a dog collar and leash on the floor in the doorway of my bedroom so that would be the first thing Tom saw when he walked to my room on his arrival. I left the rest of my toys in the suitcase on the chair in my room, with the lid closed so that he wouldn’t see what else I had in store for him until I was ready to show him.

I was taking a risk that Tom might see me and freak out but my instincts were telling me that not only was my son going to like seeing halkalı otele gelen escort his mother dressed like this, but also he would soon be putty in my hands, a willing sex slave for two glorious hours of wicked pleasure.

I took one last long look at myself in the mirror. I definitely looked the part and as I stared at my barely recognizable reflection, I got my head into the right frame of mind too. It wasn’t going to be enough just to look like a dominatrix; I had to act out the part too.

I stood by my bed with my legs apart and my hands on my hips as I waited for Tom. I was standing in line with the doorway so that he would see me almost at the same time as he would notice the leash and collar on the floor. I was thinking dominating thoughts and getting very excited in anticipation of the things I was about to do to and with my son. I felt myself getting a little wet at the prospect of having my son as my slave this morning. I was hoping he wouldn’t be late, and he wasn’t. I soon heard his key unlocking my front door.

“Good morning mum,” Tom called out as walked in, locking the door behind him again.

I didn’t reply at first, wanting him to see me before I answered.

Tom got to my bedroom door and stopped dead in his tracks. He looked at the collar and leash on the floor, a look of puzzlement crossed his face, but only briefly. The look was soon replaced with shock as he looked up and saw me standing there dressed like something he had only seen in a porno. A gasp escaped his lips as he stared in my direction.

“Mum is not here today boy,” I said assertively, “You may address me as Mistress.”

“I um….I…oh my God!….I….” Tom said stuttering.

“Well don’t just stand there stammering boy! If you want to come in, you must take off your clothes and bring that to me,” I demanded, pointing at the collar and leash sitting on the floor at my son’s feet.

Tom was staring at me, eyes wide with disbelief, seemingly unable to speak or move.

“I don’t have all day boy! Do you want to come in or not? Yes or no?” I said, scolding him.

“I um…yes mum,” Tom answered cautiously.

“Mistress!” I corrected him, stamping my foot on the floor for impact, causing Tom to jump a little bit at the unexpected sound.

“Oh sorry. Yes Mistress,” Tom answered a little nervously as he started to undress.

His eyes never left me as he discarded his clothes onto the hallway floor. I kept my pose of hands on hips and my expression of being in control. I was actually nervous myself too but I wasn’t about to let any of that show.

Tom was still standing staring at me, only now he was naked and it was now very obvious that seeing his mother dressed this way aroused him. My son’s cock was fully hard and sticking up to salute me.

“Bring that to me boy!” I demanded, pointing at the leash and collar in front of Tom’s feet.

Tom moved to bend down to pick them up from the floor in front of him.

“Don’t use your hands!” I yelled at him, stamping my foot again.

Tom stopped and looked up at me with a puzzled expression as he was about to pick them up with his right hand.

“Get on your hands and knees boy! Pick up your collar and leash in your mouth and bring it to me like a good doggie,” I instructed.

Tom stared at me in shock. He hesitated for a moment. I watched him intently. I didn’t know how long I was going to be able to keep up this role play if he didn’t respond how I wanted him to.

Tom looked at me and then to the items on the floor. I didn’t know what he was thinking but his cock was still hard as a rock and seemed to be twitching. He then looked up at me once more and blushed just a little as he knelt on the floor.

“Yes Mistress,” Tom said and then he leant forward onto his hands so he was now on all fours and he moved his head down and picked up the collar and leash in his mouth. It wasn’t easy to pick them both up at the same time with his teeth, but he managed it on his third attempt.

Tom looked up at me with the collar and leash in his mouth and he started to crawl towards me. He looked so sexy and submissive that it got me very excited and it took all of my self control to say in character and not just jump him. My son crawled over to me and then sat at my feet looking up at me with the collar and leash still in his mouth as if waiting for further instructions.

“Good boy,” I said praising Tom and patting him on the head like a pet. Then I took the collar and leash from his mouth.

Tom sat on his knees looking up at me in mild amazement of the way I looked. He was close now and was taking in all the details of my outfit. As he looked up at me I leant down and put the collar on around his neck. I then attached the leash to the collar.

“Your mother asked me to look after her pet today,” I said mockingly, “She asked me to take you for a walk, feed you and train you. So I hope you are going to be a good puppy for me.”

“Yes Mistress,” replied Tom coyly.

“Good boy,” I said, patting him halkalı rus escort on the head again, “Ok it’s time for walkies.”

I held the leash and began to walk towards my bedroom door. I walked slowly so that Tom could keep up as he crawled on all fours behind me. I led him into the hallway, walked along to the kitchen, then to the living room and back down the hall to my bedroom. I glanced back at him a couple of times to see how he was going keeping up with me but most of the time I just looked straight ahead and pretended to ignore him.

Once back in my room I stood beside the bed and looked down at Tom, who was panting, partly from excitement and partly from the excursion.

I patted him on the head once more.

“That’s a good puppy. Must be time to feed you now. Are you a hungry doggie?” I asked teasingly.

“Yes Mistress, I am,” Tom replied, looking up at me with lust.

I lifted up my right leg and rested it on the end of the bed, which pushed my skirt further up, giving Tom easier access to my panty covered pussy. The fabric of my g-string was very sheer, the wetness of my excited pussy making it almost see-thru. A moan escaped Tom’s lips when he saw the view in front of him.

I pulled on the leash.

“Come and eat then puppy,” I instructed as I pulled him closer.

Tom moved up closer so that he was immediately below me and he instinctively reached up to touch my pussy. He probably intended on moving the g-string to one side to gain better access. But I slapped his hand before he got the chance.

“No hands!” I scolded, “Use your mouth only dog and keep your paws to yourself.”

The slap startled Tom; he quickly retracted his hand and gave me a ‘hurt puppy’ look.

I didn’t wait to hear any protests; I just grabbed his head by his hair and pushed his face into my wetness.

“Eat!” I ordered as I held onto him by his hair.

Tom made a muffled sound. Not sure if it was an objection or a moan of pleasure. But as I felt his mouth latch onto my wet pussy and suck me through the fabric, the moan that came from my lips was definitely one of pleasure.

Tom licked and sucked at my pussy with fervor and somewhat frustration as he wanted to stick his tongue inside me but the fabric was hindering him. A couple of times he went to reach up in order to move the barrier to one side but each time I slapped his hand away and scolded him.

Not one to give up easily, Tom skillfully used his tongue and teeth and eventually managed to move my panties to one side and then his licking and sucking efforts increased as he passionately devoured my cunt.

My sons efforts were soon rewarded he brought me to orgasm and I gushed cum into his hungry mouth.

“Oh fuck yes!” I moaned as I climaxed.

I was still holding on to his hair and frankly I needed to for support. My orgasm was intense. I had been building up to this for a couple of days and preparing myself for this role play game all morning, so I was already very worked up before he had even arrived.

Tom was busy sucking and slurping up as much as he could get, making soft moans of pleasure as he feasted on me.

“Oh my you are a hungry puppy aren’t you?” I said teasingly.

Tom answered with a muffled yes. Then I pulled his head back by his hair, forcing him to stop his oral assault and look up at me. He groaned in protest at having to stop.

“Good doggie for making your Mistress cum,” I said smiling down at him, “But naughty boy for trying to touch me with your paws when I had told you not to.” My smile changing to a frown.

“Sorry Mistress. I just couldn’t help myself,” apologized Tom, looking up at me, his face wet with my juices.

“Well you just need some training I think pet,” I said wickedly as I removed my leg from the bed and walked around to the side of the bed. Tom had no choice but to follow as I still held his leash.

“Up you get on the bed puppy,” I instructed.

Tom looked at the ropes and handcuffs and grinned. He really seemed to be enjoying this game, any doubts I had of freaking him out had long since disappeared. I loved the way Tom took on the role of my pet without questions.

My son got on my bed on his back and reached his hands up above his head and opened his legs towards the ropes without me even having to tell him to do so.

I smiled at him as I attached a rope to each ankle and then I moved up to the top of the bed and clamped Tom’s right hand in the handcuff, then passed it through the headboard then attached the other end to his left wrist. When I reached over him, my breasts dangled down through the chains and hung just inches from his face. I felt his hot breath on the soft skin of my breast.

He was now attached to my headboard and he playfully gave a tug on the cuffs to check to see if he was really secure.

I grinned at him with his mock attempt to escape and he smiled back at me. I stared at his naked body, looking so vulnerable to me, lying there unable to get away. It excited me so much to know I could do anything halkalı türbanlı escort to him now and he was powerless to resist. I got such a power rush from just looking at this display of submission. It had been a few years since I had enjoyed a submissive lover but the rush it gave me back then was nothing compared to the thrill of having my own son as my submissive.

“Oh look at that,” I said mockingly, “Looks like puppy got all excited,” I said as gave his cock a little slap.

Tom gasped, not so much in pain, as I hadn’t slapped him that hard, but more because I had startled him.

His rock hard cock bounced back and it was oozing pre-cum. The head of my son’s cock glistened and it looked very tasty and inviting. I already knew how easy I could make my son cum by sucking his cock, but today I had different plans. I wanted to see what other stimulation would cause the same reaction.

“Don’t cum without asking my permission pet or you will be punished,” I said sternly.

“Yes Mistress,” answered Tom, “I will try hard not to.”

I grinned at him then walked away to my suitcase of tricks. I brought back with me a blindfold. Then I stood next to the bed where Tom could watch what I was doing and I took off my wet cum-soaked panties.

“Oh naughty puppy! You got my best panties all wet with your doggie spit,” I said, scolding him.

I knew full well that they were already wet from my own pussy juices before Tom had even licked me, but I was looking for reasons to punish him.

“But mum, I….,” Tom began to protest.

I didn’t give him the chance to finish his sentence. I shoved my wet panties into his mouth, muffling out the rest of his complaints.

“Mum isn’t here!” I scolded him. “There. That should keep you quiet.”

There was a touch of alarm in Tom’s eyes. I could tell he was starting to wonder if he should be worried or not about what I was going to do to him. His eyes showed concern, but his cock didn’t seem to care, it just twitched and oozed pre-cum freely. I touched the sticky tip with my index finger and then sucked my finger clean, causing Tom to moan as he watched me intently.

I then moved up and proceeded to put the blindfold on him. Tom was making sounds of protest but all his words were muffled. It sounded like he was asking to see but I pretended to hear something completely different.

“What was that you said slave? You want me to punish you for misbehaving?” I said mockingly, “Oh yes, I think so too.”

I scratched my fingernails down Tom’s body from his chest to his cock in a V shape, causing him to gasp when my nails scraped over his nipples.

“Oh my, seems my slave boy has sensitive nipples,” I said wickedly, “Hmm lets just test that.”

I rubbed my index finger into his pre-cum again and then rubbed it on his nipples. I did this a few times until his nipples were all sticky. Tom’s breathing was getting faster, and then I licked and sucked his nipples clean and he began to pant. I was making cooing sounds of delight as I savored his tasty pre-cum.

Tom’s nipples were erect and hard now from the stimulation of my tongue.

“Oh I think you enjoyed that didn’t you boy? Not really punishment though. Hmm let’s try something else”

I walked back to my suitcase and found my nipple clamps. As I attached the first one, Tom let out a muffled squeal. Not being able to see what I was doing was accentuating every sensation. I grinned and then attached the other clamp. The clamps were joined together by a fine chain. Tom’s body stiffened up with this new and unknown source of pain. I hadn’t put them on very tightly as this was his first time to use them, but still I could tell he was freaking out a little by the muffled complaints.

I needed to take his mind off his sensitive nipples. I leaned over his hard, twitching cock and engulfed it into my warm moist mouth in one long deep slow suck.

He moaned and his body instinctively moved his hips up wanting more as I let his cock fall out of its desired sanctuary.

I loved teasing him like this, giving him a mixture of pleasure and pain at the same time excited me so much. I felt my own wetness increasing as I treated my son like a plaything.

I sucked him once more in the same slow deep fashion. Then I moved up and flicked his sore nipples with my tongue. Tom gasped and moaned. He was getting used to the clamps and was enjoying all the attention. He was learning to block out the pain and concentrate on the pleasure. I was very much enjoying training my son.

I then got on the bed between my son’s open legs and began to lick him. I knew if I kept up this oral assault it would make him cum, but I was pushing him as far as I could. Tom was panting and pushing up his hips wanting me to suck his cock. I stopped licking for a moment to give him an order.

“Don’t cum until I tell you to slave!”

I sucked him again, harder and faster. I knew he wasn’t going to last long but I kept stopping every few sucks and reminding him not to cum. Tom was groaning and I could tell he was trying really hard to hold back, but he was struggling. His efforts to refrain from cumming had made him completely forget about the nipple clamps. I gave him one more long deep hard suck and felt his cock twitch in my mouth, he was about to climax. I stopped sucking and gave the chain attached to the nipple clamps a quick tug as I demanded one last time the impossible order.

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