Mom Named Barbie Ch. 07

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Chapter 07 – The transformation into Barbie begins

“Of course it is ok with me Jay, I am your mom and while we always need our mom you also need a friend. Jay, we are both adults now; we are peers not mother and son. And if me being fun and playful like Barbie makes you happy I will try to do it more if that is what you want; it is a little out of character for me but I am willing to learn, I will always do my best to please you.”

“Well… I have to admit I like Barbie a lot; she’s a lot of fun. I don’t need serious in my life right now, I have enough of that dealing with dad’s death and everything else I have to take care of; I need an out, someone to help me escape the stress of everyday life.”

Hearing Jay say he likes Barbie made her feel good inside; Barbara could not help smiling just a little. Truth is she likes Barbie too; while she was separated from Sam the rich men treated her more like an object rather than a person with feelings and emotions. While part of her personality enjoyed being treated as if someone owned her Barbara did miss having someone who genuinely cared for her as a person, someone to miss her; someone that appreciated her being fun and playful the way Sam did. Perhaps Jay would ask Barbie to go on a second date after all!

Still smiling she looked at Jay “So, do you think you would like to see Barbie again? I’m sure she would enjoy a second date with a handsome young man like you.”

They both laughed at her comment and the way she posed the question.

And Jay was laughing when he answered her question, “I don’t know, maybe; looking back I really enjoyed my first date with Barbie, we will see”.

Thankfully Jay did not mention the strange part of his dream again and she was not willing to remind him. Although he did say he remembered telling her he loved her, and calling her Barbie; but Jay did not say he was talking to Barbie and not his mom; instead he had said he called her Barbie.

Jay pulled off the expressway and into traffic as he made his way to his mom’s apartment, he went around to the passenger side to assist her out of his pickup; Barbara accepted his gentlemanly gesture and waited for him to open her door. She slid down off the seat her breasts bouncing in the sweater when her feet touched the ground; she saw him staring at her chest, Jay blushed when he realized he’d been caught.

When he looked up to check Barbara’s expression knowing her son was looking at her tits, rather than disappointment she was smiling, it was almost as if she was flattered that her son was looking at her breasts. Jay walked his mom to her apartment door going inside to use the restroom before he left for home. When he finished his mom was standing outside the door leaning against the wall in a seductive pose.

“You know Jay, I could move in with you, move back home and I could help you take care of the house. Don’t worry, I’m not after your money, I have my own money. I’ve been able to afford my own apartment for over a year now and yes, it’s been rough at times without help, especially since I quit dating rich men but I’ve managed ok. Like I said on the way home Jay, I want to be there for you; for anything you want or need.

I can never make it up to you for how I hurt and disappointed you, but one thing is for sure; I am willing to spend the rest of my life trying. What do you say Jay? The apartment came furnished so I could easily move in a weekend. It would make life much easier for you, especially with you still in college; I can take some of the burden off you. Jay, I am not going to beg because that would sound like I want it for me; but if it takes begging for you to let me help you I will.”

Barbara got down on her knees in front of Jay looking up at him as if she was submitting to him “Please Jay, help me help you; I will do anything.”

Her suggestion was certainly tempting, and she was right, having her there to help made a great deal of sense. But Jay did not know if he was ready to have the woman that had hurt him so living in his house.

“I don’t know mom, I’m not sure I am ready for that yet. You being there would make things much easier for me; I just don’t know. Christmas is just a little over a week away; can we talk about it then?”

“Yes Jay, whenever you’re ready. I won’t rush you; and if you never allow me to move back home I will understand.”

Calling his house her home brought back angry feelings, it was not her home, and Barbara had forfeited the right to call it her home when she moved out. Simply by referring to his house as her home Jay no longer saw her as his mom, she was Barbara, the selfish whore that chose her desires over him and his dad. He struggled with his emotions, at this moment he hated her yet last night she was his closest friend, and he loved her; but soon they would both discover it is Barbie that Jay loves now, not Barbara or his mother.

“I’m not saying no, just saying not right now; let’s talk about it later, canlı bahis ok? I need to go.”

Jay’s anger was evident, what had she done? Last night she felt closer to Jay than she ever had, it was the first time she had shared an emotionally intimate experience with another man since Sam. Sure she had been intimate with the men she had dated, but it was shallow and physical; last night she made an emotional connection with her son.

He did not even tell her goodbye, no tight hug like she had grown accustom to from Jay. She was not sure what she said that upset him the way it did. She had literally thrown herself at his feet showing the power he had over her. Now that she had obviously ruined things how far would this set their relationship back; was she at square-one again? How long before she would hear from Jay?

Ironically the anniversary of his dad’s death, her husband, had been one of the better nights of her life but now she could see her relationship with her son crumbling again right in front of her. Barbara cried on and off the rest of the day; she was such an emotional wreck that she had to call in sick the following morning. How could she ‘fix’ things with her son?

It was two days before Christmas and Barbara had not heard from Jay; she gave him his space. She had spent last Christmas by herself crying, consumed with guilt over her husband’s suicide and her son alone in their large house not having either parent there with him for the holidays. Barbara was determined this Christmas would not be a repeat of last year.

She called Jay, he did not answer so she left a message for him to call her to let her know he was ok. Barbara dialed his number again with the same result, voicemail. She collapsed to the floor sobbing loudly thinking not only was he not talking to her; Jay was also ignoring her calls.

It was almost two hours later when her cell phone rang; it was Jay’s number on the screen. She quickly answered the call; there was no emotion in Jay’s voice as he spoke, he was short and to the point.

“Jay, hi, it’s your mom; are you ok?”

“I know, I called you, remember!”

‘Yes you did, sorry. Are you ok, I haven’t heard from you since we were stranded at the motel in the snow? I was worried when you didn’t answer my calls. ”

“I’m ok; I was vacuuming when you called. What do you want?”

“I wanted to check on you and invite you here for Christmas. You don’t have to bring anything; I will take care of the food, just come over and have Christmas dinner with me, please?”

“I don’t know, I was thinking I might spend Christmas here by myself, at least that way I know I won’t get hurt.”

“Ok, I deserved that. Please, just come over for dinner then you can leave.”

“I have been doing a lot of thinking about my future as well as Christmas, and I don’t want to see you or Barbara…”

“No Jay, please don’t say that. Whatever I said or did that has you so upset I promise I will make it up to you; just tell me what you want.”

“What I want? What I want is to enjoy Christmas without being reminded how much you have hurt me. I want to spend Christmas with someone I can trust, someone I can have fun with, someone I can talk too.”

“Jay, have you found someone? Do you have a girlfriend? If you do I am happy for you; I’ll understand if you would rather spend Christmas with her. Jay, all I want is for you to be happy.”

“No, I don’t have a girlfriend and no I am not seeing anyone. Like I told you before, I really don’t have time for a social life and I don’t get along with girls my age, they are either too immature or they’re just after me for my inheritance. I have given this a lot of thought and there is only one girl I want to spend Christmas with.”

“Who is she Jay? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want too, I will understand. Where did you meet her? Where is she from?”

“You know her; you were there when I met her”

“I was? When, Where? What do you mean I was there; I don’t remember seeing you meet anyone.”

“I met her while on my birthday date during dinner.”

“Jay, is it the waitress? I didn’t see you talking to anyone else, it’s her isn’t it; how long have you been talking with the waitress? Jay, stop playing games and just tell me.”

“It’s not the waitress; and it’s ironic that you mentioned games, I met her while playing a game at the restaurant.”

“Jay, you’re toying with me again; what are you talking about? Just tell me who the girl is that you met.”

“The girl is Barbie. She is fun and playful. I don’t want to sit around wallowing in pity about the hand life has dealt me. I want to be with someone who is not afraid to let her hair down and have fun. If I spend time with anyone for Christmas I want it to be Barbie; I feel a special closeness with her.”

“What are you saying Jay? Jay, I am Barbie and Barbie is me; your mom is Barbie. I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“You know Barbie is not you and bahis siteleri you’re not Barbie when you are my mom; and when you are my mom you are also Barbara. I am not in the mood to see my mom and especially not Barbara; I will only come over if Barbie is the only one there.”

She still was not sure what Jay was saying but she had promised to do her best to make him happy.

“Ok Jay, if that is what you want. I told you I would do anything to make you happy and I meant it. I think I can arrange for Barbie to be here. I know her personally; and when I talk to her I think I can convince her to make a special Christmas dinner for you.”

“Ok, I will be there; but like I said, only if Barbie is there, no mom and definitely no Barbara. Just the two of us, me and Barbie; if mom or Barbara shows up I am gone, do you understand?”

“Jay, I promise she will be here, just Barbie, not your mom and certainly not Barbara, only Barbie; and I promise you will not be disappointed. Be here at 3:00, Barbie should just be finishing dinner, she will be expecting you.”

Barbara was excited that Jay was coming over for Christmas, but she was both confused and hurt by Jay saying he would only come over if Barbie was there and not her. He had said she knew she was not Barbie, what the hell did that even mean? How was that even possible? How could she be Barbie and not also be his mom; and his mom is Barbara, she thought all three were the same woman?

That night Barbara could not sleep wondering what Jay was expecting from her; she lay in bed thoughts racing through her head. Then it hit her, unlike his mom or Barbara, Barbie was fun and playful; Barbara had hurt Jay in ways that could not be forgiven and he really didn’t need a motherly figure at this time in his life. Jay needed a friend just like they had talked about, but not just any friend; he needed a friend he could trust. A playful friend he could have fun with, he needed a friend that was an escape from having to always be a dedicated, serious adult. He wanted a female friend who was not afraid to be flirty and sexy with him like Barbie had been on their date. Well, if that is what Jay wants then that is what he will get; the first thing she needed to do was get the right outfit for Barbie to wear.

Sometime during the night she had fallen asleep and the alarm woke her at 7:00am. Barbara jumped out of bed and into the shower. She had a lot to do today and the stores would be closing early; Barbie was going shopping!

She went to the other room where she kept her ‘whore’ clothes to select an outfit to wear shopping; the clothes were the ones the rich men had bought for her while she and Sam were separated. Flipping through hangers in the closet and stirring in the drawers Barbie found a low-cut, tight-fitting sheer white t-shirt along with a pair of jeans that were snug on her wide mature hips and full round ass. Among the many sexy heels she had accumulated she chose white platform pumps with five-inch heels that matched the top.

After thoroughly enjoying going braless in Jay’s pickup she pulled the blouse down over her bare chest, her large nipples visibly poking out against the thin sheer material of the top making it obvious she was not wearing a bra. And panties, as Barbie she pledged she would never wear panties again, except for those rare occasions when underwear was required. She hated putting on a coat hiding how sexy she looked; but with it being December the temperatures made it impractical to go without one.

But, even thought she was very happy with how flirtatious she looked in the sheer blouse, she wanted to do something that was completely out of character for Barbara, after peeling off the t-shirt she put on a waist-length black leather biker-style jacket with nothing on under it. She zipped the front closed above her breasts then lowered the zipper exposing more than half of her beautiful cleavage, low enough to make it obvious she did not have a top or bra on underneath.

There were no stores in her small town that carried clothing for what she had in mind, she would need to drive into the city; which was a good thing because she did not want to run into anyone that would recognize her as she shopped for the special outfit. But then she thought, if she should happen to run into someone she knew, fuck-’em! For Barbara, the thoughts and opinions of others were very important, but Barbie did not give a shit, if they did not like the way she was dressed or what she was doing, they could kiss Barbie’s fat sexy ass!

Her first stop was a lingerie store that also sold sexy outfits and costumes. Short on time she asked the young sales girl to help her, Barbie had an idea what she was looking for but it would take too long to find it on her own. She described what she had in mind and the sales girl led Barbie to a rack of Santa’s helper costumes. There were many different sizes and styles; she soon discovered finding one large enough through the bust to accommodate her large D-cup bahis şirketleri tits would not be as easy as she had thought.

Her choices were reduced to only two outfits that were not too tight across the chest; Barbie carried the items to the dressing room to try them on. The first was sexy but presented her as too firm and in control, she looked like a dominatrix Santa’s helper, she wanted something more innocent-erotic making her look like a sexy present for Jay. She quickly stripped off the first costume pulling the second down over her body.

This was not a normal dress; the style was more of a red strapless mini-dress with long sleeves which were tricky to figure out. It was trimmed in fake white fur with a four-inch wide black belt and a large gold buckle. The sleeves were attached to the back leaving her chest and shoulders exposed from her neck down to the beginning of the deep cleavage between her ample tits. The way the bodice fit across her breasts if she leaned forward there was a high probability her tits would spill out of the top. The bottom a loose flared skirt fell just below her crotch in front and barely covered her ass in back.

Once she put on the matching Santa hat Barbara felt confident the costume was perfect for what she had in mind. Now for shoes, she stepped from the dressing room still wearing the outfit feeling the cool air on her bare pussy since she was not wearing panties. She went to look for shoes finding a pair of black patent leather Mary-Janes on a low rack by the wall. The heels had to be eight inches with a three inch platform in front; they were better suited for a young stripper than a mature mother. These were by far the highest heels she had ever worn; but this was for Jay, and she truly would do anything to make him happy.

Not remembering how short the dress was and forgetting she did not have panties on, Barbara bent over to pick up the shoes. In the mirror on the wall in front of her she saw a young man with his girlfriend standing behind her; he was looking at directly at her ass. She wondered what he found so interesting that he would stare the way he was; then she remembered how she was dressed. Her smooth shaven pussy was peeking out between her legs and could be easily seen from the back. At first she was embarrassed and immediately stood up, her face a bright red; but she was surprised how quickly the humiliation turned into arousal.

Until now no one had even seen her tits in public, much less her cunt. Sure she had worn revealing tops but the intimate parts of her body had always been covered. Barbara was shocked at how much she enjoyed the attention, so much so that she bent over again this time giving her ass a little wiggle. She stared back at him in the mirror as the young man watched the impromptu erotic show; well, that is he watched until his girlfriend caught him, then she angrily slapped the back of his head. Having someone see her exposing herself caused her clit to tingle, it was a wonderful new sensation she definitely wanted to experience again.

Next were panties and stockings, a tiny red sheer thong with only a small triangle covering her pussy was included with the costume; the large meaty lips of her cunt could be seen through the thin material. A pair of white thigh highs that only came mid-thigh meaning the elastic tops were well below the bottom of the dress. There was no need for a bra as the dress had built in support.

On her way to pay for the items she passed by several wigs, a dark auburn wig with long wavy locks caught her eye; no man can resist a redhead. A wig would help her forget all about Barbara. Jay was not going to believe the complete transformation she had accomplished; she was no longer Barbara or his mom, she was the sexy, fun, playful date he met on his birthday, she was Barbie.

She stopped to get food for dinner the next day, a ham with all the trimmings, appetizers and dessert. Barbara was excited about how successful her trip to the lingerie shop had been, so excited that she did not realize how low she had left zipper was on her jacket. She wondered why the man at the meat counter was so attentive when she picked out the ham, the guy in the produce department reacted in much the same way; and it seemed every aisle she walked down the boy sweeping the floor was there too. In contrast to the friendliness of the guys, the woman in the deli glared at her in disgust as she fulfilled her requests.

Even other shoppers, especially the men, stared at her when she walked by; stopping by the ladies room before she checked out Barbara discovered the reason for the unusual conduct of the people she encountered. The zipper on her jacket was well below where her cleavage ended; half of her breasts were visible almost all the way to her nipples, this included the curvature of the bottom of her tits as well. Barbara was mortified, being seen in the lingerie store was one thing, she was surrounded by an atmosphere of erotic apparel and sexual aids; but now she was in public at a supermarket! What did they think of her, while she was proud of how sexy she looked the people that saw her in the grocery store must have thought she was a slut with her tits so obviously on display.

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