Mother and Daughter Get Assaulted

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


We are a family of four members. Myself the eldest son is 22, my younger sister Roshni is 20, my mother is 44 and my father 57. There is a paradox about my mother and sister. My mother, though 44, looks younger and can easily pass as 36 or 37. She is slim and even at this age has maintained her figure. In contrast, Roshni, though only 20 is slightly bulky with buxom bosom that anyone can think her to be in mid-twenties.

My paternal grandfather died two years back and we have a custom of ritual at Gaya in Bihar were some offerings are made by the son of the deceased for the salvation of the soul of the deceased. Our father being extremely ritualistic decided to complete the formalities last winter. We all accompanied him and after the rituals were over we decided to visit some tourist destinations in UP for a fortnight and then return to our place.

After the rituals at Gaya were over, we moved to UP and our trips went on well during the first one week. On the second week we missed the night luxury bus which we were to board for our next journey because we were late in arriving at the boarding point. Now missing the bus once was to upset our entire tour programme for the coming days.

However, the tour operator suggested that we hire a car and catch the bus at the next stoppage, where it would halt for about an hour. But no cars were ready to go and as someone frankly told, some areas of the cow belt are not safe for night journey.

We had almost given up the hope and were thinking about looking for a hotel, when a 14 seater minibus came looking for prospective passengers. However, looking at the 4 of us the conductor said that they already had four passengers making the total to eight and that it would start only if it gets four more because without minimum 12 passengers its fuel cost would be higher than the fares.

As we had urgency to catch the luxury bus, my father offered that he would pay the extra fare of four persons so that the bus owner won’t be at loss. After some initial hesitation the driver agreed to ply the bus.

We boarded the bus. Mini buses are not comfortable but we had no option. Me and my sister occupied the front row just at the entrance while our parents were in the second row of the same side. There were four more passengers who appeared to be the workers of some factory and as we got acquainted it was known that three of them were working in a sugar factory while the fourth one was a painter. They were humble and gentle. One of them even told my father, “You should have avoided the journey with family in this route.”

Our bus ran for about an hour and at around 9 PM it reached a turning and took the right turn. It had hardly ran two kilometers from the turning when some people signalled the bus to stop. The driver looked carefully before putting the bus to a halt. There were six persons two of whom looked like ascetics (sadhus) with saffron cloth wrapped round their body and four others with them in white traditional dresses who looked like their disciples or followers.

The two in saffron dresses had long clotted hairs and chains of rudraksha around their necks. One of them had bushy beards on his face and was taller than his fellow person. Both had marks of sandal paste on their foreheads and on their nose bridge. Both had well built bodies like gymnasts. Their four followers were carrying some luggage in their hands. They were all tall and well built so that one could think them to be wrestlers.

After surveying them from the running bus the driver brought the bus to a halt. The conductor opened the door and the new passengers boarded the bus. The two persons in saffron dress took their seats in the front row of the right side just at the back of the driver’s seat while their followers took two rows at the back of their gurus.

The conductor while shutting the door said to the driver, “We have passengers to the full capacity. No need to stop anymore to pick up passengers even if anyone raises hand.”

My parents who were extremely religious persons were elated at the arrival of the ascetics and my father even murmured that it was good to travel with such persons. I did not like their appearance for no specific reason and they seemed like knaves to me.

My father, however, insisted that we offer our regards to the ascetics in the traditional way by touching their feet. I did not like the idea but at his insistence we all paid our regards to the two bowing our heads and touching their feet.

As we bowed, the ascetics put their hands on the heads of me and my father uttering some blessings in Sanskrit. But what I disliked was that when my mother and sister bowed their heads to pay regards, both lifted their faces by touching their chins and then uttered some long blessings while looking at their faces. I did not like their looks but could not share it with anyone.

After the bus ran for about an hour, the followers of the ascetics requested halkalı eve gelen escort the conductor to stop the bus for a while to respond to the nature’s call. The bus stopped. Except the two ascetics and my mother and sister, all others got down to relieve their bladder. But when we boarded again we found that the shorter ascetic had occupied the seat beside my mother while the taller one with beards had shifted beside my sister.

We were about to protest when we noticed that the conductor of the bus along with four other passengers were tied and were being pushed at the gun point towards the last seats by two followers of the ascetics while the two others were holding their revolvers at the back of me and my father and ordered us to seat on the right side seats. I became sure that those who appeared to be ascetics and their followers were actually rogues or could be robbers running away from police under the appearance of ascetics.

They pushed me to the front row window side on the right and one of the followers sat on the aisle side beside me with his revolver pointed at me. On the front row of left side was my sister on the window side and beside her the taller ascetic with beards holding a sharp dagger at her throat.

Another man in white dress had pushed my father in the second row of the right side and he himself set beside my father. His revolver was pointed at the head of my father. My mother, who was in the second row of left side, was being threatened by the shorter ascetic with his dagger pointing at her stomach.

In the meantime, the four other passengers along with the conductor were tied together by other two fellows and were made to sit at the back and the two gunmen returned to the driver and pointing the gun at him instructed him to drive the bus according to their guidance.

Then the ascetics demanded all the valuables that the passengers had with them. My father gave away the cash of about 12k he had with him. My mother and sister took out their gold bangles and chains and handed them over. Mobile phones of all the passengers, driver and the conductor were seized by them. I had about 7k with me which I handed over.

Suddenly we felt that the bus was running rough. As I tried to make out I discovered that we were no longer on any state or national highway but the bus had taken a some muddy road and so far I could see despite darkness outside, both the sides seemed to be forest areas.

As I was trying to find out where we could have been, I heard an uncomfortable sound from my mother and saw that the shorter rogue sitting beside my mother had used the saffron shawl that covered his upper part to cover my mother too and the two were now under the same shawl. Both me and my father tried to get up but the guards beside us made the nozzle of their revolvers touch our bellies and said with a hissing sound, “Seat like a good boy if you don’t want to lose your life.”

Just then another groan and I found the taller rogue had taken my sister under his saffron shawl too. Both the rogues then displayed the shining dagger they had with them and placed the daggers just near the wrists of my mom and sister and were holding their hands tightly. The one sitting beside my mother, “Be a nice girl and you don’t have anything to fear.”

I could feel even from a distance that he had grabbed my mother by his left hand under the saffron shawl and then his face moved towards the face of my mother and as she was cornered on the window side his lips descended on my mother’s lips and there were smooching sounds. Though his long clotted hairs prevented a clear view, I could feel my mother fighting back but he continued to suck her lips forcibly.

I looked at my sister. The taller rogue beside her had by that time used the saffron shawl to cover their faces under the same and from the restless movement of her limbs I realized that she was not only being kissed but the rogue had put his hands in her private areas. In the rustling, the false set of clotted hairs on the taller fellow fell down. I was sure that these fellows must be criminals using wigs to appear as ascetics to deceive people.

Though both my mother and sister were under the cover of the saffron shawl, I could feel that they were forced to take out the woolen sweaters they were wearing.

One of the rogues, who was sitting beside my father with revolver was telling him with a devilish smile, “Don’t worry. Our masters always take good care of woman.”

The rogues had by that times disengaged after kissing. So far the inside was dark. But one of the rogues put on one of the lights near the fourth row of seats. It was very weak light but I could see the faces of my mother and sister with fears on their faces, tears in their eyes and a look of horror, shame and insult all mixed together. But then I heard the taller rogue telling my sister, “See, we don’t like such gloomy looks on your face. You should be cheerful. Smile at your father and brother. Otherwise, they will halkalı grup yapan escort be worried about you.”

My sister forced a smile looking at us. The shorter rogue roughly said to my mother, “Didn’t you hear what he said? Remove this look as if you’re in a terrible situation and say hi to your son and husband.”

My mother tried to smile at us and as she said Hi to us though even from a distance I felt her shiver. Even though under the saffron shawl, I could see a hand of the rogue on her breast. Meanwhile I heard the taller one telling my sister, “Lift your tops and unhook your bra.”

Though the inside was poorly lighted, I could see my sister’s hands under the shawl lifting her tops up to her shoulder and then she took her hands at her back and I could see her unclasping her bra. Immediately both the hands of the rogue sitting beside her went to her boobs and started kneading her mounds while she clenched her teeth and kept her eyes shut. But the rogue said, “Good girl, but open your eyes and look at me.”

Helplessly she looked at him as his hands roughly mauled her boobs. The rogue said to her whisperingly that could be clearly heard, “You have big and warm titties and your nipples have grown hard, baby.”

The rogue beside my mother was trying to pull her hands but she was stiff. He brought out his dagger and placed it on her stomach and giving a mild push to the dagger said, “Be flexible if you don’t want it to pierce your belly.”

My father avoided looking at the unpleasant scene and turned his face away. But the guard sitting beside him placed the revolver on his scrotum and said, “Keep watching you wife and daughter lest our bosses get angry and harm them. We may also get furious with you if you disobey.”

My father helplessly turned his glance inside. We saw the rogue guiding my mother’s hand inside his dress and placed it on his crotch and then asked her, “Is it hot and hard? Do you like holding it in your palm?”

My mother did not reply and he slightly pinched her soft flesh with the pointed dagger and said, “I asked something? Reply it.”

“Y__ee__ss,” somehow my mother replied.

“Keep caressing it,” ordered the rogue.

Even under the cover of the shawl I could see movement of my mother’s hand caressing his tool.

After sometime suddenly in a flashing speed the two rogues exchanged their seats. The shorter one shifted beside my sister while the taller one went beside my mother and immediately they went under the shawls that were covering my mother and sister. The shorter one told my sister, “We want to compare who is hotter? Mother or the daughter?”

Once in their places they covered themselves completely including the faces of my mother and sister and we could hear the smooching sounds despite the sound of the bus running on the rough road.

I heard my sister protesting meekly about something but the shorter rogue beside her took his dagger just near her nipple and moving it slowly said, “Like to bleed there?”

I could feel my sister unbuckling the belt of her jeans. Then she lifted her buttocks from the seat a bit and pulled down the jeans. Even under the shawl I could feel the rogue touching her thighs and then said, “Further down.”

Roshni bent on her seat and pulled down her jeans further. But my attention was diverted as my father let out a mild scream but the guard beside him scolded, “You old fool, keep mum. Don’t disturb the bosses.”

As I tried to find the cause of his scream, I saw that the dagger of the rogue beside my mother is under her kameez near the shoulder and touched her skin but the rogue was telling her, “I am not peeling your skin. But the kameez you’re wearing seems to be too tight and uncomfortable.”

He ran the sharp edge of the dagger along the stitches of the kameez so smartly that her left shoulder was exposed. But he did not stop there and kept moving the sharp dagger along the sleeve till the arm long sleeve of the kameez was cut and her left arm got exposed. He then did the same with the right side of her kameez too. Her bra straps on her shoulders were clearly visible through the thin saffron shawl. With a vulgar smile, the rogue said to her, “You look sexy in your bare shoulders and arms.”

But then without any warning he cut the bra straps on her shoulders. My mother tried to pull the shawl to cover her growing nakedness. The rogue pushed his hand inside and lifted her bra cups above exposing her tits and began to maul them. As he kept pressing her nipples, my mother let out a suppressed groan. The rogue pushed his face under the shawl and began to suck a nipple while kneading her other boob with his hand.

The shorter rogue who was beside my sister had by this time made her stretch her hands in front and had taken her bra out of her body. Her jeans pant and yellow panty were pulled up to her ankle. To my shock and surprise I noticed a change in the expression of my sister.

Earlier fear, sense of insult and shame visible on halkalı masöz escort her face seemed to have disappeared from her and it seemed to me as if she was enjoying the rough assault of the rogue. The rogue and my sister were still under the cover of the shawl but I could see his hands were exploring her boobs, groping her thighs and quite frequently mauling her pussy.

But she had neither the previously clenched teeth nor the fearful expressions. What was most surprising was that more frequently than earlier the rogue was kissing her and sucking her lips and it seemed Roshni was responding equally too. I was not sure but at least thrice I felt her moaning inside his mouth.

I wanted to see if there were changes in my mother too. No, she still had grave and insulting looks on her face as the bearded rogue continued to knead her boobs and suck her nipples. But then I noticed that her upper thighs were exposed too. On closer observation I felt that the string of her salwar was cut along the left side stitch and both her white lacy panty and the salwar were up to her knees. Her panty was only clinging to one leg which meant that other side was completely cut.

I heard the bearded rogue to command her to spread her legs slightly and as she obeyed he began fingering her quim. Then I heard him say, “You hot bitch, your fountain is overflowing.”

The rogue continued to finger my mother’s pussy and we could feel the to and fro movement of his finger despite the both being under a shawl. But he did it so fast and rapid that suddenly we heard the passionate moaning escape from the mouth of my mother. My sister was startled by the moaning of my mother and turned to see what was happening. But the shorter rogue beside her roughly turned her face towards him and guided her hand inside his dress and commanded, “Take it in your palm, you will love it.”

Roshni was a bit restless and I observed that the rogue was playing with her pussy with one hand while the other was groping her boobs. Soon my sister too started moaning and there was no mistake that despite the unpleasant assault on them both have grown hot and passionate.

So long I felt insulted and wanted to kill the rogues but the moaning of my mom and sister and looking at their half nude bodies and feeling what the rogues were doing to them created incestuous feelings in me and my dick grew hard. What astonished me despite the adverse situation was that, I could understand my virgin sister’s reaction to sexual caress by the rogue but it was unbelievable that my mother was also responding to such assault like a slut even at that age.

It was almost midnight. The bus took a sharp turn as directed by those who guided the driver and the bus stopped. The rogues, who were sitting beside my mother and sister, got up and holding the knives asked my mom and sis to get down. My mom and sis were no longer under the saffron shawl and their nakedness was prominent and glaring in their half torn dresses. Both of them bent down to lift their respective salwar and pant that rested near their ankles to cover their lower parts. But the rogues asked them to get rid of them inside the bus and get down.

Helplessly, Roshni got out of her jeans and panty and my mom got out of her salwar and panty and started walking to get down showing their asses to all inside the bus. My mother’s upper portion was also almost naked and only the damaged salwar and bra were clinging to her body. Roshni’s lower part from her torso onwards was totally exposed but her upper portion had still the tops she was wearing. Even the passengers and the conductor who were tied at the back tried to take a glimpse of view of their nakedness.

Then one of the rogues in the white dresses asked the driver, the conductor and tied up passengers, “Do you like to watch the spectacle how our bosses treat these bitches and turn them to sluts?”

Though nobody among them replied their gestures indicated that they had all observed what was going on so long inside the bus and had grown hot enough that they were oblivious of their own adversity and wanted to enjoy the details of sexual assault.

While the guards beside me and father remained, others took the driver, conductor and four passengers down the bus and tied each of them singly to trees of the forest. Me and my father were very tensed as we could feel the future that awaited my mother and sister and tried to plead with our guards. But they laughed mischievously and said, “Don’t bother, they will be treated very well.”

But soon the taller rogue ordered his four accomplices that we two be also taken down and me and my father were forcibly taken down of the bus. They tied our hand and feet with two trees a bit away from the other six though we could see that those six were also tied like us. In the darkness outside I could hear one of the rogues telling my mother and sister, “See, eight people, including your husband and son, have gathered to watch you play with us. So you should play well so that they enjoy the game.”

I also heard some protest by my mother and sister. But their voices got subdued as two rogues roughly threw them on the dry leaves and from the sounds of dry leaves we could feel that the rogues were taking away the last pieces of cloths on their bodies. One of the rogues said to his accomplice, “What would they see in this darkness? Put on the dipper lights of the bus.”

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