Moms , Lovers Ch. 07 Regina

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Regina’s Audition Video

(How mom’s homemade video shoot really happened.)

You’ve all seen the stupid photo shoots where a son persuades his own mom to pose naked and how it turns into some sort of sex romp. Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t happen that way. I know this because of how my own session with my own mom turned out. Let me say that I did not start this. It just doesn’t happen the way they show it in those short videos.

Our whole family is into taking a lot of pictures. When we went to digital, mom bought a really sophisticated camera in the hopes of getting higher quality. I’m pretty sure she had lots of vacation videos in mind when she started. Along with that in mind, she signed up for and started a photography class at the junior college near us. Why I mentioned that is because both of her professors take their classes seriously. The advanced courses offered a cinematography semester. That is where my mom excelled. She even convinced the department head to allow her to do an independent study course.

Mom wound up getting a job in the film industry here in Chicago. She started schlepping equipment for one of the big-time director/producers and worked her way up to assistant director to one of the industry’s best female directors. Along the way she picked up some more high-quality used equipment. Then, early one Saturday morning, mom got fired.

Mom was absolutely destroyed. “What happened mom?”

In tears, mom started to open up. “It seems that I am no longer what my employer wants in an assistant. She hired some young guy right out of film school to be her new protégé. It may have something to do with his gender and how wanton Sylvia is. I think she needs some young cock around to plug her whenever she wants. I just didn’t see this coming, but Sylvia gets what she wants.”

Then came the anger mom harbored for her producer, Sylvia. “She never let me direct my own ideas. You know, taking some chances with the talent and how they could present their lines and show their own emotions. Here, let me show you.” With that, mom took me by the hand into the kitchen. “I’m going to pose you as if you were doing one of my scenes.” Mom completely ignored my objections and just kept ‘blocking’ and directing me. “Ok Andrew, my idea is that you are waiting for your girlfriend to come home from work and need to break up with her.” Mom knew that I had just broken if off with my girlfriend Becky.

“Mom, that’s a little too close to home for me. You know that I broke up with Becky just last week and it was messy.” I know mom heard me, but she just started setting up her video equipment as she described what she wanted.

“Honey, that’s why I want to set this up just right. See, I can play on your emotions as I direct the action. Crap, go up to your room, take a shower, put on a clean polo and shorts. Would you object to wearing just your shorts with no shirt?” I don’t think she was even listening to me. Obediently, I did as mom asked.

“Mom, what sort of movie are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for a highly charged emotional scene between two young people in lust. Since I don’t have the money to hire talent, you are going to perform like an acting pro, got it?” I nodded, but wasn’t sure I was the right guy for the job. Ah well, anything for mom.

I won’t let my mom down. “I’ll soldier on for you, mom.” I went up to my room, picked out a pair of clean shorts. Scooted down the hall to the bathroom my sister and I share and showered. All the time I was washing, I was thinking of how I was going to take direction from my own mom. I wished my sister was home so I could act to her. I mean it would be strange, but she can tease the fuzz off a peach. By the way, dad left my sister and me alone with our mom a long time ago.

Mom called from the kitchen, “will you hurry, I want to use the afternoon sun light to create shadows.”

I got down to the kitchen to find light streaming in from the patio doors. Mom’s cameras were set up at different positions. She had one video camera on a tripod shooting into a silhouette with the second one elevated, shooting down at angle. “Sit there Andrew.” She directed me to sit with my back to the doors. I was uncomfortable.

“Honey, you’re going to have to trust me in this. I want to shoot you bakırköy türbanlı escort from the front showing how you react to your girlfriend and from the side as your girlfriend first makes eye contact with you. The emotion I want to achieve is trepidation and resolution. Got that? Well, anyway, going forward, I am going to rehearse this with me being your girlfriend. Just go with the flow and I’ll run tape while we do this.”

I sat there in my gym shorts watching my mom go through what she called ‘blocking’ and adjusting her camera angles. It was a little cool and my nipples were hard. Oh how fucking embarrassing for me. Mom started, “okay, now I am going to set the scene and I want you to react to my words and movements?” I nodded. Mom wasn’t happy with what she set up. Beginning over, “you are ready to give up on your girlfriend, but she isn’t ready to let you go just yet. She is going to do everything in her power to persuade you to keep her and you are going to resist her advances. She’ll be trying a lot of moves to make you happy, but you need to be strong. You know she’s no good for you. You’re going to let her know that you have found another lover who cares so deeply for you that she will do anything for you. Okay?”

Protesting, I pleaded, “this is really too close to home, mom.”

“Just go with the flow and the dialogue will take care of itself. Honey, Andrew, I am going to start in just a minute. I’ll be right back after I change.”

“Uh, what? Why are you going to change?” My questions were lost as mom bounded upstairs.

I waited patiently examining how the angle of the camera intersected. Mom’s wide-angle video camera looked as thought it would take in the whole breakfast nook where I was sitting. My chair was more in the middle of the room and seemed out of place. It felt like forever, but only about ten minutes passed. Mom came into the room. Holy shit, she was barefoot and wearing her maroon see through nightie covered by a flimsy robe.

Mom, Regina, looked like a dream come true for me. I didn’t realize how pretty and sexy this goddess was until I beheld this vision right in front of me. Chuckling, Mom spoke in a truly sultry voice, “relax Andrew, I need to evoke just that sort of reaction from my actor. Let’s be very grown up here. You are an actor and I am your actress girlfriend, right? I am going to try to seduce you with words and actions. You must resist until I direct you otherwise. Okay?” Open mouthed staring at my gorgeous mom, I was only able to nod.

My gaze followed mom around the kitchen as she was adjusting camera angles and hitting the start buttons. Mom glanced my way a few times and winked at me. She knew I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I have never looked at my own mom in this way. Her breasts swayed gently against the thin fabric of her nightie and it would billow out as she bent to adjust the cameras. She turned toward me with her hands on her hips with a satisfied smile on her face. “That’s perfect, Andrew. I see you are ready for our scene.” She was pointing out the fact that my shorts could barely contain my erection.

“Now, the cameras are recording and both of my still cameras are clicking away alternating at twenty second intervals. Just remember, this is art and you are the subject of my piece, so to speak.” Shit, mom giggled at her own inuendo and shook out her long blonde hair in a sexy sort of tease. Mom’s head tilted down gazing into my eyes from less than a foot away. I noted she’d put on makeup to look even more dazzling than ever. I’d never seen my own mom dressed and acting like a wanton cougar. I like this. I also never thought she would turn me on to the point where my shorts were uncomfortably tight. I was certain I would burst!

I was totally lost in awe seeing my mother’s breasts swaying as she moved. She looked magic and moving in slow motion. My mind was playing with me as if I were dreaming. This really was a dream, my secret dream coming true. Mom whispered into my ear as she started, “and, action!” Mom sat on my lap facing me. I felt her warmth through my shorts. Imitating my actress girlfriend, ‘come on Andy, you can’t want to leave me when you know you can have me anytime.'” Mom slid closer to me. She didn’t hold anything back as she pushed bakırköy ucuz escort her breasts into my chest and nuzzled my neck with kisses. “Don’t you want to touch these?” She opened the robe to reveal the most perfect set of tits I’d ever seen. They looked delicious. Perfectly round with pink nipples that poked through the transparent fabric that teased them into stiff nubbins. Speaking of stiff things; yup, me hard as a rock and bulging through my shorts. I am certain that mom felt my hard on through her panties. Oh, yes, her panties were wet. The little bow that seemed to hold mom’s top together was straining to hold in her tits. “Oh, please let them out,” I heard myself whisper. Thinking this couldn’t really be happening, I discovered my hands were holding mom’s hips and squeezing gently. A bit louder, I asked, “will you please let them out?”

Mom smiled at me and winked at the camera, “don’t you think that should be your job, my love?” Mom wriggled out of her robe and let it drop to the floor. Oh my, even her painted toes looked sexy. I was right, the little bow was all that held her nightie closed. My trembling fingers found the snap that held her top together. It just popped open to reveal what I knew to be the most fabulous pair of breasts I’d ever seen. “May I,” I croaked.

No more than a few inches from my face, mom stared into my eyes, slowly shook out her hair once again framing her pretty face, leaned back and whispered, “do you really think you have to ask?”

Damn, she is the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. I held her magnificent orbs in my trembling hands and kissed each nipple in turn allowing my tongue to taste the most delicious candy imaginable. Mom gasped in pleasure and whispered to the camera, “there’s more to me than nipples, Andrew my love.” With that, mom backed away just enough for me to see her shear panties were wet. Hell, they were sopping wet from where I sat. Mom patted the front of her panties to indicate something. “You should really pay closer attention to your girlfriend’s needs, Andy. See, here is where I need you.” She leaned forward to gently traced the outline of my hardon on my shorts. Her painted nails made my cock jump with expectation. Again, mom was whispering to the camera, “you look as though you’re ready to burst free of your shorts. Mind if I have a look at what you’re hiding from me?” She gently tugged on my shorts to reveal my precum dripping cock. I swear I have never been this hard.

Mom went out of character with, “mommy likes what she sees.” Mom was breathing heavily and had lost control of her acting as my girlfriend. Mom’s gaze was locked on my cock and its throbbing head. “Holy crap, that’s nice Andy.” Mom came completely out of character and went down on her knees. It was her turn to ask, and without even looking up at me, “may I?”

“Oh please,” I begged in a horse whisper, “you have to ask?” She took my whole length into her throat. I was watching my own mother, scratch that, my own sexy MILF of a mother sucking my cock like a pro. Her red lipstick had tinged the base of my cock to match her now wide-open night gown. I felt her tongue running the length of my cock teasing me to pain. I could have cum on the spot, but mom backed off a little. “Do you like this, boyfriend? This is just the beginning for us, you know.”

“You’re going to have to help a poor girl along, you know.” My new best girlfriend stood up facing me and inserted her thumbs into the sides of her wet red panties. Not so slowly she pushed them down to reveal a tuft of blonde fuzz. Now I know she is a natural blonde and that she shaves all but a little landing strip to tease. Never had I ever thought that I’d see such a delicious looking snatch, let alone that it is was my mom’s. In my wildest dreams, I had never hoped to have access to my own mother’s womanhood. I wasted no time.

“I’m not going to ask,” is all I said as I plunged my tongue into the slit containing the nicest little clit I have ever tasted. Mom gasped in pleasure and I nibbled harder. She spread her legs to go on either side of my knees. I abandoned her pert nipples and held her ass in both hands. Squeezing gently as I penetrated further with my tongue. Little whimpers came from mom as her breathing came more haltingly. She was now rocking başakşehir escort her hips to my every penetration of tongue. Mom held my head in her hands as she pulled me further into her moistness. Hell, she wasn’t moist, she was gushing like a firehose.

My right hand found its way between her thighs to engage her pussy. It was like the slickest ever. While I kept licking, I slipped my right thumb as deep as I could into my own mother’s vagina. That did it. Mom exploded into writhing action. She started bucking like a bronco tilting her hips into me and rising up at the same time. Did I mention that my mother is a howler when she cums? Well, she is. She kept pulling my head with her hands as I dug deep into her snatch and sucked on her clit. She is noisy. She shuddered.

Mom gasped for breath as she rocked slowly against my mouth. She bent to kiss me. Yup, my sloppy mouth and all, mom kissed me and stuck her tongue nearly to my tonsils. I kissed back and realized she wasn’t done. “Let me have it.” She was reaching for my throbbing dick. She gripped my manhood with both hands.

Mom positioned herself above my cock and slowly slid down my chest. Funny, she left a trail of her cum as she descended. “I’m ready for your close-up. I’m still your director you know.” Mom moved down, so sexy. My hardon started to engage her slippery lips as she wriggled from side to side to offer easy entry. She is torturing me. “Just the tip, boyfriend, just the tip.” She rocked slowly back and forward. I felt her pussy fuzz brush my belly as I continued to hold onto her butt cheeks. Mom was in full control and wasn’t going to give it up easily.

“Give it up, mom, I want my cock in you, now.” That little smile that crept across her face gave way to her open mouth last gasp for breath as she plunged her hot, wet, sloppy pussy all the way down on my cock. She’s a madwoman, I am convinced of that. My own mother was wildly gyrating on her own son’s swollen cock like a honeymoon couple. It sort of was that. She was cumming again. Mom screamed out in pleasure as I held on to her writhing. I had all I could do to hang on to my animal mother. Her grinding hips were in rhythm to my thrusts deep into her womanhood. I exploded into her with the load of all loads. I filled her with my cum. Come together, like wow. And this sex hungry nympho is my own dear sweet mother. Holy crap, I am without a doubt, the luckiest SOB in the world right now! Slamming sex.

I just held her as her breathing calmed. Our sweat stuck us together and was slickery at the same time. I felt incredible with my arms wrapped around this still pumping babe. Mom’s vagina was squeezing every drop from my cock. Yup, I am the luckiest guy in the world. As spent as I was, I was not getting soft. How could I even think of getting soft. Here is this gorgeous woman, a MILF for all time, impaled on my cock. Gahd, she felt like she belonged there and we should never part. Her arms were wrapped around my neck as she gently kissed my neck and ear. She came around to my face, looked into my eyes with a knowing look and kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back.

She started to giggle like a schoolgirl. Mom leaned back, still with me inside her. “You should be an actor, Andrew, you follow directions well. Shall we see how this video turned out? We should probably edit it before I send it in for consideration.”

“Uh, what? Consideration for what, mom?”

“Why, my audition tape to be the lead director/producer for my writer friend’s movie, of course. You know, the stories you told me about. Remember the Moms & Lovers books?”

Just at that point I spotted my sister watching me and mom from the dining room doorway. “Oh shit, how long have you been there,” I blurted out. Mom swiveled on my erection to see Angela with hands on her hips and a grin on her face. Mom gasped, “oh shit!”

“Long enough to want a piece of the action, so to speak.” Giggles from everyone.

That was about a year ago. Since then, me and mom have been blocking her scenes. Always with a bit different scenario, but with the same wonderful outcome. I like being mom’s video subject. Mom’s new job with the movie production company has taken us to some neat locations. Just last month we were shooting on location in the Virgin Islands (how ironic). We were shooting mostly very early in the morning, but not always. We particularly liked one of the nude beaches for some surf sex and even tanning. That’s for another story since mom started blocking my sister into scenes it has gotten quite interesting. The family is really cumming together. Well, then there is more to our adventures with mom the director.

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