Mommy’s Day ‘Out’: Raven , Amber

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Raven rolled the business card around in her hand. Feeling the raised letters under her fingertips, even smelling of it to see if it had Amber’s scent. Smiling at how silly she was, Raven knew she must be glowing from head to toe. Raven could not help but reflect on her sexual history. She had a satisfactory sex life with her husband, but all of her life she had felt something was missing from sex. She knew now what it was. She knew now that there was something so much more corporeal and carnal in being with someone of the same sex.

As Raven drove home she thought to herself, “How am I going to explain this glow? Forget that!! How am I going to explain this stain in the crotch of my favorite silk warm up?” Giggling she thought, he’s a man he will not notice her clothes, but he might notice this musky scent of sex that seemed to be gushing out of every pore on her body.

“I will go straight to the bathtub, feigning a hard day shopping.” Raven said aloud.

Parking the car in the garage, Raven retrieved her bags from the back seat. Husband and children greeted her at the door with hugs and kisses.

Steve inquired, “Did you have a nice day shopping?”

“Yes, I had a wonderful day, but I am exhausted and could use a long, hot bath.” Raven replied. “Would you mind organizing dinner while I relax in the bath?” Raven asked.

“Not at all darling,” Steve said with a smile.

Dropping her bags on the bed, Raven grabbed her robe and went into the bathroom. Closing the door, she started to undress, and then started the water. Raven pulled her hair up into a pony tail, looking at her image in the mirror, not noticing any special radiance surrounding her. Adding a splash of scented vanilla oil to the water, Raven finished disrobing. A familiar scent wafted up into Raven’s nose tantalizing her senses and reminding her of her sexual encounter with Amber. Smiling, Raven slid into the hot water, moaning pleasurably as her body relaxed.

A knock on the door and the entrance of her husband casino oyna brought Raven back to earth. “The kids and I have decided on burgers for dinner. We are going to pick them up and rent a few movies. Do you have any special requests?” Steve asked.

“MMM Yes, I would love a large chocolate milkshake and a good chick flick to watch.” Raven answered.

“Your wish is my command my queen.” Steve bowed and laughed. “Here is the phone. We will be gone an hour. Enjoy yourself.” With that Steve laid the phone on the cabinet beside the bathtub, turned and walked out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

Raven relaxed again as she heard the door slam and the car leaving the house. Peace and quiet while soaking in the warm bath water felt like heaven to Raven. Just as Raven had dozed off, the phone rang. Sitting up in the water, Raven grabbed the phone.

“Hello?” Raven said into the phone.

“Well hello there baby,” came this sexy and sultry voice. “I bet you have this very silly look on your face right now.”

“Amber?” Raven inquired, picking her chin up out of the water. Knowing the answer Raven added, “How did you get my phone number?”

“I caught a glimpse of your name when you opened your billfold to pay for lunch. Did I catch you at a bad time?” Amber asked.

“Ummm ….no, I am in the bath tub soaking.” Raven stammered.

“Lucky for the bath water to be able to surround such a sexy body,” Amber said in a very sensual voice. “Did you enjoy our day?” Amber queried.

“I enjoyed it immensely sweet Amber.” Raven said with a flush moving across her face and down her body.

“Are you alone baby?” Amber asked.

“Yes, Steve took the kids to pick up hamburgers and rent some movies.” Raven answered.

“I have not been able to think of anything but you baby. You have put a spell on me. I need to taste more of you. I need to fuck you again and again.” Amber hissed into the phone.

“Oh Amber, I have had nothing on my mind but you too. canlı casino I have never had such a wonderful sexual experience. It left me craving more.” Raven said in a needy whine.

“Close your eyes and listen to my voice,” Amber said and then added. “Do everything I tell you to do. Do you understand baby?”

“Yessssss” Raven whispered in anticipation.

“Run your right hand over each breast. Bring the nipples to attention for me baby.” Amber commanded. To which Raven obeyed, running her free hand over her right breast and then her left. Circling the nipples with the tip of her index finger caused the nipple to become erect and start to ache. Raven let out a soft moan as she worked on her nipples.

“Very good baby, now pinch the nipples hard, until you cannot stand the pain.” Amber ordered. Raven obeyed and pinched one nipple and then the other, whimpering in pain until she could not stand it any longer.

“Run the palm of your hands down your stomach my Raven beauty. Reach down between your legs. Tell me how wet you are. Tell me how much you want me.” Amber’s voice became more seductive as she instructed Raven. Raven did as she was told, her fingertips reaching between her legs and cupping her pussy. Spreading her legs, Raven split her pussy lips with two fingers. Rubbing between them from the hole to the clit, Raven moaned exquisitely into the phone.

“I am very wet, and it has nothing to do with the bath water. I want you Amber! I want you to bring my body to new heights of awareness and rapture. Please Amber, please take me now!” Raven begged.

“Extremely nice,” Amber groaned into the phone. “Take your clit between your thumb and index finger, grind it between them vigorously. Pull it, pinch it, and work it over very roughly baby.” Raven did as she was told. Taking her clit between her fingers, she pulled it out as far as it would go. Raven began to mash, and grind her own clit between her fingers. Her breathing becoming more of a gasp for air into the phone, Raven noticed kaçak casino that Amber too was whimpering and panting heavily into the phone. This set Raven on fire, listening to Amber whom she felt must be mimicking Raven’s movements.

“Release the clit now baby and enter your sweet pussy with two fingers. Fuck yourself deep Raven. Go deep and hard with long slow strokes.” Amber exhaled into the phone. Raven could hear Ambers excitement mounting in pace with her own. Fucking her pussy, Raven thrust 2 fingers deep inside. Raven filled her pussy with her fingers, and then pulled them out, and then thrust them back in. The now tepid bath water splashed around Raven. Raven fucked her pussy with her fingers, listening to Amber do the same on the other end of the line. Their moans and gasps escalating with each drive into the wet crevice, scraping the vaginal walls with fingertips moving in and out. Raven’s body tensed as the orgasm shot through her body, causing her toes to curl and her hips to buck up out of the water. Amber screamed into the phone, “Fuck me Raven! Fuck me harder!! Yes oh yes baby!!” Amber and Raven shrieked into the phone as waves of utter bliss washed over their bodies simultaneously.

Raven’s body relaxed back down into the water. Her heart racing and her breathing labored, she listened as Amber also came down from the orgasms. Raven finally broke the silence. “Oh gawd Amber. I have had so many new experiences today, and they just keep getting better.”

Amber answered in a husky voice, “It makes me happy that you have enjoyed our time together. I too have had a wonderful time. I know we have many days like this in our future. I look forward to our next adventure my Raven beauty.” With that said, the phone went dead.

Draining the water from the tub, Raven toweled her body off and wrapped up in her robe. A knock on the door startled Raven. She had not heard the car or her family come back in. How long had they been home? Had they heard her screaming in ecstasy in the bath as her new lover fucked her over the phone? Steve opened the door to the bathroom and peeked in. “Are you a prune yet?” He said with a laugh.

“Not quite, but very close.” Raven smiled followed by a large sigh of relief.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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