Mommy, I Love Ya Ch. 02

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A brief Synopsis

When we left our hero, Wilson Butterworth III, he had suffered total humiliation at the hands of Herman, the Gardener’s burly son. Herman was in the middle of having sex with Wilson’s mother. Wilson was spying on the couple. As he was jerking off, an errant bang from his elbow gave away his hiding place in the closet. Herman discovered him. Wilson’s punishment was a humiliating cum laced mouthwash, the details of which upset some readers.

Afterwards, Wilson’s mother told him not to worry. In the future she would ask her paramour to allow Wilson, to watch when she and the Gardener’s son had sex. To pacify Wilson and rebuild his confidence, Mom most generously gave her son a buttery blow job at the dinner table. Mom’s words of praise left Wilson feeling adequate at last.

Unable to sleep after the butter blow job, Wilson retired to the library to look for his Dad’s journal of sexual partners. He found the diary in the glass case where pornographic materials were kept from prying eyes. Wilson quietly took out the slender volume and began to read of his father’s trysts.

Dear Diary,

Last week I was sent to Germany to get Pilot training. I was staying off base at a German Inn. After 10 days of practice at the Munich air fields, I was now certified to fly the new military jets.

While eating dinner at the Inn, I met a middle aged German woman, Loti. She graciously invited me to her home for an after dinner drink. I communicated using my German conversation guide book. Loti was I’d guess, in her fifties but she was quite attractive and feminine. She was tall, full figured and wore a conservative tweed outfit.

She said that she wanted me to meet her daughter, Gretchen, who would be able to converse with me in English. I expected her daughter to be some sort of teacher but from the theatrical pictures in her home I realized she was a dancer. When Gretchen arrived wearing a rather brief skirt and a blouse that showed off her large breasts, I realized she might still be a dancer but more likely was a professional prostitute. A perfectly legal life style for the Krauts.

I understood I had been set up, but I was still interested in having sex with her. It had been ten days since my last fuck and I try to get the poison out at least twice a week. We discussed the cost of her service. Gretchen quoted a fuck figure that seemed quite reasonable. The American dollar was quite strong at that time. However, Gretchen said,

‘”If you will fuck my Mom as well, I will charge only 50% of my usual fee? My poor mother has not been fucked for quite a while and she adores American cock. I’m afraid that her vagina will shrink up to nothing if she goes any longer without a good fucking.”

As Gretchen spoke, I could see Loti’s eyes light up.I realized that Loti was hardly a victim, she really enjoyed sex. That was the reason she’d ensnared me at the Inn. Loti was busy rubbing my arm and putting her hand down the back of my flight suit and fingering my ass.

I was glad I had showered before going out to dinner. Had my rectum been unclean, I would have been very embarrassed. Of course when a woman fingers a stranger’s ass she is going to get what she deserves.

“That’s fine,” I said to Gretchen, ” Sure, I’ll fuck both of you. No problem. Excuse me, Gretchen, but why is your Mom fingering my ass?”

“I really don’t know. I think she learned that through her experience with Russians during the war. Massaging the prostate is pleasing to most men and helps them to ejaculate. The Russians were often so constipated and drunk that that needed a helping hand, or should I say a finger.”

“Well, she might be right about that, with her probing my cock has already swollen into a rocket ship.”

We all laughed and Loti pushed her finger further into my dark sphincter. I don’t think she knew what we were talking about. Still, she had a grin on her face like a dog who had found a new bone to chew on or to bury.

I didn’t know where to start. Loti took me by the hand and the two women walked me into their small bedroom. It was obvious from the disarray that this was where they both slept. Gretchen had stripped off her clothes. Her Mom was having trouble getting off the antique girdle she wore. I lent her a hand and caressed her mature figure, even venturing to return the favor by fingering her ass hole as I helped her free herself from the tight garment. That made her laugh. Loti was still an attractive woman. She had honey blond hair and a full forest of old school pubic hair. She was as plump as a cherub. Her skin was rosy and white. Her ass was large but smooth with no wrinkles. Sometime a little extra weight fills out a woman nicely.

I got the idea that I should first start fucking the Loti when she laid down on the bed and kept jerking my cock. I decided to try holding up her legs, to make a close entry. I lifted them, placing them over my shoulders. Although her legs were heavy the warmth of her body was a turn on. She seemed content with this position bakırköy masöz escort and kept smiling and whispering in German. Of course I couldn’t understand. I fucked her slowly. She was having a good time. As she climaxed she began to hiccup. I stopped fucking her just before I was ready to cum. It was obvious Loti really enjoyed getting fucked. It is always a great pleasure to fuck a women you makes it obvious that she enjoys the fucking.

Next I turned to the Loti’s daughter. Gretchen was about thirty years old. Her hair was well coiffured, tinted a platinum color that was very sexy. She had thin dark eyebrows and a pretty nose. Her lips were dark red with lipstick. I thought to myself, if she sucked my dick there would be a lipstick ring around it.

She’d laid back next to her Mom and I started fucking her in the missionary position. Her vagina was easy to enter.I felt like I was fucking Jean Harlow. I began to suck on her right teat and then switched to her left. To my surprise her left breast had an inverted nipple. Not a common thing but you have to really pull the whole aureola into your mouth to give her pleasure. The nice thing about these German whores is they all have naturally big tits. When I stopped sucking she rolled over so I could fuck her doggy style her. I kept squeezing her huge tits as I fucked her from behind. At a certain point she shifted her hips and my cock dislodged itself, falling out. Then to my surprise she shifted position, reached back and inserted my cock into her ass. At that point her mom got behind me and started licking my ass hole while jiggling my balls, It was too much for me, I shot my load like a D-Day veteran, right up the daughter’s kazoo.I was laughing as I came and the two women were also.

When we were finished we all sat nude around the kitchen table and had a glass of schnapps. This was a warm wonderful end to a delightful sexual evening. No one had ever licked my ass hole before, especially a Mother while I was fucking her daughter. I paid the daughter double what she’d asked and returned to the Inn where I slept wonderfully in the cool air.

…Wilson continues

Reading of Dad’s adventure had excited me. My dick was hard. When I finished the story I had no trouble quickly jerking off. I even got a bit of sperm on Dad’s journal. I wiped it off with my nightshirt. I loved Dad’s tales. He was a real man.

The next morning I slept late. I awoke to the smell of bacon. Mom had made me a really nice breakfast, bacon, eggs and pancakes. It was a Saturday. Mom said she wanted to go visit her sister. I always had a thing about my first cousin Janis, a pretty girl of 18 years who was Mom’s sister’s daughter. There is a reason first cousins are called kissing cousins. In the past Janis and I had spent hours perfecting our kisses. We would often make out and she’d let me get to first and second base. But beyond touching we had never ventured into adult pleasures.

This time when I spoke to her, Janis seemed sad,

“What is the matter,” she said,

“I’ve broken up with my boyfriend.”


“Oh, it had something to do with my Spanish tutor.”

I felt sad for her. I lent her a shoulder to cry on. Her tears stained my shirt but the reward was holding her tightly, from an embrace to a deeper hug. Then somehow, her tit ended up in my hand. As she moaned and cried about her loss I busied myself playing with her nipple that swelled up under my care. Her tears quickly turned to sighs. She spread her legs and pressed herself against my knee. I could feel her moist vagina against my kneecap. It wasn’t long before I was stroking her and playing with her tiny clitorus. It was like a pearl hidden under her thick labia. Once I had control over her clit, she became more aggressive and started stroking my cock.

“Oh you are so big,” she said, “much bigger than Joseph,”

which was the name of her departed boyfriend.”

“Maybe Joe had a small weenie. Mine is a little bigger than normal but not a monster cock by any means. You should avoid those.”

“I think your dickiebird is just perfect.”

As she freed my cock from my pants, moved her head lower and began to suck.

“Where did you learn to do this?”

“Oh all the girls in Catholic College do this, it’s all they talk about.”


“Yes, really. That’s all you hear in college is how to suck cock, how to take it in the ass. Anything to keep your virginity intact.”

“So do you take it in the ass, dear cuz.”

“I don’t as a rule, it can be a little messy. Although if you had that desire I could clean up my act and let you have a go. The reason I don’t worry about offering guys my ass is because I’m not a virgin.”

“Oh, you’re not?”

“No, you see part of the reason the priests don’t want us fucking the guys, is because they want us to save ourselves for them.”

“You are kidding?”

“Not at all. We have this real good looking young priest, Father Hulagan. He was bakırköy otele gelen escort supposed to be my Spanish tudor. I’m not so good at language. I started going to him for extra help once a week. At a certain point he gave me a mental pill.”

“What is that?”

“Well, he said it would help me remember stuff but the fact is, it made me forget.”

“What do you mean?”

“I took the pill with a glass of wine, he said he didn’t have any cold water. It got me dizzy and he told me to lay down. I think I passed out. When I awoke, my panties were bloody. There was a sizable emission of a gooey gelatinous substance between my legs.”

“Sounds like you got date raped.”

“Yes, that’s what I’ve figured out. Father Hulagan said the memory pill sometimes has that effect on one’s private areas, but I think he was lying to me.”

“He fucked you is what.”

“I guess he did, but I didn’t want to get him in trouble, so I said nothing. He invited me back for extra lessons but I told him I didn’t think so. When he asked me why I said,

“Because I don’t want your cock shooting goo all over me.”

He turned red and hasn’t asked me back. I could see the comment caused an arousal. His pants seemed to swell up.

“What a fucker.”

“Yeah, but the good thing is I’m no longer a virgin so we can go all the way if you still want me.”

“Oh I do, I just feel badly you were so deceived.”

“Let’s not talk about it. Come down to the basement. We can fool around down there and no one will know. Do you have a rubber?”

“No, I didn’t think we’d get that far.”

“My Mom has some in her bed room drawer. We have a handy man who comes over. She lets him fuck her when Dad is at work. She doesn’t let him fuck her in Dad’s bed so he has to do it standing up.”

“Well, that is considerate.”

“I hear them stomping around as he puts her through her paces. In the early morning it wakes me up.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Nope. You should know Wilson, never trust a woman. I could tell you stories from the girls I go to college with. Wait here, I’ll go grab a condom if there are any left.”

I waited a while. When she returned she had a foil wrapped condom held tightly in her hand.

“The priests tell us not to allow our boyfriends to use these, but fuck them.”

“I think you already have.”


So we retired to the basement. It was designed as game room some time in the past. There was a soft couch that we made ourselves comfortable on.

“Here, take the rubber.”

I started to kiss her and unbuttoned her blouse. I unhooked her bra. I was having a good time sucking her titties. My dick of course was swollen and she was obviously excited. I rolled on the rubber. At first I got it backwards but I corrected that. Once the glove was tightly in place I started to make entry. She was very tight and dry. In retrospect I think she needed some lube or I should have licked her pussy to get her wet.

“Push harder,” she said.

I pushed and at that moment my cock’s head must have broken though the condom because all of a sudden sex felt wonderful. If I’d been more experienced I would have pulled out but who knew if there was another condom. It just felt too good to miss, so I just kept fucking her. Little by little she seemed to open up and become wetter. At that point the fucking became a joy. I felt the drag of the broken condom so I pulled out momentarily and ripped it off.

When I put my dick back inside her she moaned,

“Oh yes, it’s much better now Father Hulagan.”

Which made me somewhat suspicious of her story of being date raped, but whatever. I just plowed on and she was squealing. I grabbed her naked ass and pressed as deep as I could and bingo. She was, as they say, fucked, and it was marvelous.

I apologized for flooding her vag but she didn’t seem too upset.

“I started taking the smaller pills that the school nurse gave me so I don’t think I can get pregnant.”

“What pills?”

“After the memory pill episode, Father Hulagan sent me to the school nurse with a sealed note. She gave me a months supply and told me to come back next month for more.”

“Are you planning to return to the father?”

“Oh that, yeah, probably. Just once a week. He’s very good looking and this is embarrassing to say, his cock is bigger than yours.”

“Oh thanks for that.”

“You fucked me real good, there is nothing wrong with your apparatus. It’s just something I’ve been told by some of my classmates. They say that being fucked by a big cock stays with you even after the act is over. I could actually feel Father Hulagins big cock inside me a day after we’d fucked.”

“Oh, I see. Maybe I should fuck you harder?”

She kissed me on the cheek,

“Oh you fucked me hard enough. But he had a lot of pimples on his dick so it really rasped me out.”

“That doesn’t sound good.”

“He said when he was in the seminary, they had bakırköy rus escort a statue of some female saint in some dark corner. Someone had hollowed the wooden statue out between her legs. Being a life size statue the young priests would take turns fucking the statue. They’d get splinters in their cocks and that led to the growth of those knobby bumps on their cocks.”

“That’s what he told you.”

“Yes, you know priests are not allowed to lie.”

“Yes, so I’ve been told.”

Mom and I stayed at her sister’s until late that night. I drove Mommy home. On the way she asked me,

“Did you have a good time with Janice?”

Mom had noticed I had disappeared for a while.

“Oh she’s a nice girl, but rather immature. I’d much rather have spent the time with you Mom.”

“Did you have sex with her?”

“Of course not, she’s a Catholic School virgin.”

“Not many of those around. I was just wondering. It’s very normal to have sex with a first cousin. I can’t remember how many of my cousins fucked me. We had a large family.”

When we got home Mommy asked,

“Would you like to come up to my bedroom, maybe fool around a bit?”

“I’m kinda tired from the drive, please excuse me but we will rondevu tomorrow.”

I was afraid two fucks in one day might reveal my inadequacies.

My sister Naomi was due back that weekend and I began to wonder if I should tell Mommy of the carnal activities the two of us had shared. I was also thinking how nice it would be if all of us were able to have sex together. What a delight that would be.

I didn’t realize that my sister was bringing her Nubian boyfriend along. The Nubian had some long unpronounceable name unless you talked click talk, so with all respect I’ll just refer to her boyfriend as the “Nubian.”

When they arrived I helped carry in their suitcase.

“Do you want your boyfriend to bunk with me,” I asked.

“Are you fucking crazy,” said my sister, “he sleeps with me.”

“Oh ok, no problemo.”

I nodded my head and he nodded back.

We all went out to the Family Circle Restaurant. That is a chain that has craft beer in big tankards, hot wings, fried salami on burgers and the best onion rings you ever had. Of course the downside of eating them is those onions really make you fart, loudly.

I could see right off that the Nubian really liked my Mom. She seemed to like him as well. When we got back to the house after dinner, Mom went up to her room and put on a bathrobe. I got out a bottle of French Champagne that Dad had laid into our wine cellar. Who knows how many years ago? I got out some fancy French VSOP Cognac and proceeded to make champagne cocktails, each with some crushed ice and a lemon peel on the side of the glass.

I guess I added too much cognac. It didn’t take too long to see, after the beer we’d drunk with dinner, everyone was drunk. We ended up in Mom’s bedroom because she had the big flat screen TV. My Sis wanted to let the Nubian watch a series on cable that they did not have on the tv stations at her college. I think it was called “American Gods.”

We watched for a while and the Nubian seemed to enjoy the scenes with the Black Goddess Bilquis, played by Yetide Badaki, devoured men right through her vagina. The Nubian said that can really happen. I said,

“I hope not.”

We were all getting comfy when the Nubian announced in his lovable British accent that he had to go to the watershed.

“Where is that?” I asked.

“It’s the bathroom, you dipshit,” said my sister.

She pointed the way and he trotted off briskly. I imagined he had a lot of pee to leak. Have you ever heard a stallion pee? This guy’s stream could cut glass. The sound of his piss hitting the toilet was like a thunderstorm. He also let go a few very loud farts, which is common when peeing. He must have been quite drunk. When he came back in the room he had failed to put his cock back in his pants. I’ve seen some big cocks down at the YMCA when they have nude swimming, but this Nubian’s cock was the blue ribbon prize winner.

Let me explain. Have you ever been to the zoo? Have you seen a baby elephant’s trunk? His cock was that big. It was uncut and dark in color with flashes of silver where the skin rippled. It was as thick as my wrist and long, oh my God, it was so long. Of course when Mama saw it hanging out she motioned for him to come closer. He did not appear to realize that his cock was hanging loose. She grabbed it fast, like she’d grab for a mosquito flying by. She got a grip on his cock that said,

“I’m not letting this go until I’ve examined you 1000%.”

Knowing MaMa, this meant she’d have to try it on for size. Would it fit? From the glint in her eye I was sure she thought she could make it fit.

As she worked on this elephantine protuberance with her fingers it began to take on a life of its own. MaMa said something to calm him, I think it was,

“Dear Sir, here in the USA it is a mother’s right to sample her daughter’s boyfriend’s cock to determine if it is adequate.”

The Nubian was speechless but his cock was talking to MaMa. Before we knew what was happening, MaMa had started licking it and dropped her bathrobe. She quickly lost her panties. The Nubia realized it was time to perform. He lifted up her legs and positioned himself for the long slow entry into her vagina.

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