Mom Plays Nurse Pt. 03

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I remember waking up to the sound of the dog licking her paw. She was getting noisy, slobbering away and I tried to rouse myself and tell her to stop licking. But I quickly realized that we didn’t have a dog, and the sound was coming from my sister, Callie, sucking on my morning wood.

She had started carefully, just licking the head, and then the hunger hit her and she was on me like I was an ice cream cone with foreskin. I squirmed and tried to wake up. I pushed away at her but she laughed and kept sucking me until the horrible realization that I was going to cum in my sister’s mouth.

“Callie! Stop it!” I twisted and contorted my body but she was hunched over my crotch, her strong hands plunging down on my cock, keeping me in position as she suckled and gnawed on my veiny shaft and then addressed the reddening head.

“Geez little brother, your balls smell like wet dog!”

“Fuck off,” I whispered. I was close to cumming and didn’t need her to say anything to ruin the image I had in my mind that Wonder Woman had lassoed me to the bed and was sucking me off as punishment.

After I came, I propped myself up on my elbows and looked down as Callie stayed clamped on my dick. She was sucking every drop, even as I softened in her mouth.

She finally released me, smiled and went back to her room.

If there was any benefit of being used by my mother and sister, it was that my mother started dressing up, putting on make-up and looking decent again. My sister, eager to please her boyfriend, Dave, practiced her blowjob skills on me, a kid brother eager to help.

One night, our mother was working late, and Callie decided to bring Dave back to our house. If I believed Callie, they had never had fully on sex, just lots of oral action. I canlı bahis listened jealously from my room as I heard Dave and Callie giggling in her room, and then the familiar sound of Callie’s slurping as her boyfriend moaned softly, “that’s the stuff. That’s the stuff.”

I was rock hard so i decided to jack off listening to them. I was using every hand position I could think of, left hand, right hand, back hand, fast and furious, slow fist pumping. Soon, I stripped naked and started humping my bed. I was working myself up to deliver a nice load in my pillow when Callie laughed at the door. I quickly rolled over and pulled the blankets to me in one motion, but both Callie and Dave were laughing, standing there.

“See, I told you? My brother gets off when I get off.”

“Fucking sick puppy, dude.” he laughed. Dave was a big guy who did weight training. He was wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. Callie was also wrapped in a towel – I guess they were going for a post-sucky shower together.

Callie took Dave by the hand and led him to my bed. “C’mon, I want to show you something.”

“What the fuck?” Dave looked pretty puzzled. He looked at me then back at Callie. “I’m not into guys.”

“No, silly.” Callie hit his chest playfully. “Would you like to watch me suck off another guy?”

“Who, your brother? Are you kidding me?”

“I’ve been practicing on him so that I’m better for you.” She smirked and tapped his shoulders.

Dave was processing this, “Are you kidding me? What the fuck?”

“You have a choice,” Callie explained, “Watch me blow him, and you can do anything you want, or let him watch me blow you, but my ass will be up in the air and who knows what he’ll do?”

Dave swallowed and looked at me cowering bahis siteleri in my blankets. Then his eyes narrowed, “OK, babe, I want to see you suck off your brother. Sounds hot.”

Callie turned to me and pulled the blankets out of my hand. Embarrassingly, I was still rock hard, so she simply grabbed my shafted and started sucking on me like a hungry snake. I rolled my head back in pleasure all while keeping an eye on Dave as he tried to figure out whether watching his girlfriend blow another man, her own brother, turned him on or not.

Since Callie was knelt over me, Dave yanked off her towel and slapped her ass. He stood behind her, watching her lick and suck me, then he dropped his towel to show off a very blonde dick. He spat in his hand, rubbed his organ and positioned himself into Callie, doggie position. With one sharp thrust he was in, but Callie cried out in pain and pleasure on my dick. She stood perfectly still, letting Dave pump into her before she fell into a rhythm and was soon bouncing her ass against him.

“Mmmm, suck your brother’s dick!” Dave slapped her ass loudly and Callie moaned, humming on my erection echoing her pleasure. “I ought to fuck your brother’s ass next.”

Callie released my dick for a beat, “Leave my brother alone or else you won’t ever get my ass ever again.”

Dave laughed harshly and leaned forward to watch her suck me. “Grab that dick, suck your brother off. That good? Taste good? Fucking same DNA you’re tasting right now!”

He kept pounding her athletically, her legs spread further apart. I threw my head back and announced I was coming. That only made Dave hornier as he worked himself up to pump faster and harder into her. I suddenly realized he was trying to cum at the same with me. I squirmed bahis şirketleri in my sister’s grip to accommodate him and soon we were both cumming into Callie. Dave reached up to high-five me – our hands slapped loudly together like we were scoring a goal.

Callie was smiling as she spat out my cum into a tissue. She took more tissues to wipe Dave’s creampie from between her legs. “Boys, you sure came a lot!”

The three of us sitting on my twin bed. Naked. Sweating. Post-coital. Didn’t know if Callie had cum or not, but didn’t care at that moment in time. Dave reached over to shake my hand, “Hi, I’m Dave, your sister’s boyfriend.”

I laughed, shaking his hand, “Adam, I’m Callie’s brother.”

We all laughed and Dave was shaking his head, “Man, this was pretty nuts watching you suck off your brother.” He looked over at me, “So that’s an uncut dick. Do you mind?”

Before I could say anything, Dave reached over and pulled back my foreskin. Since I was soft, it was fairly easy to retract. “That’s cool.” He let me go and kissed Callie deeply, “Your mom’s pretty hot – does she do anything interesting?”

Callie looked over at me and burst out laughing, “OMG, Dave, she fucks Adam!”

“Seriously?” Dave looked at each of us incredulously.

“Seriously! She comes into his room, leaves the door wide open and rides him cowgirl – her own son!”

“Seriously? That is so hot!” To prove his sincerity, Dave’s blonde cock became rock hard at the thought. He put his head on Callie’s shoulder, “How do I get in on this action?”

Callie reached for his dick, “You want to watch my fucked up family? Join in? I guess that depends on Adam and my mom.”

Dave reached for my hand and put it on Callie’s hand which was wrapped around his organ. “What do you think, dude?” He looked over at me.

“Don’t know. Maybe?” I looked at Dave’s huge erection that protruded past my sister’s fist. I imagined how Dave could please our mother. He might just be what she needed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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