Meeting in the Lobby

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I had flown down form Singapore and told you to meet me in a big hotel in Perth. We are cyber lovers, have never met, you have no idea what I look like except what you know. A tall woman, proud figure, well into middle age. All you have is my mobile phone number.

As instructed you go into the lobby and hope to recognise me somehow. But you are left hanging around. You begin to wonder. You catch hotel clerks’ glances and wonder, whether they think you are some kind of hooker. Your pulse races and you make yourself calm down. You sit down at one of the small tables. A waitress comes up. “Are you waiting for one of our guests”, she asks.

“Well yes” you answer. But you aren’t even sure whether I’m staying there.

“Would you like to tell me the person’s name so I can call them in their room?”

“Well, it’s Maria” you say.

“Maria what?” she replies giving you a look that tells you she knows what you’re here for. “If you’re not a guest or not waiting for a guest, you can’t stay here you know” she says and giving you a disdainful sneer walks off.

You feel the blood rush to your face and down your neck. Slowly you clam down again. You hate me for getting you into this mess and you are thrilled and fascinated at the same time. You get a hold of yourself again and start to look around. Is anyone watching you?

Perhaps I’m one of the women at one of the other tables secretly watching and loving to make you blush like you just have. But there is no sign or recognition from anywhere. Eventually the waitress comes up to you again. You wish you could creep into the folds of your seat.

“Mrs. Vaughan?”

You look up and nod.

“This was left for you at reception.”

So saying, she hands you an envelope. Something soft is inside. She hangs around as if she’s interested to know what’s inside, and she is giving you the eye, you have no doubt about that. You look up, notice that she is quite a shapely, in her twenties you recon, and find her staring right into your eyes.

“See you”, she says with an assuming smile, turns round and walks back into the lobby.

You open the envelope. It contains a thin black silk scarf and a note. You unfold and read it.

“You will go to the ladies and sit on the toilet in the first of the row of cubicles. You will take your knickers down to your knees as if to pee. You will tie the scarf over your eyes. You will place your hands behind your neck. You will wait. You will not lock the door of the cubicle. You will do it now!”

Acting as if under remote control you do as told in the note.

But who is it from. The waitress? Maria? You wonder but follow the instructions. The Ladies is empty. Mable, big wash basins, big mirrors. There canlı bahis are three cubicles. You enter the fist. Take down your knickers, sit down and assume the instructed position with your eyes blindfolded. And wait. In the dark you hear your pulse race.

“The door is not locked”, you think to yourself. “What is someone comes in and sees me like this?”

You hear the door of the Ladies opening and a hurried pair of high heels rushes in. Your heart stops. You daren’t even breathe. But the steps carry on past your cubicle and you hear the clatter as they enter the one next to you. You hear the rustle of a skirt, hear the person sit down, hear the gushing of her pee and hear her sigh of relief.

“Most have been urgent,” you smile a little to yourself, still holding your breath, desperate not to be noticed.

The gushing stops, paper is unrolled, more rusting of clothes. The toilet flushes. You hear her leave the cubicle. Your hear her go to one of the mirrors and you hear her opening a handbag und rummaging about inside. For all the hurry she was in before, now she is taking her time. She hums a little tune as she is presumably touching up her make-up and you wonder, what she’s looking forward to. Eventually she leaves. You start breathing again normally and wait. All is quiet, except for the humming of the air con.

You wait and realise, that dampness has started to materialise between the folds of your pussy. With a fright you realise, that this situation is actually is turning you on. The idea of being discovered in such an obviously wanton and randy position frightens and thrills you.

The door to the Ladies opens again. Your thoughts stop as more high heeled steps approach. Slowly, step by strep they come closer and stop outside your cubicle. In one quick movement someone skirts inside and you hear the door lock. You are relived in a way but realise also that there is no escape now. Then nothing.

She must be standing on front of you eyeing you up and down and savouring the view as you sit with your skirt up, knickers down, hands behind your neck, offering yourself. Can she see or perhaps smell your dripping cunt?

Your body is highly charged and you jerk as fingers touch the top button your blouse and unfasten it. A gasp and a whimper escape your lips, but a soft sealing finger is laid on them and silences you.

One by one the buttons of your blouse are unfastened. The sides of your blouse are tugged from your skirt and brushed aside. Then again nothing.

Realising that you are being watched again, you overcome your urge to cover yourself and stick out your tits instead. You realise that your nipples are quite hard now and must be clearly visible though the fabric of your bahis siteleri bra. For what again seems ages, more of nothing. Then a bolt shoots though you as you feel both your nipples softly being circled by a two finger tips.

Two hands reach into your bra, lift out your tits and your nipples are rolled with and intensity that edges on pain, but the feeling is great. Your abdomen is vibrating and your cunt has started to stream. All the time, not a word.

The manipulation of your tits goes on as you start to writhe and want to place your arms around the person, who is driving you wild. But your hands are firmly taken and placed behind your neck again. Your breasts are kneaded, squeezed and pulled.

Suddenly a hand grabs your hair. Your head is pulled back and as your mouth opens a little, a pair of lips descends on it and you almost choke as a commandeering tongue enters you deeply, while another hand has shot down between your legs and at least two fingers have pushed their way straight inside you. Your feel the intruding tongue and fingers could meet up inside you and feel completely taken. The fingers withdraw and while the kiss continues the hand slides forward over your clit and dives back down between your bottom cheeks. You sex is lathed with your own copious juices and an inquisitive finger probes your rosette. The kiss continues and you gulp for air as fingers enter you anew, only this time both front and back.

You feel the fingers inside your belly wriggling on that very soft spot of yours as the tongue continues to take possession of your mouth and another finger is deep in your behind. You feel completely taken and before long the waves of a mighty orgasm come on.

Never have you been so fast. You start to squirm and to moan softly and as the flood gates are about the burst, tongue and finders are gone and you are reeling somewhere in outer space. Your body is screaming for the culmination that was imminent, and then suddenly, there is nothing. The fingers are gone, the mouth is gone. Cold air brushes against your hot, wet flesh.

It is dark. You hear nothing. Is she gone? Was she even there? Did you dream it all up?

But as you come back to earth your naked bosom and the cold feeling of your wet cunt tell you, this was not just in the mind. You hear something rustle and before you can think, your head is pushed forward straight into the musty bush of a very wet cunt.

You know what is expected and your tongue shoots out between the folds of her wet lips. Her streaming wetness and her exquisite smell drive you wild as you shake your head and drive your nose between the folds of her flesh as you enter her more deeply with your tongue. The wiry hair of her pussy contrasts bahis şirketleri with the slippery texture of her flesh as you press against her clit and try to suck her into your mouth. She puts her hand on the back of your head and pushes you into her as she grinds her cunt in your face.

You want to place your arms around her hips to pull her to you, and fondle her behind, but your hands are still being held behind your neck. You want to scream, you want to make her scream but an uncanny silence surrounds your two writhing bodies.

Then you feel her shudder. Her flow becomes evens stronger and you can hardly tell what is fluid and what is flesh. One heavy grunt escapes from the depth of her throat and her movements stop. Still, she presses your face to her cunt holding you so tightly that you can hardly breathe. Eventually she releases her hold.

You lean back, raise your blindfolded face that is dripping with her juices and smile. Her lips descend on yours again and once more you almost choke under the onslaught of her tongue as it takes possession of you.

And suddenly it’s over. She no longer holds you and you realise where you are. You are blindfolded, sitting on a toilet with your knickers down in front of a totally strange woman, who has just made you suck her cunt and whom you have not even seen. Is she young, old, pretty?

You hear her rustle with something. She quickly puts something into each cup of your bra. Then she’s gone. The door of the cubicle closes and you hear the sharp clatter of her heels as she leaves the Ladies. That door too closes softly and you are back where you started. All you hear is the humming of the air con.

Still stunned and shaking your head in disbelief you wipe your face and unfasten the blindfold. As you look down your front you see a $ 100 note sticking out from each cup of your bra. You don’t know, whether to be proud or to be sick.

After what seems ages, you eventually get up and straighten yourself out again. You rinse your face, tidy your hair as well as you can, and proceed back into the lobby. Still dazed, you walk through it and out of the corner of your eye you see that waitress who seems to be giving you a very lewd and knowing smile.

Was it her? No, it can’t be. It must have been Maria. But where is Maria? You want her now even more than before. As you set outside into the afternoon sun your mobile phone goes.

“Sarah, darling, it’s Maria here. Look are you still waiting in the lobby for me? You poor dear, I’m so sorry. I’d wanted all this to be so very different but I’ve been held up at the airport. They seem to have lost my luggage for me. I should be there in about an hour. Will you wait for me some more, please? I’m so sorry darling. I’ve been so eager to meet

you. You know, I’m really quite excited, know what I mean? And now this stupid delay. It’s just so mean.”

“Don’t worry,” you say. “I’m ready for you. You’re worth waiting for.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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