Mom’s a Cum Freak

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Here lately, my parents are fighting constantly. My Dad will run out the door mad leaving my mother crying. One Saturday they had another episode. Dad walked out and my Mom ran into their bedroom. I wasn’t sure what to do. I walked down to her room and listened outside the door. I heard crying.

I cracked the door open and looked in. Mom was sitting on the edge of the bed sobbing. I walked into the room.

“You shouldn’t be here Roger,” my Mom said to me.

I was twenty years old at the time. I was tired of being treated as a kid. I walked over to the bed and looked down at my mother. She was just in her early forties and quite attractive. She was wearing a low cut top that day. I could see her cleavage. I placed a hand on the top of her head. I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts that morning. My crotch was right at my Mom’s face.

Mom reached out and put a hand onto my thigh. My cock was beginning to stir. We normally never touched each other this way.

“Your father is seeing another woman,’ she told me.

Maybe I just lost it right then. I pushed her hand away from my thigh. I reached to my waistband and pushed my shorts and underwear to the floor. My dick was already half hard. There was silence for a few moments. Mom reached out with one hand and took my prick. She stroked me a few times.

“Suck on it Mom,” I pleaded with her.

She looked up at my face and then she leaned in. Mom wrapped ataşehir escort her lips around my mushroom head. Fuck, did that feel good! I pushed my hips forward and my cock slid down her throat. We quickly got into it. My Mom was soon bobbing up and down onto my shaft. It didn’t take much to get me totally hard.

I could barely believe my luck. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass. I eventually pulled away. I stripped out of my shirt and I pulled my mother to her feet. I got her top and bra off and then came her pants and panties. Mom had this wild look on her face. I told her to get back onto the bed. I spread her thighs and lowered my face.

I used my tongue to lick up and down Mom’s gash. You should have heard her cries as I tasted her pussy. She was getting so wet. Her hands went to the back of my head. She was urging me to use my tongue on her. I soon slipped a finger into her hole. That really got Mom turned on.

“Oh my God Roger!” She screamed to me.

All I knew was that I had to have my Mom. I needed more than oral. I soon pulled my face away. I got onto my knees. My cock was pointing directly at my Mom’s opening. I slowly pushed into her waiting pussy. It all got crazy from there. Mom wrapped her legs around my back. I began to pound her hole as hard as I could.

“Oh Fuck!” My mother cried out.

I circled my stiff member around in her tunnel. This seemed to make avcılar anal yapan escort my Mom lose control. She put her hands on my chest and tried to hold on. I guess I lost it as well. My balls were slapping against her ass cheeks. I was going as deep as I could. I know I was inside completely. Our pubic mounds were touching.

I was trying to control myself. Mom had a vise like grip on my dick. We went a few minutes longer before we came together. Mom screamed as I blew my sticky load into her belly. Mom clamped down hard and milked my cream from me. I had a big load stored up. It seemed like I came for many minutes. I was soon resting my cock in my Mom’s pussy. My mother’s body was shaking.

I slowly pulled out and looked down. Our juices came flowing out of Mom’s pussy. I watched as my cum ran down her ass crack. Mom got herself under control and she went to the bathroom. When she got back we had a talk.

“I know we shouldn’t have done that but I couldn’t control my urges.”

Mom said that since my father was seeing another woman they were close to splitting up. I thought this was the best news I could have heard. Mom said that we would need to keep our lovemaking secret. My Dad did return hours later. He ended up sleeping on the couch. I had to be patient. Some weeks passed and my parents split up finally.

My Dad asked me who I wanted to live with. I avcılar bdsm escort told him with Mom. The house is now up for sale. Mom and I are living in a small condo. There is no more sneaking around waiting for my father to leave the house. We practically live like a married couple. In the evening we are in bed early. Mom tells me I am a better lover than my Dad ever was.

We have explored so many positions together. Mom likes to mount my staff and ride me hard. This allows me to squeeze her big tits as we fuck. Mom does love to have her melons played with as we screw each other. I also like drilling Mom’s pussy from behind. She will get on all fours and raise her ass up.

I will fill her pussy up with cock as I pull back on her long hair. Mom loves to be used and is a total cum freak. Luckily I seem to have endless amounts of cum to give her. Mom has said she loves how I will control her body when I slide my dick in and out of her wet pussy. She likes to beg for it and I love to give Mom what she is craving for.

Sometimes we will get carried away. When I am buried deep, Mom will scream that she wants to be seeded by me. She is still on the pill but we get so turned on with talk like this. One time after we finished fucking, Mom told me she would love having a baby by me. I was shocked, to be honest.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked her.

She said yes, it has been on her mind for some time now. We are now working on just that. No more birth control pills. I also call her Tracy now instead of Mom. We don’t see any family members or friends these days. There is no sense pretending to be mother and son. I am working hard to fill Tracy up nightly with my baby seed. I know that one day soon she will be walking around with a big belly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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