Molly , the Firefighter

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It was the smoke alarm that woke me up. The incessant beeping wasn’t loud, but it was just annoying enough to wake me out of my usually deep slumber. I pushed the covers down and fumbled to find my glasses on the nightstand. I was still groggy, so the danger hadn’t fully registered yet. When it did, I didn’t think about the fact that the only clothes I had on were a stretchy tank top and my comfy bikini panties. I grabbed my cell phone, slid my feet into a mismatched pair of flip flops, and rushed to my bedroom door. I remembered, in time, to feel of the door before opening it. Luckily, it was cool to the touch, but the front room was starting to get smoky. I cracked open the front door and the third floor landing was full of smoke. I’d have to go out the fire escape. I was the only resident on the top floor of my small apartment building. I grabbed a sweatshirt that was strewn on the back of the couch as I reached the back door leading out to the fire escape. I heard sirens approaching as I picked my way down the cold metal stairs.


The call had come in a few minutes before my shift ended and I’d just gotten out of the shower. A fire in a three-story apartment building on Sycamore, currently still contained to the ground floor apartment where it had begun. I’d thrown on my boxers, a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, layered on my gear, and hopped in the truck within two minutes of the call. We were seven minutes away. I gazed out into the night, seeing the city skyline glowing in the distance. My adrenaline had started pumping already.


I felt like a fool. I was standing in the cool spring night in my underwear. Literally. I didn’t know if I should put the sweatshirt on or wrap it around my waist. I settled for putting it on—it was almost long enough to cover my ass. I’d met my neighbors and we were all standing on the sidewalk when the fire fighters arrived. We’d assured them that everyone was accounted for—the other apartment on my floor was vacant, Mrs. Ogden and the Short family on floor 2 were huddled in the group, and the gay couple from the first floor were certain that they’d seen the other first floor resident leave for his night shift job earlier in the evening. Still, I guess, they had to check. And put the fire out, of course. Not far behind the fire fighters and the other emergency vehicles were the news reporters. Great. My fat ass on the 6am news.


We put the fire out quickly. All residents were accounted for. The gay couple admitted they’d had a number of candles burning and “might’ve” fallen asleep. They were woken by the flames and immediately called 911. It took hours, however, for the building to be deemed structurally sound. Fire and water damage to the first floor made it uninhabitable. The second floor suffered extensive smoke damage. Luckily for the half naked girl, the third floor wasn’t too bad. Everything would smell like smoke, of course. But she’d be able to get in there and find some pants. I’d caught a peek of what was barely covered by those white lacy panties and was impressed to see so much ass on a white girl. She looked like a sexy, nerdy, bad ass, with the lace, tattoos, short spiky hair, and thick rimmed glasses. She chewed on her lower lip and kept looking at her phone.


Why wasn’t Jill answering her phone? I sighed and chewed on my lip. My sister is as heavy fethiye escort a sleeper as I am. Where the hell am I going to stay tonight? One of the fire fighters told me I could go upstairs as soon the “all clear” was given—at least I’d have some pants—but it was looking like a night in a hotel for me. I didn’t want to stay in the building alone, especially with the smoky smell. I was tired of standing but didn’t want to sit my barely covered ass on the rough sidewalk. Wish the EMTs would offer me a blanket or something. They’re useless. And the reporters had already left. Oh, wow, are all my fire fighter fantasies coming true? Look at him…tall, chocolate complexion, and look at the way that t-shirt hugs his biceps. And I look at hot mess. Shit, here he comes.


“Hi, are you Molly Thompson?”

“Um, yes, that’s me,” she said. Was she blushing? It was too dark to tell.

“Hi Molly, I’m James Dillon. I’d offer you a blanket, but I’d have to hunt one down. They told me to escort you upstairs, so I’m sure you have something you can put on there.”

“Of course, thank you Mr. Dillon.”

He stepped closer to her. Yep, she’s blushing.

“Call me James,” I said, “You ready?”

She nodded.


Lord help me, James is hot. His deep voice was sexy, even when he was pointing out the fact I didn’t have pants on. I chuckled. Maybe that makes it sexier. We walked side-by-side to the front door and he motioned for me to walk ahead of him.

“It’s safe, I promise,” James said, placing his hand on the small of my back to lead me upstairs, “It’s mostly smoke and water damage down here. Your floor should be fine.”

I felt his hand through the layers of my clothing and shivered.

Somehow, I made it up two flights of stairs, knowing he was in the perfect position to see my fat ass in my barely-there panties. He opened the door of my apartment for me and stuck his head in before allowing me to walk ahead once again. The smoke detector was still beeping.

“Doesn’t smell too bad in here, but if you want, I’ll open some of the windows. The building will be secured for the night so you won’t have to worry about that.”

“That’d be great,” I responded, watching him close the front door and start toward the living room windows, “I’ll just go put some pants on.”

He chuckled and I laughed with him. Might as well. Can’t save face (or ass) now.


I watched her walk toward the bedroom door and then turned to open the windows.

“If you open the bedroom window, you should get a nice breeze in here—it’ll take most of the smoke smell away,” I said, making my way to the kitchen, “You might still need to get the carpets cleaned. Hopefully, it didn’t penetrate the fabric of your couch.”

“James,” she called from the bedroom, “Can you turn off the smoke detector in here?”

“Of course,” I replied and walked toward the beeping. Her bedroom door was closed, but the sound seemed to be coming from what I thought was the bathroom. I walked in and saw her completely naked.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry!” I said and started to turn.


I kind of yelped and made an attempt to cover my breasts and pussy—I thought he’d hear the beeping and come into the bedroom so I’d ducked into the bathroom to dress.

He started to turn, but he didn’t. I made an attempt to cover myself…but didn’t.

I could escort fethiye see his eyes darken as they dipped from my face, down to my breasts, and further. I could almost feel his assessment. I’m a full-figured girl—no ribs showing, no bony hips, no space between my thighs—and he seemed to like what he was seeing.

I took a step forward and his eyes met my own again.

“Damn, Molly,” he whispered, “You are beautiful.”

I took another step forward and he met me, grasping my arms to pull me into him. He wasted no time, kissing me with intensity, running his hands up my arms, over my shoulders, down my back, and to my ass, grasping and pulling me into him. I moaned into his mouth as I explored his body with my hands—hard muscles, smooth skin, too many clothes. I pulled away so I could pull his shirt off and he helped, pulling it over his head in one quick motion. He pushed the heavy firefighter pants down, pulling sweats and boxers with it. He toed off his boots and stepped out of the whole affair. We kissed again and I walked backwards through the bathroom and into my bedroom. We ignored the beeping, we ignored the flashing lights outside. The backs of my legs hit my bed and he pushed me down onto it. I could feel how wet my pussy had gotten and could also feel how hard he was as his dick pressed into my stomach. At that moment, the fire downstairs was altogether forgotten and I was focused more on the fire building inside me.


What the hell am I doing? My boss is downstairs! I am on a fucking fire call and I am about to fuck the shit out of this girl inside the building that was just on fire. But goddamn, she is thick as hell, soft, all woman. Her pussy is so fat and wet and oh, God, I’m about to be inside it. I stroked inside her mouth with my tongue, massaged her ass, damn, she just grabbed my dick. I’m not going to be able to make it. Oh, let me feel these soft titties. Her nipples are so hard. I squeezed them and felt her moan in my mouth. I let my hand drift further down, across her belly, through the short fuzz of her pussy, across her clit (she jumped against my hand when I did that), and finally stuck a finger between her wet lips. Damn, her pussy is so fucking tight and hot. Fuck, I’ve got to hurry.

“We have to hurry, okay?” I said, apologetically. I didn’t want to rush, but I had to. She nodded and kissed me again as she led my dick to her pussy. The head rubbed against all that wetness and all logical thought disappeared. I grabbed her hips and thrust in deep. Fuuuuckkkkk. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m gonna bust right now. Gotta wait, not yet. Oh, shit, her pussy muscles contracted and shit just got real. Damn. This is not how I want to give it to her. I want to lay in this pussy. Damn. Damn.


As soon as I put the tip against my pussy, I knew I was going to come soon. He shoved it in deep and fast, just that one thrust and I almost tipped over the edge. He said it’d be quick. No worries here. As much as I’d like to make it last, I know he can’t just stay up here all night. I swiveled my hips, reached down between us when he groaned, and started stroking my clit. He had frozen, unmoving, so I knew I was going to have to take over. I pushed so that we rolled over. I sat up on top of him and started rolling my hips.

“Don’t come,” I instructed, “I’ll be quick, just give me a minute.”

I licked my hand and started rubbing fethiye escort bayan my clit, rolling my hips, giving a little bounce every other roll and James reached up and squeezed my breast.

“Pinch them. Hard,” I told him through clenched teeth, “I’m about to come on this big dick.”

He pinched my nipples to the point of pain and then released, over and over. He started thrusting upward. Just a few strokes in and I exploded, screeching out my pleasure, grinding my hips into him, feeling him thrusting faster and faster until he groaned and joined me. I could feel his seed like liquid fire inside. My pussy was still jumping and quivering and I collapsed against him. I rolled my hips, squeezing my pussy muscles, enjoying the after-effects of my orgasms. I realized that he’d softened, but immediately re-hardened.

“One more time,” he said, flipping me over and sliding out of me, “From the back.”


She obediently rolled over on her stomach, put her face in the pillow, and thrust her ass up and out for me, opening up her swollen pussy like some kind of kinky offering.

“You like to talk dirty, baby?”

I heard a muffled yes.

“I can’t hear you,” I said, slapping her ass hard.

She turned her head to the side and panted out, “Yes!”

“Good, I do too. I’m gonna fuck your pussy. Hard and fast. And then, when we leave, I’m going to find you and I’m going to fuck you again. Fuck your pussy. Fuck your mouth. Fuck your ass. “

“Fuck yes,” she whimpered as I slid my dick back in.

I grabbed her hips and pounded my dick in and out. It was slippery and tight and I was already ready to nut again.

“Play with your pussy, baby. I want you to come every time we fuck.”

Her hand stretched underneath her and I felt her rubbing her clit. I slapped her ass again and heard my radio crackling distantly from the bathroom floor. I fucked in and out as hard as I could. The damn smoke detector was still beeping.

“Fuck me, James. Fuck me. Fuck this pussy. Fuck my pussy hard!” she said. I felt her pussy clench, she turned her head, and screamed into the pillow. She was throwing her hips back at me as hard as she could and I was struggling to stay on the bed behind her. And then it hit. I felt it gush out of me and into her and I growled, pulling her back up against my chest and bit into her shoulder, just enough to hurt, not to break the skin. She was still wiggling her hips and I was about to pass out from the powerful nut I’d just shot into her.


We collapsed again on the bed, but just for a minute.

“I’ve got to get back down there,” he said, trying to catch his breath. He jumped up, strode to the bathroom, where she could hear him piss and then shrug back into his clothes. I pushed myself up, ran a hand through my hair, and squirmed deliciously just thinking about what we’d just done. James walked back into my bedroom.

“You okay?” he asked.

What? I thought. Okay? I’m exhilarated. Jubilant. Ecstatic. I smiled sweetly and nodded.

“Good,” he said. He pulled a pen from the pocket of his pants and pulled my hand toward him. I felt the sharp tip as he wrote his number on the back of my hand.

“I’ll be finished with everything in an hour. You can stay at my house tonight. Or if you get a hotel, I want to see you again. Call me.”

I walked on my knees on the bed toward him and pulled him down for a kiss. It was just enough to make me want round 3 ASAP.

“I’ll do that. See you in an hour, then.”

He grinned and left me naked in the smoky apartment. I grinned, sighed, and started getting dressed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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