Marie’s Toy Education

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Marie and Lynn’s relationship continued to grow over the days that followed Marie’s initiation to lesbian sex. Although Marie enjoyed the sex she still felt that something was missing. Lynn sensed what Marie’s problem was and decided it was time to broaden her friend’s education again.

On Friday afternoon when Marie met Lynn on the Quad for lunch Lynn told Marie she had a special evening planned for them.

“Just what have you got planned for tonight?” Marie questioned.

“I know you feel like something is missing from our sex and I want to help you.” Lynn stated in her normal matter of fact way.

Marie was quick to soothe any hurt feelings Lynn might be having. “I really enjoy our sex, Lynn. You know I love what we do to each other and how much I love making you cum.” Marie whispered.

Lynn threw back her head and laughed. “Oh Hon I know that better than anyone does. But you know I love to make you happy and I think I will tonight.” Lynn grinned from ear to ear making Marie wonder what Lynn had in store for tonight.

After meeting some friends for dinner at the local pizza place, Lynn and Marie walked back to their dorm holding hands, exchanging little kisses and talking about their midterms coming up. When they got back to their room Lynn locked the door and told Marie to go ahead and shower first. Marie headed into the shower still wondering what Lynn was up to but knowing it was useless to question her.

As soon as Marie stepped into the shower Lynn dropped to her knees and reached under her bed for the bag she had placed there earlier in the afternoon while Marie was in class. She quickly placed the bag under Marie’s bed after checking the contents and was satisfied everything was ready. Lynn then undressed and went to join Marie in the shower.

Lynn stepped into the shower behind Marie as Marie was rinsing the shampoo from her shoulder length auburn hair. Lynn picked up the soap and began lathering up her own hands before she stepped closer to run them over Marie’s firm breasts. Marie smiled and soon followed suit running her own soapy hands over Lynn’s small breasts. As they lathered each others bodies, their lips met in a deep kiss with lips slightly parted. Their tongues touched and rubbed as they each teased and gently pinched the others nipples.

Lynn’s right hand slide down the flat plane of Marie’s tummy to her pussy. She let her soapy fingers glide over the lips of Marie’s pussy teasingly. As she felt Marie lean into her hand pressing her pussy closer. Lynn broke the kiss to run her tongue over Marie’s ear.

“I’m going to make you cum you tonight.” Lynn casino siteleri told Marie as she let her left hand run down Marie’s back, letting her fingers play over the slightly round globe of her ass. Lynn’s finger tips teased and played along the divide of Marie’s ass until she felt one finger touch her lover’s anal opening and Marie’s reactive clenching as she moaned.

Instantly Lynn was aware that Marie very much enjoyed having the entrance to her ass touched. Willing to experiment to see how much Marie would enjoy anal stimulation Lynn let the fingers of her right hand begin rubbing over Marie’s clit. At the same time she let the finger on her left hand rub and tease her anal opening. Marie’s moaned deepened as she pressed back against Lynn’s finger against her ass.

Gently Lynn let her finger begin to press harder against Marie’s ass. Marie’s reaction was to lay her head against Lynn’s shoulder and moan deeper. Lynn continued to press her finger against Marie’s ass until the tip began to slowly enter her ass. Marie moaned even louder and Lynn felt the juices begin to flow freely from her pussy as she continued to rub her clit.

Knowing that they needed to move their play to the bedroom, Lynn removed her hands from Marie’s body hearing a disappointed groan from Marie as she did so. They quickly rinsed off and took turns drying each others bodies as they placed little kisses every where the towel touched.

Once dry, Lynn took Marie’s hand and lead her to her bed. She laid next to Marie once again kissing her mouth and letting her tongue slip between her lips. Lynn’s right hand once again found the hard nub of Marie’s clit and began to rub. Marie caressed Lynn’s breasts as she moaned moving her hips against Lynn’s fingers on her clit.

Lynn soon pushed her middle two fingers deep into Marie’s vagina and began fucking her now very wet pussy. Marie moved her left leg to rest on Lynn’s hip allowing Lynn’s probing fingers to press deeper into her pussy. Feeling Marie’s juices flowing over her fingers and hand Lynn finger fucked her deeper and faster. Listening to Marie’s moan as they became louder and her breathing faster.

Lynn quickly moved over Marie’s body into a 69 position. As Lynn began to lick over the smooth lips of Marie’s pussy she felt Marie’s fingers begin to probe into her pussy, opening her so her lover could lick and tease her clit in return. Soon the room was filled with their muffled moans as they tongued and licked each other’s pussy’s. Lynn was the first to cum. Humping her pussy against Marie’s mouth as she cried out in her orgasm. Marie tasted to rush of juices from Lynn’s canlı casino pussy and eagerly licked them from her pussy lips.

Marie moaned and moved her hips faster against Lynn’s mouth feeling her own orgasm approaching. Knowing Marie was close to orgasm, Lynn reached under the bed and into the bag she had placed there. Her hand found what she was seeking, a small vibrator. It was about 6 inches long and an inch in diameter. She turned it on then pressed it against Marie’s hard swollen clit.

Marie felt the cool plastic of something press against her clit and jumped in reaction to the foreign touch. The next instant she felt the vibrations of the object moving over her clit. Before she even had time to wonder she felt her orgasm explode. Marie cried out loudly as her pussy contracted and juices gushed forth. “Oh my God!” Marie yelled. The vibrations making her orgasm go on for, what seemed to Marie, like forever.

Lynn once again reached down into the bag and found the other item she had bought. Bringing it up to Marie’s pussy she pressed the 8 inch long latex dildo into Marie’s flowing wet pussy. Feeling the penetration of the dildo, Marie began to moan then hump her hips up to meet the thrusts of Lynn’s hand fucking the dildo in and out of Marie’s pussy. Marie suddenly felt another orgasm building.

“Fuck yeah!” Marie cried. “Oh yes fuck me!”

Lynn kept the small vibrator pressed against Marie’s clit as she fucked her pussy with the dildo. Marie put her feet flat on the bed to allow her to push up harder and faster against the dildo fucking her pussy. Almost in a frenzy of movement Marie screamed out, “Oh fuck Lynn I’m cumming!” as every muscle seemed to tense with her orgasm. Marie’s cum coated the dildo buried deep in her pussy.

Loving her friend’s reaction to the toys, Lynn continued to fuck Marie’s pussy and rub the vibe over her clit. Taking Marie from one orgasm to another, her cries of pleasure only diminished until another intense orgasm washed over her. When Lynn noticed Marie’s cries weakening she removed the toys from her lover’s pussy.

Marie collapsed back against the pillows, panting deeply and totally shocked at what had just happened. Never before had she cum so much during sex with either Tim or Lynn.

Lynn turned to lay next to Marie as she placed tender kisses on her face. Marie’s eyes were closed as she struggled to bring her breathing under control. Her pussy was still contracting from her last orgasm. She slowly opened her eyes to look at Lynn. “What was that? What were those things? And can we do it again?” Marie asked between pants with an amazed look kaçak casino on her face.

Lynn laughed as she handed the toys to Marie. “I bought these this afternoon. I knew you felt the need for more penetration during sex, even though you never said anything.” She explained to her lover.

Marie took the vibrator and dildo from Lynn. She sat up examining each one closely. She was still amazed at the response of her body to these objects. She turned the vibrator on feeling the sensations in her fingers.

“Can I do this to you too?” she asked her lover. Lynn looked up and her and laughed again.

“Sure but uhhhh…no dildo. You know how I feel about cocks.” She said earnestly. Lynn had tried sex with a man and had told Marie she hated the feeling of his cock in her pussy. That she had only tried it to see if she would like it and to lose her virginity. The end result only confirmed Lynn’s feelings that she truly was a lesbian and found nothing appealing about sex with a man.

Marie leaned over and pressed the vibrator against Lynn’s pussy. Lynn’s eyes fluttered closed as she felt the vibrations begin to excite her. Her hands came up to cup her own breasts as her fingers teased and pinched her nipples. Watching Lynn’s reaction, Marie pressed the vibrator harder against Lynn’s clit.

Marie began rubbing the vibrator over the hardening nub of Lynn’s clit. At the same time she pressed the two middle fingers of her other hand into Lynn’s pussy. Lynn moaned louder as she pressed her hips up to meet the thrust of Marie’s fingers pushing into her pussy.

“Oh yeah Baby make me cum” Lynn moaned as she opened her eyes to look up at Marie. “Make my pussy cum on your fingers!” she urged Marie.

Marie began to finger fuck her lover harder and faster, keeping the vibrator against her clit. Lynn’s pussy juices flowed freely over Marie’s fingers and hand until the motion of Marie’s fingers in and out of her pussy was making a soft sucking sound.

Lynn, always being the more verbal began a litany of sexual instructions. “Fuck my pussy harder with you fingers. Make me cum!” she groaned out between pants. “Yeah that’s it! Fuck my pussy Baby with your fingers.”

Lynn felt the tightening in her belly as her orgasm approached. “Fuck me Baby!” she panted. “Oh yeah, Oh yeah. Oh Fuck Marie I’m cumming!” she cried out as her orgasm hit. Marie watched the beauty of Lynn’s reaction as she orgasmed.

Marie laid down next to Lynn listening to her lover pant and sigh in the after glow of the intense orgasm she had just given her. They turned and gently kissed for a while until soon they were on the verge of sleep.

Lynn pulled Marie against her body to hug her and sleepily whispered into her ear. “Next time I think we should see just how much you like anal stimulation.” Marie smiled as she drifted off to sleep.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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