Marilynn’s Love

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In a word, WOW! That pretty much describes my life over the past two weeks. It is very funny how life causes chaos out of the order that we accomplish for ourselves. I am thirty-eight in another month here, still young enough to enjoy life, and I have spent those thirty-plus years creating an organized, smooth-running life for myself, and my daughter, Marilynn. Marilynn is the center of my world, my only reason for living since her mother passed away over three years ago. Marilynn entered my life when I was only seventeen and her mother, Angie was 16. We were a couple of dumb kids, I can admit that. However, Marilynn was more than worth all of the stupidity.

Anyway, two weeks ago tomorrow, Marilynn was enjoying the overly warm weather that we have had this year in Michigan. She was decked out in a string bikini, a smile, and not much else. I was cleaning up the yard as she laid out to work on her tan. She just turned 20 in April, and her brown hair trails down to the center of her back in a very wavy manner that accents her very nice young body.

As I was watching her, I couldn’t help but notice how much she looks like her mother and I enjoyed letting my imagination run free for a little while. Something that I haven’t done since Angie died from cancer. I allowed my eyes to travel along the curves of Marilynn’s legs and across her sexy ass, noticing the small size of her waist and then taking the time to mentally cup her breasts in my hands and guess that they have grown into around a 34C. Suddenly I realized where I was, and that this wasn’t my sweet Angie, but my very own daughter!!

I quickly started working on the lawn again, trying not to think the thoughts that I had been thinking, and trying not to notice that my imagination managed to get my 7 inch constant companion up and ready for action!! After about five or so minutes of trying to wait for the “swelling” to go down, I decided to take matters into my own hands and walked the long way around our three bedroom, light blue house in this very small town, and going into my bedroom.

As soon as I was in my small, brown paneled room, I fell onto the king sized water bed. After a couple of minutes, my mind and my hand began to wander and I started fantasizing about Angie, running my hand down inside my Bermuda shorts to stroke my cock ever so slowly. Thinking of Angie and I making love, I pushed my shorts down under my balls so I could enjoy the full length strokes that I had moved up to. Suddenly, my bedroom door came open and Marilynn was standing there looking straight at my hard cock, which was softening because of the shock of being interrupted.

Marilynn quickly apologized and ran down the hall to her room, I heard her bedroom door slam shut and couldn’t figure out exactly what I should or even could do! I decided to approach this like the adults that we are, I pulled my clothes back into place and started walking down the hall to her room when the phone rang in the living room. I turned around and went to answer the phone, regretting it and being thankful for being “saved by the bell”, so to speak. After spending about 2 or 3 minutes on the phone with my brother and telling him I really didn’t care if he borrowed some DVDs this weekend, I started out back down the hall to talk to my Marilynn. As I reached the door and got ready to knock, I heard Marilynn’s heavy breathing and the unmistakable sounds of passion and a bed creaking. I know I shouldn’t have listened in, but with all the other confusion going halkalı escort on that day over the timespan of less than an hour, I just couldn’t help myself from eavesdropping a little.

“Oh Daddy. Yes, touch me there. Yes, I loved seeing your cock, I love you! I need your cock so bad! I don’t want anyone else, just let me touch it, kiss it oh yes, right there.” I could hear Marilynn’s moans and cries of pleasure. I wasn’t quite sure what to do, again! I started to turn back down the hall to finish my yard work and I didn’t realize just how close I was to her door and my hand hit the doorknob. I quickly rushed down the hall so that I wouldn’t look like some sick pervert listening in on my own daughter masturbating. “Daddy?! Can I talk to you for a minute please?? You always told me that I could talk to you about anything!”

Turning around, I could tell that she had been doing something because her hair was just a little messed, and her bikini bottoms were a little crooked. I walked back down the hall as she walked into her bedroom. I followed her into her room and she moved around me to close the door and I could hear her as she latched the lock. Looking around the room, I couldn’t help but notice that her bedspread had some wrinkles in it where she must have been laying only moments before. Marilynn walked by me and sat on the edge of her bed. I started to explain that masturbation was a healthy, normal thing and that I was sorry for not locking my bedroom door, but that since her mother had died, I hadn’t found anyone to share my bed with, and then she interrupted me by standing up and putting a finger to my lips. A thought ran across my mind wondering if that was the finger that she had been using to bring herself pleasure.

Marilynn pushed me until I was sitting on the edge of her bed and then smiled at me. Reaching back, she untied her bikini top and took it off, revealing those beautiful breasts that I had been admiring earlier. She then dropped her bottoms, licking her lips like a child that wasn’t sure if their parent would be proud or disappointed. “Daddy, I want to make love to you. Before you start talking about it being wrong or sick, I want you to understand. I love you, I have always loved you. I am an adult now, twenty years old, not a child! I know what I want, and I do know what I feel. I am in my second year of collage, and you haven’t been with anyone since mom died, except me, and now I think it is time to take this to the next logical level. O.K., Daddy, say whatever you have to say now, I just wanted to make sure I got the chance to say what I feel.”

I looked at her, I mean really looked at her like a man looks at a naked woman. I noticed her small nipples atop her firm creamy breasts. I noticed that she keeps all of her hair shaved off of her pussy. I even noticed that she had a small birthmark on her hip, in the same spot as mine. I didn’t know of this woman in front of me, I only knew of my daughter that was no longer here. I stood up and moved to her, taking her in my arms and kissing her on the cheek. She then turned her head and kissed me on the lips, her tongue sliding between my lips to dance gently with my tongue. I know that in my head my mind was screaming that this was wrong, that she was my daughter, but the only thing that those protests did was cause my cock to grow even harder then I could ever remember it being. I moved her to fall down on the bed and kissed my way down to her breasts, sucking each one for ikitelli escort a little while, before I lowered my head to her sweet, bald pussy. As soon as my mouth made contact with her sex, Marilynn let loose with a loud moan and her pussy let loose with a gush of liquid.

“Daddy, I have to have your cock, I need it, let me have you inside me. In my pussy, or my mouth, I don’t care, just let me have it!” Marilynn grabbed at my shoulders and pulled me, so I went in the direction that she wanted. She reached between us and guided my hardness into her wet, tight pussy. Almost as soon as I was fully inside her velvet softness, I couldn’t hold back and I came. Years of pent up frustration shot out of me filling my beautiful daughter’s pussy. Judging by the way that she was scratching my back, I knew that she was cumming with me.

After we both calmed down a bit, I pulled out of Marilynn’s pussy and was quite confused to discover that my cock was still very hard and throbbing. Marilynn took full advantage of my surprise by moving herself on top of me, taking my cock into her mouth and shoving her pussy into my face. At first I was somewhat reluctant to lick my own cum from my daughter’s sweet hole, but then I realized that I was breaking many of my former limits today, why stop now? I placed my mouth right over her smooth lips and began to suck my jism from her love canal, swallowing as I did so. Soon I had Marilynn cumming into my mouth and she doubled her efforts to get me to cum in her lovely mouth. I came almost as hard as the first time, only this time, Marilynn showed me her love for me by swallowing some of my cum, and then stroking my cock onto her face! She then turned around to face me and started kissing me passionately, letting me clean my cum off of her face and breasts before we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Now, if you recall, I told you it had been a couple of interesting weeks. First comes the chaos of Marilynn and I becoming intimate, and from that point we started sleeping together in my bed, then a little over a week later, more chaos in the form of Steve.

Steve and Marilynn went to high school together, and then went into college together. They weren’t a dating couple, just long time friends, or at least that was what I thought for the past few years, however, I found out differently and couldn’t be happier. Just one week and one day after Marilynn and I consummated our love for one another, Steve came over for dinner with Marilynn and I. During dinner, Marilynn kept teasing me with little looks and quick feels under the table. I thought that she was out of her mind, because although we had accepted our love, we weren’t about to advertise it to the entire community.

As I was cleaning up after dinner, Marilynn came into the kitchen and asked if she could help me clean up. I told her to go and entertain her guest, I could clean up. Then she asked me if she could have desert, I told her that I thought that we had some ice cream in the freezer, but instead she dropped to her knees in front of me and began rubbing my cock through my jeans. I told her to wait until later and I promised that she could be in complete control of our lovemaking that evening.

After I finished doing the dishes, I walked out into the living room and couldn’t believe my eyes! There, right in the middle of the living room was my daughter naked and her friend Steve down to his white brief underwear! I stood there, making indistinguishing noises istanbul escort until Marilynn came over and kissed me deeply and explained that her and Steve have been an item for the last two years. Now she wanted her men to understand that she was deeply in love with both of us, even if it is in different ways!

I allowed myself to be led into the middle of the room, then was only half aware of the four hands removing my clothes. I turned to Marilynn, and she kissed me deeply telling me again that she loved me. After all three of us were naked, Marilynn took each of our cocks in her hand and started stroking both Steve and myself off. Telling Steve that she wanted his cock in her pussy, Marilynn took my manhood into her mouth.

After she allowed me to fuck her pretty mouth for a while, and I got used to sharing my loving daughter with another man, Marilynn slid my cock out of her mouth and pointed it at Steve’s mouth. Steve didn’t even blink as he slid his mouth over my hardness. During my first blowjob from another man, my sexy child moved between my legs to lick at my asshole while fucking Steve and having Steve suck my cock down his throat. I warned that I was about to loose control of my load and Marilynn slid two fingers into my ass and Steve began to suck even harder! I came so hard that I couldn’t stay standing and slid to the floor, turning my head, I found myself in a deep kiss with lots of tongue and a familiar taste.

As I broke from the kiss, I discovered that it had been Steve kissing me, not Marilynn. I watched the two of them fucking in a missionary style for a while, kissing first one, then the other, and sucking on any one of the four available nipples. Marilynn stopped Steve and moved onto her hands and knees, and let Steve enter her from the rear. I climbed under her and started sucking on her clit and watching his cock slide in and out. Meanwhile, Marilynn started sucking my cock back to life.

As soon as my cock was fully hard again, Marilynn asked me if I meant what I said earlier about her having total control of our lovemaking. I laughed and said of course, and she pulled me into her pussy and Steve moved to where she could suck on his cock. Seeing My daughter smile at me around a hard cock pumping into her mouth was very exciting, but when she stopped sucking him and pushed his hard, large tool towards my mouth, I almost put a stop to all of the fun, instead I watched Marilynn licking his scrotum as he began fucking my mouth. I could feel and taste the salty juice that was coming from him, and just as I was really starting to enjoy sucking cock, Marilynn changed our positions again!

I was deep into my very own dear daughter’s tight pussy and then I felt Steve sliding his cock between my ass cheeks. I looked at Marilynn and told her that I wasn’t too sure about this when suddenly he was inside me! At first, it hurt like hell, but as Marilynn kept me busy kissing her it changed from painful to very pleasurable! I started rocking back to meet his thrusts and I couldn’t wait to feel his cum deep in my ass! When I vocalized this need, Marilynn scratched my back and Steve slammed deep into me as we three came together. I found myself waking a short time later, the three of us still locked together. I began kissing my daughter and her lover, thanking them for taking me into their love and keeping an old man like me quite happy.

Marilynn and Steve announced their engagement yesterday, and, for the first time, I got to meet Steve’s cousin, Kim. She is blonde like Steve, but very much more attractive, and Marilynn told me that she might even consider licking pussy with Kim, but that her and Steve get to have me first. They are moving in with me right after the wedding, so I can help out with the honeymoon. Maybe I will invite Kim to join us!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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