Mira and Me Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

The next morning, I woke slowly. I was still kinda groggy and unaware. I had trouble figuring out where I was because the surroundings were unfamiliar. I looked to my right, then left and saw my beautiful daughter’s face lying on my shoulder. It started coming back, the slow realization of the events of last night. I could hardly believe my recollection. But, it had to be true. Otherwise why were we in her bed, together, naked?

I stirred. (Oh man, I’ve got to pee.) Mira started to stir, too. As she awakened, her eyes got real big as she realized I was in her bed with her. I kissed her nose, her forehead, and said, “Honey, I’ve gotta pee. I’ll be right back.”

She rolled over onto her back and I got up to go to the bathroom to relieve myself. When I got back to the bedroom, she was sitting on the edge of the bed and said, “Me next.” I could hear her in the bathroom and wondered what the next step would be. Would this really screw things up between us? I bent to get my clothes from the floor and started putting my shorts on. I had them on and was starting to put my t-shirt on when Mira returned. She said, “Daddy, don’t do that. Come back to bed with me, please.”

No way I was gonna pass up this chance! I stripped my clothes back off and got back in the bed. She snuggled up to my side and put her head on my shoulder like it was when we woke up. We just lay there for a while, quietly, each with our own thoughts. I was a little nervous. This was new ground for me. I started to speak, “Mira, we should…” and that’s as far as I got before Mira put her fingers to my lips and said, “shhhhh, there’s nothing to talk about. We just did what we both wanted. And we are right where I want us to be.”

With that, she reached behind her and grabbed my hand and placed it firmly on her ass. She didn’t let go of my hand until I squeezed her ass and started playing with it. Then she started slowly stroking my chest and playing with my nipples. (I’ve never had a woman do that before. Let me tell you, it’s pretty erotic – at least it is for me.) She started kissing my neck and collar bone as she continued to toy with my nipples.

She started to shift her kisses lower until she was tonguing my nipples, first one, then the other. Her hand slid down to my cock and she seemed pleased to find that it was hard as a rock. She started to shift lower still and I did my best to keep my hand on her ass which kinda spun her sideways in the bed. Before long, she was nibbling on my cock and balls, kneeling beside me. This position gave my fingers access to her pussy and her clit. I started playing with them both and discovered that her pussy was very wet, already.

She was getting more serious about her cock-sucking, now. She took my cock head into her mouth and sucked on it – just the head. I was in heaven. Her mouth was very talented and I knew that if she kept this up for very long, I would cum quickly.

I told her this and she released my cock and started kissing back up my stomach and chest. She stopped to kiss my nipples a bit until they got hard. Then she kissed ankara escort my neck and chin and my mouth. Then she leaned to my ear and said, “Then I guess we should just fuck, because I want your cum in my pussy.” My cock lurched as she said this and I let go of her ass. She straddled my body and reached between us to guide my cock into her blond pussy. Like the night before, I could see her blond curls intermingled with my dark pubic curls as she smashed her clit right into my pubic bone and let out a heavy sigh.

She just sat there for a moment with my cock buried to the hilt in her. Then she slowly rose until just the head of my cock was still in her pussy. She paused at this point and looked me dead in the eye as she slowly lowered her pussy back down my cock. When she got to the bottom, she ground her clit into my pubic bone like she had done the night before.

I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me. I felt her rock-hard nipples digging into my chest as her pussy ground into the base of my cock. I pushed with my leg and rolled us over so she was on her back and I was above her. She raised her knees to either side of me and grabbed them to pull them toward her chest. I put my hands on the bed on either side of her and slowly ground my cock into her pussy. Back and forth then side-to-side. I pushed backward with my groin so that my cock was angled up and slowly withdrew it causing the head of my cock to rub the front wall of her pussy. I was about half-way out when she gasped. (I think I had hit her g-spot with the head of my cock.)

I pulled almost all the way out. The head of my cock was just barely splitting the lips of her pussy and I shifted my weight forward and started on the in-stroke. The weight shift caused the head of my cock to rub the back wall of her pussy – and the top of my cock stroked her clit. When I was buried to the hilt again, I started with the grinding motion, back and forth and side-to-side. I was doing everything I could to give her an orgasm as quickly as possible with the least stimulation for my cock. Because I wanted her to come, first.

She did. On the out-stroke of the third (or fourth) repetition of the sequence, when the head of my cock hit that spot about half-way out rubbing the front wall of her pussy, she came. She let go of her knees and grabbed my ass and pulled me back into her pussy to the hilt and ground her clit against me through her orgasm. The pulsing of her pussy walls started my own orgasm. I could feel the semen rocketing down into her womb. (I’m so glad I had that vasectomy, whew!)

We stayed like that riding the wave of pleasure for a moment then she started to relax her legs back down to the bed. She grabbed my face and kissed me. Then hugged me tight and said, “Thank you, Daddy. That was amazing!”

I told her, “It was absolutely amazing – the best sex I’d ever had.” And I wasn’t lying. Fucking my daughter was the best sex I’d ever had.

My cock started to deflate and ultimately shrunk enough to fall out of her pussy. I could feel our juices running down the escort ankara gap between us to the bed. I looked into her eyes, then then kissed her, then whispered in her ear, “I love you, Mira!”

She said, “I love you, too, Daddy.”

I rolled off to her side and lay beside her with my head on her shoulder, one leg between her legs and my softened cock lying on her hip. I just wanted to hold her.

She must’ve glanced at the clock, “Damn! Daddy, let me up, I’m gonna be late for work.” She got up and rushed around and was out the door about 15 minutes later.


I was sitting on the couch when she got home. I had showered and dressed then just spent the day hanging out waiting for Mira to come home. She walked in and after offering a greeting, headed straight to the shower. When she finished her shower, she came and sat next to me on the couch wearing a robe. We discussed supper ideas and decided neither of us wanted to cook so we ordered Chinese for delivery. The TV was on and we were sorta watching it and talking, snuggling on the couch.

I said, “Sweetie, those pictures on your computer were awesome. I’m glad I found them. I could tell some were self-taken, but others … who took them?”

“Ted took them. He wanted some to take with him on his phone, something to look at when we talked, or he read email from me.” (Ted is her boyfriend).

“Oh. I see. But a couple of them were taken after he deployed. This one pair in particular, looks like two back-to-back were taken and the only difference was the zoom. Your camera doesn’t have remote zoom. Who took those?”

She didn’t immediately answer. I could read the hesitance on her face. I told her, it was fine, I was just curious. But, that if she told me, I wouldn’t share that detail with Ted. It would be our secret.

“Daddy, are you sure you want to know?

I thought to myself, this must be good…aloud, I said, “Yeah, baby, I’d love to know. Hell, I might want to thank him/her in person.” At this point, I figured it was one of Mira’s BFF’s and maybe there was a little bi action that followed.

“Max took those, daddy.”

“Max, your brother? That Max?”

“Yes, daddy, that Max.”

“Did he ONLY take pictures? Wow! I think I want to hear more about that day.”

She told me the story:


Max dropped in one afternoon while I was taking some of the self-pics for Ted. He’s had his own key to my place for a while, just like I have a key to his place. Anyway, I was happily taking pictures, then getting up to reset the camera and then getting back into position for the next timer shot. I heard him come in the front door and he hollered out, “It’s just me, sis!”

I said, “I’m in the computer room, Max, be right out!” But, I was too slow. Before I knew it, he was in the door and I was still naked. It was pretty obvious what I had been doing.

“That must be difficult to do by yourself.” he said.

“Yeah, it is kinda. And it’s especially difficult to time a shot of me during an orgasm. ankara escort bayan Ted asked for one of those special – said he likes the look I get on my face when I cum.”

Daddy, you probably don’t know this, but Max and I had played around before. This wasn’t the first time he’d seen me naked. And it probably won’t be the last. Anyway, back to the story…

Max told me he’d be glad to help me take some pictures for Ted and grabbed the camera and tripod. I got back in the computer chair and started masturbating. He was snapping pictures of me while I played with myself. (You saw a couple of them, she told me.) No toys needed. Just my fingers playing with my pussy and my clit.

I held my pussy open with the fingers of my left hand, and put my right thumb right on my clit. Two fingers up inside rubbing and digging for THAT spot. Max just kept taking pictures. Before long, I was cumming. He got several of me during my orgasm. It was a pretty big turn-on for me for Max to be here, watching me and taking these pictures.

And, it was having a similar effect on Max. I could see the outline of his cock in his shorts. As I was cumming, I happened to glance at his crotch and I could tell he was rock-hard. After I was sure we had enough pictures of my orgasm, I told him, “Put the camera down facing away from us. Then come here and I’ll help you out with your condition.” And then I smiled real big.

He put the camera down facing the corner and walked over to the computer chair. I lowered his shorts and boxers. His cock was standing at attention and I took it in my hand and stroked it slowly as I rearranged myself in the chair so I could get him in my mouth. I took the head of his cock in my mouth, daddy, and I started stroking the shaft while I tongued the head. Just like I did you this morning, remember? (As if I could forget that???)

Max was definitely on edge. Taking pictures of his naked sister had him really turned-on. I could tell it wouldn’t be long before I was taking his cum in my mouth. I reached around and clasped his ass with my other hand, and drew him forward so I could get more of his cock in my mouth. I was kinda in an awkward position, but I got most of it in. His pubic curls were tickling my nose. I backed off a bit and tongued his entire cock. It was about here that he put his fingers in my hair and slowly pulled my head forward onto his cock. He relaxed his grip and I slid back to just the head of it, my tongue going round and round. He pulled my head forward again and I felt his shaft start to throb a split second before the first spurt landed firmly at the back of my throat. I had to back off some to swallow that first bit, but I took the whole load in my mouth and swallowed every drop.

Max said, “That was amazing, sis!” as we started getting dressed.


“Wow!” What more could I say? “That was amazing, sweetie.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Was that all that happened?”

“That day? Yeah. He had a date later and had just stopped by for a minute.”

“Have you two done anything like this before or since?”

“Well, daddy … maybe I’ll keep the other stories to myself, for now. I can tell from your shorts that story got you ready for me. And I’m ready, too … damn we just have to wait on the Chinese food…

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