Morning Sex

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As always thanks to my editor Cheer_Smartie526, the story would not be the same without her input. These are recurring characters but the stories are not in any particular order. I hope you enjoy them. Comments and voting is highly encouraged.

The room was dark and quiet, only the soft white noise of the ceiling fan was audible. Fiona awoke with a gasp. She sat up and looked around. The surroundings were familiar; dressers, desk, chair. She knew she was in her bedroom. Frank was sprawled out on the bed beside her, completely naked and fast asleep. Her dream had been so real, so intense, so arousing, but it was quickly fading from her memory. It was about sex, her erect nipples and wet pussy were evidence of that. She could remember that she had more than one partner, that almost every inch of her body was being touched, caressed, kissed or penetrated. What she could not recall was by whom. Fiona could not even remember if her lovers were men or women.

She reclined on the bed and put her hand between her legs, then looked over at Frank. She would have a use for him in a moment, but right now she wanted satisfaction. She did not want to wait for Frank to shake off his peaceful slumber. She put one hand on her breast, slowly dragging her fingers over the round shape. She softly squeezed the firm flesh. A bit of her dream flashed into her memory, the feeling of hands and mouths covering her tits, and then was gone. Fiona’s fingers pinched her nipple. It felt like a marble, hard and round, but with a slight rougher texture. She brought her other hand from between her legs and put it on her breast, repeating her actions. These fingers were wet and slippery, giving a slightly different sensation as her swollen nipple popped out from between her thumb and forefinger as she applied pressure.

The desire to have something between her legs was irresistible. Fiona slid her hand down her body until it rested on the neatly trimmed patch of hair that covered her mound. Her fingers crept towards her wet slit very slowly; she was taunting herself, enjoying the anticipation of what would happen next.

As the peaceful embrace of sleep slipped away Frank became aware of his surroundings. He could hear the sound that woke him, Fiona moaning quietly. He smiled and slowly turned his head. It was too dark to see her very well, so he relied on his sense of hearing to discover what she was doing. It might be the rare treat to see Fiona in the throes of a sex dream. The best were the ones where she talked in her sleep. Hearing Fiona beg to be fucked was an experience he cherished, especially when she was calling out a woman’s name.

The next sound Frank heard told him it was not a dream. He heard the soft, wet sound of Fiona sliding a finger in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Frank felt his cock become erect so fast he thought it might crack like a whip. He remained perfectly still, struggling to keep his breathing slow and steady. He did not want to do anything to interrupt her. An ache spread down the length of his throbbing erection and the desire to begin stroking his cock was almost unbearable, but he somehow managed to remain motionless. Frank had no doubt that drops of pre-cum were already seeping out of his cock as he listened to Fiona’s breathing become rapid and shallow. The sound emanating from between her legs increased in tempo and volume. A loud sigh followed by a quiet whimper announced the arrival of her orgasm, and the noise slowly tapered off.

Fiona suddenly had the feeling she was being watched.

“Frank?” she whispered softly.

“Yes,” he answered in an equally hushed tone.

“How long have you been awake?” she asked.

“Long enough to enjoy the show,” he replied.

“Did it make you horny?” she asked.

“Like you would not believe, if you had gone on much longer I probably would have come too,” Frank replied.

“Well that would have been a waste, lay on your stomach, let’s see if we can make this last a little bit longer,” Fiona said. Although she wasn’t burdened with a refractory period like men, Fiona preferred to have a bit of time between orgasms. When Frank had rolled over she straddled his legs and began to run her hands along his body.

Frank lay still as Fiona pressed her breasts against him. She started just above his hips; applying just enough pressure to make her swollen nipples dig into his skin. Frank moaned as he felt her slither up his back until her tits were just below his shoulder blades. He could feel her warm breath on the back of his neck.

“I am so fucking horny,” Fiona whispered, as she ran her tongue along the edge of Frank’s ear.

Frank moaned in reply. He could feel her pressing her sex against his hip bone. It felt hot and wet. Frank’s cock ached to be inside her, but he wasn’t about to interrupt the exquisite teasing she was delivering. Fiona lifted her breasts off his body and started over, this time sucking on his earlobe.

“Do you want to fuck me with your kartal escort bayan big, hard cock?” Fiona asked.

“Uh-huh,” Frank replied, his vocabulary suddenly failing him.

“But not quite yet, I want to have a bit more fun with you,” Fiona teased.

Fiona raised her upper body slightly, so that her nipples just barely touched Frank’s skin. Then she began to grind her pussy against Frank’s hip. It was just enough movement to make her tits sway back and forth. The combination of her nipples rubbing on this back and her clit rubbing on his ass stoked the ashes of her faded climax. She realized she could probably get off like this, but would probably be too tired to enjoy Frank’s cock if she did. Fiona decided a bit more teasing would suffice.

“I am so wet right now,” she whispered in Frank’s ear.

“Oh baby, I want you so much right now it hurts,” Frank replied, feeling like his balls were about to explode.

Fiona continued her taunting, “I want to ride your cock until I come… oh, oh, ah” Fiona punctuated the end of her sentence by rubbing her sex against Frank’s ass. “I want to feel you come inside me… oh, yes.”

Frank felt trapped. He liked what Fiona was doing. The feeling of her nipples and clit lightly rubbing against him was sweet torture. What made it especially intense was her voice. The guttural moans made it sound like she was approaching her own climax.

“Turn over, I want to fuck you,” Fiona said, raising herself up enough to allow Frank to move. Once he had turned over she lowered herself so her wet slit was pressed against his rigid shaft. She ground her sex against Frank’s erection, feeling every contour of his veined shaft and letting out a squeal when the ridge of his cock head rubbed against her clitoris.

“You like?” she asked.

Frank moaned and nodded in response.

“I bet you will like this more,” Fiona said, wrapping her hand around Frank’s erection and guiding it between her labia.

“Let’s play eye doctor,” Fiona suggested.

“What?” Frank replied not really certain what she was talking about.

“So what’s better, one?” Fiona asked as she sank down onto his cock until it was fully sheathed inside her. She began to rock her hips back and forth, grinding her clit against him. She pinned his wrists to the bed as she squeezed his erection, amplifying the sensation of fullness. Fiona knew that she could easily bring both of them to orgasm in a matter of minutes, but she was enjoying being a tease too much to stop now.

“Or two?” Fiona asked as she raised herself off his cock and bounced up and down. She limited the depth of penetration so that only the head of Frank’s cock slipped past her labia and into her vagina, but did it repeatedly. Each time she lowered her body Fiona felt her lips stretch over the smooth head of Frank’s cock. The moment she sensed the ridge slip past her labia, she stopped for a moment and then reversed her movement.

“So which do you like more?” Fiona asked.

“They are both fantastic, but two will certainly make me come faster,” Frank replied.

Fiona smiled. The idea of this game had been completely spontaneous, but she was beginning to like it, “How about three…”

Frank watched as Fiona leaned back until she was resting on her arms. He could see her labia wrapped around his rigid shaft. Only about an inch of his cock remained inside her. When she began to rock her hips back and forth he could see the head appear briefly then get enveloped by her pussy. He could feel his climax building.

“Or four?” Fiona purred as she sat straight up. Fiona held still for a moment, savoring both the feeling of Frank’s cock penetrating her and the look of pure lust in his eyes. She placed one hand between her legs, running her fingers over her labia and on to her clitoris. The shape of her sex was noticeably different with Frank’s cock splitting her lips apart. She put her other hand on her breast, first caressing it then drawing her fingers across the skin until she was pinching the nipple.

Fiona was careful not to touch Frank’s throbbing erection. She could see by the look on his face that he was close to coming, and she was not even close to being done with him. His gaze jumped back and forth from her tits to her pussy.

“Frank, my eyes are up here,” she quipped.

Even though she was clearly putting on a show for his benefit, Frank felt a bit guilty when Fiona called him on it. He found the sight of his cock penetrating her delicate flesh extremely arousing, but watching her play with her tits and pussy was also a turn on. Even though she was no longer riding up and down on his erection, Frank felt control of his climax slipping away. Looking into her eyes did nothing to help him regain control.

“Answer the question Frank, three or four?” Fiona said.

“Four, but it’s really close,” Frank said through gritted teeth. If the question had been about which would make him come faster the answer would have escort maltepe been three. The increased friction caused by Fiona leaning combined with the sight of his cock sliding in and out of her was overwhelming. But the question was which did he like more, and he liked watching Fiona masturbate while he was inside her.

“Well I’m not quite ready for that,” Fiona said, once again engulfing him completely.

Frank was relieved that she had stopped bouncing up and down on him. Being buried inside her felt good, but not so good that he would lose control. Fiona’s breasts swayed back and forth inches out of his reach. Fiona moaned loudly as she ground her body against his, riding his cock. Frank looked up and noticed she had her eyes closed, she seemed focused on what she was doing, what she was feeling. The idea that Fiona was just using him to get off aroused Frank. He began to thrust against her, trying to drive his cock even deeper into her.

Frank glanced up and found Fiona staring right at him, “Hold still, I’m fucking you. When I am done you can have a turn.” The words echoed in Frank’s head, each time sounding more arousing. It was the truth; she was certainly the one doing the fucking.

She leaned forward, pressing her breast against his lips. Frank was relieved to have Fiona’s tit in his mouth. The sight of her breasts always accelerated his climax. The act of lapping his tongue against her nipple distracted him just enough to keep his orgasm at bay a little longer.

Fiona continued to grind against Frank, between the pressure on her clit and Frank’s mouth on her breast she was virtually guaranteed to come. She adjusted her position so the head of his cock rubbed her G spot. Fiona looked down at Frank. He was craning his neck so he could press his lips against her tit as he frantically licked and sucked on her flesh. Fiona realized she had never really paid enough attention to what Frank did during their threesome, she wasn’t sure if he only got this excited about her breasts, or if he was like this with the other women. As the euphoria welled up inside her she forgot about Frank being with anyone else. She could feel their sweat soaked bodies writhing against each other. She started to cry out but bit her lip instead. She knew that once Frank felt her come his own orgasm would quickly follow, and she was not quite ready for this tryst to end. Her arms were getting tired, and Frank was struggling harder to break free of her grasp. Fiona fell forward onto her lover, pressing her breasts against his chest. She lifted her hips up so that the tip of Frank’s cock was barely pressed against her labia, then she rocked her hips back and forth. She could feel him penetrate her again and again. She nibbled on his ear and sank down until she had taken in his full length, then whispered to him, “I want you to come inside me.”

Frank thought he was doing quite well keeping his climax under control until Fiona told him she was ready for him. In less than a minute his arousal overwhelmed him and Frank felt himself explode into the depths of Fiona’s sex. He thrust his hips upward, burying his rigid shaft completely inside her. It seemed like every nerve in his body had somehow migrated to his cock as a torrent of hot, thick cum flowed of his dick.

“That’s it baby, I’m so ready for you to come. Give it all to me,” Fiona begged, and then she pressed her lips against his and thrust her tongue into his mouth.

As his climax began to ebb, Frank became aware of more than just the feeling of being inside Fiona. He noticed her firm, warm tits pressed against his chest. He could feel the tip of her tongue as it traced along the edge of his ear. He felt her hot breath against his skin.

“So do you like it?” Fiona asked, “Do you like it when I fuck you? Do you like the way it feels when I ride your hard cock?”

“Yea, I do,” Frank moaned, “But you should not have to do all the work.” Frank put his arms around her and rolled over so he was on top. Frank sat up, straddling Fiona’s hips.

“Turn over,” Frank said, taking control of the encounter. When she had complied with his instruction, Frank knelt at the foot of the bed and began to caress her foot. Starting with her toes he stretched each one, and then worked his way up, alternately pressing on the top and ball of her foot. He pressed his thumb into the arch and then worked his way up to her ankle. Frank began to caress Fiona’s leg, inching his way closer and closer to her sex. The darkness cloaked Fiona’s body, but just the thought of her wet slit made Frank’s cock ache as it strained to become erect again. He carefully stroked the back of her leg, avoiding the ticklish spot on the back of her knee. Next he wrapped his hand around Fiona’s thigh. As his hands moved up her leg, Frank began to feel the temperature increase. Finally his finger pressed against her labia, sliding between them with a wet sound that was oddly arousing. Feeling the curve of Fiona’s ass with his other and Frank pendik escort climbed onto the bed and straddled her thighs. He reluctantly pulled his hand from between her legs and smeared her wetness on his half hard cock.

The moment Frank withdrew his fingers Fiona began to long to feel him inside her again. When his fingertips pressed into the small of her back she let out a sigh. A massage was an acceptable consolation prize, and would satisfy her until Frank was ready to fuck again.

Fiona felt Frank crawl back onto the bed. Once again he straddled her and she felt the shaft of his cock between her ass cheeks. She expected him to still be limp, but instead it felt quite firm. Fiona wondered if Frank had already recovered. His warm hands pressed against the small of her back. Frank’s thumbs pressed into the muscles on either side of her spine, moving toward her shoulders. She raised her hips slightly so that Frank’s cock cleaved her buttocks apart. Even though she had just come she wanted more. She clenched his thick shaft, causing it to side out. Fiona relaxed her muscles and allowed Frank’s turgid flesh to press into her again. As Frank’s hand worked their way up her body Fiona relaxed.

The moment his dick met Fiona’s ass it began to stiffen. There was something about touching that part of her anatomy that always made him hard. His erection wasn’t quite to full strength, but Frank could already feel the first tingling of an orgasm as Fiona squeezed the shaft of his cock. Frank knew that he would not be able to endure more than a few minutes of this treatment before he came. Regretfully he shifted his body so he was no longer touching Fiona’s ass.

Fiona knew the massage was supposed to be a relaxing way to pass the time until Frank’s erection returned, but it was heightening her sense of arousal as well. As Frank’s thumbs pressed against her shoulder blades she raised her hips again, hoping to feel Frank’s cock. The pressure of his hands pushed her breasts against the silky smooth sheets.

Frank wedged his knee between Fiona’s thighs, forcing her legs apart. The desire to be inside her was irresistible. He slipped his arms between the mattress and her body, grabbing her tits. His fingers were drawn to her nipples. He pinched the stiff nubs between his fingers and heard a soft moan escape Fiona’s lips.

“You ready to get fucked?” Frank whispered in Fiona’s ear as he pressed the tip of his cock against her labia.

Fiona whimpered as she felt Frank’s full weight trap her between his body and the bed. It was impossible to move, even if she wanted to. But she did not, she was more than happy to be Frank’s plaything for the time being. She could feel his breath flowing over her neck and his fingers digging into her breasts, but he was still denying her the one thing she craved. The head of his cock was touching her just enough to spread her lips apart. She tried to wiggle her hips so he would slip inside a bit more, but she could not move.

“I think someone wants my cock,” Frank teased, pushing his hips forward a fraction of an inch. He could feel the heat of Fiona’s sex. It was tempting to shove the entire length of his erection into her warm, wet flesh, but first he wanted to make her beg for it.

“Uh-huh,” Fiona moaned in response. She felt Frank’s cock advance a bit, and then retreat back to its original position.

“Your pussy feels so good; I bet I could come just from doing this.” Frank said, continuing to taunt her. It wasn’t an idle threat. The combination of feeling her tits in his hands, her ass against his hips and her labia enveloping the most sensitive portion of his cock was more than enough to bring him to orgasm.

Fiona bucked her hips up with as much force as she could, but the combination of the soft mattress and Frank’s weight kept her from moving. Another moan slipped past her lips as Frank squeezed her nipples again and his cock intruded another half inch into her vagina.

“I want you,” Fiona croaked.

“You want me to what?” Frank inquired, “You want me to come on your hot, wet pussy? You want me to cover it with cum?”

“I want you inside me,” Fiona pleaded. She was a bit surprised how arousing it was to be denied something she wanted so much.

Frank inched forward until the head of his cock was completely inside Fiona, “Is that what you want?” He knew he was playing with fire. It was quite possible that his orgasm would exceed his ability to control it.

“I want it all. I want your whole fucking cock in my pussy, I want you to fuck me hard until I come,” Fiona replied, almost shouting. She wasn’t sure what dark and twisted corner of her mind the outburst originated, but she certainly agreed with it.

“Why didn’t you just say so?” He said slipping his hands out from under her and planting them on the bed. He pushed his cock into Fiona as far as he could, and then slowly pulled it out. Each time he repeated the movement he went a bit faster and his hips slapped against her ass a bit harder. Each time he pulled back until only the very tip rested against her labia. Each time he reveled in the feeling of her nether lips stretching to accommodate his girth. When he felt Fiona’s hot flesh surround his cock his orgasm got a bit closer.

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