Mother’s Darling Boy Ch. 02

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As Susan relaxed in the hot soapy water of her bath, she reflected how life had changed since that fateful night that she had willingly allowed her darling boy to take possession of her body.

She watched with pride the progression he made from that awkward teenager to a self-assured young man. Although they now sleep together and would fuck nearly every night, they kept the first Saturday of the month as their special day in celebration of their first union. So tonight they were off to a nice restaurant and maybe a nightclub.

After a long soak, Susan got out of the bath to get dressed, and she also locked the bedroom door. The reason being if she didn’t, Michael, would be up the stairs like a rat running up a drainpipe and would want to fuck her rigid. However, a lady likes to take her time when preparing to go somewhere special.

She stood in front of the full-length mirror and looked critically at her reflection. Lifting her breasts a little, checking for any cellulite on her thighs, she still had a cute arse, and her tits didn’t sag, she also thought she had a great pair of legs. More than satisfied with what she saw, she gave herself an unbiased eight out of ten. Not bad for a thirty-six-year-old she mused.

Michael had been waiting patiently downstairs knowing his Mum would not be rushed, when she did put in an appearance, he was stunned. Getting up from his chair he said

“Mum you look fabulous I want to take that dress off you and fuck you where you stand,”

“You stay exactly where are young man I didn’t go to all this trouble for you to mess it up before we have set foot out of the door,” she replied quite forcefully.

Susan was wearing a pale blue chiffon cocktail dress with a plunging neckline, which accentuated her beautiful bust, the back even more reveling being open almost to her waist. The dress hugged her hips and then flared out to finished about 2 inches above the knee. With no bra, the chafing of the chiffon had made her nipples harden and protrude, as was her intention. Lifting the hem of the dress almost to her waist, his mother displayed her garter belt and the tiny thong that covered her now wholly shaven pussy. She looked fabulous, and she knew it.

As they walked across the restaurant, she was aware of several pairs of eyes that followed their progress to their table. The women jealous because she had a toyboy, the men, because they would have loved to be in Michael’s shoes. Inwardly she enjoyed a smug sensation and feeling of confidence that up to now had been alien to her.

They enjoyed the best of service from the head waiter and the senior wine waiter; the head chef also made a point of coming to see if their meal was to their liking at the same time openly ogling her tits. Susan reviled in all the attention that she was receiving. Michael was not the least bit bothered by all the attention his mother was getting; in fact, he found it very stimulating, and it was making him quite Horny.

At the nightclub, it was much the same story. While Michael was at the bar, Susan respectively declined three invitations to dance.

When he returned with their drinks, Susan told him about the dance offers, much to her surprise Michael said she should have accepted.

He then scooted up real close and kissed his Mum and put his hand up her dress, pushed her thong to one side, and fingered her cunt. He told her that the sight of her getting another guy excited would be a real turn-on, and asked her to play along.

“I’m not sure about this sweetheart,” Susan replied a bit self-conches, but with a little more encouragement from her son, she agreed.

The next time a slow number was played. Michael got up and left the table.

No sooner had he gone when this good-looking black guy approached her. Susan almost backed out, but she hesitantly accepted the outstretched hand. She was lead to the center of the dance floor, where her partner held her close, no sooner had they started to dace when he was cupping her arse cheeks and she was pulled with some force onto the not inconsequential package that he had in his trousers. This was making her hot and wet. As the dance progressed, her partner got bolder by the second. He started to kiss her neck and down into her cleavage while at the same time pushing his fingers into the crack between her arse cheeks.

Susan stayed with it for a minute or so longer, then flushed and embarrassed, made her excuses, and made her way back to their table. She grabbed her son by the hand, saying, “We are leaving now.”

Walking swiftly with very little being said they crossed a small park, Susan stopped by a bench, grabbing hold of the backrest she bent over stuck her arse in the air and demanded Michael should fuck her hard and fast right then and there.

He was not sure whether his Mum was mad and turned on, or just turned on, or just mad, he would find out later.

He just got his Cock out, pulled her thong to one side, and slammed into her as demanded. This was their first outdoor fuck, not that you would know it considering the volume of grunting and moaning coming from his beautiful beylikdüzü anal yapan escort Mum. He held on to Susan’s hips and slammed into her wanton cunt as hard as he could.

Whether it was the risk of getting caught or the way his Mum’s arse was displayed to the world, or seeing his Mum being turned on in the club. Or a combination of all three he didn’t know. However, when he climaxed, he shot blast after blast of red-hot spunk into his mums’ vagina; just as he thought he was spent, he erupted again and again.

Susan stood up and pulled her thong back into place, Michael had put his Cock away they linked arm’s, and with fresh spunk running down her inner thighs, they walked off to get a cab home.

When they got into the house, she held her son at bay long enough to take off her expensive dress. Standing on the bearskin rug with hands-on-hips, in high heels thong and garter belt, she would have easily done justice to the centerfold of Playboy. Looking across at the sofa where Michael sat stoking his Cock she asked,

“Do you want to come over here and eat mummy’s cunt Tiger.”

It was very reminiscent of their first night of lovemaking on the Bearskin Rug. The fuck in the park had got rid of the urgency; this was now two lovers making love. Michel was very tender, stroking Susan’s body with a large feather.

As Michele drew it across his mothers’ thighs and pubic mound for the umpteenth time, she moaned out loud and arched her back in anticipation.

As he drew it under her breasts and down her sides one more time, it was more than Susan could bare, and pleaded with her son, “Please fuck me, I need you to fuck me now.” He was only too happy to concede to his mothers’ wishes.’

As he looked down at his mother’s angelic face, he teased her by slipping just the end of his prick into her, then taking it straight out, each time her vagina would try to hold onto him but would fail.

Susan looked back at him and pleaded for him not to be so mean and fuck her. Smiling, he entered his Mum up to the hilt in one thrust.

It was as if he had inadvertently set off a spring-loaded trap. No sooner than Susan’s silk-like vagina had enveloped his rampant Cock than her ankles snapped shut and locked behind her lovers back. Susan fucked Michel back thrust for thrust as her orgasm grew and grew. As she felt Michel stiffen and start to pump his virile spunk deep within her, there was a detonation in her brain, and she screamed, “Fuck mummy hard sweet boy fill me with all that sweet young spunk,” and squeezed him tightly. As her orgasm passed, she relaxed. Not realizing how tight she was holding her son, she collapsed back onto the rug. As they embraced as kissed in the afterglow of truly a great fuck It was Michel who suggested that they should go to bed. As he withdrew his Cock, it was followed by a stream of their combined cum that ran down the crack of his mother’s arse. She knew that she looked like a cheap whore, but she was smiling and didn’t care.

As Susan had not fallen pregnant in the first two months of their incestuous affair, they just carried on shagging. They took crazy risks, but they never got caught One time, they had a quick fuck in the fitting rooms of their local department store, on another occasion over the kitchen sink In her mothers kitchen, while she had a sleep in another room, They even had a shag on the top deck of the all-night bus Susan just sat on his lap and bounced up and down.

Since they had got together, Susan had secretly hoped she would fall pregnant and was a little disappointed when her period arrived on queue every month. At the same time, she was also a bit scared that if she did conceive, it might freak Michael out. Some weeks later, she started to feel different, so she got a pregnancy test.

Not that she needed it her period was at least a week overdue as she had been sick again this morning, it confirmed what she already knew. After a visit to the family planning clinic, they confirmed she was about six weeks gone. Susan was over the moon but still concerned how Michel would react to the news that he was to become a father. As it turned out, her fears were unfounded. AS they lay cuddled up together on the sofa after a good fuck, she told him. He looked deep into his mother’s eyes, shifting his position slightly he pushed his rampant Cock into his mother’s wanton arse and whispered, “I love you,”

At three months she started to show so Susan would have to tell her Mum and her younger sister. Although she neglected to tell them, Michael was the father. As far as they knew, it was the result of a one night stand. Her mother told her at thirty-six she should have been more responsible, her sister Julie was jealous as hell as her husband had been firing blanks all their married life.

Michael was very attentive and would help out all the time. He particularly liked helping his mother have a bath. Gently washing his mother’s swelling tummy and paying special attention to her gorges tits that seemed to get bigger by the day. He would insist that she allowed him beylikdüzü balıketli escort to dry her; he would gently pat her baby bump with a towel which he would then cover with fairy-like kisses. Inevitably this leads to him migrating down to his mother cunt, which he would gleefully eat until she climaxed.

Sometimes if Susan felt that way inclined, she would bend over, and as long as he was gentle, she would let him fuck her doggie fashion in the arse or the cunt or both.

At four and half months that all had to stop, Susan had had a slight bleed, and her doctor said that if she was still having sex that it must stop, plus she must have at least two weeks total bed rest. It was hard to tell who was the most disappointed at the cessation of all sexual activity, probably Susan.

For appearance sake, they could not turn down the offer that Julie made to come and stay for those two weeks that Susan was confined to bed. Michael had to return to his room while Julie had the guest room.

One evening the two sisters were talking Julie jokingly remarked that she could do with a young stallion to knock her up, but was too scared to go and find one and that she was so envious of her big sister. Susan did not say anything there and then, but she gave it a lot of thought when she was on her own. Now that Michael was cut off from pussy on demand, Susan was concerned he might look outside of the home for his fun. Something which she desperately did not want to happen.

If she was clever, she had the answer, and it would not compromise either her or Michael.

The Next morning after Michael had left for college, Susan asked Julie outright did mean what she had said the night before about finding a young stallion. Julie did not know how to answer at first but then said,

“Yes, but as I told you, I would never have the nerve to do it, so it is not going to happen.”

“What If I knew someone that would fit the bill and would be the soul of discretion would you be interested or is it all talk,” Susan asked.

Julie was getting flustered and did not know how to answer. Without a pause, Susan continued,

“Well you see I kow of a young man that ticks all the boxes, He is smart, good looking, well edowed Im told and he only fires live rounds. To my knolage he has already knocked one localy marid woman who was in the same position as yorself,”

Julie was very excited at the Idea, and although her pussy was getting very wet at the thought, all the moisture had gone from her mouth, and she croaked,

“When can I meet him.”

“He will be home around four-thirty,” was the reply.

It took a few seconds before Julie realized that it was Michael, her nephew, that Susan was talking about.

“No No No, you can’t be serious that would be incest.” was Julie’s response.

“If you think about it for a minute or two calmly, you will see that it is the perfect solution. You would be guaranteed a good family likeness that no one would question. He is never going to brag about how he knocked up his Aunt; You would not have to look for someone each month. If the first shag isn’t successful, you will, in effect, have personal sperm bank that you can use over and over again until the objective has been achieved. On top of all that, there will be no chance of you catching any nasty disease. However, it’s up to you, but just imagine how you would feel having a baby bump just like mine,” Susan concluded.

Julie was all of a fluster and confused; she had never sexually looked at Michael before now. The more she considered it, the more appealing it became. He was a bit of a hunk, and the thought of that young Adonis between her thighs was making her very wet. Remembering what Susan had said about him knocking up a local woman, She had to ask, “is Michael the father of your baby Susan.”

“Of course not,” Her sister lied.

With a tremor in her voice, Julie asked, “how it was going to happen; I can’t just say Michael will you fuck me and give me a baby,”

“You could, and I’m sure he would, but I understand what you are saying, you want it to look less contrived,” said Susan and Julie nodded.

He usually lounges on the sofa when he watches TV. Just plonk yourself beside him show plenty of thighs and a nice bit of Tit, give him a bit of a sob story, and he will be yours.

His nineteen for God’s sake, you only got say hello to a nineteen-year-old, and they get a hard-on. If he does the job, you can tell your old man that one of his tadpoles at long last made it all the way home,” said Susan giggling.

That evening Julie decided to do just that. She knew that if she put it off for just one night, she would find a reason to put it off the next night and so on.

Michael had been out running, so when he came home, he had a long hot shower. Pulling on a clean pair of boxer shorts and his dressing gown, he slumped down on the sofa to watch TV, just as Susan predicted. Shortly afterward, his Aunt Julie joined him

As she bent over to plump up the cushions, her dressing gown gaped open at beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş the top, which gave Michael a superb view of his Aunts 36 DD tits. Satisfied with her work Julie sat down next to her nephew.

“Are you watching anything in particular,” Julie inquired.

“No, you can have on your want,” he replied and gave her the remote.

Julie quickly flicked through the channels until she came to a film that had only just started.

[Basic Instinct]

As they watched the movie, Michael became aware of how nice Julie’s perfume was and how close she was sitting. She had slipped her arm through his and was cuddled right up close. When one of the very steamy scenes came on Julie asserted that it did not leave much to the imagination, Michael looked across at his Aunt and commented, “Well you don’t have that much room to talk, do you,”

Looking down as if she did not know, her dressing gown had come open up to the waist showing off her pussy to the world. She made a half-hearted attempt to cover herself up saying as she did,

“I’m so sorry Michael whatever must you think,”

“I will tell what I think,” He said. As he lent across and taking hold of securing sash of Julies Dressing gown, giving it only the gentlest of a tug the said garment fell open completely

“Michael, what do you,” that is all Julie managed to say before her nephew clamped his lips to hers to stifle any further protest. His fingers started to caress his Aunt’s beautiful trimmed pussy gently, and he tried to get her to open her legs just a little. At this point, Julie had a panic attack and started to resist. However, Michael held her firmly slipping his middle finger into Julie’s cunt; he started to finger fuck her until she relaxed against him and started to moan.

Michael’s Cock had made its way out his shorts; he gently took his Aunt’s hand and wrapped her slender fingers around it. As Julie looked down at the beautiful specimen of man meat, she held in her hand any doubts she had disappeared. She would not be content until she had this rampant baby maker stuffed up to the hilt in her salivating vagina.

Michael slowly pushed Julie’s face towards his steal hard Cock, Julie had always had an aversion to what her nephew wanted her to do, and in twelve years of marriage, she had never given her husband a blowjob.

“I can’t suck you off, Michael I just can’t,” Julie whispered.

Not Relaxing the pressure to the back of Julie’s head, “sure you can and you will love it,” was Michael’s response.

Arrogant little fucker Julie thought, but as she looked at that large purple cock head that was now only centimeters from her mouth, she found it impossible not relax her lips and let it in.

She sucked and licked that beautiful love stick for a while, but she was determined that he was not going to unload in her mouth, as she had a much more important job for all teenage spunk to do.

Standing up quickly she discarded her dressing gown completely and straddled her nephew. Taking that huge phallus in one hand she guided it into her wanton cunt in one slick movement, it all happened so fast even Michael was surprised.

Julie had never had a cock that size’ she felt as if she had been impaled when she bottomed out, and it took her breath away. She waited a few seconds to get used to it then she started to ride her stallion. Michael soon became aware that Julie was as vocal as his Mum. In no time, she was screaming out encouragement and swearing like a trooper.

“That’s the way my lover fuck me hard fill me up with your spunk, fertilize me, you horny little bastard.” Frightened that his Mum might hear, he said to Julie, “quieten down a bit sweetheart mum might hear.”

The answer he received came as a complete shock, “Might hear she wants to hear that’s why all the doors are open, It was her fucking idea in the first place, she is probably finger fucking her self right now, so stop talking and fuck me hard.”

Having not had a fuck in over week when Michael started to cum, it was if a dam had been breached. Pulse after pulse of hot spunk was blasted deep into his Aunts receptive Cunt, Julie was screaming and shouting, “O fuck yes fuck, fuck my god fuck.” Then collapsed and lay on her lover’s chest.

Not wanting to lose a single drop of that baby batter she kept Michael deep inside her, while they both recovered from a very frantic fuck.

Flexing her cunt mussels, she felt Michael’s monster starting to sir back into life. Rolling Julie over on her back, he held his Aunt’s feet against the back of the sofa and fucked her real hard. Unaware that they were being spied on, not wanting to interrupt anything, the observer retreated unseen.

If Julie wanted a hard fuck she certainly was going to get one now, every time he slammed into her, he drove the breath out of her body. He kept this up as long as he could, but very soon he was pumping more of his virile spunk deep into his Aunt’s hot wanton vagina and receptive womb. Julie could feel it and screamed and urged the young stud on as she neared her climax. When it happened, her cunt muscles closed around Michel’s Cock like a vice and squeezed every drop of spunk out of him. Julie had never experienced such sexual gratification in her life and wanted it last forever. As she started to recover, she knew that it would be impossible for her not to be regularly serviced by this young fuck machine. As much as she loved her husband, he had never been able to fuck her like this.

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